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Rating : PG13

Summary: Catherine's timid kiss under the mistletoe gets punished.
Catherine was barely aware of the others now. She'd stood talking to Nick about where he was spending the holidays then moved on to speak to Grissom about taking a couple of extra days off over the Christmas period. No matter where she had gone in the room, his eyes follwed her, making her feel quite naked even in her neat little black dress.Eventually Jim had asked her for his kiss under the mistletoe and she had complied with an almost sisterly peck on the cheek much to his suprise and disappointment. Minutes later she had made her apologies and slipped out to the ladies. On her way back, Catherine had decided to take a stroll about the almost deserted corridors to clear her head when a pair of large hands grabbed her as she was passing the supervisors door causing her to let out a timid squeak. Now they were in Grissom's office together and the door was locked firmly shut.

'Jesus Jim,' she placed a hand against her breast,' You scared the living hell outta me.'

Jim paced around her like an animal circled its prey just before the kill.

'What was that back there?' he demanded.


'That so called kiss under the plant.'

'If I'd have kissed you the way I want to then we'd be hogging the mistletoe all night and I think Sara would be more than a little hacked off with us. She has her sights set on Gris you know.'

Brushing her comment aside he covered the distance between then in one stride backing her against the wall as his hands slipped down to grasp her hips and his mouth took possession of her lips. Catherine sank back against the hard surface luxuriating in the feel of his mouth against hers as his tongue probed and demanded. The response was provided by her body which moulded into his.

Jim's fingers grasped the hem of her skirt drawing the material up over her legs until he could touch bare skin. Without thinking she wrapped one leg around his thighs. The kiss deepened. He tasted of a crisp beer and she wanted a drink.

'I'm hungry,' she teased. 'Feed me.' In one swift movement he ripped off her underwear and in her thrill she tightened her leg about his thigh.

Jim was teasing her with his light, inquisitive touch and stiffling a groan into his shoulder Catherine reached a hand between them and sought him out. Fumbling with the zipper on his pants she eventually had a hand tucked into the opening.

'Oh God,' he breathed dipping his head to nibble on the soft skin of her neck.

'It has to be now,'Catherine demanded quietly. 'Come on Jimmy,I want you now.' Her breathing had become noticibly heavier.

'I'm tyring to be romantic here.' Jim giggled like a schoolboy who'd just been given the keys to the sweeite shop but to Catherine's relief he freed himself from his trousers and pushed upwards against her.

'Oh Cath........' beep....beep....beep....'What the f....'

Jim shot up in bed as the music stared and looked at the empty bed around him. He was alone. Of course he was alone. He was always alone. Glaring at the clock he balled his hand into a fist and smacked the button on the top plunging the room into silence. It was time for work again.