Chapter Three: Unexpected guest

Meanwhile on the wasteland. The cloud from the large explosion slowly disappear and a big crater was slowly begin to show up.

As gohan turned to see from the window on the space pod and looked terrified towards the crater he could see someone laying there and that was none other than raditz who have been seriously injured by his own attack, half of his armor was gone and he was bleeding. Not only was gohan scared at what happened to raditz but he also felt a little bad for him "Poor Raditz, He didn't deserve this even if he's a jerk. I hope he has it better now in the afterlife" as gohan finished his sentence he suddenly sees raditz moving a little bit as he cough blood "he's alive!" said gohan surprised as a smile appeared on his face.

Suddenly the blue skinned alien walks towards Maul and begin to ask "Shall i finish this embarrassments life for you, my lord?" with a sinister grin on his face"

Maul keeps staring at the badly injured Raditz then responds "There is no need to, Cad Bane. He will already die by the badly injure he got so we just leave him to die painfully as a punishment for wasting my time with his" .

"For now on, we most continue our search for that jedi scum that has caused us so much trouble and everyone who stands in our way will have the same fate as the jedi council" As Maul ended his sentence with his soulless voice, he began to walk towards the ship and his two companions including the two robotic guards followed him. Maul could sense two more powers approaching him but didn't care since they appeared to be very weak and he continued walking aboard the ship.

Gohan stood there in the space pod and looked scared, stoned and confused at what have just happened, wishing his father to be with him.

He watches as the ship doors closed and began to hover from the ground. The ship reached the high air and suddenly it disappeared with a speed that not even Gohan could follow.

The ship was completely out sight and gohan began to run out from the space pod to the injured Raditz. Raditz already went unconscious but gohan could hear that he is still alive by hearing his heartbeat but he doesn't know what to do.

He doesn't know if he should take the risk in saving him or just kill him right now so he won't suffer, after seconds of thoughts he made his decision. He looks with an angry look at the unconscious raditz and says " You bullied and threatened my dad and his friends! Then you kidnapped me and threatened to get me killed if my father didn't join you! You are nothing more better than an evil bully that deserves to die!".

Then he became more calm and says "But i'm ready to give you another chance. I know you were born evil and i believe that you could change into a better person.

At kames house, Master Roshi was reading the latest porn magazine that he could order from internet and it wasn't cheap. As Roshi began to become less worried, he was enjoying the magazine and thoughts to himself" this is far the best magazine i have read and those pictures are spectacular, high quality right there" as roshi keeps reading it nerdly but then oolong walks in And was about to speak with roshi but then he he saw the magazine that Roshi was holding which brought him curiosity.

"Roshi, as one of your most loyal and best friend. May i too take a look at the magazine? It would reduce my boredom" asked Oolong with a face smile on his face.

Roshi heard Oolong asking but still focused his eyes on the magazine "No and you know why"

Oolong looked guilty but still was stubborn "Oh come on! It was just a accident. I promise you that i will order new ones"

Roshi began to be annoyed by Oolongs stubbornness and repeated with a louder voice "Do you have hearing problems? I said no! If you been more careful with my magazines i would have borrowed this one to you and how many times haven't you made that promise?

As Roshi finished his words, Oolong grew more irritated and tried to snap the magazine "Let me read that thing, old man!" but accidentally got his arm collided with the coffee cup as it spilled coffee all over the magazine.

A sweat ran down Oolongs Face as he said "Whoops!''. Roshi was furious and shouts "Moron! Do you have any idea how much that magazine cost? Now i will show you how elders teaches discipline!" as he began grab his staff and was about to run at Oolong until it suddenly knocked on the door. Both of them stared at the door and Oolong began to walk towards it.

"I wonder who that could be" said Oolong as he walked towards the door and took a look through the front door. He started to see what appears to be a man with a brown beard, a brown cloak and seems to be around be around 185 cm tall. Oolong had bad feeling about the stranger but slowly opened the door anyway.

Oolong stared at the stranger and began to speak "Ehm. Excuse me but i think you got the wrong address"

The stranger began to speak with a friendly tone "This is Roshi's island, isn't it?"

"Yes it is, but i would like to ask who you are and what brings you here? I have never seen you before or anyone dressed like that" said Roshi as he walked towards Oolong and the stranger outside the door.

The stranger took off his hood and appears to be a brown haired man with an age around 45. His appearance and the look on his face was enough to convince Roshi that he doesn't seem like an evil person.

" My name is obi wan kenobi and i came from another galaxy far away. As why i'm here, you will find out but first you must gather all your students here for a meeting. I have something very important to tell you all" said the stranger and later asks " Could i rest at your house? I'm very exhausted after my long trip so i would be glad if i could get some sleep before i can explain myself to all of you".

Roshi and Oolong stared at each other in thought until Roshi looked back at the stranger named Obi Wan and says " Of course you can but you have to promise us two things, that you tell us more about yourself and how you know me and that you don't pull any dirty trick on us.

Kenobi smiled as he responds "Trust me, i am good at keeping promises".

Meanwhile on wasteland.

Gohan attempted several time to wake Raditz up from doing first aid to without any results but he managed to at least stop the bleeding with the biggest leaf he could find. "Plz, wake up, uncle raditz! I need you!" begged gohan as tears rolled down his face.

