Alexandra, Three-Fourths Goddess.

Authors Note: I was reading Demigoddess, and thought it needed rewriting. Now I'm giving it a new title, so I'm not taking down the old one. And I'm changing a few details. And some of the story line. But it's basically the same story, so don't think I haven't noticed that, because I'm well aware. Also Ferrell means Man of Valor. Alexander Means Defender of Man. Also I planned to get this out Yesterday on the 4th.

Warning 1: There will be Corporal Punishments of Children in this fic, now I don't personally believe in Spanking in real life, but I know all those scientists doing studies saying Spanking is bad don't use the scientific method they start with the conclusion instead of the asking the questions and doing the research the right way, So they're doing biased studies and may be right or wrong. Anyway since these are fictional characters living in a time when corporal punishment was not only common but much more severe than what we think of as a spanking I wrote it in. Also Artemis when she was Diana, was from a time when it was common so she used it on Alexandra growing up but she took into account modern ideals and didn't use Ancient Greek standards of spanking. Also there will be Female Homosexual relationships. Female/Centaur relationships. Mention of Rape and other kinds of abuse. Mention of incest since the Greek Gods are involved, and they were seriously very messed up individuals. Instances of Ancient Greek commonalities such as abuse of power, raping, pillaging, enslaving, warmongering, underage marriages, etc. Acceptance at least outside of the Amazons and other characters of Spousal Abuse, plural marriages, if you do not like any of these things turn back now.

Warning 2: I don't own Xena or Hercules if I did Dahak wouldn't exist, and Eve would but she wouldn't be some hot button issue for the Gods, just a baby. And Serena would get to live her life with Herc and have babies and all that good stuff. But then I am someone who likes happy endings a little too much. I always thought and they lived happily ever After should be at the end of every story. So you could see why I wouldn't like those storylines. On with the Fan Fic!

I had turned 30 in February, and so I decided to do one of those ancestry tests, but it took me awhile to get around to it. It was almost October when I send them the saliva, and the first week of November when I heard back. I found some very freaky things. First of all I am 87.5% Greek. Then a number to call, it was a private number. So, I called.

"Hello, this is Alexandra Ferrell, I was told to call this Number."

"Hello, you said you were adopted."

"I was raised by a guardian, she adopted me when I was in my teens but I never took her name. But she gave me Ferrell because if means Man of Valor, or Valiant Warrior."

"Well, I think I might know why you were given up for adoption."

"Why is that?"

"Three of your grandparents were closely related, We're still trying to unravel the genetics. But it looks like your mother and grandmother were sisters, and their father was cousins with your grandmother."

"Ah, Fuck. Excuse me but that's seriously messed up."

"No, Apology necessary we hate revealing information like this. Even if you don't have any health problems I would have a series of diagnostic tests to make sure you don't have any underlying genetic conditions."

"Thanks I will." She gave me more information. And I went to Diana's Office. Diana Hunter had raised me. She was also my boss. She was a Dealer, in Antique and Ancient Weapons, an expert really. She also guest lectured at NYU and Columbia. As did I. I sat down across from her, and waited for her to get off the phone with our long time client Andy Corrin. She hung up.

"What's wrong?"

"Three of my grandparents are closely related. Two of my grandparents are cousins, my mother and my other grandmother are sisters. Did you know this when you adopted me."

"I've always known."

"Did you have me tested? I could have any number of….."

"They'll be no medical complications, because those who were related are of divine blood. They are exempt from created complications created by having children with relatives."

"You? You're my mother. And Divine blood, so you're what Sif?"

"You are such a Geek." She laughs. "Not Norse Pantheon, though she is a friend, No I am Artemis Goddess of the Moon and the Hunt, Your grandmother is Athena, Goddess of Wisdom, Art and Intelligent Warfare, her son Gregory Alexander, is your father."

"Very Funny, Di….." She suddenly was wearing leathers and metal armor, and weapons. I looked at her for a long moment and then I recognized her. "

"You played yourself on Xena didn't you, someone else played you on Hercules a few times though."

"Well, I was raising you, I couldn't always get away, Herc….I mean Kevin understood."

"Hah! I knew it, it was very sly of him to write that into the script, no anyone who thinks that, everyone just laughs at them."

"That's why he did, that's also why Ares and Aphrodite insisted on having such big parts."

"Why did you let me find this? You could have changed the results pretty easily."

