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Love and evil are two separate things right? That is what we are told to believe, and sadly we are victims to this false claim. They are so parallel as they feed off each other to grow stronger, Love can seduce evil, and Evil love's 'Love'. As Love can kill.

Pepper laughed as she listens to Goku talk about his day, she sat in front of her mirror in her pajamas, a bowl of snacks on side with her pillow bunched up in her arms.

It had been a year and a half since Goku had returned and stayed as he had promised, he whole lot to her and that he did.

Apparently he was Alien,a 'Saiyan' to be exact which some what made since for his unexplainable strength he had, she told him he was like Superman but much more extreme.

He fought an lizard overLord whom honestly sounded like E.T. Hitler from Goku's perspective, the guy had took over and killed many races , including Goku's home planet. Probably ruled some of galaxy.

He then went on to tell her about his transformation that made him turn into a blonde, cool.

And some kid from the future, who Bulma's and that evil guy...Vegeta's kid. He said that they needed to train to fight some cyborgs.

"So you and Piccolo learned how to drive today... that's just makes me laugh imagining you two behind wheels. Hehe." The mirror sparked as he laugh along with her.

"I can't wait to learn how to drive, maybe me and Annie could be like you and Piccolo zooming down the streets no regard for the pedestrians." Goku sweat dropped behind the glass, "You make it sound like a bad thing.."

Pepper grinned, "If I'm honest the way you described it sounded very dangerous."

" ...Okay if you say.."

Pepper smiled things were going great for her, for example, her family had came to finally except Annie as changed person, at least few times of the week she would come over for dinner and spend the night, she came over so much to study that Pepper had to pick up another person to study since she did her homework after hours with pepper. She had gotten the girl into writing short stories and acting them out for fun, Pepper would always have it centered around one of Goku's fights, while Annie made parodies of soap operas. It might have seemed odd to everyone else but the girls found it silly. But recently her behavior was off.

Goku would watch from afar in the mirror and watch her interact, he found an odd responsibility to keep an eye out.

"Annie should be here in a few minutes, I haven't seen her since last wednesday... " she said suddenly as she checked her phone, she was a little worried that Annie was going to cancel coming over like she had over the past few days. She needed to talk to her cause something was bothering Annie.

"Pepper have you noticed how she was acting lately..." he asked voicing the concern she had yet to say out loud.

"...She seemed upset about something...I thought it had something to deal with what our last conversation was about...but she said it wasn't that..."

" ...Problems at home then?" Pepper shrugged.

"It might, but still think what I told peeved her a bit.."

"Well what did you say?..." Pepper twiddle her thumbs a bit, she really hadn't planned on telling Goku because she told certain private subject between her and Annie. The heat started to rise on her light olive skin, it just made her want to shake those feelings out of her head.

" Well I sorta canceled our movie night which was scheduled for tomorrow...for a boy." She averted her eyes as she waited for a response from Goku.

"A boy? a d-DATE! SINCE WHEN?!" Goku exclaimed making the preteen stuff her head into the pillow in her arms, she wanted to snuff out the redness in her face.

"Your acting just like Dad... It's not even that big of a deal.." she muffled from the pillow.

"I definitely see why she's upset, hell even I'm upset! Your not supposed to be dating!" She heard Goku scream dramatically. Pepper frowned a bit up from her pillow, "I'm thirteen going on fourteen, I'm old enough and well over mature physically and mentally..." she told up as she argued back, she had no longer looked like baby preteen, her body had begun to develop her hips and curves. Annie had said when she would hit puberty that it would hit her like a truck. "It's just a little movie date, Ramen is nice guy."

" ..oh so his name is Ramen, sounds like a weakling..." she heard him bitterly bite out.

Pepper stood with her hand in her hips watching the mirror with mid surprise expression, she hadn't expected Goku to be so upset let alone say that comment.

" ... he's not weak Goku, he's actually on the High school swimming team and had muscles to go along with it."

"High school! How old is he Pepper?!" He asked dramatically, he held a tinge hostility in the base of his voice. Pepper raised a brow at sudden behavior he was reflecting, she honest to for angry...wait no jealous? Jealousy was something she never thought she see in Goku of all people.

