Alexandra, Three-Fourths Goddess.


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Deitra took roll, and we all waited for her to actually teach. I didn't think any of class would mess with her. While Kalidas kind of reminded me of late series Daniel Jackson from SG1 a Geek with Combat Skills, Deitra reminded more of Abby from NCIS, bubbly, dark mistress who can kill you and leave no evidence, the kids around me liked Deitra but they were more wary of her for some reason. But the time in the school house ended and we went to lunch, we all sit together.

"Why is everyone wary of Deitra?" I asked.

"She's a lot more fun than Kalidas, but she also has a much fiercer temper, which is how she ended up in archives, when she was younger she couldn't control it like she can now.' Danae said. "She got explosively angry at a drop of a headdress."

I nodded. "It's Boedromian already, the Puppies are basically trained, if you don't mind training them some, We could go after weapons practice and go pick up Bear, Addie."

"Sure. I mean you already gave Eve hers.' Addie said.

"You can go with me to drop Kairos off hers, the rest of the Puppies, need to be trained, longer, they're going to Elderly or infirm Amazons, or little kids, whose parents might not know how to train them."

They all nodded. Today in Weapons was a very intense game of Hide in Seek that incorporated aspects of a snow ball fight, paintball, sparing, tag, and capture the flag. My team naturally won.

"I never played Amazon Hide and Seek before." I said. While we were walking back to the temple. Diana had me on a paint ball team, so I understood the basics, but it was different.

"We still won." Corrine said. We got there, and Mama was there.

"Hello, Moonbeam, hello, girls. Good day."

"It was good Mama, how was your day."

"It was good I answered some prayers, even if I'm not answering enough, I trained the hounds, and went hunting, and went hunting, I prepared a recipe from your time."

"We're going to take Bear to Addie's House and Mercury to Kairos."

"Alexandra the hounds are not finished being trained yet, you need to be patient."

"I thought you said….."

"I said the basic training is done, and it is, but they're not trained as companions or hunting dogs, yet. All they know now is to respond to the right tone of voice, and not to relieve themselves indoors." The Hound shed had the ancient equivalent of a doggie door. Although I'm not sure how she managed it.

"Do they know any commands?"

"They know what they mean and in the right tone of voice they respond, but I need them to respond, not just to the right tone of voice, but to their master's voice. No matter the tone."

"I'm Sorry, I brought you here girls….." I said. I knew not to use the term guys, because they'll either be insulted, or have no idea what I'm talking about. Guy wasn't used to describe a male until England in the 1600s, SO unless it translates to Greek Equivalent to bloke, fella, Guy, they'd have no idea what I was talking about. And if it did they'd be insulted, Guys plural wasn't used to describe a group of people, especially friends of either or both sexes until sometime in the last 40s years my time. So it's so not worth opening that can of worms. "And getting your hopes up Addie."

Addie nodded. "It's okay, Alex."

"We could go swimming, it's really warm out today." I said with a shrug.

My Mom cleared her throat. "A candle mark, Alexandra, then your friends need to go home you have chores to do."

"Yes, Mama." We went outside to the pond, and stripped hanging our folding our clothes and putting them on the rocks and logs nearby, and learning our weapons on them as well, we all got in and began to splash around It was deep enough to cover us, I had my Xena: Warrior Princess Spin off Show but it wasn't deep enough to dive, by any means, it fact if I wore a top that low cut at my old school, I would have been suspended. Not that I would have, a top that low never would have passed the Diana test. The then social mores mattered to her, I suppose. There was no category for Amazons. 'Women who dressed like that are assumed to be either low class, or low morals, it isn't true of course, but men will try to take advantage if they think they have an advantage over you.' I remember her telling me. 'You must never give anyone an advantage over you, unless it's a perceived advantage and you're playing them.' She had said. It was a little hard to understand the first time I was 12. A Simple shirt is too revealing for someone your age would have made more sense, to say to 12 year old, but neither Mama's future self Diana or her current self, something without a reason. We swam and joked and splash fought. And watched the sun and when it was time, we got out and dried off, I had brought towels with me from inside, and we all got dressed, and I said goodbye to my friends, and then I started on my chores. They weren't hard, not anymore, but they were time consuming. I brought the milk in, as Mama was finishing up, some Sloppy Joes. I wonder how she managed it. I shrugged, and went to get washed up. I came back out in my pajamas. We age. I could tell she used Boar. But it was still good, and she the sauce very close to what she used to make, she never used the store bought sauce.

