A/N: Okay, before I start, you should know who each gem is. Chalcedony is Daphne, Sphalerite is Velma, Hiddenite is Shaggy, and Citrine (who isn't in this chapter, unfortunately) is Fred. Scooby won't make an appearance until they arrive on Earth. Also, Fred and Shaggy won't be "shes" forever. I'm kind of just trying to make this work and I'm sorry if it sucks. Okay, enjoy this (short) first chapter!OoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOo

Chalcedony walked down the corridor, her heels clicking as she moved along. She passed an Agate on her way to the control room.

Chalcedony didn't like Agates very much. They were impatient and tended to run their mouths at everyone but their superiors.

Chalcedonies were on the same level as Agates, but she supervised the Olivines while Agates supervised the Quartzes. She supervised the technicians and everything and everyone that boarded and left Homeworld.

Which reminded her... The ship meant to dock a few moments ago wasn't even setting off a proximity alarm. As it was her job, she activated her gemstone and pulled out a log recorder.

"Log date, 7 18 5. The ship meant to dock now has not even set off a proximity alarm. The Sphalerite in charge has made no attempt at communication. I will check the sensors around this Quadrant, but..."

A beeping noise alerted her to her original location. "Proximity sensors are going off. It's here. End log." She shut off the recorder, put it back, and off she went to the docking center.

"Sensors show the ship isn't in the best condition. Recommend we form a repair team to find the problems and fix them," said a Peridot upon her entering.

"Very good. See that you do." There was some hustle and bustle. The Peridots were working to get ahold of the ship's data but also dock it correctly. She didn't doubt them. They were all small and rather annoying, but they were very capable.

Soon, the ship was docked and the Chrysolites had formed their repair team to go fix the systems and check everything else. Chalcedony went to go check on the Sphalerite in charge when she came flying out of the ship. She crashed into the wall and whirled around the face Chalcedony.

She was short, especially for a Sphalerite. She must have been a bit late, just like now. Her short brown hair was as round as her head. She wore lots of reds and oranges, with black pants and a transparent red skirt. A visor covered her gemstone and her vision spheres. Chalcedony could see she served Yellow Diamond.

"Professional," remarked Chalcedony dryly. The Sphalerite blushed red.

"I am so sorry I was tardy! We were pelted with asteroids and the com systems went down, so..."

"I see. Why didn't you stay out of the way?"

"My Jasper decided a closer look into the asteroid belt was worth disregarding safety protocols."

"I will log that. Which Sphalerite are you?"

"Facet 3Z2L Cut 9KR. I hope my mistake wasn't too inconvenient."

"You did show up within a short time range. I'll be sure to note that in my logs."

"Thank you."

"Your data?"

"Right here." She brought her hands from behind her back and gave the electronic pad to Chalcedony.

"Your data is from the Milky Way galaxy, correct?"


"Any life?"

"Some, on Earth."


"They didn't even suspect my Hiddenite."

"Humans, right?" Sphalerite nodded. Chalcedony looked around. "Pink Diamond owned a human zoo," she whispered, so nobody but Sphalerite could hear.



"That sounds interesting. If it is up and running and I ever have time to visit it, I will." A Hiddenite exited the ship.

"Sphalerite, like, your report on the humans."

"Thank you."

"What was with that 'like'?" Chalcedony inquired.

"I came out early. Like, I'm working on it."

"I was fine with it. I mean, how many Sphalerites are this short?" she asked, smiling. No one said anything. Hiddenite offered a small awkward smile. "Here's Hiddenite's report on the humans," she mumbled before walking out briskly.

"She's a strange one," Chalcedony remarked.

"If she's strange compared to your standards, you must, like, lead a boring life." Had it not been for Hiddenite's rank, she would have lost it right then at her. She merely nodded curtly and stormed off.


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