A smirk suddenly appeared on her lips, " Oh he's about 16, he a license and a car to match." Turned her head away to hide her grin, " He told me that I had such pretty pair of eyes, said it reminded him of the deep shade of an onyx orb. It was so romantic..." She said in a soft head over heals voice.

Pepper was kind of reaching as she kept spewing romantic lines from the short stories Annie had written in the past. She could hear Goku growling lightly in the background but ignore him as she took off on the high she was getting by having control, she didn't know why but she liked to irritate the Saiyan, all he could do was watch.

"...I need to go." He muttered. Pepper felt the smirk fall off her face when he said that.

" Aww Goku please don't... I was just teasing..." She pleaded, but it was too late as his presence had disappeared from the mirror. Pepper pursed her lips as the little high she had left her ego.

Pepper sighed, " I got a little to carried away with that." She fell back on her pillow with a frantic sigh, she was alone in her room again.

She checked her phone again, there was two messages but nothing was on her screen that belonged to Annie. Pepper was slightly disappointed at the way the night was going, the teenager looked up from her seat when heard someone knock in her door before entering. Pepper lightly rolled her eyes , her family members tended to walk in without consent.

It was Violet who had walked in,"You know V, knocking severs the purpose so I can allow you to walk in..."

Violet thumped her head as she took seat across her sister, "I don't need authority, I'm your big sister."

"Bull shit." She muttered as she rubbed the sore spot, " So... is there a reason you came to my room?"

Violet didn't answer right away she began tuning her hands through Pepper dark hair, her sister had done this a lot when she was much smaller she always said her hair was pretty. " Annie called the house phone...said she couldn't make it." Pepper's shoulders fell as she heard the news, she didn't even try to call her personally cause she knew Pepper didn't use the house phone.

"She's avoiding me..."

Violet silently began to braid her hair, " She sounded like she been crying...are you sure it isn't something else? "

" I think so...I should cancel that date then huh?" She said quietly.

"No, don't do should still go on the date , it would be a great experience for you. Just try to find a way to make it to Annie, isn't her birthday coming up soon?" Pepper nodded.

"Yeah, but her parents don't really celebrate like that...I can make her cake or maybe ask mom if we could take a trip..." Pepper glanced backed towards her sister, "you think that would work ?"

Violet pursed her lips," Maybe, you have to ask her first. Just don't dwell in it to much, you shouldn't guilt trip yourself into back out of the date."

Pepper nodded, "You nervous?"

"A little, mainly because he's a older guy, he probably has more experience in dating."

Violet nodded silently as moved a hair from her sisters face, "First date jitters, I got that too when I first started dating. I can do your hair and make up for you if want, I know much you stress over your hair..."

Pepper chuckled knowing her sister was right about her impatient tendencies.

"Yeah, I already have my outfit picked out just not what to do with my freaking hair. I hope things go well, I hope dad doesn't scare him off." Her father had about the same reaction as Goku.

Violet giggled, " I can't believe dad stopped dinner to talk about the birds and bees, Dad and Mom didn't tell me until after he found out I was having sex. He took my mattress and Tv away for about a month. "

"Oh so that was what that was about ...the mattress though?" Violet shook her head thinking back to it," I confessed that I had sex in the house he burned my bed..." The teenager face palmed as she just imagined what could possibly go wrong.

"...Jesus Christ...he's gonna scare him off." Pepper felt Violet rest her head on Pepper's shoulder. " Sweetie don't worry about daddy, he'll get over it. Just try to enjoy your date." She said whispering words of encouragement, Violet stayed for a few more hours with her sister trying to reassure her of her troubles.

After doing some quality sister bonding Pepper and Violet went their separate ways to their own individual bedrooms.


Pepper was tucked nicely into her bed, deeply succumbed into her dreams. Her sleeping form was an very vulnerable state to be in especially with an lurking form beside her bed. The anonymous form locked his fingers into the locks of her hair, he was careful not to awake the teen caressing the dark locks. He couldn't count how many times he would sneak out into her room around after hours.

