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Chapter one: The kidnapping

After 10 years of Goku's victory against the ruthless son of king piccolo The z fighters lived in peace and harmony until a new threat arrived with the name of Raditz who has revealed himself as Goku's long lost brother and as he ruined Goku's time with his best friends on Roshi's island, he proceeds to kidnaps his son in hope to convince goku join him and eradicate the population of Earth but he also gives Goku a terrifying warning.

"And one thing Kakarot. If you refuse to join me i will not only kill your son but your wife so if you values their life i suggest you makes the wise decision in joining me and wipe out this planet, then i will let your son and wife live. Its simple as that, brother" warns Raditz as he was holding Goku's son gohan who cries in fear and help from his father "Daaad heeelp me!"

"Hold on Gohan. i will save you, i promise!" screams goku in response with a big worry on his face and later turned his eyes back to Raditz in anger and fear "Why are you doing this? Why do you want the people of earth to die so much? They haven't done anything and they have no interest in harming you so why having a interest in harming them?"

Raditz didn't know how to respond for a second but totally ignores the questions and says "As i said. Think about this and meet me at the wasteland near my space pod when you have made your decision. Also, since i'm your brother, i will be fair and give you at least 1 day to think.". Raditz began hovering from the ground and seconds later flies with a incredible speed until he vanished from goku and the z fighters sights.

Goku fell on the ground with sadness and anger along with the fear of what would happen to everyone on earth and mostly what would happen to both his son and wife. " childhood... I have spend my life... defending earth from evil and i hoped... that it was all over after that" says goku in a stunned and sad voice until he gritted his teeth and punched his fist through the ground and his voice starting to sound more furious and louder as he continued his speech "But no! It will always be idiots of this universe who harms other people for their, amusement own ego and personal gains! Worst, one of them even have the GUTS to kidnap MY SON and even expect me to join them in their genocide train because of that! If that what they thinks, THEN THEY CAN ALL BURN IN HELL!" The entire island shaked as goku screamed in anger and frustration.

The z fighters looked extremely shocked and scared of goku's raging outburst. They have never seen Goku this angry before but it all made sense to them since not only their and earth's life was in danger but also his son as well.

Several miles away, A green man with a white cape and turban was on his way to the island but he stopped for a second and was hearing goku's outburst and he gets shooked as well.

He thought to himself " I always had to listen to his stupid outbursts every since our fight but this is on a entirely new level. I wonder what the hell is going on down there but the only way to find the answer is if i start get there as fast as possible before it's too late!". The green man started to boost his power and flies as fast as he could to the island.

Meanwhile on the wasteland, Raditz stood there with his arms crossed and despite being far away from kakarot he could hear a little of goku's outburst but he didn't care so much. He mumbled to himself "Haven't that fool got over the pain i gave him with my kick yet? What a weak and disgrace for a saiyan but i will give him a second chance if he joins me and accepts his saiyan heritage".

Suddenly a angry voice came towards him" Take that back! My father isnt weak and a disgrace. He is a hero and i am proud of having him as my father!". It was gohan who stood there with gritted teeth. Raditz started to grin "Proud? Don't make me laugh. He is too weak to be called a saiyan or even a warrior. If he wasnt my brother i would vaporized him in an instant so you should be glad that i'm offering him a second chance"

Gohan become more angry and responded with a tears on his face

"You are heartless and a bully!". Later he went into the space pod and tears started to roll on his face.

Raditz glared at Gohan and wondered to himself " What is it that makes the existence of this planets and its population so important for them?"

Meanwhile on Roshi's island Goku is still upset and worried as krillin walks towards him and says "Hey, don't worry buddy. Raditz may be strong but remember that most of you enemies was stronger than you like king piccolo but in the end you overpowered them and defeated them. If you train then you can defeat Raditz too!"

Krillin's words didn't made Goku feel any better at all and Goku responded with a worried voice "You don't get it do you, Krillin? That's exactly the problem, we don't even have time to train! He is a whole different level than me so there is no way for me to get stronger than him in a day, not even a week!"

Krillin too started to look more worried and feared "So you saying that there is no way to defeat him?"

"Actually, there is" a sudden voice appeared and everyone turned to see who it was and it was no other than the green man. Everyone started to shake in fear especially krillin who hysterically shouts "I..its...ITS PICCOLO!"

"Calm down for kami's sake!. I'm not here for what you think i'm here for, baldhead!" said Piccolo with an irritated face.

Goku began to grow impatient and asked irritated " Then what is it then? Im already have enough problems with my psychopath of a brother, i don't want another one with you so get lost before i make you"

Piccolo lost his cool and scream "will you ever shut up and start listening to me for once. I came here to help you to defeat the guy you seems to call a brother"

Goku raised and looks a little surprised at the answer but still serious and sceptical "You got my attention but do you mind to explain why? How do i know you are not lying?"

Piccolo still looks serious but becomes more calm and explains

"Because he poses as much threat to me as he does towards you. He want to destroy my only home planet which i'm destined to rule and i can't let that happen so a teamwork could be appreciated. That's why i came here, to ask you for help."

Goku thought for a minute about this but still had some questions left "But if you knows how to defeat him then why do you need us?"

" I need you because it would be hard for me to kill him with my new attack if someone doesn't distracts him. That's why you are perfect for this job because you are the only fighter i know who have outsmarted and defeated me." explained Piccolo who starts to get bored at the questions.

A smirk appeared on Goku's face as he says. "I see, you have been working with this new attack all the time after our fight. I would not be surprised if you secretly planned to use it to defeat me but i'm very excited to see it on action or even face it myself if we fights again"

"Trust me, you won't be disappointed when you see it but enough of chit chat.

