The Black Throne


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This is your warning, this story, especially this chapter, deals with child abuse and death...

This is a super powered, elemental dark Golden Trio story and bad, manipulative Dumbledore.

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The Black Throne 33

Chapter 1

The moon was full and the rain was pouring down in sheets.

Inside of Privet Drive Number 4, 16 year old Harry Potter lay bruised and bloody on the floor of a small room, barely bigger than a closet, his broken arm laying across his broken ribs, both induries obtained from the most recent beating his Uncle Vernon had given him as punishment for not finishing dinner fast enough. Harry laid there, staring at the moon hovering outside the small window, slipping in and out of consciousness, praying that someone, anyone, would save him.

In the darkness of his room, Harry heard a voice that rattled like bones.

"Shh child, and sleep. You are safe in the shadows."

Harry felt a chill like ice wash over him as he closed his eyes and let sleep take him.

When Harry opened his eyes again he took in his surroundings, noticing he was still in his room but that something seemed different. Harry looked around and the first thing he saw was himself, lying on the thin mat that acted as his bed. Harry felt someone watching him from the shadows and chose to ignore it until he heard a voice behind him.

"It shouldn't be that shocking, Harry."

"Umm, who are you?" Harry replied.

The man stepped from the shadows, a long black cloak covering his features.

"My name is Maki and I am the reaper of souls." Harry just stared at him.

"So you're death."

"No, I am not. Myself and Death are two completely different entities." Maki replied, laughing.

"Then why are you here?" Harry looked at Maki, puzzled.

"I am here to give you a choice, Harry."

"What kind of choice?"

"Well, I could return you to your body or lead you beyond the veil. Just know that returning to your body comes with a price."

"What kind of price?" Harry asked with intrigue.

"If you return to your body, you will receive my curse. You will never die, but you will never be truly alive either. Your soul and power will forever be bound to the Black Throne."

Harry's eyes went dark went dark with barely hidden rage as the memories of his Uncle Vernon punching and kicking him as he laughed at him, calling him freak.

"Return me to my body." Harry stated firmly.

"Do you understand what you are asking Harry? You will never be the same again." Maki warned him.

"I don't care. Return me to my body."

Maki nodded.

"When you awaken Harry, you will have the knowledge necessary for you to lead your new life. I suggest you find friends to help you on your new road. Goodbye, Harry Potter."