Eleven opened her eyes as the faint lights of sunrise entered her room.
As soon as she did, she shot out of bed and ran into the living room, checking the calendar: with a red marker, she had drawn a tiny sketch version of herself and her friends holding hands.
"Goodmorning, kiddo" Hopper was already dressed up for work, his hair still disheveled as he started to busy himself in the kitchen.
"Goodmorning!" Eleven almost yelled, excited.
Hopper could feel her staring into his skin, almost as if she was burning him with her eyes with that insistence "What is it?"
"It's summer" she said matter-of-factly, sitting at the table and waiting expectantly for him to turn around.
She had waited the exact amount of time that man had told Hopper: after the Snow Ball, she hadn't set not even her nose outside that house, waiting eagerly for summer to come around.
The Chief groaned mentally and for a split second he thought about ignoring what the kid had just said. But then he just sighed and grabbed the plates, setting them on the table "I guess we'll have to talk about curfew and everything then".
"Cur...few?" El repeated.
"Be it your word of the day" Hopper grumbled, biting down on his toast "Curfew. That would be the hour you have to get back home".
"Oh" she frowned for a second, but then she slowly nodded: that made sense.
"Go get ready after you finish eating" he said, smiling down at her "I'll drop you off at Karen's on my way to work, we'll talk while we're riding".
Eleven scarfed down the rest of her breakfast and dashed to her room, opening her closet: she quickly took out a pair of jeans and a big red t-shirt. In a matter of minutes, she was already at the front door, excited for her very first day of freedom.
Hopper shook his head lightly, chuckling; although he was worried sick about the kid, it was obviously a pleasure to see her so happy and to be honest she deserved it all.
"So" Hopper said, stopping the car in front of Will's house "what did we say?"
"Home at ten, then if I behave you'll consider letting me stay out later" she said, repeating his exact same words; at some point she mimicked his stern expression "No funny business, make sure to tell the Wheeler boy".
Hopper rolled his eyes and stroked her short hair, "Good kid. You can go now, and behave".

Eleven hopped off the car and waved at him before running to the front door, knocking on it. Joyce opened immediately, already knowing she'd be coming by "Good morning Eleven! I guess you're not gonna waste not even a day of summer then?"
The girl smiled and shook her head, her eyes lighting up as Will was finishing drinking his juice.
"Hi, El" he said smiling softly at her while she waved at him.
She really wanted to get to know Will better, her seemed the most sensitive and sweet of the whole group. He was always so quiet, and when he spoke he usually said smart or sweet things.
"Come on" he said, slipping his shoes on "we better hurry if you want to beat Max to Mike's house".
Eleven's eyes darkened: she had almost forgotten about Max, the redhead that was in her opinion interested in her Mike.
She shook her head: but was Mike really hers?
Will just chuckled "I think you worry too much, El".

They got on the bike, El behind Will, and they met Dusting along the way "Race you two suckers to Mike's".
They won, in the end, because Dustin had gotten distracted by Lucas adding to their pack when they were almost there.
"I swear, Lucas, I was about to win!" he exclaimed.
"You just wanna blame me for losing" the other one retorted.
El just smiled to herself, amused, 'til she tuned them out when they entered Mike's house.

"Goodmorning Mrs. Wheelers" they all said together, earning a smile from the woman.
"Mike is still sleeping" she informed them, sipping at a cup of coffee.
Eleven was the first one to move: she dashed to his room quickly followed by the others. She timidly sat on the edge of the bed, looking at Mike's sleeping face.
"Just get this over with and wake up that fucker – ouch!" Dustin's complaint was cut off by Will, who just elbowed him the ribs
.Eleven inched closer to Mike and gently shook his shoulder.
The boy slowly opened his eyes, yawning, and at seeing Eleven's brown eyes in front of him he just stood there mouth agape, his eyes briefly looking at her teeth grazing her lower lip.
"Goodmorning" she said smiling the biggest smile.
"Am I in heaven?" he mumbled. He then realized he had said it aloud when laughter filled the room.
He turned a good shade of red before returning his gaze to the girl that looked expectantly at him "Goodmorning, El".
And that was their reunion, simple as that.
From that moment on, both of them were sure they weren't going to be separeted ever again.