The girl didn't know how important she was to him, she was still to much of an child to realize, and too innocent to bare the weight of it.

The form snarled at the wait he would have to endure, those fools thought they could hide her behind his back while he was punished into a deep sleep. Memory of nothing once he started to stir he walked around clueless but then by a miracle he was awoken by item of his past.

And by chance she found him, though she didn't recognize her own memories as she was different.

He ran his thumb across her forehead, a small smile graced his lips when he thought back to their earlier conversation and how she got joy out of his jealousy. She always did that in their former pass lives. "...Olvanii you will never change..."

Her nose twitch before she sneezed in her sleep, he withdrawals his hand when she fidgets around, he is relieved when she snuggled back into into bed still sleeping as comfortable as before.

He manifested a bright light from his palm, slowly he raised his palm above her chest and fed the light into the girl.

One day this would come in handy when she would return home.

He leaned down to kiss her head good night, moving the hair from her face once again before taking his leave.

Very quietly he made his way back into the mirror.


Pepper waved goodbye as she hopped into her dates car, her father had been somewhat 'decent' to boy taking her out on her first date. Pepper and the boy had small talk between them, she knew just the bare minimum about him because of his popularity, Annie commented that he was a jackass to girls like Pepper's type. She decide to be unbiased about his character and let the over all results of tonight be how she felt.

Pepper noticed he did lack certain chivalry skills but didn't count that off as being rude , she didn't find it all high maintenance, but her mother always told her to look out for it. Pepper excused herself to the bathroom while he got the movie tickets of his choice.

Pepper nervously ate five tic tac's for reassurance, she didn't want her breath to stray away people around her. Pepper wore a long sleeve dark burgundy turtleneck dress that reaches mid thigh, a pair of short black boots that had a slight heel. Her sister had help her with the little make up she had on the eye liner and the dark red lipstick Violet let her borrow for this night. Violet had her hair in deep ripples, the crown of her head was in a low ponytail.

"Pepper Aviot you look fine, you fine , you fine..." she repeated herself a couple more times before walked out the restroom.

Ramen stood by the entryway holding a Bucket of popcorn and two tickets in his hand, his brown eyes lighten when he caught Pepper walking in his direction.

"Oh um Pepper I got tickets to watch the new grinch movie if that's alright with you." Pepper held an embedded groan when he almost misspoke her name, she forced a smile on her face, " Oh that's ok, I actually been wanting to see the new animated version. Oh um is popcorn all that you have?" He nodded as he took her hand, she was going to ask if there was a chance to get something different but said nothing as he led her to the movie showings.

Ramen chose a couple seats away from the many people in the theatre, they had just made it in time for the last of previews. As the movie began she slowly feel his arm go over the headrest of her seat. She tried to focus on the movie in front of her and ignore the awkward presence of his arm.

Slowly she began to enjoy the movie, every now and then her and Ramen would chuckle at jokes and cute puns together, the anxiety she had eventually went and gone.

When the movie was over he had suggested that they get some ice cream by a Park that was lively at this time.

Pepper bit her lip, "Isn't that on the whole other side of town?" He shrugged carelessly, noting the hesitation in the girl he smirked," Don't tell me your afraid, do you have a curfew?" A light blush met her cheeks, she didn't want to seem like the little girl being afraid, she never done this before.

"N-No, I just never been out this late before alone...with a guy I mean." She lied to the older teen, she could hear her father screaming ten o'clock in her head as she agreed to tag along for another ride. When she sat in the car she did a quick glance at her phone, she chuckled nervously know she was cutting it close. It was fifteen till ten, the teenager tucked her phone into her jacket.

Dad is gonna be pissed...

During the whole ride all she could think of was the expression on her father's face when walked into house, but despite her worries she kept a chill poker face on.

" this your first date...?" Ramen asked breaking Pepper out of thoughts.

