"So you like it okay?"

"Yeah… It's alright." I gripped the phone closer to my ear and turned so I could lean against the wall.


"Yeah…. Yes. It's nice. I like it better, there are a lot fewer Sadies." Her chuckle drifted through the speaker at this.

"So you're making friends?"

"Yeah… There's this girl.. Rogue… She's a student but I like talking to her, even though she's young she has this sort of wisdom."

"Hmm." Mom hummed through the phone.

"Are you mentoring her? Like the professor suggested."

"Well no.. Not really. I'm still getting a hold of myself."

"Are you fitting in with the other staff?"

"Yeah I think so. Storm is the only one who treats me like I'm an equal… they all act like I'm just some ignorant-"

"Wait. Storm?"

"Yeah she's the one with the white hair.. remember?"

"Oh yes. Yes.. Keep going honey."

"Yeah anyway… She and Logan are the only ones I feel remotely close to."


"Motorcycle wolf guy."

"Ah yes. I remember that one." A comfortable silence flowed through the phone before it was broken by a loud bang.


"Yep. His mom is late again… He's missed you. All of the kids have."

"Well you tell them I'll be back."

"I will darlin'. Take care of yourself! I love you."

"You too mom. Oh and tell Miranda I want her to call! I've missed her." A soft hum reverberated.


I schooled my expression before facing Jean who had her eyebrows raised so far I couldn't see them through her wave of red hair.


"Professor X wants to see Nadia." I sat still eyeing the two of them as I struggled to form a coherent sentence.

Jean tilted her head in expectation so I abruptly hopped off of the cot and sped walked out the door. As I walked I still felt a little too light on my feet. One step felt like a giant leap, as my vision could only note central objects, ignoring everything in the peripheral.

I tried to ignore the elephant in the room.

I really did.

Scott looked about ready to kill me… and then he didn't. Well he did… but a different kind of kill… I guess?

What the hell.

But more importantly, how far was Jean going to be able to get until my opinion would be taken into account. If she tries to take over again I will fight back.


I'm not sure. But everyone has a weakness, and just like she could lock me in her mind prison I could do the same…. I'm sure if I just figure it out.


I stopped and turned to see Professor X staring at me through the doorframe. He was seated behind his wooden desk with a smile on his face. I cautiously approached before sitting. Morning sunlight filtered in through the glass. His eyes were wide with amusement as he mumbled something about what an eventful morning. As his lack of seriousness took its hold I could already feel my blood starting to boil. He clicked his tongue and then began.

"Jean has told me she was able to breech your-"

"Yeah." I snapped, growing suddenly annoyed with his persistent smile.

"Well. I am to understand you were at a rather vulnerable point and perhaps your situation was in her advantage."

"Yes." I confirmed, lightening my grip on the armrests.

"Ignoring the ordeal, I will say that Jean did come into contact with something rather interesting when she entered your mind." The anger rushed out of me as it was replaced by an overwhelming curiosity. I inched forward, suddenly intrigued.

"Shut the door." He instructed, still smiling. I swiveled and without leaving the chair kicked the door closed. I turned back and leaned my elbows on his desk.

"When she ventured into your mind she was able to carry that memory with her until I could view it for myself."

"And?" I asked impatiently.

"She saw something." He paused. "You may not realize it but your powers are more permanent than you might think."

"What does that mean?" I shook my head at his vagueness.

"Hypnosis can have damaging effects. Quick simple actions aren't the extent to which you can control." He reclined and folded his hands on his lap. "You can alter, insert, and delete memories."

"Wait how did she see this?" I asked skeptically.

"She saw you doing it. Whether or not you realized it, when she entered your mind, you also entered hers. She said she could see you latching onto some over her memories and thoughts and changing them."


"In the moment what were you thinking about?" He asked. I paused and thought back.

"Getting her out of my mind. Keeping her from controlling me." He nodded.

"Your mind was… carrying out these plans… against your knowledge."


"Altering her memory of entering your head and succeeding."

"So… I'm guessing it didn't work?"

"She evacuated before you could do any damage." He said with a confirming nod.

"What does this mean?"

"You are far more useful than we had thought."

"Gee. Thanks."

"Nadia. You understand why… we can't have you practicing anymore. At least on anyone here." I nodded and tapped my finger against my cheek.

"You're going to have to practice out on missions."

"You mean?"

"Nadia. We would be honored to have you join the X-men-"

"Yes!" I interrupted, electricity running through my veins. The moment I've been waiting for! I was about to start dancing when I realized he wasn't finishing speaking.

"Trainee." I stopped immediately.


"An X-men trainee. We can't very well have you just joining. You will accompany on missions, but will stay to the side out of harms away."

"Are you shitting me?"

"Nadia we don't use-"

"A trainee? I've been working my ass off you insolent piece of-"

"Nadia. Scott and Storm will be leading a small mission tomorrow to gather intel. I want you to join them."

"Well of course. I mean if they need my services." I stumbled after hearing the names Storm and Scott with the word mission.

"Good." I made a move to stand but his gaze suddenly tilted upwards a carefully placed smile still plastered on his face.

"And Nadia. I do not appreciate the way you have spoken to me. I am your boss, your mentor, and one of your biggest supporters. It is not appropriate-"

"Yes sir." I saluted, still feeling the butterflies in my stomach. I ran out and inwardly screamed excitement.

Finally! Something interesting! I couldn't help but swing some air punches and a kick for good measure.

Now to break out the badass nickname!

Y'all. I am struggling to come up with a good nickname! If you have any suggestions please comment!