"This is very good, Mama."

"I'm glad you like it. I sent myself some of your favorite recipes, from when you were a child the first time."

"It was a pretty short list, I ate everything in front of me, like you taught me, but I didn't have a lot of foods that I liked personally, and fewer that were favorites, the only thing I absolutely won't eat is food that's burnt. I don't mean meat that's well done, I mean burnt. A little burnt I can handle, but it's badly burnt I'll vomit. Diana, I mean you didn't make me eat it, once she found out about it coming back up, She also didn't make me eat if I was full, that also tended to come back up, if I kept eating."

She nodded. "Makes sense. We'll do the same, Alexandra, I have some business to conduct, prayers to answer, and the like. You'll be staying with Gabrielle and Xena. Your Animals Alone will be staying in the village, After we eat, Eos, will be taken to the Village Stables, the rest of the animals will be sent to my Palace in Delios, Lux will go with you to Gabrielle and Xena's, and Cordelia will be fine in her House. I need you to back two bags, your school bag and your traveling Satchel"

"Yes, Ma'am." I packed both satchels that night over packing my traveling or my magic satchel, with everything I'd need for a week or so, and went to sleep. I woke up and I bathed, did my hair putting it in two braids since I might not be able to bath every day, but I still wound the two braids around and put the hair sticks In them to hold them in place.

"Lux, Come." She followed me out. When I got out to the main room, Mama was standing there with Aunt Aphrodite.

"Hi, Moonglow, your Mommy and I have some business to attend to."

"Hi, Auntie, Auntie, could you make Mama fall in love, or something, the adult part me realizes it's probably been a while since she's gotten laid, while the kid part of me wants a little sister."

I felt the swat to my backside. I turned around Mom was there. "Mama!"

"Don't interfere in my life, Alexandra. That's the second time, next time you go over my knee."

After that, Mama took me to Xena and Gabrielle's hut, which was suddenly bigger. "You didn't just add another bedroom did you?"

"No I add a full kitchen, not just a hearth, a full bathing room, a full necessity room, cabinets and closets, which are bigger on the inside. And I made all their beds more comfortable." I nodded I must be hard to find a sitter for. I wasn't offended I didn't start fires or anything. But I had a Mouth on me that was less than respectful. Amazons usually taught their children a balance between truth, tact, and respect, I was truthful, blunt, and occasionally so far beyond inappropriate, I'm surprised no one has spanked me for it. I blame Diana she enjoyed off color jokes. And I heard them all my life. She knocked on the door. Gabrielle answered. She was showing off, an early second trimester baby bump.

"Good Morning, Queen Gabrielle, my daughter, Alexandra is ready to stay with you she has been warned about behaving so if it's needed you or Xena may discipline her as necessary, so may her mother, as family members. And as Authority figures within the tribe the same people that any 10 year old must answer to."

"Of course I can't thank you enough what you did to our hut."

"It will be an even trade believe me, Alexandra is a handful. She doesn't seem like much of a trouble maker but she has a mouth on her. She asks troublesome questions, she speaks out of turn, she brings about philosophical disruptions, and can get a man of faith to question it, by simply posing questions." Off my look. "My past self told me about the priest when you were 12 the first time don't try and look innocent the man lost his faith and became drunkard and died of Syphilis."

"You expect me to feel bad he was molesting my friend Sam, what's to say he didn't already have the Syphilis, and he should have been publically executed involving starving dogs, and raw meet sew into his clothes….."

Xena entered "I agree, put your clothes and things, in your room second door on the right."

"You haven't turned it into a nursery yet. The Baby is going to sleep in your room and Eve is going to stay where she is for the first six months or so, and then Eve is going to move into the new bedroom, and the baby is going into Eve's bedroom."

"Yes, now get going." Gabrielle gave me a quick swat. "We need to be at the dining hut soon."

I went into my temporary room, put by magical satchel down and unpacked, put a few items in my school satchel which had expansion charms on it too they just weren't as good as the TARDIS satchel. They held a lot of stuff, but not an infinite amount of stuff. Mama gave me the school bag at the end of my first week of school, it's smaller and sleeker than my travel satchel. Similar to the cross-body backpack I used to wear when I rode my bike or did something outdoorsy for day, instead of an overnight trip. Then I went out in the main room, Xena was holding a 10 month old Eve, I've been to the nursery, and it seemed to me that babies talked sooner now, all babies were taught baby sign language in Ancient Greece, at least all Amazon babies, and they learned to speak earlier too, they also seemed to walk earlier 9 months to a year, instead of a year to 13 months, and they were out of diapers sooner between 2 and 2 and half years. Of course they were kept in high chairs until they were 4 at meals, and I wasn't sure about what they did with cribs, I wasn't sure if there were toddler beds here.