We have more importants things to do, are you with me?" responds Piccolo as he smirked back to Goku.

Goku keep still smiled and said ironically "Yeah, maybe we get the time to know each other more. After all, you aren't as bad as i thought you to be"

Piccolo gets disgusted and responds back with annoyed tone " Don't even think for a minute that this means peace between us, after this i will kill you. Now shut up and follow me". Piccolo was hovering from the ground and took off as goku was about to follow him but was stopped as krillin started to ask goku worried and sceptical " Are you sure you can trust him Goku? Don't forget that he is the monster who tortured you almost to death and nearly killed all of us, he may be doing it again. However, i guess allying with him is our only option in defeating raditz".

Bulma, Roshi, turtle hermit and Oolong nodded in agreement.

Goku smiled and responded with his optimistic voice as usual " Hey don't worry guys. Piccolo may be a monster but he seems to have changed a little since we last meet. I'm not the "im 100% sure" type but i'm still having faith in him. Just take care of yourself and don't follow me, i dont want any of you to be harmed. Me and piccolo will handle this"

"Goku are you coming for god sake!" a screaming and irritated voice came from piccolo who is starting to get impatient and irritated.

"I must go now, See ya" was goku's last word in the conversation as he began hovering and took off. A screaming voice came after him who appears to come from Bulma " Good luck Goku and please be careful!".

Goku took his last look at bulma with a smile and nodded as he was following Piccolo.

As Roshi saw goku and piccolo disappeared from the sight, he thought to himself

"Goku you are one of my best students i ever have. I never had any strong students who are willing to sacrifice their own life to save those who are defenseless and innocent like you and Krillin. You have inspired people and saved them from their corrupted past like Yamcha and tien which i haven't seen before. And i believe you can do the same with piccolo and possible with your own brother raditz but it is a risk that is worth to be taken.

Im proud to have you as my student and i'm wishing you good luck but please be more careful this time because not only are our danger at your hands but the entire world as well."

Meanwhile Goku was catching up with piccolo in their way to raditz.

"So you finally managed to keep up with me." Said Piccolo sarcastic without staring at Goku.

Goku glared at piccolo and asked irritated "I just said goodbye to my friends, something wrong with that?"

"And let Raditz kill people in the process? At Least you could have just said goodbye instead of chit chatting and wasted useful minutes" says Piccolo annoyed

Goku was getting bored of piccolos complain and responds "I don't know if you actually noticed it but Raditz gave me one day so there is no time wasted"

Piccolo then gets tired of this subject and asks instead " whatever you say, we are at least on our way and i hope he doesn't do anything stupid. There is no telling what he would do if he gets bored. Are you aware of his power?"

"Definitely and a kick through my gut was enough to convince me of how strong he is. What worries me the most is that he wasn't even trying" responded goku as being little worried.

Piccolo seems a little worried to and stares forward " I see, then this fight will be a lot more harder than thought. I just hope my special attack would do the trick.

Meanwhile in wasteland. It was evening and The sun was about to shrink down from the sight

Raditz was eating a buffalo which he hunted for 5 minutes ago and was enjoying the meal more than usual as he says " For being a planet with weaklings, it has arguably the best food i ever tasted especially when it's grilled. I can now see why you and kakarot likes this planet" while he was eating the ribs.

Gohan walks towards raditz and asked "can you share some with me too? Plz im very hungry and i haven't eaten since you kidnapped me" as his stomach demanded food.

Raditz smirked "i will give you some if you promise me to join me and purge the population of this planet"

"No i won't! I am hungry and i will report to the police that you are starving childrens and force me to kill innocent people! My dad will beat you!" Says gohan as he screams in anger.

Raditz began to laugh out loudly "HAHAHAHA are you so weak that you let weaklings that are more weaker than you protect you? Where is your saiyan pride and self defence! You are just pathetic and weak as your father!"

Raditz words hurts Gohan's soul and tears rolls from his eyes as he starts to cry and says " i don't want to listen to you anymore! I'm just hungry and i want mommy and dad!".

Raditz starts to get very pissed and throws some buffalo ribs to gohan "Here you go, Brat! I hope you are happy now and shuts up for once"

Gohan calmed down and become a little happy. He took the ribs and said "Thank you" as he went back to the space pod to eat alone.

"Whatever" as raditz responded with bored tone and was about to rest until he suddenly felt something approaching. Raditz went up and looks around him " There is 2 beings approaching my way from several miles away. It must be that weakling kakarot since i recognize his power level and it seems also that he has the green fool i faced before but why?"

Suddenly he felt something in the sky appearing from nowhere and he took a direct glare at it. It appears to be a shining, silver colored spaceship and it seems very unfamiliar to him. "What is that thing and where did it come from?! It can't be them, can it?! Are they already here?! But i thought that they wouldn't be here in 2 years!".

As raditz was scanning the unfamiliar ship and he sense 2 powerful beings on the ship which made him much more sure about who they are " it's definitely must be Vegeta and Nappa but where did they get that ship from. I have never seen it anywhere in the galaxy and it doesn't look like one of the ships that Frieza's army uses, it looks much more advanced and more high tech than anything i've seen from the tuffles! It's almost like it came from another galaxy! Whats going on here?".

When Raditz watched the landing of the mysterious ship both in shock, fear and confusion, he began to hide behind a large rock. Gohan woke up by the loud engine from the ship and glared at the ship from the window of the space pod, wondering about what' is going on.

End of chapter one


Raditz - 1,500

Gohan - 720

Goku - 416

Piccolo - 407

Passengers of the mysterious ship - Stated to be stronger than Raditz.

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