"Yeah it act-"

"Oh look we're finally here!" He exclaimed, Ramen parked the car on the side of the grass becoming getting out. Pepper narrowed her eyes at him, she couldn't get a word out with this man, it was becoming a trend with him, Pepper bit back the urge of rolling her eyes,when he cut her off in the conversation. She muttered beneath breath when she heard her date call her name, walking up to the ice cream stand she told the man in the stand that she wanted two scoops of her favorite ice cream, pistachio. She walked away from the stand as the next couple went up to the stand.

Pistachio is Annie's favorite too... She thought randomly she cleared her thoughts as her and Ramen began to walk down the trail that lead to the park nearby. Ramen again wrapped his arm around Pepper's shoulder, she forced a smile on her face to relax. He gave her a side wink as his arm slid down to her elbow,cringing inwardly Pepper tried to focus on her ice cream which was slowly begin to dissipate because of her nervous eating. She tried look around her surround and enjoy the nature around her, they were near the neck of the park , it was hard to see where exactly they were at because the trees the only sense of direction she had were the park signs that light up in the dark night. The soothing sound of crickets and frogs crossing made the night.

Unfortunately it was ruined when Ramen began to tell a story which mainly centered around himself, but nonetheless she listened actively asking questions to try to stay interested in the teenagers life. She know in some shape or form this would only impress the girls he would talk to casually.

Pepper was starting to regret calling off the movie night with Annie, the charming vibe that pepper thought he had was dying. She wanted to roll her eyes with the constant self insert.

A lone picnic table surrounded by tree in a perfect circle, the moonlight bathed down on the wooden table as if it was asking for attention. Wordlessly Pepper took Ramens hand to the table to take a seat, "Let's sit here."

Without much of a no he sat next to Pepper, he sat there silently before talking again, "You know Pepper your a very beautiful girl..."

Her cheeks glowed in redness.

"Aww thank you Ramen...I was really nervous for this date but your company is really chill."

Ramen smirked, "You know we can be more than just chill, I know since this is your first date and all your not experience on what happens..." She blinked curiously not noting the tone of voice .

"Well what usually happens in your dating experiences?"

His hand suddenly but subtitle gripped her thigh just below her dress. Peppers face went red in embarrassment having a brain fart on what to say, feeding off her quiet behavior, his hand continued to edged up under her dress.

He used his other hand to tilted her head his direction.

"Well it's better to show you baby..."

Pepper gently moved her head back when he started to reach in for a kiss but his hand kept her firmly in his grasp. Alarms where going of violently in her head.

"I-I don-" she started but Ramen's pair of lips came smashing onto hers.

She tried to push him off but his overall strength push Pepper back down on the table, Ramens hand pulling up her dress to grope her thigh. She started to panic at the turn of the events, Pepper bit his tongue making the teen pull away with a frown.

"Ugh you bitch...did you just bite me.."

Pepper pushed him off ,"Da'fuck does it look LIKE! GET THE HELL OFF OF ME!? " She landed two powerful punches on his left cheek.

Gathering herself she stumbled off the table as ran anywhere but here. She kept running aimlessly in the dark of the woods for any signs that they had passed earlier.

Finally she came across a growling sign and stop to read the directions, she was discouraged by the written location.

" Shit how far off the trail did we go!" Pepper broke down into barrage of course words, she dug into her pocket for her phone to see if she could call someone for help.

When she was about to press the caller I.D. for her father she was knocked to ground by Ramen, throwing her phone across the grass out of her hand. They both broke out into a scuffle on the ground, because did his larger form he managed to over power Pepper. The older teenager growled , grabbing her wrist to pull her back down, she screamed for help while Ramen pinned her down on a vulnerable state with her stomach on the table, her back left unprotected.

Annoyed by her screaming and struggle to keep her still he punched the back of her head to shut her up. The sudden blow to the head made her lose strength as everything became incoherent. Tears started to form in her eyes as the throbbing was the only thing she could focus on.

"No your giving me something! You should be glad that a nice guy like me even took your weird ass out." She held out a angry whimper when his hot tempered hands began to pull down her underwear.

"The lady's always cry when time for this part...have say to your the only one who almost got away, you pack hell of a punch..." she heard him say in a low gravelly volume.