"First of all I am a woman of honor, and I've been keeping secrets from you, and lying by omission your whole life, it's time you know the truth. Second it's time you start on a new path to fulfill your destiny."

"That sounds ominous."

"Do you remember the Twilight of the Gods, in Xena?"

"Yes, it was ridiculous obviously a self-fulfilling prophecy I can't believe Athena of all people fell for it."

"When you're faced with your own destruction you don't always see reason. Now, you were born to stop the Twilight from happening. It was stopped and you grew up and became the Goddess and Warriors and Champions."

"What do you mean grew up?" I narrowed my eyes.

"You'll be deaged to 10 years old."

"No way in hell. You must be Bat Shit insane and high beyond belief to think I'd agree to that."

"You don't have a choice, it has happened, its part of history, it will happen again."

"Damn it!" Well ever practical I moved on I assessed the situation. I wasn't getting out of it. So I moved on. "I want a Bag with an undetectable Expansion charm, books on every subject you can image including construction, engineering, basic field medicine without supplies, and making penicillin, and insulin. I want life time supplies of chocolate, hot chocolate and coffee, I want to be able to use by iPod, iPod doc, solar charger, Mini DVD player, my hand held video game, massager, my hair dryer, and hair straightener, also pain killers which I know they didn't have back then, and crazy glue, and I want them all indestructible and made to withstand wear and tear and able to work without electricity and batteries. And for weapons I want a Hair sticks that can turn into stillettos, boot daggers, shurikens, and strengthens Yo-yo Spelled to be indestructible, extra hard, and spelled against wear and tear."

"I'll ask about the Hair pins, it shouldn't be any trouble, Hephaestus is getting bored lately with so little to do, and the Throwing Stars won't be a problem, You train with them whenever you want but I don't want you arming yourself with them, so they'll stay in the training armory or in your bag until you're 15, when Warriors start seriously arming themselves with various weapons outside of training."

"Understood, but you'll get me everything else."

"I'll even get you an alarm clock, more modern clothes, I'll add to the memory on your iPod Touch, and I'll get you a lifetime supply of fountain pens and nibs, and ink." I had always used fountain pens. With multicolored ink. "They'll be bottles of ink, you'll have to reservoir pens."


"And diaries, and sketch pads, and drawing supplies."

"When will we do this?"

"The Full Moon."

"That's on Saturday, the 4th" As I said it was the first week of November. .

"Where and when would I arrive?"

"Close to where things just started to go pear shaped, right after Father and Hera were killed. You need to get Athena to listen to reason."

"I know her don't I?"

"Helena Wisdom."

"You fucking kidding me she's the most stubborn, pain the ass I've ever met."

Helena or should I say Athena, or possibly Grandma was standing there. "I see I got here the right time, and Alexandra dear, watch your tone you're not too old to take a hair brush too."

"I'm 30 years old, Helena."

"Grandmother or Yaya."

"Yaya, I'm 30 years old."

"Your father's 53, you think I wouldn't give him a good thrashing if he deserved it."

"Gregory doesn't look 53…it's probably why I never guessed he was my father."

"He's not immortal, but he ages slower than normal humans, about twice as slow. So he looks about 26. But since he's been around for 15 years, people assume he's 38, and just ages well."

"We are getting off track. We'll be preparing for your departure."

"What will I do?"

"Whatever you want you're leaving in three days."

I had a Neapolitan flip coffee maker for camping trips, and I had hot chocolate maker, the old fashioned kind, and used a whisk like utensil, but if you had a gas stove, or even an open fire, it could work without electricity. Well it may have been the old fashioned kind but it used the newest high end ceramic material, as opposed to stainless steel or just clay. I went to a spa, and got pampered for the day. I went to see Wicked, and Beautiful, because they are amazing shows that it's actual possible to get tickets to. Hamilton is also amazing but getting tickets is near impossible. I went to talk to Gregory. He gave me a letter for ancient Greek Mama. In Ancient Greek Which I could now read. Well, what was written on outside of the envelope anyway? Saturday dawned nice and early. Clothes were left for me to change into. I dressed. They were a complete outfit, Tan leggings, and a Caramel colored tunic, Dark brown knee high boots, Boot daggers, the hair sticks, I secured my hair. I had put my Yo-Yo and my money bag in my pockets, and the satchel that was left for me was completely packed I came out into the living room. Diana, Artemis Mama was waiting there, as was Helena, Athena, Grandmother.

