Straw Saga 1

Not Halloween Anymore

Sasuke Uchiha was annoyed. It was Halloween and if that wasn't enough to annoy him in and of itself, Naruto was running late. Sometimes Naruto's mere presence was enough to ruin his morning, but Naruto forcing him to make plans and running late for said plans was definitely doing it.

Those two things together...

Sasuke brushed the black glitter and pumpkin confetti off the epoxy tabletop and looked for the waitress. He had ordered drinks already, coffee for himself and orange juice for his idiot friend, but the waitress had yet to bring a straw. Not that he would usually care, who needed a straw for black coffee? But his mood was already as black as his soul and sitting in this dump of a diner at this end of the city on Halloween, he felt a calm rage boiling at the surface.

Where was that stupid waitress?

From brushing the dirty table top off of the offending decorations, he could see black legs out of the corner of his eyes, walking too close to his table.

Sasuke put his hand up, signaling the waitress to stop. "For the love of God," he seethed, noticing that there was glitter now on his hands. "The straw." Because Sasuke hated asking for things, let alone a second time.

There was no apologies from the waitress, no half-hearted 'Ohmigod, I'm sooooo sorry, I totally forgot!', nothing of the sort.

"Um, okay."

Sasuke thought her voice sounded different than he remembered when she giggled, high pitched and stupid about the drink order. But she walked away before Sasuke could look up and scrutinize her.

There was still black glitter on his hands, but no amount of rubbing with the stupid napkin was doing anything to rectify the situation. He threw it down, crumpled up and decided to just drown himself in coffee.

Where the fuck was Naruto?

"Hey! Sorry for the wait. Can I take your order?" A shrill voice almost made him choke on his hot drink.

He looked over at his brunette waitress, ignoring her clear, ridiculous infatuation, realizing it was not the person he had demanded the straw from. It was the waitress who had seated him, took the drink orders and brought out the coffee and juice (sans straw). She was wearing black pants, as all the waitresses were, but he realized, all too late, they were not the black pants of the women who he demanded the straw from.

He swallowed down the coffee, tasting more bitter then normal.

"Here you go."

Good thing he already swallowed.

A short women, young and fresh faced, wearing tight black leggings, a baggy, black turtleneck sweater with thick, long black hair and straight bangs. Her eyes were wide, pale and she had a little triangle painted on her nose with three thin whisker marks painted on each rosy cheeks. She was also wearing cat ears on a headband.

She was holding out a straw to him.

Vaguely he heard the waitress. "Ohmigod, I can't believe I forgot your straw, I'm soooo sorry."

If Sasuke was a lesser man, he would've blushed. Or 'uhhhh'ed or said something stupid in reply. But Sasuke was not a lesser man.

"You don't work here." It wasn't a question.

The girl gave him a tiny smile. "No." She agreed.

"What are you doing?" The waitress asked her, clearly annoyed that Sasuke's attention had traveled elsewhere.

Sasuke was surprised to notice that the girl gave the waitress a bigger smile than what she gave him.

"Just helping." She said simply. "Need anything else? Napkin perhap?." She was smiling playfully.

Sasuke glance at his crumpled napkin.

The waitress sputtered. "I can get him a napkin!" She snapped, sprinting off to mark her territory with the paper product.

The girl let out a little laugh. "Well, okay, have a nice day."

Sasuke watched her walk away, silent as usual, realizing a couple of things.

First thing, she had a nice ass. Her leggings where tight and hugged the curve of her backside in a way that Sasuke would keep in his memory for later on, perhaps in the shower. It was too hard to see what was under her turtleneck sweater, but her ass would do.

Second was that, she didn't seem to be smitten with him and at the risk of seeming self absorbed, (which he was) most women were. Any other girl would've been gushing all over him, trying to get his name, number, a date, anything. She had smiled at him, but it was smaller than the smile the bitch of a waitress got. She had even teased him, lightly. And then walked off.

Again, her ass though...


Third was that he realized he was an asshole.

"Hey bastard, sorry I'm late - what's wrong with you?" Naruto slid into the booth and Sasuke vaguely noticed that Naruto had whiskers painted on his face as well.