"You know, it isn't hard" Mike said, noticing how El just sat on the sidewalk looking at Dustin and Lucas competing against each other in a race.
"Mh?" she said, apparently snapping out of thought.
"Riding a bike" he explained "it isn't hard. If you want, I can teach you".
"Really?" she asked with those big eyes of hers, as if he had just given her the moon as a gift.
"Really" he smiled, taking her hand spontaneously, leading her to his bike.
"Okay" he started instructing "just put a leg on that side" he let go of her hand as she positioned herself.
"Don't let go" she narrowed her eyes, afraid she'd fall.
"I won't" he promised.
He panicked for a moment: how was he supposed to hold her still?
Eleven just took his hands and placed them on her hips, unaware of his cheeks flushing red and Will's snickering.
"O-okay" he stuttered, earning a confused stare from the girl "keep your focus and try to keep your balance; feet on the pedals; hands on the brakes – El, don't use your powers, that's just cheating".
He laughed as she blushed "Sorry, I'm just afraid I'll fall".
"You won't. Besides, I'll be right at your side the entire time".
Lucas had made a gagging sound at some point, his and Dustin's laughter echoing in the sunny, clear sky of the early summer.
Eleven tentatively pressed on a pedal, shrieking when the bike went forward; Mike snickered and followed her close by, keeping his hands on her waist.
And by the way, he was beginning to feel slightly nervous as he felt her hips move under his touch.
He had never been this close to a girl, plus he was madly in love with El, so the situation caught him off guard: he would've prepared mentally if he knew.
"You're doing good!" he incited her as she started going forward. He slowly let go of her hips, still following closely just in case she needed him.
She turned right and started going faster, laughing a little as the others clapped and smiled fondly at her.
"Mike" she called for him, "how do I stop this thing?"
And then it hit him: he hadn't told her how to stop!
His eyes widened as he sprinted towards the bike, Eleven looked back at him and didn't notice the wall in front of her. Just when the bike made contact with the wall, Mike grabbed her by the wrist and pulled her towards him, both falling to the ground with a loud thud. Everybody rushed over to them, while Eleven slowly cracked an eye open only to find her face inches from Mike's.
"Thanks" she whispered, her cheeks slightly pink.
"Don't mention it" he gave her a lopsided smile of his, tempted by her full, round lips.

"Mike bro, seriously?!" Dustin broke the magic of the moment, pulling Eleven up to her feet "You didn't tell her about the brakes?"
"I'm sorry!" he said, "It just slipped my mind".
"Typical of boys" a new voice found its way into the discussion "so stupid".
Max made her way to them on her skateboard, red hair flying in the hair and everything. She stopped by Mike and offered her hand to get up, while Eleven glared daggers at her.
Will just rolled his eyes and elbowed her lightly, mouthing 'control yourself'.
He was right: if she failed to keep her promise of not showing her powers in public places, Hopper would've never let her go outside again.
Once Mike noticed Eleven's pout he frowned and got closer, whispering "You mad at me?"
Her pout just increased as she shook her head and walked towards her previous spot on the sidewalk.
"What did I do?" the boy turned to Will, who seemed to be the best of them at knowing girls.
Max looked at Eleven funny: she had looked forward to meeting the girl for a long time, but she didn't seem very happy to meet her.
"Trouble in paradise" Lucas sang in a high pitched tone, earning a glare from practically everyone.
"You really are blind" Will sighed, shaking his head as he made his way towards Eleven.