"Is it time?"

"For the transformation not the trip."

"Okay hit me with your best shot." She chuckles.

"You may want to sit."


I sat down, and felt a warm sensation all over my body; I felt myself shrink, my clothes shrink with me. Then Diana asked if I wanted stuffed French toast. We ate, finally Yaya spoke.

"I want to give you a letter to my past self in case I don't believe you Alexandra."

"No problem."

"Your father is a descendent of Eve that will help convince them." Athena said.

"Moon rise isn't for hours, what do you want to do?" Mama asked.

"You remember that arcade you used to take me to." I said.

We just need to leave the weapons here." We went to the arcade, and had lunch out, then we just hung around my apartment. We ate an early dinner, and then the fates arrived, in Ivory, Burgundy, and Dark brown business suits.

"It's time to go." Mama said.

"I know Mama." I said. She smiled.

I felt a force push me, and suddenly I was standing on the side of the road, looking all together confused. Xena and Gabrielle, and Baby Eve happened upon me, about 15 minutes later.

"Are you okay? Do you need help?" Gabrielle asked.

"Careful, Gabrielle."

"We can help each other, actually. I'm from 2,000 + years in the future, I'm Artemis daughter, and Athena's granddaughter, but a descendent of Eve's. I'm here to stop the Twilight it's a self-fulfilling prophecy and my relatives are stupid for believing it."

Xena and Gabrielle got off their horses, Eve was in the baby backpack. "I need you to give me your weapons." I handed her my staff, and my boot daggers,

The Hair sticks weren't weapons but became weapons, the throwing stars were all the way in her bag, and her Yo-yo was really a toy it just could be used as a weapon. As someone who doesn't lie I could rationalize and dance around the truth better than anyone. It was the second one that always got me in a throbbing Derriere in high school. Of course she had limits she never went back on her word or a promise in her life and she never lied to a direct question. And if she disobeyed a direct order she told the person, she skirted the rules but never broke them.

"Call Aphrodite, Gabrielle. At the moment she's the only God we can trust." Xena said.

Gabrielle stood up straight. "Aphrodite, a little help please!"

Aphrodite appeared in a shower of pink hearts and butterfly sparkles. "Sweet pea! Warrior babe! I'm so happy you called what I can do for you!"

"Monica?" She asked.


"My apologies, but I'm from 2,000 years in the future, and I know you by another names, Monica, you're an advice columnist you write a daily advice column to the lovelorn, in a daily periodical, you were friends with my mother, Diana."

"Artemis?" Aphrodite guessed.

Xena spoke. "She's apparently also Athena's granddaughter."

"I never knew, I was pretty upset when I found out, incest is not only looked down upon its unthinkable, abhorrent when I'm from. Distant cousins don't even marry….and when they do they're considered sick, and twisted or uneducated rural simpletons."

Xena spoke. "Most Greeks would not bed their Nephew, father, or their brother. But marriages between distant cousins are not unusual. Not if they share Grandparents, but if the couple share Great-grandparents it would be considered a suitable match."

"Third Cousins." I shared. "Or first cousins twice removed, or second cousin once removed."


Gabrielle looked pensive. "So what is a first cousin once removed?"

"That would be your parent's first cousin." I said. "Or first cousin's child, Hephaestus would be my First Cousin once removed, because Hera was not only Zeus's wife but his sister. Jinkies, Aphrodite, you know If we didn't have Divine blood, we'd all be drooling and unable to form words with how inbred we all are right?"

Aphrodite laughed. "Believe me I know, and its Aunt Aphrodite, or Auntie to you. I'm your Aunt, I may be the fun Auntie, in your life, but I deserve to be respected."

"Yes, Auntie. We need to get in touch with Mama and Yaya." I said.

"We should go to my Temple, they won't be able to attack, my warrior baby, or sweet pea there."

There was a tingling sensation and we were suddenly at a temple, then a table with a meal appeared and comfortable seating. I snagged a couple of grapes and got comfortable.

Mama and Yaya appear. "Aphrodite what is going on I feel the pull of a new demigod with my blood, I know I haven't give birth since Orion the II?" Mama said.

"I'm actually three-fourths. I'm also Athena's granddaughter, and a descendent of Eve the child you all want to kill. I was sent back somewhere around 2.000 + years, It's my destiny to stop the Twilight, it had been stopped, in the future, and I was the one to stop it, it had happen, so it will happen."