Pepper had an internal struggle as her eyes reluctantly began to droop. A weak sob struggled to leave her lips when the sound of a zipper faintly reached her ears. Slowly her vision began to fade into darkness.


Pepper's eyes opened again when a I startling sound made her regain little consciousness. Her eyes could only make out two shadowy figures fighting in the distance, one being Ramen and the other a unknown tall person. The taller person seemed to be winning, her mind could be playing tricks.

She could hear a loud feminine shriek from behind her, her body was zapped of energy to face whomever it was, she was forced to watch the taller figure knock Ramen out.

Finally she let the struggle with her vision fade out.


Pepper's coal colored eyes flickered open, to sound of a man's voice, it was faint but loud enough to wake her up. Pepper slowly sat up from the seat she was laying on,groaning at the pain on the back of her head.

"Oh sweetie you might not want sit up so quickly.." she heard a woman's voice warn her.

Pepper turned to the woman beside her and recognized it from the scream from before, and also recognized that she was part of the couple that had gotten ice cream after her.. She was a moderately tall sized woman that had a dark skin completion, her bright green eyes soften I'm concerned as she pressed a ice pack on the back of her head," ...W-Where is he..."

She shook her head, " That guy is far gone, he can't hurt you anymore..." she whispered.

She grunted softly, relieved that she was far away from that psycho, Pepper closed her eyes when another wave of pain hit her, "...How did you find me out there?"

"Me and my fiance where sitting on the swings when heard you screaming, we came as fast as we could... my fiance tackled that guy who was attacking you...did he?" Pepper bitterly shook her head no,"I hope your boyfriend kicked his shit in..." She cursed under breath, it made the woman chuckle lightly. This was a major turn of events part of her wishes she didn't make fun of Goku and her father for being protective.

The woman handed her a napkin when black tears began to stream down her cheeks, ruining her mascara even more. Pepper sniffed as she wiped her tears away. Pepper turned to the woman with a light smile. "...I would like to thank your boyfriend if that's alright..." she whispered.

The woman nodded ,gently leaving her hand on Peppers shoulder before getting out of the car to get her boyfriend. The raven haired teen leaned against the seat with soft sigh, she felt like shit.

Pepper's eyes followed the woman as he walked up to the man she heard talking, his back was turned to her direction. The woman and man exchanged a few words from the distance she couldn't make out the full conversation but did hear something about a ambulance.

Her ears twitched cautiously at the man's voice, had she heard it before?...

Slowly he turned around, his girlfriend pointing in her direction. The man quickly walked over to the car kneeling in front of the door, his face had stained blood splatter all over his shirt with obvious bruising from the tussle with Ramen. Despite the stains covering his concern face Her eyes squinted and locked onto the man facile characteristics. He had short blond hair and bright baby blue eyes with a harden haze over them but had soften with his guard down, Pepper knew in the back of her head what made him seem peculiar.

He cleared his throat before he spoke,"The police should be coming any well as an ambulance... are you alright...?" Peppers ears twitched in memory,and immediately had the name to match his face, her throat went dry as she tried to come up with words to speak without coming off as weird.

She wiped her face as she nodded, "... Yes, thanks to you..." he had barely heard her when she spoke it was so soft and low, he thought it was to do to with her delirious state and tragic night she had went through.

Pepper Averted her eyes from staring directly into his blue ones, he surprisingly didn't recognize then but then again she shouldn't be surprised, it had nearly been six years ago and she had grown a lot.

"...your welcome, I promise that the bastard got his and probably worst when the cops come."

"...He was fine one second then completely changed his attitude like some psycho..." she muttered beneath her breath also with more curse words. "...he told me the 'girls always cry at this part'" she said mocking Ramen, " ...I definitely wasn't the only one he tried this on.." She said crossing her arms, she was lucky enough that he was here to save her.

"You should definitely tell the police that...oh i almost forgot.." he reached into his pockets and pulled out Pepper's phone that had dropped earlier when Ramen attacked her, "My girlfriend, Harmony, said this was yours..." Pepper shyly took her Phone back from examining its state, she tackled pretty roughly and doubt it didn't suffer some damage which unfortunately did. One single crack going across the phone but it was still operating correctly.