"Good Alexandra, Lux is going to have to wait outside, the dining hall."

"But we usually feed her some of whatever my mother made, same as the other hounds."

Gabrielle shook her head. "Analia, will never be okay with that."

"Lux, you go get your own breakfast this morning, hunt for something, I'll meet you outside the school."

Lux barked. She was okay with it. "Good I'll see you later, stay safe."

Lux was laughing, but barked agreement. I opened the door, and she dashed out. "Can we go hunting Xena…?" Xena swatted me. Then I remembered. "Aunt Xena, so we have something for her…..her favorite is Rabbit, so it should be too hard, I could catch rabbits with my arrow when I was five."

Xena nodded. "We'll go tomorrow at dawn, Kiddo."

"Thanks, we should get to the dining hut.'

Gabrielle stopped them. "Do you have everything for school?'

"Yes, Ma'am."

We got to the dining hut, and sat at the Queen's table which had the entire family.

Gabrielle spoke. "So, Alexandra, being able to speak to Lux the way you do will Ever be able to speak to Lyric?"

"She should, if she's willing, some people refuse to listen to their animals, I've noticed, Xena actually listens to Argo and has that type of relationship with her, so if Eve follows her example it shouldn't be a problem."

"Argo is like these hounds?" Xena asked.

"She's as smart, She's not just a horse, I can tell you that much. I can feel it off her, She definitely a companion rather than just a pet, Companion Animals, are gifts from Pan to both Gods and mortals, they're as are as smart as humans and have the ability to protect their humans if need be, a Sorceress would call one a familiar, but that would actually mean the companion could do some form of magic and most companion animals can't, Cordelia my Owl, can she can get to places quicker than normal owl, across great distances and so can my cousins the twins Ravens."

"Good to know." Xena said. Gabrielle cleared her throat.

'Alexandra, eat your breakfast." I went back to eating my eggs, which were scrambled. There were slices of cheese on the table, and some dried meets, and bread. What I wouldn't do for a French Toast Slam at Denny's with Scrambled eggs, Bacon sausage, Milk, and Plain black coffee. But that's not my life anymore. I'm just glad Diana spent the clippings for coffee plants back,

"How has Deitra been in school, Alexandra?" Eponin asked.

"Well, she's less strict then Kalidas, she doesn't really enforce the rules, but she stalks around the room like half dinar villain, it's crazy, I'm not sure she's all there, she really scares the littler girls, one of the 7 years olds wet their leggings, and she wouldn't let them go home to change."

Gabrielle's voice became hard to read and her face became a mask. "Thank you for telling me Alexandra, can you tell your friends, school is cancelled for the morning and to meet up at weapons training."

"Of course, Aunt Gabrielle." I said Aunt because I didn't want a swat. "Aunt Xena can we set some snares, after I tell everyone and then train Lyric."

"I have to train the 16 and 17 year olds…..""

Irene spoke. "Why don't you and your friends set and snares and maybe go fishing."

"Good Idea."

Kairos smiled. "I can keep an eye on them, Aunt Xena with this busted head, and I can't train."

I shrugged. "Since the whole class doesn't have to go to school, we might get a game of hide and seek going, you could play judge. If no one wants to play then we'll probably fish or hunt."

Kairos nodded. "I could do that."

Eponin spoke. "That sounds like a good idea, Kairos bring some parchment and ink, mark down how they're doing, I've decided you're the substitute teacher, and you're playing hide and seek instead of class, you're marking them."

Ephiny nodded. "Sounds good, are you up to it Kairos?"

"I can do it. I remember it happening a few times when I was in school no teacher was available so one of the older girls, watched us while we played a game, and then evaluated us for Eponin, or Elorah when I was really little."

Kairos walked me to school after breakfast. Lux greeted me with a bark. I met her and scratched behind her ears. I met up with my friends.

"No teacher today, we're gonna play Hide and seek, Kairos is gonna judge."

Addie smiled. "Cool, that's how you use it right?"

I laughed. "Yeah, that's how you use it."