"Why stop it?" Yaya asked.

"Look, I don't know the details, but I have betters from my father to Mama, and a letter from you to you."

I go into my satchel and hand the parchment envelope to Mama, and the scroll, to Yaya. They read them. Then Yaya's face cleared up, and became an impassive mask.

"Xena, we are willing to reach a settlement With My granddaughter being a descendent of Eve's we need to be allies, It's two hours past dawn now, we'll need at Noon where?'

Mama spoke. "Telaquire Amazon tribe, it's where I'll be raising Alexandra, and Gabrielle will feel more comfortable there."

"Alright, I'll see you then." She disappeared.

"Are you two hungry?" Mama asked.

Xena spoke. "Not really…"

"Then we should go to the village. Alexandra, I know Xena is your distant great-grandmother but I want you calling her Aunt Xena and Gabrielle Aunt Gabrielle out of respect." Mama said.

"Yes, Ma'am."

We appeared in the Queen's hut surprising Ephiny and Eponin. "My Queen?" Eponin asked. Ephiny stood.

"We are going to be reaching an agreement with the Gods very shortly. Athena is coming at Noon to talk. In the meantime Artemis would like to talk to us."

"I have recently discovered a demigoddess child of mine, sent here by my future self. She cannot be raised on Olympus or on Delios, so I have chosen this village's temple to be raised in so she can attempt your school and skills lessons. And learn all the Knowledge, Skills, and Honor the Amazons have to teach her, as well as have me around to teach her."

Ephiny nodded. "Of course my lady."

"I will be altered the temple, but will leave the part of the temple used for worship, intact."

"Thank you."

"I will also be blessing Gabrielle with a child of her own. Eve must walk the path of peace and is not meant to be an Amazon Queen, you must have another child to fulfill the obligation of right of caste." She touched Xena and Gabrielle's stomach and then they both glowed. "Gabrielle is now pregnant with the future Queen of the Nation."

Gabrielle touched her stomach. "Thank you."

"I have a question." I said.


"Fans of Gabrielle's writing often wrote their own stories involving all of you and I was wondering of Aunt Xena and Gabrielle were a couple, and also Ephiny and Eponin were a couple or just good friends."

Aunt Aphrodite let out a bell-like laugh. "The Sweet Pea and the Warrior babe are together alright and so are the Weapons Master and Regent." I felt a very light smack to my tail. It was just a light sting, more of an attention getter Mama when she was Diana used to give them to me when I said something I shouldn't have.

"Alexandra, you need to learn the difference between being truthful, and using discretion."

"I know the difference Mama, I chose not to in this instance. I can when I need or want to."

"Then if you chose not to use them, you're getting more than a light swat, Moon Beam." She turned me sideways, and bend me slightly, and gave me half a dozen hard smacks before righting me. "If you knew better and you still decided to be rude, you deserved those I'm afraid."

"Yes, Mama."

"Alexandra and I are going to go the temple and making do a little sprucing up, until Noon."

I felt the tingling sensation, and we landed in the temple. "Mama, why didn't I get any powers, I was 30 and I never did, but you said when I was grew up in this time I was able to gain my powers and become Goddess or Warriors and Champions."

"I think being raised by me, and the proximity to Mt. Olympus, had something to do with it."

Mama as she said left the temple part of the temple alone, but she expanded the private living quarters. She started with the living room she made comfortable over stuffed low leather couches, as well as end tables, and a coffee table, and oil lamps, there was a grand fire place in the middle, and a small area for musical instruments, off to the right, and writing desk in the corner. Off to the off left lead to the kitchen, which was set up very similar to a modern kitchen, but it had water pump inside, and a drain, in the middle of the sink, and a hearth, and a brick oven. It also had a kitchen table, and several cabinets, and a back door leading to the larder outside. To the right of the living room, were the bedrooms, the bathing room, and the toilet room which were separate. She had had running water and modern European squat toilets. The bedroom looked like a lavishly appointment room in a bed and breakfast. She showed me the armory which was impressive. After she finished the living quarters she showed me I started emptying my bag. It had a book shelf, I started putting books and DVDs away. Then clothes, and setting up m electronics, and Hoss, My Stuffed Bear. I was a Pop culture geek. After I was done,

"This is the armory….." Mama made me put away my throwing stars, and she shows me the sword I'd have one day.