Just like that girl.

Sasuke let out a small huff. "I'm an asshole."

Naruto laughed. "Yeah, believe me, I know dude. Hey, why are you holding my straw?"

Naruto reached over to grab it but Sasuke snatched it back and shoved it in the pocket of his black, wool pea coat.

"Definitely an asshole." Naruto huffed.

The waitress arrived, slapping a napkin down in front of Sasuke.

"Ready to order?" She asked.

"We need a minute." Naruto said, picking up his menu. "And can I please get a straw?" He asked.

She looked confused, between the two like she was about to say something but just nodded, walking off.

"What the fuck are you supposed to be?" Sasuke snapped.

"A fucking fox, bro." Naruto grinned, gesturing to his orange shirt and orange ears.

Sasuke grunted.

"What the fuck are you?" Naruto countered. "An asshole?"

Sasuke rolled his eyes. "Something like that."

Naruto laughed and launched into his story about why he was late but Sasuke wasn't listening. He didn't care, obviously, but he also couldn't stop thinking about the girl that wasn't the waitress. The Kitten. Usually, he wouldn't think twice about someone else's feelings. He had been far ruder to countless other people this week alone. But Kitten had confused him.

She didn't seem too upset by it. But she also didn't seem to be infatuated with him. Almost always he would get one reaction or the other. But all he received was playful indifference.

"So ready for the club tonight?" Naruto kicked him under the table to get his attention back.

He stared back with a blank face.

"Come on, don't give me that, bastard. It's Halloween and a Saturday. Those bitches are gonna look fiiiine."

Sasuke rolled his eyes.

"Here's your straw!" The waitress arrived back at the table. "Ready to order?"

Naruto nodded and started but Sasuke stood up.

"I'll be right back."


Sasuke didn't wait to explain and walked back to the direction Kitten and her ass had gone. He wasn't a hundred percent certain on what he was doing but he didn't like the feelings that he had been sitting with.

He found her almost immediately, since she was standing up. She was pulling on a massive, navy blue winter coat that had to be a size or two too big, holding a thick, knitted lavender scarf in her hands.

The girl across from her, a tall, brunette with two buns, wearing a oriental style dress with winged eyeliner, possibly to make her eyes look smaller. Sasuke ignored the possible cultural appropriation, because he didn't really give a shit about cultural appropriation and also because he saw Kitten's ass again.

She was flipping her long hair out of her jacket when she saw him. He liked long hair.

"Oh hi, need something else?" She smiled.

"What?" Her friend asked.

"He needed a straw when I was coming back from the bathroom." She explained with a giggle.

She hadn't even told her friend what a dick he had been to her? What kind a saint was she?

"Yeah, about that." Sasuke started slowly. The next part was horrible for him. "Sorry." He ground out.

Double Buns raised an eyebrow.

She seemed to ignore his pain and waved him off, indifferent. "No worries."

"I'll make it up to you." It wasn't a question or an offer.

Double buns looked taken aback.

Too foreword?

"It's really fine." She insisted.

She didn't jump at the opportunity? What. The. Fuck.

Her friend grabbed the sleeve of her baggy jacket. "Come on Hina." She tugged her along.

That's when Sasuke realized he couldn't exactly call her Kitten out loud.

"Sasuke Uchiha." He held out his hand.

She smiled. "Hinata -"

"Shh." Double Buns hissed, dragging her along. "He's probably one of those hottie sexual predators."


"Can I get your number?" The words tasted strange in Sasuke's mouth.

When was the last time he had to ask someone for their number?

Hinata's cheeks burned in a blush through her painted whiskers. A blush?

"U-u-u-um-" She was so flustered.

Sasuke smirked. That's better.

"Why do you need her number?" Double Buns let go of Hinata's sleeve, rounding on him.

"Tenten." Hinata quietly chided her friend.

Sasuke rolled his eyes. "I'd like to take your friend out." Obviously.

"Oi, bastard, what the hell are you doing?"