Suddenly he felt something approaching in the sky towards him. He thought for a second it was those 2 scary men that came back to kill him, but as he looked closely, he could immediately recognise a man with a orange GI and a green guy with him.

Gohan shouted in joy and comfort at the man who appears to be goku "Daddy!".

Goku heard gohan's shout and directly sees him with the unconscious raditz "There they are! I'm so glad that gohan is alive!" Shouted goku as a happy smile went on his face.

As Goku and Piccolo landed on the ground, Gohan came running towards his father and hugged him "Dad i have missed you so much! It was a nightmare!" said gohan as tears went through his face.

"I missed you too, Gohan. For a while ago, i thought you would ended up as Raditz" said Goku.

Speaking of raditz, Goku turned his look towards him and asks "Did he hurt you?" with an serious look on his face.

"Not really but he did badmouth you and me but not so much. At Least, he was nice enough to give me some buffalo ribs" Said gohan with a smile on his face. Goku smiled back as he turned his look back on Gohan and says "I see, but atleast you are fine".

As they haves a father son moment Piccolo began walking towards the unconscious raditz and stared down at him.

"So, he is still alive after all..." Said Piccolo with a disappointed look on his face and began moving his hand, aiming at Raditz.

"It's time to send you to a place where you belongs, once and for all!" said Piccolo with a loud voice and began charging an attack.

Gohan immediately saw Piccolo charging a powerful beam to finish Raditz off with. A hysterical face and shouts at him "No! Don't kill him!" as he began to rush towards the green man. Goku said this as well and tried to stop him "Piccolo, wait!"

"Time to burn in hell!" screamed piccolo as his attack was ready but before he could fire it at raditz Gohan was already one second in front of him. Piccolo's attack stopped charging as he became very shocked and surprised at Gohan's speed " What are you? And where the hell did you get such speed?!"

Gohan looked angry and sad at piccolo as he says "i am Gohan, the son of goku and i want you to leave him alone!"

Piccolo was still in shock but his face began to look more irritated as he shouted "What are you saying kid? This is the man who threatened to kill you and wants to eradicate Earth's population. He is a threat to all of us, he needs to be destroyed! Get lost kid and let me finish this!"

"No! I want to give him a second chance to live and change so don't kill him, plz!" Shouted gohan back.

Piccolo began to get very angry and hysterical at the half saiyan stubbornness but at the same time he didn't know what to do. It just didn't felt right killing the unconscious saiyan along with the kid in front of his father's eyes even if he wasn't a saint himself.

Goku walked towards piccolo and moved his hand on the green man's shoulder as he began to speak in a calm voice " Come on Piccolo. I know how you feel but i think we should try to give him a second chance. It seems that he wasn't born evil at all, he is just a man who has lived through fear of being killed if he refuses to do things he don't really want to and been hanging around with horrible people with bad influence on him. He has never decided to be evil but it seems that people made the decision for him so i believe that we should give him at least one change to redeem himself. He is my only brother after all and i always wanted to have a brother"

Piccolo was still hysterical about what to do and after long thought he finally made his decision as he lowered and began to be calm his voice but was still irritated "Fine then, but i warn you. If he do anything that puts me or the world in danger i will not only hesitate to kill him and if any of you tries again to stop me again i will kill you. Is that clear?"

"It's a deal" said Goku with his serious face as he watched Piccolo takes off and flies away in anger.

Goku then stared at Gohan with a curious face and asks "So what exactly happened and who was those powerful guys? Why was they here and why did they attack Raditz?"

"I wish i could tell right now dad. But there is no time for that since we must save Raditz as fast as possible and after that, i will tell but now we have to get moving" said Gohan with a worried face at he looks towards Raditz.

Goku thought for a second what they should do and then snapped it " I know. We can take him to Roshi's house, i forgot that Roshi has some senzu bean stored in his locker. His house will be perfect for recovery as chi chi would never let someone who kidnapped her son into her house" and then goku started to think again on the senzu bean part.

"How can i be so stupid. I should have taken them with me as i was on my way here" said goku as he facepalmed himself.

Gohan laughed at his dad and "Everyone can do stupid mistakes, dad". Goku laughed back and said " Hehehe. Guess i forgot that too but let's go home. I'm starving"

"Me too!" said gohan as he and goku with a unconscious Raditz on his back began to take off and flies towards Roshi's house.

As Piccolo were flying to a place where he could be alone for the rest of the day some thoughts came up in his head "I have never expected a kid to have such a tremendous power. His power went skyrocketing to almost the same level as Raditz and i couldn't even react to his incredible speed. It's obvious that he has some hidden power in him and he can only unlock that by proper training and a will to protect"

"Maybe if i get to train him then our chances of defeating other saiyans that come here or those mysterious beings that was here would be much more easier. It's worth giving a try" continued piccolo in his thought as he keep flying towards his direction.

End of the chapter


Maul - 35,000

Savage - Unknown but is said to be stronger than Raditz

Raditz badly injured and unconscious - 128

Gohan - 720 (1,260 when angry)

Goku - 416

Piccolo - 407

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