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The Kids Next Door got to work immediately in repair work on their tree house. They used some of their lifting equipment to put Hippy-Hop and the M.O.S.Q.U.I.T.T.O.H. back in their respective hangars. It was tiring work, but after their victory over the Delightful Children from Down the Lane, and the return of Numbuh Three, the Kids Next Door had no problem with a little extra work. Besides that, all the excitement had left them buzzed, they weren't sleeping anytime soon anyway.

The Kid Next Door hamsters also aided in the repairs. They were ecstatic at their caretaker's return and actually ended up doing a lot of the little jobs while the Kids Next Door themselves handled the big fixes. When all the repairs were the Kids settled into their usual routine after a successful mission: Big party!

The Kids Next Door were standing over a table of various snacks when Numbuh One asked everyone to quiet down and let him speak.

"First of all." he began, holding up a cup of soda, "I'd like to make a toast. To Numbuh Three. We missed you."

Three blushed a bit as everyone clinked their cups together.

"I'd also like to say you did a wonderful job at getting rid of that monster."

"Yeah," said Numbuh Five, "If we're lucky maybe he'll catch those Delightful Brats."

The Kids Next Door all laughed. Three had filled them in on her conversation with Goda Zira, including what she had told him "delightful" meant. They didn't really think he'd eat them. The Delightful Children From Down the Lane had a good arsenal at their disposal. The Kids Next Door figured he would just mess with the Delightful Children a bit before heading home.

"What made you come up with that, anyway?" Numbuh Two asked the girl.

"I dunno. It just came t'me." Numbuh Three admitted.

The party went on for a while, until the Kids Next Door had finally started to run out of steam. Numbuh Three was getting ready to head to her bedroom, she missed it and planned to stay over tonight, when Numbuh One pulled her aside.

"Um... Numbuh Three..." he said to her, "I didn't want to ask you this in front of the others... but..." he was trying to figure out a way to ask this that wouldn't offend or embarrass her.

"Yeah?" she asked.

"Well, you were very impressive tonight. And, it kind of begs the question... well..."

"Well..." Three said with a smile, she was liking this game.

"Well... It would certainly have made our missions a lot easier if you would've taken them seriously... so... why aren't you like that more often?" One asked.

"Oh, that's easy." Numbuh Three said, "I don't wanna."

Numbuh One just stared, his mouth hanging open, as Numbuh Three skipped off to her room.


The Sanban adults watched from their bedroom as what seemed to be a big job of construction went up up the street. It was clear that the Kids Next Door had won their battle and were making repairs. Mrs. Sanban stood in her husband's embrace, watching the lights from their tree house in the distance. After a while, they finally went out, the kids had gone to bed. Mrs. Sanban let out a sigh.

"Try not to worry too much." Mr. Sanban told her, "Kuki's a bright kid. And it isn't like she hasn't got friends to watch out for her."

"Yeah, I know." she said, "But I'm still going to worry. You can't tell me you aren't."

"No, I'm just as scared as you are that something could happen. But you said it was only until she was thirteen, right?"

Mrs. Sanban nodded.

"Well, then, I'm just going to look at it as a reason to actually look forward to her reaching puberty."

Mrs. Sanban chuckled a bit. That was definitely one way to look at it. The humorous thought helped ease her fear a bit. She looked at her husband and gave him a quick kiss before breaking form his embrace and getting into bed. He walked over, got into bed, and turned out the light.

"Good night, Kenji." said Mrs. Sanban.

"Good night, Achika" said Mr. Sanban.



AUTHOR'S NOTE: There's a little detail I slipped into this story that, betweenthis updateand the time it was originally put up I don't believe anybody has ever noticed (or, if they have, they never said anything). Five minor facts that, alone, meant nothing, but put together… Well, see for yourself:

#1. Kuki's mother's Kids Next Door Numbuh was 30.
#2. The creator of Hippy Hop was named "Achika Nijuuten."
#3. In Japanese, "Nijuu" means 20.
#4. Twenty plus ten equals thirty.
#5. Mrs. Sanban's first name is "Achika."