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Tears ran down her cheeks as she held her head down in shame. Her eye's refused to look up from the floor in front of her, as her older brother glared down at her. The raven haired girl had broken the glass mirror inside one of the unused guest rooms, having no business being there as the room was forbidden for any of her siblings especially from her.

The small pint size child had mischievously found herself in the room. With her parent's away for a while for a trip of grocery shopping, her brother Kingston was in charge of the house. Him being the oldest out of the three children he was always in charge. She found it fun to terrorize her brother whenever he had the authority in the house, he was easily annoyed and could never catch her cause her small size.

She had played a 'nice' game of Hide and seeks with Kingston, as he searched frantically. The raven head girl sneak off upstairs climbing over the kiddie gate her parents had set around the house to 'prevent ' her to wonder to place's she wasn't allowed to go to. With her five year old curiosity the little girl found herself in the room. The room contained older furniture, dusty curtains, and a mirror embedded in the only brick wall in the room. The size of two doors combined with a frame that was painted gold, the paint flaking and peeling off from old age. It too was covered in dust as the room was. The room gave off a creepy vibe to her older siblings keeping them away but not her. She found it interesting and fun.

Whilst the youngster was by herself, she had managed to crack and shatter that very mirror. Tripping over a hidden cored to an old abandon metal lamp causing it to fall over and knock in to the mirror.

Having heard the sound of her scream and the mirror shatter from down stair's Kingston stormed up the stairs. Upon seeing the damaged that was done in the room, his worried face was soon redirected with anger. Kingston scolded as he dragged his sister by the arm down the stairs.

She hiccuped a sob, her lip trembling she knew she was in trouble.

"Damn it Pepper!" he cursed running his hand through his short blond hair.

"I-I didn't mean it King...It was accident I swear!" she cried out.

"You think dad is gonna give a shit about that!? Pep you know as well as I do that the upstairs is off limits for you." he growled causing the girl to flinch at his voice.

"I'm sorry..." she whispered only causing the teen scowl.

"I don't wanna here it. Your whiny sorry's don't mean nothing at all to me right now, I know you don't even mean them." Why was big brother so mean at times? She knew that he could be caring and joyful but would flip like a switch whenever he got angry.

With that Pepper let her tears run down her puffy cheeks staying silent at her brother harsh words. He would always call her apologies empty whenever he was upset.

"You're going outside and you're staying out there until Mom and Dad get back." he announced grabbing a hold of her arm. Her raven eyes widen at his sudden claim, "B-But Ki-"

"No but's, I don't care if it's hot outside!" Kingston's grip tighten around her tiny forearm, she grimaced in between sobs.

"Pweas King!" she cried to no avail, her brother was too livid with her to listen to her pleas. Kingston pulled his little sister through their spacious house to the back door. The raven haired girl dug her heels in front of herself to stop herself from going outside. The older sibling growled at Pepper's attempts.

"Pepper stop."

The small girl's sobbing face formed a scowl on her tiny facial feature." N-No." It was scorching hot outside, the summer heat was deadly this time of year. Her father and mother had kept her locked up inside the house because of it. She would take any punishment from Kingston knowing he was only allowed to do so much with her, but she would not go outside to face that heat. At a small age she didn't know the dangers of heat but only knew hot did not feel good.

Kingston tugged at her arm again hoping that she would budge but frowned when tiny brunette kept her ground. "Pepper I'm warning you." he warned exasperatedly. Her little resistances wasn't a struggle to his hold on her, he just wanted the brat to stop rebelling for once. She was stubborn girl that was for sure, always testing his patience more than his other younger sibling. Neither he nor his other sister was this troublesome at this age. Simple time outs didn't Faze Pepper.

"No." She said firmly, pushing back against his hold only to make him grip on her wrists even tighter.

Growling he grabbed her other wrist with his other free hand, "Fine." He lifted the girl by her wrist up to his eye level glaring at her ebony orbs. Now with her tiny feet way up above from the floor he could continue walking her to the back door.