Her eyes flickered weakly, " Thank you both..."

He nodded awkwardly not know what to say to the less than alright girl.

"By the way My name is King."

Pepper held her head with a nod, "I know..." she hissed in pain but continued to talk, " ...its Kingston Aviot..."

Kingston's eyes had widen, he took a step back away from the girl surprised that she had known his full name, his eyes narrowed suspiciously. On the other hand Pepper patted herself in the back, she correct that the man was her brother after all.

"How did you know that?"he voice became low as he spoke to her.

Pepper and Kingston shared a very long stare into each other eyes, his eye's kept flickering to confusion he didn't recognize her facile features at all, nor her voice. Her eyes softened it had been little over half a decade since she seen him, "You really don't...r-recognize me...?"

Kingston's eye brows slightly narrowed, "...I never seen you on my life until today...but clearly you know me."

She didn't mean to but her eyes began water, if only he knew that it was little sister he just happened to save by chance.

Kingston panicked visually when he seen tears in her eyes, " Hey now it's okay, ..m-maybe if you just tell me your name then it will ring a bell in my memory.. I happen to know a lot people in my line of work so I might have gotten faces mix up.." he tried to coax the girl.

Pepper silently nodded, her brother watched her as she picked up her phone. Pepper chose a picture from her gallery, and gently gave it to Kingston you started to rebuttal , "I need your name not a p-" he stopped talking once he looked at picture.

Pepper had chosen a picture of her, her mother and Violet wearing Christmas hats from earlier of last year, it was the most current picture she had with them three.

When his eyes looked back up he knew who she finally was, Kingston didn't speak. His hand went over to her face and wiped the dark streaks from her cheeks.

The memory of a younger versions of themselves , when he snuck into her room to tell her 'goodbye'. Her tears came falling uncontrollably, her big brother had saved her, she thought with a sob.

Kingston brought his little sister into his arms ass he cried, "Its okay Pepper I got you."



Pepper sat her room quietly snuggled up in blankets, after the exciting event that happened over a week ago, Ramen had unfortunately escaped before the Police arrived, Pepper's father ultimately took his daughters experience very very seriously, he had kept Pepper locked up in house, which meant no school or extracurricular activities. The police had a whole part of the city looking for Ramen, apparently he was making a reputation of himself as a couple of girls had gone missing the past months.

Pepper was sure her father was going to pull her out of school for good which she was not happy with.

Annie poked Pepper in the cheek, "hey your frowning again..."

Oh and Annie was staying over, after avoiding Pepper and finding out of recent event Annie had been to her aid the instant she came over. She had been the only person to confide with about the details of that night, Pepper had closed up to everyone around her including her father and Goku. Her father was going through an emotional rollercoaster worst than Pepper, Annie was the only one that didn't ask questions she just tried to remove that part of her life away and focus on making her happy.

"I know... I was just thinking about stuff..." Pepper said quietly. Annie glance from the tv to the raven haired girl next to her, she knew something was making Peppers mood." you wanna talk about it?"

Pepper rested her head back into Annie's lap, "'s about my brother?" It was the one thing she hadn't talked about, her older brother that somehow by a miracle save her from being raped and possibly killed. It was in the police report and to her father's knowledge that Kingston had saved her, Archie had quietly told her in private not to mention it to her mother and Violet. He said it so emotionlessly, she could tell that he had words he wanted to say but held his tongue.

Annie gently ran her fingers through Peppers hair, "What about him Pepper?"

"He was the guy that saved me from Ramen when he was attacking me, my brother saved me." Annie gasped from above, she tilted her head so she could Peppers face, " He SAVED YOU!?"

Pepper covered her mouth, shushing her,"My mom and sister don't know, they will probably freak if they hear us." She warned Annie moving her hands," ...He was there with his girlfriend at the park, King didn't recognize me at all...but when he did he hugged me... I just got this feeling ever sense that ..."

