A dark blanket pulled over the sky and the moon lit up as a night-night for the city of Tokyo. Traffic was busy as ever and filled the roads with flashes of red and yellow. Among the busy cars, there was a shuttle bus filled with tired passengers. Some of them were sleeping while others chatted quietly to themselves.

" I'm searching for my dad." Kyou began his story as Tohru was drifting into sleep.

"He was cheating on my mother at the time so she kicked him out. But I don't care about that…he is the only family I have left so I'm going to find him."

"Hmmm…" Tohru nodded in agreement.

"He was a pianist, and he taught me a lot about music. Beethoven, Mozart, Chopin, Hayden and then Ray Charles, Dizzie Gillespie, Charlie Parker…he was into everything...he didn't care if it was written 200 hundred years ago or 50. I'd wake up every morning early just to hear him play on the piano. Mom would listen along with me…it was the only time I can remember when we were really a family."

"He sounds wonderful." Tohru turned and smiled at him.

"He was and is." Kyou said with confidently.

"Tell me more." Tohru closed her eyes and gave a little sigh of someone very close to sleep.

"He always told me that I can be anything I wanted to be. He wanted to be a famous pianist who everybody would know. So I guess he's making his way across the country by playing in clubs.

I tracked him down by asking a lot for people and found out he's in a band called "Lost In the Past" and their heading their way towards the other side on the city towards Yokohama. I want to find him and join him. I also play the piano and I've been practicing ever since he left us, hoping to join him one day…now it's a dream come true.

We'll reach there tomorrow night and I can find him at a club called "Mag Dog" …I heard my his traveling with his band there tomorrow night and then they're heading to Europe. So tomorrow night will be the chance of a life time."

Kyou looked down excitedly at the girl snuggled comfortably against him and realized she was asleep. He found a jacket and then gently draped it over Tohru's shoulders.

Kyou smiled at her gently, "look at the moon Snow White. It is almost full. I like it this way better, because eit means there's still hope."

The next morning Tohru couldn't stop coughing and Kyou was beginning to think they should stop by a hospital.

"No...I can't." She wheezed, "There's only one hospital in the city and it's the one I usually go to every week. I can't risk them recognizing me and sending me back to that prison. Please Kyou…just trust me when I say I'll be okay."

"If you're sure…but tell me when you can't handle it," Kyou relented doubtfully as he lifted a cup of water to her lips.

"I want to get off and have a break…the doctor had said that I needed air." Tohru managed out weakly.

"There's a break coming up in..." Kyou glanced at his watch, "A...oh…two hours..."

"I can't wait that long…" Tohru coughed, "I-I have to get off now and stay in a bed. I didn't expect another huge attack coming on so quickly…it must be because of this dirty bus filled with dust balls. I have to go find a place with fresh air."

She reached up and tugged at a rope above her head.

"But miss! I can't leave you here in the middle of nowhere!" The driver protested and nudged his head towards the deserted road he was driving along. "There's not a soul in sight! How will you survive out there?"

"I-I don't care! Let me out! I'll die if I don't!" She managed between coughs and getting her suitcase ready.

"Just calm down please. There's a hospital twenty minutes near here. I'll just drop you of and…"

"No! I don't want to go to a hospital…" Tohru couldn't continue what she was trying to say amidst all the coughs.

. "I'm her brother." Kyou said from behind her, "I'll take care of her. She has a serious condition that needs fresh air right now! We have all the food and water we need and I'll carry her on my back to civilization even if takes me a week."

"Alright then," The driver looked at Tohru's pained expression and relented. "May Blessings come upon you both."

Kyou carried Tohru on his back and their luggage in another arm down the bus. They were in the middle of a long, yellow brick road with a lush green forest spreading deeper than they come see on either side of them. Kyou lowered Tohru on to the grass and sat by and watched her quietly.

"Water please…" Tohru gasped. Kyou immediately lifted a water bottle to her lips and tipped it.

"Thank you." She said breathlessly and lifted a hand to wipe dry her mouth. After a while she became stiller.

The two of them sat beneath the dreamy blue sky and bathed in the warm sun. A calm wind swept Tohru long hair past her eyes so she reached up to tuck them behind her ears. As her eyes turned she caught Kyou looking at her wistfully. After a moment she realized he was not staring at her, but rather staring at nothing at all and lost in thought.

This calming silence was common with the both of them. They were like old friends, who didn't need empty words to fill up the space between them. Their company was enough for the both of them. Perhaps it was the tragedy in both of their lives that made them easier for each other to understand.

"I was supposed to see my dad tonight." Kyou said finally.

"I'm sorry." Tohru replied.

"I realized something today." He continued on, oblivious to her answer, "When I saw you suffering like that. I thought you were going to die for some reason and that got me thinking."

Tohru reached out and held his hand.

"I don't like my father." His voice cracked, "He used to beat my mother and then she turned around and beat me. He left because he never loved my mother. He was a bad……"

"Everything good about him is a fantasy I've created. It's true he played the piano well…but did you know he slammed my mother's head against it once? Yes he told me I could be whatever I wanted to be…but did you know he was an addictive gambler and owned a lot of people money? ..Ahhhh…"Kyou cried out and buried his head in Tohru's chest. Tohru just stroked it gently and held him close.

"Why am I so stupid? Why didn't I see? I guess I see the point of 'ignorance is bliss'...Ohh…Oh…why me? He would never care about me…he never wrote to me or anything…"

"Oh Kyou…" Tohru put her head on top of his and wept silently with him.

If you had happened to walk across this yellow brick road, surrounded by lush trees and bathed in yellow sunlight, the you would have seen a beautiful couple asleep side by side on the grass. The girl had long flowing dark hair and the boy had a splash of red on his head. And if you looked closer, then you would have seen that their hands were interlaced.