"I'm sorry! Pwease King I didn't mean it!" she cried, kicking her small feet wildly hoping to break free. Kingston ducked his head as a small foot came towards him barley missing it.

"Grr Pep stop moving!" he yelled at her, taking both his arms and shaking the girl. This only made it worst for the girl as Kingston reached for the door. "Pwease! I don't wanna! I don't wanna! " she cried in anger at her brother.

"No!" his voice snapped shutting the girl up. Taking a deep breath he set the toddler down in between the door way forcing her tiny arm's to her side. Tear's flowed down her redden cheeks as she glared angrily at her brother.

Kingston pinched the bridge of his nose taking a deep breath, this was not how he wanted to spend his weekend.

"Your staying in the backyard and that's final."

"But big b-butter I do-" she starred but was cut off by Kingston.

"Brother. It's Big Bro-th-er. Pep say it right." he corrected her irritably taking a step forwards causing her to step back into the backyard.

"I'm sorry K-King..." her lip began to quiver at her last attempted to get her brother to let her inside. He knelt to her level sighing, lifting her face up gently to face his. Her raven eyes glistened with hope as he done this notion. Maybe he was going to let her stay inside?

He noticed her eye's brighten, "Sweetie I think your confused..." he told her softly, confusing the small girl, "You think your sorry because you've done bad thing, you knew it was bad thing when you hid and ran upstairs making me worried but you did those things anyway. Pepper your just sorry because you got caught doing those things, am i right." he stated more as a fact than a question. His lips couldn't help but let a bitter smirk show, knowing his baby sister wouldn't know how to answer to that, watching her eyes downcast defeated.

"Ahh I thought so." with that Kingston stood up and promptly closed the back door.

Pepper choked back a sob walking away from the sound of the door locking. Her brother could be so cruel. Wiping the tears from her sobbing face the ravened haired youngster walked to the open backyard much to her dislike of the heat that was beating down on her. Pepper trotted over to the tree in their back yard for some shade.

She sat at the base of the tree where the roots were sprouting out from the ground. Huddling her tiny from in between the large roots hugging her knees up to her chest. Soft hiccups escape her mouth as warm tears rolled down her face.

She could just imagine what her daddy would when he got home and seen what she had done. The disappointing frown and scolding from her mother would give her. Pepper shudder at the thought of getting the paddle.

Pepper wasn't sure why but she could tell that her family treated her different compared to her kids her age. Their families babied and coped children her age, then again Pepper was little more mature than usual five years old. She understood the concept of rules quite well, which often left her family to forget that she was the youngest of the family.

She could see Kingston's blue eye's piercing through one of the windows; she returned the gesture by raising her small hand giving him the birdie. He brother rolled his eye from inside and closed the curtain.

"Meanie..." she growled wiping her wet face. She placed her hands into the pockets of her pink overalls. Pepper turned her attention to the sandbox that was at reach under the shaded tree. She needed something to do until her parent and her big sister came back. The sandbox seemed like a good distraction for now. Hopefully the sand was cool and not hot like the heat around her. Sniffling as she walked over to the sandbox, her raven eyes caught a small glimmer of light with the sand.

"What is that?" She said out loud getting closer to the shimmer of light coming from the sandbox. Picking up the pace Pepper began to move around the sand to uncover the light inside. Digging deeper within the sand causing small particles to fly into her thick curly hair.

Once she was able to grab a hold of the object, she pulled the mysterious object with all of her toddler straight causing herself to fall over when it plopped out the sand.

"OOF!" she grunted falling over to her backside, she hissed a bit sitting back up, shaking off the pain. Her big ebony eyes widen awe at the object in her hands. It looked to be a large shard of glass with an opal like refection. Pepper held the shard in in her hands, her eye glistening in astonishment. "OH this is cool!" Pepper ran her little fingers across the smooth surface of the shard, it glowed magically. She knew instantly that this was magical, like unicorn, or a fairy.

