HIYA READER! This is my first story and i plan to write many more. Enjor the story!

Prompt: Phil wakes up and wants to go adventuring with dan

warnings: none

Dan woke up in the middle of the night to footsteps right outside his door and a knock. He groaned and looked at his alarm clock. 1:26 a.m. it read. "Come in" he said sleepily. He saw an outline to a tall and skinny figure approaching his bed. You already know who it is (SILENTO. kill me now...). "Daaaaan, i wanna go adventure" Phil whined. Dan groaned again and said "Its freaking 1:30 in the morning, Phil. You should be asleep" "Daaaann plea-" Phil started to say but Dan said "Let's go" Phil literally shrieked in happiness. Dan chuckled . He's so cute... WAIT DID I JUST CALL HIM CUTE!?! he thought. Yes, yes you did the sarcastic voice in his head said. Anyways, they left their apartment to go where Phil leaded them.

"Where are we going, Phil?" Dan complained. "You'll see" Phil said with a smirk on his face. "I don't like that look. " Dan observed. You should Phil thought. The boys arrived at a park where there were fairy lights everywhere. There was a picnic basket on one of the tables and it was beautiful. Meanwhile, Dan stood with his mouth gaping open. "Do you like it?" Phil said nervously. Phil waited for a response, until, surprisingly, Dan threw himself at Phil, he being surprised, and Dan whispered raspily "I love it thank you Phil..."

The boys were eating spagetti (A/N I know the most romantic food ever) when Phil asked an important question "Dan? I can trust you, right?" He asked. "Yeah, what you need?" "Well, i was wondering, what is love?" Dan's heart fluttered when he heard those words. "Well it's when one person is kinda meant for each other and basically... yeah. Why?" his voice cracked when he said that last word. "Well..." Phil started "I was kinda wondering... imgayIloveyou" he finished. "Woah buddy, slow down." "Okay..

im gay and I love you..." he finished and he was so nervous for Dan's response, but he never got one. Instead, he got a pair of warm and soft lips on his. At first, Phil hesatated, but then he melted into the kiss. "Wow..." Dan said, proceeding to cut the kiss and put his forehead against the other's. "That was amazing." he continued. "So what now?" Phil asked quietly. "Let's go home." said the other.

So, the two boys went home and fell asleep, but before Dan could fall asleep, he heard the door squeak open, and saw his companion in the doorway. "Dan, can I sleep with you tonight? I don't feel right alone in bed anymore." Phil said. "Sure." Dan said. So Phil crawled into bed with Dan, snuggled up into his cheast, and said "Goodnight, bear." "Goodnight my lion, until tomorrow." And the two boys fell asleep.

Soo... How was that? I think that was awersome. My Phangirl brain senses were kinda cranking and turning in ma brain and stuff... OKAY BYE.Until tomorrow my flowers.