A/N: Sorry this is late. I got busy yesterday and lost track of time, therefore, I am posting the story in it's entirety today.

I have read many slash fics, but none that I saw ever gave me a viable way Sam and Dean could be slash. Part of the entire Supernatural experience, is how straight laced these two men really are. So, IF they ever were to cross that line, how might it have occurred? This is my spin, only even I have my doubts.

Please Note: Incest is Illegal. This story neither recommends nor condones incest. Thank you.

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Confessions Chapter 1 [Prequel]

(The sun is lowering in the sky. While driving in the front seat of the Impala, Dean is muttering under his breath; he is not happy. They've been on the road so long; going from one motel room to another, town after town, searching for a stealthy monster. Dean misses the men of letters bunker that has become his home, he had felt that way from the first time he walked in the door and identified with it right away.

It was old, just like he felt, but it was classic, and it was special. In many ways the bunker was like Baby. Dean fell for it hook, line, and sinker. He felt like it gave him the chance to live his life over, his and Sam's.

He settled in, he walked the halls, he opened every door, drawer, closet and cabinet, touched every item, and examined every detail. Dean felt every wall, metal bar and banister, every piece of wood and molding, every piece of furniture, anything and everything until he was one with the place.

Here, now, Dean really believes he could be the mother and father he should have been for Sammy when he was a boy. Dean is always so hard on Sammy, not because there's anything wrong with Sam, per se, but because that's his job. He can't help it.

When Sam went to college, he was away for years, so long in fact, and at such an age, that he had forgotten how much Dean used to boss him around; and that although Sam and his Dad, never saw eye to eye, it wasn't his father who Sam was trying to leave behind, it was Dean. But now, as God is his witness, Sam knows he will never run from Dean again; but not because of loyalty, and not because of brotherhood, but because of loneliness.

Sam is sitting next to him, and can't decipher a single word, but he knows that tone and body language. Whoever came up with the term "white man speak with fork tongue" probably knew Dean in a former lifetime.

But Sam doesn't need the words to know what kind of night it will be. Dean will go trolling for women, and leave Sam all alone.

And Sam will die inside, one more time.)