"You awake?" Raph whispers softly, and I blink my eyes open, gazing at Raph's face. I could just barely see him while laying down, but I felt too tired to get up to get a better look at him. It wasn't like either of us needed it to communicate.

"Couldn't sleep" I whisper softly, and I could hear Raph sigh softly. He was being quiet, even though neither Don nor Mikey would wake up. Mikey was pretty heavily sedated, and Don had crashed after worrying about us for 4 days. No chance of them waking up.

"I'm sorry" Raph whispers, and I would've reeled back if I wasn't currently laying down, or too physically exhausted.

"Why are you sorry Raph?" I ask softly, shifting just slightly.

"For not believing ya, for attacking ya when ya just wanted to help Mikey" I close my eyes for a moment, before opening them again. The only thing I could really see was Mikey's form. Even if his skin was covered with bandages and bruises, and his arms were in slings, he looked peaceful.

I heave myself up just slightly, glancing at him.

"Raph, I don't blame you.. you saw me hurting him. I don't blame you for jumping to that conclusion" I retort, and I can see Raph scrunch up his nose slightly. He was frowning still, clearly beating himself up for the fact that he attacked me, that he and Don didn't believe me when they saw me.

But could I blame them? I didn't, because to be completely fair, I would've done the same thing. I would've jumped to the same conclusion, and done the same thing, get that particular brother away from the other. Because it was my duty, our duty, to protect the younger siblings.

"Still, ya've been through hell and I attacked ya instead of comforting ya"

"Aw don't go soft on me Raph" I rasp, and Raph rolls his eyes at that. He shifted as well, reaching out with his hand across Mikey's figure. "We should get abducted more" I chuckle lightheartedly, but Raph just scowls.

"Don't ya dare" Raph growls lowly, and I smile gently.

I could read him like an open book though. I could see he was worried out of his mind, even if he tried so hard to hide it. I could see he was exhausted, but was too worried to allow himself to sleep peacefully. And I could see he was so glad that we were back, but was conflicted whether to openly show it.

I carefully reach out, wrapping my hand around his.

"Yea I shouldn't" I whisper, eyes dropping slightly.

"Darn right" He snorted, but his voice was soft, comforting. "Get some sleep fearless" He continued, and instead of retorting, I nod, squeezing his hand for good measure before closing my eyes again.


"Mikey!" Don screeches almost as Mikey walks into the kitchen. "You can't walk yet" He continues, and Mikey rolls his eyes, but it was clear that he was still tired. His eyes weren't completely focused, and he wasn't particularly steady on his own feet.

"My legs aren't injured" He mumbles, but allows Raph to direct him to one of the chairs. He had to help his youngest brother getting on the chair, as both arms were still in his sling.

"I don't care Mikey, and you still have stitches in your legs" Don warns, sighing and casting his head down. "I'm just looking out for you little bro, okay?" He tells softly, and Mikey nods.

"I know D, but I can take care of myself" Mikey flashed a smile, glancing at me. "You okay?" He asks, the same worry in his eyes that he had displayed back .. there. I frown slightly, arms clenching as I still had my arms crossed.

"I'm fine Mikey, they didn't target me" I mutter softly, the tone much more angry that I had intended. A look of betrayal crosses Mikey's face, but he shakes his head.

"Your face is black and blue, and you're wearing a brace around your ankle Leo, now try again" He challenges, determination on his face. Something we didn't see often, but wasn't unknown for Mikey. A determination that was so hard to break.

I sigh, resisting the urge to touch my own face, knowing it would only agitate my injuries.

"Holy fuck, ya can cut through the tension with a butter knife" Raph blurts out, and I glance at Raph with an almost surprised expression. Didn't think he would be the one to comment on it.

"Raph is right guys, what is going on with you two?" Don continues, glancing at me with a worried gaze. Raph was already fussing over Mikey, so Don had turned his attention towards me. I press my lips in a firm line, staring at the ground instead. I could hear Don sigh after a long silence.

His steps were barely audible but I could still hear him nearing me, he wasn't trying to be completely silent.

"Leo" Don whispers, putting a hand on my shoulder. I glance up, reluctantly looking at him. Don slowly lifts his free hand, brushing away a tear that had trickled down my cheek. I reeled back slightly, when had I started crying?