A toothy grin pricked on the corner of her lips, an idea coming to mind as she starred at the shard.

I can fix the mirror with this! It's magic, magic can fix anything! The shard looked like the very piece of glass that fell from its structure too. Yep it was a perfect plan to get her out of the pickle she was in. The raven haired girl had innocently mistaken the broken shard for magic.

The five year old let out a mischievous giggle as she glanced at the house. All she had to do was find a way back inside the house before her mama and daddy came back. Pepper stuffed the shard into her oversized front pocket of her pink overalls, securing the safety of the glass piece.

Trotting back over to the house, she began looking for her brother in any of the windows. With no sign of her blued brother Pepper crawled into one of the many doggie doors that were attached to the house. With her being so small, even the smallest of crooks were like hidden pathways through her home.

She crawled through with ease, entering the kitchen to the house. She wisely enough picked the door that was far from the part of the house where Kingston was. Pepper crouched low to the ground as she made her way to the foot of the stairs. She could hear the sound of her brother watching T.V. and her parents car pulling up into the drive way.

The tiny hairs on the back of neck stood up upon hearing the car, quickly her small legs dashed up the stairs. She nearly slipped on the steps, rushing to the room with the broken glass. Pepper slipped into the old guest room closing the door behind her quickly but carefully. She didn't want to draw attention to herself as much as she had already with Kingston.

The small girl walked over to the shattered mirror looking over the damage hurriedly. The mirror was cracked but only on piece of shatter glass fell off. The missing price was just right amount of space to the girl. "All i have to do is put that there, then i won't get the paddle." she whispered to herself.

She pulled out the opal piece of glass from her pocket, carefully placing it into the open spot. She then stepped back from the mirror waiting for the magic to happen, for the damage to be undone. She frowned as she waited for the mirror to fixed again; it was supposed to flick her problems like it did for princesses. It wasn't working, her plan wasn't working!

The little girl dropped to her knees in front of the mirror, Pepper bowed her head as she placed her hands together. "Pwease, fix mister mirror. I didn't mean to hurt you, I was only playing hid n seek with King... Pwease...get better..." she prayed with her eyes shut tightly.

While she prayed with her eye's closed Pepper failed to witness the mirror slowly fixing itself, the shard had begun to liquefied and coat the cracks into a new fully formed mirror. It glimmered magically whenever the whole structure was done rebuilding itself; the dust in one motion flew off mirror.

Her nose and eyes scrunched up as some dust swiped past her, causing her to sneeze. She whipped the dust way from her small nose, while opening her eyes to the new formed mirror.

Her eyes glistened in amazement, the glass was magical. "It worked!" she exclaimed. She ran her finger over the glass mirror gently; afraid she might break the glass again.

"See Mister mirror I told you." she whispered as she looked at her refection. The glass was shinny and smother than before. Yep is it was magic.

"H-Hello..." she heard a voice whisper back as the mirror glimmered.

Gasping back she pulled her self away from the mirror. She narrowed her raven eyes at the glass.

"Is anyone there?" the wavering voice asked again, it was coming from the mirror. It had vice like her daddy did like a grown up but more friendly. Pepper hesitantly answered mirror, sadly resulting slowly into a domino effect that would later fall into place in her later years.

"Hello." The mirror had come to life just as she would have thought in any case when it came to magic, just like all those other movies she thought innocently.

"Can you ... see... me?" she heard the voice asked.

"No..." Pepper raised a brow looking at her refection, she stepped up to the mirror "Can you see me Mister Mirror?"

The mirror's voice was silent for minute before answering, "Yes...but you can't see me..."

Pepper shrugged her shoulder and smiled at the Mirror, "That's okay... would you like to be my friend Mr. Mirror?" the toddler asked the voice behind the mirror. It was a simple and innocent request which the voice didn't mind answering.

"Sure, I'll be your friend." The voice replied in a cheery tone. Pepper grinned wildly, she didn't have many friends besides her siblings, so the magical mirror would be first friend raven haired girl would make unfortunately. "W-What is your name?" the wavering voiced asked.