"Good or a bad feeling?" Annie gently stroked her hair, she always knew how to calm her. Pepper never out right show her distresensing mood it was always an internal war, it had to be an extreme event to make her physically expose herself.

"Like he missed me...but couldn't be around me. A forbidden burden if you may. I believe it has something to deal with my dad worrying of him being a threat to the and Dad shared words which met in middle ground, he thanked him while also the threatening to stay away."

"Why would your dad do that?" Archie threatening someone sounded out of character, Peppers father was a nice and over all chill kind of guy. "Did your brother do something bad?"

Pepper shrugged her shoulders, " Probably, but I sure as hell wouldn't know. The family makes it their top priority to keep certain stuff away from me. When my brother first left I was eight so of course I wouldn't comprehend whatever the situation was back then, I tried asking now but Mom and Dad always shut me down." Pepper pursed her lips, "They want to protect me, but sometimes they just end up hindering me, and it doesn't help with the whole Ramen situation. Does your dad ever over protect you?"

Annie's eyes softened with a weak nodded, " Yeah..." she said not really going into detail at first. She suddenly grabbed a remote to pause the movie that they we're watching. Pepper had a questioning look.

"U-Um I need to tell you something Pepper, could you sit up for me please.." her voice was nervous all a sudden.

Pepper did as she asked, they were both facing each other directly. Annie bit her lip in a nervous manner, telling Pepper she was uncomfortable with what she had to say.

"I'm sorry for avoiding you for the past week, I know you haven't said anything about but I know how much you look up to our time altogether. I have a good excuse.." Pepper nodded, "Oh ok..."

"I didn't tell you that I ran into my old 'friends' from the other school I went to, the one religious one." She did air quotation marks emphasis that they were not the friendliest.

"They had gotten transferred to our school, and started to spread a few rumours around the school."

Pepper frowned, " Rumours? I haven't heard anything!" She exclaimed.

"Yeah, very personal ones because they are true. I wasn't sure if you had heard them, so I avoided you..." Annie pushed her hair away from her ear, "and I shouldn't have done that."

Pepper exhaled angrily , " You're Damn right! What gave you the idea that I would be a gossip girl anyway, if anything I would have slapped the first bitch who said anything about you. "

" I know I know Pep, I was just afraid that you would look at me differently, your the only real friend that I can confide in about anything and feel safe, and you don't give me half ass advice, your cut throat sometimes but its only at of love cause your a loving person. Your the only best friend that i loved so much." She looked away to hide her blush, " I didn't want to lose you and I could have after what happened to you, I just felt so horrible that I avoided you instead of talking to you."

Annie felt Pepper knock on her forehead, "Do you hear yourself Annie, there's no Damn rumor in the world that would ever change how I act around you, hell I won't believe it unless I talk to you first anyway."

Annie shyly looked up at Pepper, "Do you wanna know?"

"Only if your comfortable Annie, I don't wanna force to tell me."

Annie looked down between her lap as she thought about it, her thumbs playing with the stings of her shorts. Took a deep breath ,her face turned into a determined one,"I need to get it off my chest." Annie took Peppers hands into her own, "I like girls." She blurted quickly.

Pepper blinked surprised, she wants expecting that.

"Oh...was that all you were worried about."

"W-Well yeah...your not freaked out by it?" She asked nervously.

Pepper smiled brightly, "Hell no. Just because your gay doesn't make me feel any different about you, your my Fucking best friend."Right after Pepper got done talking Annie enveloped Pepper into a hug making the both of them fall over, unsheathed tears and a chester smile had overcome her face,"Thank you! Thank you! I was so afraid that was gonna lose you..." The raven haired teenager hugged her best friend back tightly.

After a while they go back to watching the movie, with tension gone from the room, the raven haired teen was glad that she could get that cleared from her conscience.

"You know this whole time I thought you were avoiding me because I blew off our movie night for that ass hole..."Pepper said laying her head back onto Annie's lap.