"I keep seeing it Don, I keep hearing him scream" I whimper, pulling my gaze towards Mikey and Raph. The former was looking at me with tears in his eyes as well. No doubt that he knew what I was referring to. The brothers hurting Mikey in front of me.

"Leo" Mikey whispers softly, but made no move to get to me because Raph had a firm arm around him. Mikey gnawed at his lip, unsure what to say probably. "Leo, it wasn't your fault" He eventually murmurs, and I shake my head softly.

"But it still feels like it" I whisper, surprising myself. Did I really just say that? I was supposed to be the big brother, the leader, not the one to spill all my insecurities.

"But it wasn't your fault niichan, you know this" Mikey insists again, frowning slightly. "Don't make me throw anything at you, because the only thing I can reach is a plate right now" I snort, despite the situation. I mean, Mikey truly would throw something at me, he had done it before.

"Your arms are both in a sling dufus" Raph retorts, and Mikey grins just ever so slightly.

"I have my ways" He says innocently, turning to me. "But seriously Leo.. I don't blame you, nobody does, so stop blaming yourself"


"This is so humiliating" I mutter, opening my mouth so Don could put an Ibuprofen in my mouth.

"Told ya you were a little baby" Raph snickered, and I glare at him as Don holds a glass of water in front of my face. He smirks, but I ignore him, turning to the glass and taking a sip to wash down the medicine.

"How long till I can get these off?" I ask, wincing slightly as I swallowed the pill down my throat. I never liked medicine, they made me feel drowsy, and tired. Yet, at the same time they did help with the pain, which was an effect I welcomed without complaint right now. Don sighs, putting the glass away.

"Mostly a few days, but with the strain you put on them… I would prefer if you wore them a bit longer" Don told me, and I nod numbly, knowing what he was referring to. Sure Leo had set my shoulders after it had happened, but they hadn't cared about that, forcing my arms above my head when they strung me up.

So it made sense that it would take longer to heal. Didn't mean I liked it one bit, I couldn't do anything myself with two useless arms, and Don not wanting me to walk yet with the numerous stitches in my leg.

"How about we watch a movie?" Raph suggests, nudging me carefully. I bit down the slight whimper, pain flaring up in my shoulder as he touched them. But Raph didn't seem to notice the pain, which was good. He would only worry more, and go on another guilt trip. I flash a grin, nodding.

"Yes!" I cheer, directing my head towards the direction of the dojo. "Can we wait for Leo and dad though?"

"I'll get them" Don says with a slight smile. I grin up at my immediate older brother, glancing at Raph as Don walks away to get the rest of the family.

"Ya really okay?" Raph asks softly, almost as if he was unsure whether to ask it at all. I frown slightly, biting my lip.

"I wanna say yes but…" I glance up at him, staring back at bright, worried, green eyes. "But I know I'm not. The sedatives helped with the nightmares but they didn't completely go away.. and I keep remembering the pain.. I'm sorry" I mumble, but Raph shakes his head firmly.

"Don't ya ever apologise, otouto" He grumbles, pulling me closer to his side with a gentle grip. I smile slightly, leaning into his chest willingly. "Yer gonna be alright, both you and Leo" He whispers, and I nod.

"I know Raphie" I say, and Raph grumbles softly at the name, but doesn't protest. It took Don a few minutes, but eventually I could hear him coming back, followed by dad's almost silent footsteps, and Leo following them. I glance back, eyes travelling to Leo's leg. A leg that was still in a brace.

I wince slightly, because he had wrecked his own ankle himself when he tried to get to me. The bruising and still swollen face.. that wasn't his doing, and yet, it was. It was his refusal to hurt me that made him look like this right now.

"What are we watching?" Don asks, but I could only look at Leo as he clumsily steps into the pit.

"Disney for sure" I grin lightheartedly. Raph grumbles next to me, but I knew he was just joking right now. "Leo" I draw out, but Leo understood nevertheless. There was a slight hinge of hesitation, but he walked over to me nevertheless. He carefully sat down next to me, careful for my arms.

But he wrapped his arms around me, and I lean into him, placing my head on his plastron.

"I love you big bro" I mumble, and Leo smiled, tugging my head down again.

"Love you too otouto"


So this is the last chapter of my story! Hope y'all enjoyed it, cause I certainly enjoyed writing it! Even the last chapter^^

See ya!