We were separated in two groups, with enough of the little, middle aged, and older girls on each team. Named the Red Team, and the Green team each team had a red or Green scarf cloth tied around their right bicep, denoting what team they were on. They were the cloths left over from making clothes and blankets, and they were long thin strips of fabric. The school had strips of fabric, in Red, Yellow, Green, and Blue. They needed to be bright colors in order to be seen from afar. We played two games, my team won one, and the other team which included my cousins, won the other. It was tied. Kairos congratulated us. And sent us to lunch.

Meanwhile in the city of Argos, was the daughter and son working as a Blacksmith apprentices like their Godly father. The two Goddesses entered. The elderly Smithy looked at them.

"'Yer here for Aetna, and Khalkeus."

A/n: Mount Aetna is where Hephaestus has his workshop and Khalkeus is one of his titles is means Coppersmith. It's clear their Mother named the twins after their father. And in case you were wondering there will be more children of fathers, accidental pregnancies, or Syphilis because back then it happened. And there will be consequences for man-whoring in my world. And life back then was not easy, and in my world Karma is real and she is a real bitch. And for you Catholics, rolling your eyes, what do you think you reap what you Sow means?

"Yes." they nodded.'

"They'll both be a fine Smiths someday, Selena was a friend of mine, and a fine worker, she was shunned from the local Amazon tribe for keeping her son, I took her in, not only was I friends with her mother, technically I'm her Uncle, my late brother was her father, but he had no interest in being more than breeding stock."

Athena nodded many men who mated with Amazons felt that way. "But you don't feel that way."

"Family is family, my lady."

They went to speak, to the twins and then told them about Hephaestus and then took them to Mt. Aetna, where Hephie was.

"Hephie….." Aphrodite called out.

"I'm here love!" He came out.

"Are these them?

"Yes, this is Aetna, and Khalkeus."

"Nice to meet you, I've already arranged for you to go to the local school. I made bedrooms for you, and created your own forges for you."

"Arte you going to stick around and help them get settled?"

"No, I'm off to Corinth."

It was Afternoon and we were all lined up in front of Merilee. We were going to Spar, The 13-15 year olds were here they had started combining the sparing lessons.

"Cecelia." Cecelia was 14, as was Antea, and Drusilla. "Since Alexandra is so much stronger than the girls her age you're going to spar with her. Antonia, and Antea, are going to spar with the twins, but Cecelia and Alexandra first."

There was only one set of school age twins in the village. The only other set of twins in the village were. The elderly twin seers, Apollonia and Artemia They were in their 90s, and were pretty hobbled by old age, but sat in council meetings. They were Lyra's great grandmother, and Great-grand Aunt. So twins ran in her family. Not just Mama's. So it was very likely that Lyra's children would be twins. Lyra had a larger hut, so she can take care of them and the twins. Since her mother died during the Velasca confrontation defending her grandchildren. Danae and Corrine were young when it happened.

"Yes, Ma'am." We got in position. "You are allowed to use any weapons you have on your person, except swords, I will stop you if I think you're going too far, Begin."

We began fighting, Cecelia was in face to begin with. She attacked first. She did not wait for me to attack first mistake. She was also coming at me with everything, forcing me to. Another mistake when fighting someone with super-strength, she's also fighting dirty, I'll have bruises, but nothing too bad, which means it's on. I hit with my Yo-Yo breaking her nose, she started hit me in the leg, I went down on one knee, SO I hit her with half my strength in the solar Plexus she goes down. She's having trouble breathing. I pull my Hair Pins, and put them both at her throat. "Yield…."

She drops her weapons.

"Alexandra wins, Alexandra, please let your cousins escort you to the healer's hut?"

"Why, Teacher?" It was acceptable to call instructors teacher instead of their names or actual titles.

"Your knee's been dislocated." I look down. Ah

"So it has."

"Aretha could you please inform Xena she is in the North field, training the 18 and 19 year olds, and Olympia could you please inform the Queen. They are her temporary guardians."

"Yes, Ma'am" Both girls' choruses as I leaned on my twin cousins and they lead me to the Healer's hut. Addie and Lux following us. Now that the adrenalin was gone, my Knee was hurting and I was limping. I was hardly a pain wimp. I could handle a lot of pain. I always could. I played goalie, for an entire soccer game in Middle school with three broken fingers, and a sprained wrist. Before Diana found out, and I had a conversation with her hairbrush, and she banned me from soccer until my hand healed. I wonder if the girls here would like to play soccer.