"Oh my name is P-"

"Oh Pepper!" A deep voice called out interrupting her small introductory with her new friend. It was her daddy that was calling her.

She could hear his footsteps approaching the door, Pepper gulped.

"Mr. Mirror is very quiet. "She warned the mirror nervously, "I might get in trouble."

"Alright..." the voiced whispered back as Pepper's father's footsteps stopped at the door. She could her father sigh tirelessly before knocking on the door.

"Pep are you in there sweetie?" he asked softly, peeking his head through. Her father had short bright blonde hair combed back with gel, a chiseled face with a short stubble beard. He and Kingston shared the same piercing blue eyes, on her father's was laced with kindness. He was a tall well-built man with a little muscle, looking no little over his late 20's despite he much older age.

"Yes Daddy." she lowered her head once his eye caught her ebony ones. She knew now was when her father was going to be upset but instead of frowning he just walked over to the small girl. He was calm considering how she had broken one of the many rules.

Pepper dug her hands into her pockets avoiding her father's gaze; he clicked his tongue watching his youngest fidget under his stare. Right now he should have been lecturing his daughter from wondering up the forbidden parts of the house, the girl was quiet small for her age, he was afraid that she might accidentally break a bone but didn't feel the energy to scold her at the moment.

He bent down to her eye level, raising her head up to face him. Her raven eye's held the tears that were tempted to fall, "it is okay little banana I'm not gonna yell at you like your brother okay." he soothed her wiping her small cheeks. "We're just gonna talk, alright. So you don't have to be so upset." She pursed her lips into a thin line as she nodded.

"Now Pepper, you know you're not allowed to come here especially in this room." he said looking around the room. There were all types of random stuff in this room particularity, plenty of sharp and rusted things that were dangerous to the five old.

"Because I'm really small, and I might hurt myself..." she recited the many warning her father had repeated to her. Her father nodded, "Right. Daddy doesn't want his little banana pepper getting hurt." he pulled the little girl into a hug as she sniffled. The raven haired girl leaned against her father's shoulder with a light frown.

"But i won't get hurt papa. I'm strong like a pepper like you said before." she argued.

Her father half way sighed and chuckled at his daughter's stubbornness. "Alright you got me there Pep but you know you make daddy worry a lot. You don't want daddy to worry do you?" she shook her head snuggling into her father's arms. "Then don't be such a stunt devil will ya." he kissed her temple causing the girl to giggle.

"Alright daddy hehe. I promise." she laughed giving her father devilish grin. Her father smirked at her knowing look. "Princess, Kingston told me that you broke a mirror is that true?" Pepper hid her panicked looked with fake tears in her eyes "Of course not papa. Just look at the mirror it's not broken. King just wanted to fib on Me." she lied.

Her father raised a brow, "Really Pep? Do you know why would King do that Pepper?"

"H-He locked me outside all alone...s-so he could w-watch T.V." she told her daddy with her lip trembling. Her father frowned at that, and wiped the fake tears that rolled down her cheeks. "Your brother was being mean again was he?" he said glaring downstairs. The raven haired girl sniffled burying her head in her father's neck. "Y-Yes."

"How about this princess, I'll have a little talk with your brother and let mommy give you some ice cream. She nodded with a smile appearing on her lips.

"Alright little banana. With that settled do you want to go see what Mama and your big sister got you from the mall as well?" he asked his daughter. She let out a toothy smile nodding vigorously. Her father kissed her forehead standing back up with his daughter in his arms.

Pepper's father failed to the raven haired girl's victorious smirk as he walked towards the door. Such a mischievous little girl.

The small tike's eyes starred back at the mirror as it glimmered. She wave goodbye at her new friend, wishing she had more time to talk. Hoping to see her friend again soon without her family keeping her away from the room. Yet she failed to hear the whisper from the mirror as the door closed to the room.

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