"Hey, uhm..." Mike finally approached Eleven after the tenth death stare he received from Will, even though he still didn't really know what had happened "wanna go for another ride? You can sit behind me and we can ride to my house. It's lunchtime so we have to go back anyways".
Eleven looked at him from under her eyelashes, exchanging a brief look with Will before cracking a soft smile – the one she reserved for Mike only – and she hopped on the bike.
At some point during the ride she held herself close to him, latching her arms around his waist; Mike shuddered feeling her breath and her laugh on his neck in a pleasant way that made his skin tingle.
"Hold on tight!" he screamed before taking a downhill, the bike speeding up; Dustin, Will, Lucas and Max were behind them, going slower to give the two space.
"They've been apart for too long" Will told them, almost in a motherly tone "you should give them some alone time sometimes; they've suffered a lot, sharing a bond this strong and being torn apart is hard".
For a second everyone looked at him blinking, then they exchanged looks and nodded. Mike had always been a good friend to each of them even though he was suffering for El's disappearing (except for his rough start with Max), so they wanted him to be happy.
When they stopped in front of Mike's house, Eleven was panting "Wow".

"We can ride some more if you want, this afternoon" Mike said, smiling at her "maybe we can talk to Hopper to get you a bike of your own".
"I just...I think I just want to ride with you for now" she said, blushing a little; she felt uneasy saying certain things to the boy, but it was also amusing seeing his flustered expression every time.
"If you want" she added, eyes widening: she didn't want to bother him, either. She just wanted to spend time with him and the others.
Mike smiled, still red "Y-yeah, no problem, El".

"So, what do you guys want to do?" Dustin was standing in the middle of the room while everyone else was just relaxing with their stomach full: Mike and Eleven were sitting closely in the fort; Lucas, Max and Will were just sprawled on the couch.
"Really, Dustin?" Lucas groaned, burying his face in a pillow "just relax for a while".
"But it's the first day of summer!" he exclaimed, almost as if Lucas had offended him personally "we must do something!".
"Maybe we can watch a film?" Max suggested, trying to keep the two from breaking into one of their fights.
Mike turned to Eleven "What do you want to do?"
"I like outside" she whispered.
The boy nodded: she had been confined to the lab and then Hopper's house for so long, it was obvious she wanted to spend time outside. He just winked at her and mouthed 'trust me'.
"Yeah, a movie sounds fun" he said, while El frowned a little bit but decided to go along with his plan.
They all sat together on the floor, the couch being occupied by Dustin who lay on it.
Mike sat between Max and Eleven, and she ended up enjoying the film they had chosen – The Hobbit –, but mostly of all she enjoyed Mike's attention: he had explained everything she didn't know whispering in her ear, he had held her hand most of the time and he even played with her hair at some point. She leaned on his shoulder as the film came to an end, closing her eyes.
"Don't you fall asleep in the end, El" he said, smiling "it's the best part".
"It feels good" she yawned, motioning at his hands in her hair "don't stop".
Mike turned red: apparently, he hadn't noticed when he had started doing that, but he smiled at her anyways.
He had the urge to kiss her, he felt it tug at his stomach, but he wanted to be sure that that was what she wanted, and even so, he wanted to make things right.
As the film ended, Mike let his hand fall from Eleven's head and she whined a little, opening her eyes and watching him in a pleading way "Just five more minutes?"
Lucas and Max were talking and Dustin was playing with some videogame, while Will had a book in his hands.
Mike just looked at those eyes once again: how could he say no?
He put his arm around her shoulders again, playing with the wild curls and rubbing her head. He had never found himself in a situation like that before: he was only thirteen and she was the first girl he truly liked, so it was all odd and new.
"You know, I feel like it's the first day of summer and I'm already spoiling you" he whispered, his eyes watching her reaction.
She smiled a little and her cheeks tinged pink, "Is it bad? Spo...spoil?"
Mike shrugged "It means I do everything you like, everything you ask"
"I don't think it's bad" she said, looking up at him with a glint in her eyes; she was going to be the death of him.
The boy raised both of his eyebrows, rubbing a spot behind her ear. She closed her eyes and hummed lightly.

Lucas' voice made Mike jump a little "Shouldn't you two get a room or something?"
"Shut up" he said, his ears red.

