After word

(or in defense of chapter 19)

I've been getting a lot of feedback saying that the ending was too abrupt, seemingly rushed, and just generally blah. I myself completely agree with that, yet doubt I will change anything in the near future. I never planned on working on this project for so long and it was getting to the point where it annoyed the crud out of me just to think about it. It started off as something fun and turned into just one more obligation. Its incompleteness was giving me guilt trips, so I stayed up for practically five days straight to finish the thing off. Finish it I did, in all its lackluster glory, and I am so relieved by this I doubt I will touch it with a ten foot pole for quite some time.

Secondly, the issue of Duo and Heero's friendship. There have been complaints that it was never developed and the issue remains unresolved. To be blunt, this is a POV fic. The friendship was there for the entire time the two shared a room, but Duo never perceived it. Read it again. It's there. It's just subtle.

Third and lastly, why is there no shounen ai? Again, this is POV fic and again, it's very subtle. Also, I personally have no fondness for romance. I generally skip over sappy scenes when I'm reading.

Goose (the muse): My, someone's in a cruddy mood.

Zooie: I went running today.

Goose: So?

Zooie: It started to pour when I was a mile and a half from home.

Goose: Big whoop.

Zooie: I started running really fast to get out of the rain...

Goose: And?

Zooie: And I tripped over a cardboard box and fell on my face.

Goose: *laughs*

Zooie: *growls* It's not funny! My face hurts!

Goose: Now you know how I feel whenever I look at you.

Zooie: *beats the &$#@%& out of Goose*

Goose: ...meep.

Zooie: *smiling* I feel better now!