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Premise: It's the year 2130 and along with the advanced technology demon attacks have become more prominent. Along with gifted people who have the capacity to use magic. To help protect the people from the increasing demon attacks the government has formed the initiative, a military organization made up of gifted people and normal people to fight off the demons.

The basic hierarchy of Gods and Monsters

The Lord of Nightmares is the mother of all things. The highest dark lord. She is chaos incarnate.

Ruby Eyed Shabranigdo The high lord of monsters. Shabrinigdo is the source from which the dragon slave draws it's power from. Being the lord of monsters Shabrinigdo feeds off negative emotions and is one powerful little bugger. Shabrinigdo had been defeated by Cepheid the dragon king and was separated into seven different part and sealed away.

Cepheid The dragon king who did battle with Shabrinigdo and separated him into seven parts and sealed him away.


There are four catagories of magic which are:

White Magic

Spells drawing their power from the power of holiness are called white magic. In white magic there are spells such as Recovery which are used for healing, and defensive spells such as Flow Break and Mos Varim. In addition offensive spells such as Holy Bless -- which can dispel low-level undead like animated skeletons -- exist.

Black Magic

Black magic calls on the power of powerful Monsters said to have strength rivaling that of the Gods. Since these spells draw their power from Monsters -- beings of chaos and destruction -- most of these spells are highly destructive offensive spells. The effect of the spell reflects the characteristics of the Monster being called upon. To use black magic it is necessary to understand the use of Chaos Words -- special words of power -- and to perform certain gestures, depending on the spell. The more powerful the Monster called upon, the more powerful -- and difficult to control. Also, a spell becomes uncastable when the Monster Race upon whom the spell relies is destroyed.

Shamanism / Spirit Magic

Shamanism, or spirit magic, is the general category given to spells which summon forth the power of the spirits. Included in this group are spells which affect spirits directly, and spells which call on the four primary elements of earth, water, fire, and air.

Fire Shamanism
Spells which use the spirit power of fire have fire's destructive nature. There are a variety of spells from Flare Arrow which is used against individuals to Blast Bomb which can turn a wide area into a plain of fire. Fire spells also have the added effect of making things catch on fire.
Water Shamanism
Spells using the spirit power of water are the counterpart to spells which use the spirit power of fire. While fire spells use heat as a weapon, water spells use extremely low teperatures as a weapon. Water spells can be used to temporarily hold opponents by freezing them.
Earth Shamanism
Earth spells call on the power of the spirits of the earth. Since the caster is usually in continual contact with the ground, he/she has more control over the effects of the spell. The one problem with earth spells is that they have no effect on airborne creatures.
Air / Wind Shamanism
These are spells which use wind spirit power and manipulate the atmosphere to blow away targets or create a barrier of air. There are useful spells such as Levitation. Rei Wing, which surrounds the caster with a bubble of air makes it possible to dive underneath water.


Nightmare magic, sometimes called chaos magic, calls upon the power of the Lord of Nightmare's herself. It is a form of black magic, but it is nearly impossible for any human to control it.

The Deparments of the Initiative

Field Agents


Medical Officers

OpTech The people who do all the computer work. They do all the research on the demons and other stuff.

The Board of Generals The Board of generals is made up of five people, who nobody in the initiative has actually met, that make all the official decisions for the organization.

Instructors These are the people who train the trainees. They were, or are, field agents.



Not much explanation is necessary about this race. The main difference between people of this world and the world of the initiative is the fact that the people of the initiative world can use magic. In the initiative world, almost anybody can use magic. However, there are differences in magic capacity, and just because a person understands the theory behind Dragu-Slave doesn't mean he/she can cast the spell. However, just by rote memorization, anybody can cast a low-level spell like Lighting.

Demi-humans and Lesser Demons

Demi-humans have intelligence, but are different physically. The most well-known demi-humans are beast-men, trolls, and goblins. Beast-men even serve as mercenaries. Lesser demons are beings that live in darkness and are physically completely different. There are many groups of loesser demons, such as slimes (on the lower end) and vampires (on the higher end). No mistake can be made that monsters cause only harm and do no good towards humans.


The beasts of darkness that were born from Ruby Eye Shabranigdu. A totally alien race to not only humans, but all other races. They have far superior magic. The way they're born to the way they think, and even what they eat are different. The most effective way to attack a monster is with a very high level spell, or with a select few spells from shamanism that attack from the astral plane.