I don't think I really need to say it, however, I do not own Codename: Kids Next Door. KND and its characters are the sole property of Mr. Warburton. Unless they were created by me, specifically for this story.

Also, for the sake of canon, it should be noted that this story was written before the episodes, "Operation: S.P.A.C.E.", which featured the introduction of Mushi Sanban, and "Operation: C.L.U.E.S.", which featured the debut of Kuki's parents. Their representation (and Mushi's absence) are the result of this fact.




Orders -


In a small building, in a small elementary school, in a small town, a huge battle raged. The heroes of childhood everywhere, the Kids Next Door, were in a desperate battle to prevent the adults of this school from conditioning their students in the most horrible manner possible.

The Kids Next Door had learned that the principal of the school had instituted a policy forcing children to, once a week, clean their mouths with fluoride provided to them in little packets. The Kids Next Door feared that, with enough such cleaning treatments, the children would be irreversibly brainwashed into keeping their teeth clean all day, every day. The school's faculty had to be stopped.

Enter Numbuh One, and his companions, Numbuhs Two through Five. They had determined the location of the fluoride's storehouse. It was a small building on the northeast end of the campus, up until now used for supplies, it had a sign on the door reading "Fluoride Storage."

The Kids Next Door hadn't expected an easy mission. And the adults hadn't disappointed. They had a small entourage of dentists guarding the fluoride. They were armed to the teeth with novocaine dart guns, drill shooters, and heavy water jets which they kept aiming at the Kids' mouths. To make matters worse, they had even hired the Kids Next Door's foe, Knightbrace, to guard the candy. This move hadn't been anticipated and, as would be anticipated, was causing the Kids some problems.

Fortunately, the environment around them worked in their favor. The storehouse was stocked nearly to the ceiling with boxes filled with fluoride packets, which created a somewhat confined fighting space for the adults, while giving the much smaller adult-fighters an upper hand. Numbuhs One, Three, Four, and Five were engaged in combat. Using the small spaces between boxes to hide while they performed hit-and-run attacks on their elders. Numbuh Two was above the building in the M.O.S.Q.U.I.T.T.O.H., which had been specially refitted for this mission, preparing for the attack that would rid the school of the fluoride menace. All he awaited was his leader's command to let loose the coup de grace.

When Numbuh One felt confident that all was ready, he gave the signal.

"Kids Next Door! BATTLESTATIONS!" he called out, spurring his teammates into action.


Numbuh Five maneuvered her way through the boxes, close to Knightbrace, who had armed himself with a drill gun. She climbed up the stacked boxes and prepared to jump a gap between one box and another. But not before calling out...

"Hey, ya dentist wannabe! Com an' drill Numbuh Five if ya got the guts!"

With that, the dark-skinned girl attempted the jump. Knightbrace, alerted to her presence, shot a drill out straight up to hit Five. However, Five's momentum carried her past the drill's trajectory, and it ended up hitting a high window on the wall. The spinning drill hit the window, putting some cracks in it before sputtering out and falling back to the floor and rolling into a corner.


Numbuh Four was already on top of the stacked boxes, waiting for Numbuh Five to make her move. When she did, he did. He took out a rubber band shooter out from his coat pocket and carefully aimed it at the crack Knightbrace's drill had put in the window. He fired the gun, causing a rubber band shot at full speed, finishing the job of destroying the window. It was now wide open. A few more rubber bands cleared the window of any excess glass.


Numbuh Three got a running start and jumped up to the now cleared window. She grabbed hold of the window sill and pulled herself up just long enough to wave out and alert Numbuh Two it was time, then call out to the others.

"Hey, guys! Look how high I am!"

A dentist saw Numbuh Three at the window and shot one of his novocaine darts at her. Fortunately, she let go of the windowsill just in time to dodge the dart.


Up above the storehouse in the M.O.S.Q.U.I.T.T.O.H., Numbuh Two began activation of the weapon that would put an end to this school's teeth-cleaning brainwashing for good. He looked through a scope and, after seeing Numbuh Three's signal, aimed for the window she had been in. The instant Two had a lock he activated a switch on his console and a small hose shot out from under the M.O.S.Q.U.I.T.T.O.H., going right through the window.


Numbuh One ran to the center of the room and caught the hose in his hand. He then turned towards the enemy dentists. With a smile on his face he flipped a switch on the ordinary looking garden hose with goggles attached, fully activating the Kids Next Doors' new weapon: The S.U.G.A.R-R.A.Y. (Sweetener Unleashing Garden Apparatus Really Revolts Adults, Yes?).

Stored in the M.O.S.Q.U.I.T.T.O.H.'s backside, several gallons worth of sugar began pumping through the hose. Down in the storehouse, the hose sprayed the sugar at a speed powerful enough to break through the crates and fluoride packets inside, totally corrupting the fluoride and preventing it from ever being used. The power of the hose was almost too much for Numbuh One to hang onto without being thrown around, but he held on. Numbuhs Four and Five lined up behind him, bracing him and easing the pressure on One a bit. He began turning the hose through the entire complex, destroying every crate the torrent of sweetener hit. There was only one major drawback to this part of the plan, it made all of the Kids Next Door open targets, vulnerable to attack.

Knightbrace picked up again and aimed a re-loaded drill shooter right at Numbuh One, who was spraying the S.U.G.A.R-R.A.Y. in another direction. He fired, but Numbuh Three, who had been momentarily distracted by a fly that had flown into the room via the broken window, saw out the corner of her eye the gun firing. She made a mad dash and tackled Numbuh One to the ground. The drill missed Numbuh One entirely but it grazed Numbuh Three's forehead, causing a nasty cut just above her right eye.

Numbuh One had lost his grip on the hose when Three knocked him down but Four and Five immediately grabbed it and aimed it at Knightbrace, hitting him full blast square in the jaw. If the force of the sugar flow hadn't knocked his teeth out, the sugar itself would've rotted them. The dentists, seeing Knightbrace fall, retreated and left the Kids Next Door to complete their mission.

Upon doing so, Numbuh Four gave the S.U.G.A.R-R.A.Y.'s hose a sharp tug, and Numbuh Two began to reel it in. The Kids Next Door hung on to the hose as it was pulled back out of the window and back aboard the M.O.S.Q.U.I.T.T.O.H. The near-hit by Knightbrace's drill had left Numbuh Three a bit disoriented, so Five and One held on to her arms in case she lost her own grip on the hose.

Aboard the M.O.S.Q.U.I.T.T.O.H., Numbuh 1 congratulated all the Kids Next Door on a job well done.

"That's one school that will think twice before making kids clean their teeth." Numbuh One said.

The other Kids Next Door agreed on that point.

"I'd also like to thank Numbuh Three for saving me from that drill."

"Awww..." Numbuh Three blushed a bit in her seat.

"Looks like yer the hero of the day, girl." Numbuh Five said.

"Yay!" Numbuh Three shouted as she jumped out of her seat, but then stumbled a bit "I... ooh... dizzy..." Three nearly fell over. Fortunately, Four caught her before she hit the floor.

"Do that again!" Numbuh Three said, once the dizziness passed.

"Hmm..." Numbuh One said, thinking out loud, "I think that cut is a bit worse than it looks. We better get it treated when we return to headquarters."