"I'm actually not that comfortable fighting with a sword, though I'm good enough at it.' I said.

"You'll learn. Now you'll have chores each day, and that's taking care of horses, milking the goats, gathering the eggs, and feeding the dogs. We have two Horses, Delia and Eos, Eos, is yours, and milking the goats, and bringing in the milk, we have two goats, comedy and tragedy, and six hens, Who have not been named. I also have brought with me, 7 dogs, to go hunting with, should I need to, and Lux, a cream colored Hound who will be your Protection and your companion, she will sleep you're your room, but the other 7 are four Males and three female, and the males are Alpha, Beta, Gamma, and Epsilon, and females are Delta, Zeta, and Eta.

"You named them after the alphabet?" I asked.

"I usually have close to two dozen dogs, the names I do give them are usually descriptors, like your dog's name is Lux, she's a light blonde color."

"I've always wanted a pet but we lived in a big city before and it wasn't possible."

She smiled at me. "Well now you have two. I'd introduce you to them, but we have to go to the meeting."

"Do I have to it's going to be boring?" I knew I was whining the adult me was cringing but I didn't care

"Yes, and if you can't behave yourself, I'll tan your little bottom, in front of whoever happens to be in the meeting."

"Mama!" I was scandalized. Diana spanked me but even in the 1997-1998 when I was 10 the first time, it wasn't something you let someone know. She never would have spanked me in front of anyone.

"Come on, let's go."

We appeared in the Queen's Office hut. Xena, Gabrielle, Eponin, A woman I can only assume is Eponin's Mother, a girl about 19, and a really old woman is there, there enough seats for everyone plus two extra, Aphrodite, and Yaya appeared.

"We are ready to begin treat talks, Xena." Yaya said. "All the Gods agree to leave your family and the Telaquire Amazon village and Amphipolis alone unless it is in their godly duties to help life along there. But we will not interfere with your, Gabrielle or your children life, without permission."

"I can agree to that, I won't hold you responsible for Ares, I think that's asking too much." Xena said.

"I appreciate that Xena. But I will do what I can to contain him."

"That may only encourage him, don't bother, please. He'll do what he wants."

"As you wish."

Mama spoke. "But I have declared your younger daughter my chosen he can't touch her. While you fell into the category of Athena's since you were more crafty then his other generals and you were female, you or even mine since your mother was descended from Amazons, neither of us had claimed you, your daughter has been claimed and the rest of Olympus look very dimly on poaching of chosen ones, he really can't touch her."

Gabrielle and Xena smiled, and Gabrielle rubbed her belly and said. "Thank you."

The meeting broke up, Mama and I met Kalidas the school teacher, and Merilee the warrior skill teacher, and Daria the equestrian teacher, and Atalia the Hunting teacher for the 10-15 year olds. I had to take a test in each instance that took most of the day, by the time we got home it was almost dinner time, Mama helped me do my chores, I met Delia, Eos, and the goats, and chickens and finally the dogs, and Lux followed me back our living quarters. Mama had made a stew, and cider. And after diner, She had me practice writing with a quill, and practice my math, since it was my weakest subject, and then she sent me to bed. She made a bed for Lux on the floor. She tucked me in. I went to sleep.

Xena finished nursing her daughter and tucked her into her crib, and then joined her best friend and lover out in the main room on the couch.

"What are you thinking, Xena?" Gabrielle asked.

"I'm thinking we should be bonded."


"It's about time, I've done my time, for my sins against the Amazons, I think we should be bonded and stay here….."

"You're really willing to settle down."

"Children need stability Gabrielle…..I want them to have as peaceful as a life as possible as far away from the kind of danger we lived on the road, as we can give them. And as for being bonded, it took me a long time to realize what my feelings for you really were why you were so different….now that I know why that is I don't want to back to being just best friends Gabrielle, but if you don't want to have a bonding ceremony we don't have ceremony we know what we are, a ceremony doesn't change that, and everyone already assumes the truth anyway, they did long before it was the truth."

Gabrielle laughed. "Well, most men certainly did. not all of course….."

"True, but many did, and many women did, I think we were practically married for years Gabrielle without being married."

Gabrielle laughed. "I suppose so, Xena, and I would love to be bonded to you. I'll tell Ephiny in the morning."

Somewhere a Blonde goddess in pink squealed.

END of Chapter One.