"Just saying" he sing-sang again, smirking.
"You're the one talking" Mike arched a brow, nodding at his arms around Max.
Lucas shut up and rolled his eyes, then Mike stood up receiving a look from Eleven.
"Okay guys" he clapped both of his hands "I think it's all for today".
Will and Dustin exchanged looks: since when their days ended at 5 pm?
Then Mike looked at them as if to say: don't make me ask you this, just go through with it? And everybody understood: El.
"What are we planning on doing tomorrow?" Dustin said stretching.
"Maybe we can talk later on our walkie talkies?" suggested Mike, urging them to the door.
"El doesn't have one!" retorted Max, frowning.
"We'll stop by the Chief's office and see what we can do" the boy quickly dismissed the matter, accompanying his friends to the door "see you tomorrow!"

"Thanks" El said suddenly while they were walking towards the police station.
"For what?"
"For spending time alone" she said, shrugging "it's nice".
Mike smiled at her, happy to hear that. He was going to make that the best summer of her life, he was determined; he just had to figure out a way to make some alone time for him and Eleven, especially if he wanted to make a couple out of them.
When they entered the office, everyone was surprised to see the El there, but they let her in immediately.
"Hi Hop" she said, plopping down on a chair.
"Hello Chief" Mike nodded.
"What are you two doing here? Why alone?" he asked, brow furrowing.
Mike panicked, but Eleven handled it "The went home, so we came here because I need a walkie talkie. Can I have one? And Mike can stop by and get me with his bike in the morning; I don't want one right now, I'll just stick with his".
Hopper groaned "Well, wait. Yes, you can get a walkie talkie, I'll give you the money to buy one. Second, who said anything about the Wheeler boy picking you up? Why can't I just drop you off?"
"Because" she said matter-of-factly "you wake up early for work and they usually go out by nine thirty or ten".
"Okay" the man sighed, running his hands across his face and then pointing a finger to Mike "you and I will need to talk, but not right now".
He searched in his drawer for his wallet and gave Eleven some money, smiling at her and ruffling her hair "Go and have fun".
"Do you spoil me?" she asked out of blue, and Mike widened his eyes.
The Chief just stared at her "What?"
"Just wanted to know if I used the word right. You spoil me, right?"
"Well..." the man hesitated, then just shrugged "sometimes, yes".
Before she could add anything on the matter, Mike stood up and clapped his hands "Shall we go find you the coolest walkie of all time?"
Eleven nodded enthusiastically and bid Hopper goodbye with a kiss on the cheek.

An hour later, both Eleven and Mike were leaning against his bike outside an ice cream shop. Eleven had chosen three flavors, because she didn't know which ones she liked, and she had already eaten half of her treat: sure vanilla and cookie dough were her favorite ones, given how fast she had finished them.
Mike smiled fondly at her when she couldn't see him, and offered some of his ice cream "Try this", he said handing her his cone with mint and lemon.
El licked the part with the mint, licking then her lips as they tilted up and she took another taste "I like the green one".
Mike was mesmerized by her lips.
She then proceeded to the lemon side and she made a disgusted face, "Ew! It is...uhm..."
"Bitter" Mike finished the sentence for her "it's a little stingy and gives you a bad feeling at the back of your throat, right?"
She nodded, stealing another bit of mint before giving him his cone back.
"But I like the green one" she added again, thoughtful "we have to come back and get more next time!"
"Of course" he agreed.
He wanted to give her the world, and he sure as hell was going to; a demogorgon and the Mind Flayer hand't been able to pull them apart. He would get her all the ice cream in the world if necessary.
She smiled at him and blushed when she noticed him staring, tucking a curl behind her ear.
He could get used to that, yeah.

So. This is my first fic on here and well...well. As you can see, I'm a crazy Mileven shipper and I've found some pretty good stories on here and wanted to give my contribution to everyone that felt the same way I do about them.

The fic will be about El's first summer and her discovery of the outside world. Lots of Mileven you guys, you were warned.