The rose gold haired teen's hand froze when Pepper suddenly said that, a slight blush creeped on her cheeks, "... why did you think that? " Pepper not aware of the blush on Annie's cheeks, "well it was our night and I went on and wasted on Ramen, all I could think of was you whole time anyway."

Annie shyly smiled down at Pepper ,her heart beat increasing , "Aww aren't you sweet~"

Pepper pursed her lips,"I would have rather been on a date with you Annie, I would have had more fun with your company." Annie chuckled as she knew how horrible of a date she had, "Ya think so?"

Pepper nodded vigorously,"Hell yeah."

The teenager had gave Pepper loving and soft smile, "I think so too.."

Later that night when the household was asleep, a suspect figure slipped from behind the room room divider. As always he was careful to not make a sound, he walked beside the her that had both girls cuddle up. He raised a brow at Pepper's wild sleeping position, the front half of her body was hanging off the bed. The figure shook his head as he went and propped the girl back on the next to Annie. He gives her a small kiss on the head before exiting through Peppers bedroom window.

For the first time he would be in the outside world his Olvanii lived in, but this was not an exploration sadly this was a quick errand that had to be felt with.

He was quiet silhouette in the dark night sky flying over the buildings as he searched, he scowled at the atmosphere around him when he landed on a abandoned building at his destination. It was safe to say that this was the shady part of the city, there were a few old houses and old cleared out cooperated buildings like the one he had chosen. He turn to the door that lead to the inside of the building, a bright ball of light manifested in front of him as walked, the energy severed as a flashlight.

He began to whistle a random lullaby when the sound of whimpering became apparent to ears as he walked to a abandoned room. He usually didn't enjoy the screams of his enemies but to hear them from his victims were beauty, especially this one in particularity.

Opening the door to his victims inevitable death revealed man whom was the topic of the city, Ramen.

The boy sat in tied to a metal chair in the middle of the vacant room, he was covered in sweat and blood, his left leg broken while the right was heavily mutilated as part of the limb was tore off with a pair of hands.

His eyes widen in fear when he walked into the room, trying helplessly to escape, the man chuckled at his attempt, whatever dream he thought of escaping would die today. The taller figure squatted down to boys level a crazed grin stretching across his face.

Ramen whimpered when his torturer slowly began to dig his index finger into his ribs, the energy surrounding his finder slowly melting away the tissue. His whimpers increased its volume turning into blood curdling screams, his teeth bit down the rope so hard that his gums began to bleed.

Ramen choked on a sob as the man finger soon came in touch with his bone, he dug just enough to break the rib before pulling away. Blood oozed from his torso,and onto the floor, the boy breathing became labored with the amount he was losing. Noticing this the figure moved on the next before he had the chance to slip into death.

"Oh don't die on me just yet , you have to 'see' where you went wrong." Ramen fatigued mine was didn't caught on to the play on words until the man held another orb of light in front of his right eye.

Before he had the chance to speak out a plea his eye was met with hot energy.

He could only think about his Olvanii as he liquidated Ramens eyeballs, his screams unaffected the man as he was think back to the one person that he cared about.

The teens were unaware of the pair of ears that were listening to their whole conversation, a pair of violently blue eyes always glowing from the mirror, and he was not pleased with recent events.

He frowned that she had not came to him first, he had to hear it just by chance when her friend came to help her get over the situation by talking and talking never any action. He took it upon himself to avenge his Olvanii the right way, she might not appreciate it now but when she is awaken to her true self that is when he would receive thanks.

The man sighed loudly when he realized Ramen had died during his thought process, he backed away from his mutilated work piece, "This will have to do, the message will be clear for anyone who dare try to hurt Olvanii."

He separated the limbs and placed them into a bag, he then took flight over the city, once he got to his desired place he began to toss the limbs randomly from the sky.

He chuckled when a loud shriek abrupt from down below, he smirked proudly when he got to the head, the eyes sockets were left vacant, the residue of what was his eyes were runny like eggs, the skin caked with dried blood and sweat. "Olvanii should have taken my advice to avoid getting hurt but much as lessons are needed but not wanted." He tosses the head without much of an thought soon the sound of sirens makes him leave back to the mirror.