We got the healer's, Melinda was looking at my knee. I wishing I had worn leggings today instead of a skirt, then Merilee would not be able to tell, it was dislocated but it was so hot today, there was no way I was going to where long leggings. I did wear shorts under my skirt. No One's seeing or getting to my private bits until I'm old enough and I want them to.

"You managed to do a bit of damage to your knee young lady" Melinda said.

"Just give me whatever herbs you use to numb the pain, and pop it into place. I'd do it myself but I can only pop in shoulders, myself on myself, I can pop in elbows and wrists on other people, but I never learned on knees."

"Of course." She handed me thick green drink I drank it down it tasted like one of those heath smoothies those modern New York Gyms usually have. Which is why I stopped going to those and just went to the basic non-chain workout gyms that used to be boxing gyms. There was a great one two subway stops from my brownstone in Brooklyn. Run by a Half a Japanese half Puerto Rican female Prize fighter named Kaneko Santiago, born in the mid-1960s. I may work in Manhattan but even with the money I was making if I wanted a house, I'd have to move to Brooklyn or Queens, it wasn't until I was looking for apartment at 22 did I realize how Rich Diana was, she had a full House in Greenwich Village, not a mansion but still a full house. With the money I was making I rented three bedroom in Queens, because I wanted space, instead of downsizing by the time I was 26 I had enough money to buy a house. Just not in Manhattan. Hey it's what the Subway was invented for. And Diana bought me a tricked out older model Land Rover, for camping and such when I graduated College. That I kept in a parking garage down the street. Cecelia was there as well getting balm rubbed on her stomach. She also had deep bruising from the staff in some places, and a places that needed stitches, some broken fingers, and a split lip, and broken nose from where I hit her with my Yo-Yo, while I only had the dislocated knee.

"Good spar." I said. She grinned.

"Yeah." She said.

"You know if you stab someone there, they die right." I said


"Oh, yeah, but if you just hit them there with enough force they go down and they don't get back up for a while giving you enough time to either cut their throat, get past them if they're a sentry or something, or get away, if fighting them is not a good idea for whatever reason."

Next I heard Xena's voice. "That's good advice. Now what happened between you two?"

Addie spoke. "Sparring got out of hand. Alexandra dislocated her knee, but, Cecelia broke her nose, two fingers, split lip, some cuts need stitching and some deep bruising."

"Melinda spoke. "Except for deep scratch, that needs stitching, wrapping her fingers and setting her nose, Cecelia what Cecelia really needs is a bath in healing salts and a rub down, her injuries are mostly minor cuts and bruises, Once I stitch her set her nose, she'll be sore for a few weeks, and she'll be unable to write, or hold a weapon since she broke the fingers of her right hand, but she should be alright, if she keeps them wrapped and lets them heal."

Gabrielle spoke. "Which she will do, or she will be banned from every skills class, until she heals, instead of just sitting on the side, and only participating when the teacher allows it."

"Yes, My Queen." Cecelia said.

"The same goes for you Alexandra." Gabrielle said.

"I never take long to heal.' I said.

"We'll let Melinda be the judge of that." Xena said. "Did she drink the herbs?"

"Yes, Xena." Melinda said.

Xena reduced my knee. It didn't hurt much. Then Melinda wrapped up my knee, in clothes. And handed me some crutches, we went back to Xena and Gabrielle's Hut.

"You know in the future, I would have been given a flexible brace, made out of composite materials that kept my knee still, and allowed it to heal."

That obviously got Xena thinking. The rest of the week went by slowly, and I was forced to drink gross herbal drinks at every meal. And at bedtime. They didn't want me getting up in the night, so I had to wear a diaper to bed, even though I had yet to use it. And when I thought I might need to, I teleported to the latrine, and took care of things, that way. Apparently being three fourths Goddess, makes the difference between being half. You half more skills.

Mama finally came home, after five days, and when we got back to the temple, she called Asclepius, who was happy to meet me and healed me right away.

"Mama why did you have Asclepius heal me isn't that against the rules?"

"He just used your natural healing and sped it up a little, not against the rules. Did you have fun with Xena and Gabrielle?"

"It was okay until I was wounded."

"Didn't that happen on the second day."


"Poor moonbeam."

'What about your trip how was it?"

"I'm starting to wonder if I should start bringing my hairbrush to my meetings with amazon Queens." She muttered.

"I say go for it. Some of them could use it. Melosa certainly could when she was so blinded by vengeance she was going to kill Ephiny's future husband, and start a war her tribe and the centaurs would never recover from."