The little group had traveled closer to the table Sasuke had left behind and now Naruto was peering over the booth, with whiskers and big fox ears sticking out of his blonde mess. Some of the other people eating glanced at them but Sasuke had never been bothered by that.

"Asking my friend out." Tenten replied, smirking after Sasuke ignored him.

Naruto's face broke into the chummiest, shit eating grin. Sasuke gritted his teeth and ignored him.

"Ohh, my little baby." Naruto sang, standing up to join them.

They were in an awkward spot, flanked by red vinyl booths on each side, a waitress trying to elbow pass them wouldn't make Sasuke move though. He was in too deep. He was getting this girls number if it's the last one he got.

Hinata looked between the two men as Naruto came up and placed a hand at the small of Sasuke's back. Her eyes were interesting, and somehow familiar to Sasuke but he didn't have time to examine them like he wanted.

"Are you guys together?" She asked, eyebrows knitted.

"No." Sasuke said simply, elbowing Naruto in the stomach. He could practically feel the unknown oils on his friend's hand seeping into the wool of his incredibly expensive jacket.

He turned to Hinata. "Cellphone." He held his hand out.

Tenten turned to scoff but Naruto had a hand out, future Hokage smile on, introducing himself. "Naruto Uzumaki." Naruto may have been a stupid shit, but he was an impeccable wing man.

Hinata had dug her phone out of her big jacket, begrudgingly, and unlocked it for him. Sasuke punched in his own number and pressed call, grabbing out his own vibrating phone from the pocket, passing the straw.

"Hey Hina, why don't you ask this weirdo to carve pumpkins with you?" Tenten smirked.

Hinata gasped and looked over and her friend. "I knew you didn't want to help me." She said quietly.

Did she always talk that quiet? Her bottom lip came out just a tiny bit in a minuscule pout. Sasuke licked his own.

What did she say about pumpkins?

"Um, this asshole would love to." Naruto sang. "He's a pumpkin carving machine."

Sasuke had refused to let Naruto carve a pumpkin in their apartment, claiming it was too messy and he was a klutz. In the last almost decade since they had met, Sasuke have never done anything remotely Halloween related, besides go to parties that Naruto had drug him to.

"Really?" Hinata asked.

Sasuke finally stopped to realize how ridiculous this was. He had chased down a random girl he had forcibly used to get him a straw and was now pressuring her into a date…. to carve pumpkin. Why? Because she had an amazing ass? Or was he really trying so hard because she seemed to not care about him at all? Is that all it took to get Sasuke interested?

How pathetic.

"Pumpkins?" Sasuke tried to ignore the monotonous indifference of his voice.

Naruto snickered. Hinata's cheeks burned again.

"U-um, I need toasted pumpkin seeds for my class on Monday… and… and pumpkins go on sale after Halloween, s-so…" Her entire face was on fire.

She spoke quietly and mumbled, stuttered and trailed off, not even meeting his gaze. Was it endearing or annoying?

Sasuke figured he would find out tomorrow. Carving pumpkins of all things.

"Perfect." Naruto clapped, nonchalantly stepping between the two girls. "Come over tomorrow and this stiff will help you carve the shit out of those pumpkins."

"If she only needs the seeds, why do we have to carve it?" Sasuke asked.

The two girls/strangers and Naruto turned to stare at him.

Sasuke suppressed the urge to huff and roll his eyes. "Fine. Fine. Carving pumpkins in November. Sounds great."

Naruto laughed. "Well, see you then." He smiled.

Tenten had finally stepped around the blonde man, threw up a peace sign, grabbed Hinata's sleeve and started dragging the short girl away.

Sasuke rubbed his face, wondering what the fuck had just happened, eyes glued to the ass that was currently walking away.

"I had to order for you." Naruto said, slapping his back.

Sasuke sighed. Goddamn.

"Oh!" The waitress returned to find both men still standing. "Did you need something else? I got your straw."

From across the diner, right about to push through the doors, Hinata's head whipped around, lavender knit scarf and cat ears askew with wide pale eyes, tomato red cheeks with drawn on kitten whiskers and a small, incredulous smile playing on her lips before her friend drug her out into the chilly Konoha autumn.