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Scully sat down at a table in a very crowded resturant. She was supposed to be meeting this guy that she met a few days back. They started to hit it off, and eventually he asked her out. His name was Morgan, he was just a bit more taller than her, no muscles, just black short hair and a black beard.

She never knew that he would be her type, she usually fell for people like Mulder...well okay fine she only fell for Mulder. She tried to ask him out once, but just as she built all the courage up standing outside his apartment door, a woman came wondering out with only a shirt on. The woman smiled at her and just walked past her like she was a stray ugly puppy...or something.

That was the moment she realised Mulder didn't fall for people like herself.

However she did tell Mulder about Morgan and the date, and for some bizzare reason he didn't want her to go to the date.

A waiter brought her out of her memories as she stood patiently staring at her asking if everything was okay. Scully smiled and shook her head "Oh sorry...everything is alright just got lost in my thinking"

"Oh sorry ma'am I was actually talking about the guy that has been staring at you for the past 30 mins" the waiter rushed as she pointed at the man. Scully looked behind her and saw a man with a long coat...and a packet of sunflower seeds.

Scully sighed "Yes its alright"

The waiter just nodded and continued taking orders from other people.

Suddenly she hears the door of the cafe open and Morgan came rushing in. Everybody stared at him in shock "I am so sorry,I was late sweety" Morgan rubbed his hand through his hair and then kissed Scully on the cheek.

"Its okay, just glad your here" Scully replied as he sat down. Scully took his hand and rubbed his knuckles.

"You look beautiful" Morgan gasped as he took her all in. She was wearing a blue dress with a lining of white at the bottom. It showed of all her curves, and went up to the bottom of her thigh.

Scully bit her lip and blushed in response. Then she remembered they were being watched and stood up "I am just going to the toilet won't be a moment"

Scully turned around and raised her eyebrows at Mulder, who smirked in reply. She then mouthed follow me, and he nodded.

What the hell is he doing here Scully angrily thought.

She walked out toward the toilet but stopped just outside. The shadow of Mulder lurked behind her. Scully screeched "What the hell are you doing here!?"