Later, Sphalerite went back to the port to see if she could find the Chalcedony she'd encountered earlier. She had to go on another mission to the Milky Way galaxy, look at more of the Earth. The problem was, the repairs needed to be done. She moved briskly down the hallway, probably drawing some suspicion as to why she was running. It wasn't a problem until she rounded a corner and slammed into another Gem.

"Where do you think you're going so quickly?" Just her luck. She'd rammed into a Citrine. A peacekeeper.

"I'm so sorry, I was trying to see if my ship was repaired, I have to go on another mission to Earth."

"Your orders?"

"Right here." She summoned her orders and displayed them for the Citrine to see.

"Alright, looks like everything is in order. I'll let you off with a warning, don't run down these corridors."

"Yes, I'm so sorry about that. Thank you!"

She WALKED this time and made it to her ship in good time. Her Hiddenite was waiting.

"Are the repairs complete?"

"Just about. There are, like, a few things you need to know first."



"Let's start getting everyone on board who's going," the Chalcedony from a while ago said as she stepped inside. "Oh, good, you two are here."

"What are you doing here?"

"You didn't know? I was assigned to you after last flight's... Incident." Sphalerite groaned.

"Like, I'm still going with you," Hiddenite offered.

"Is this my flight?" Oh, stars. This wasn't happening. It was the same Citrine she'd bumped into just earlier! Luck wasn't really on her side.

"Are you supposed to be on a mission to the Milky Way galaxy?"

"Yes," Citrine answered awkwardly, realizing who her supervisor was. Sphalerite sighed.

"Pardon me for asking, but, like, why do we need you two on this team?" Hiddenite asked.

"Did you read your orders? We are to return to Earth and bring some more humans back with us," Chalcedony answered.

"But why do we need you? Hiddenite and I do just fine on our own, with a few technicians or an occasional Jasper."

"The Diamonds want to use as few gems as possible. There will be no technicians or a Jasper. I only need to be here because of your..." She cleared her throat. "Lackluster performance."

"And I'm only here because of my weapon." Citrine summoned a net. "It's good for trapping humans and gems alike. This mission will only involve us, and we're mostly relying on Hiddenite. We just need an astrocartographer to get us there and, well, you know why Chalcedony is here."

"And it had to be you? All of you have born witness me having what Hiddenite says humans call an Off Day!"

"I don't mean to be impatient," Chalcedony said gently, if a bit condescendingly, "but we do have to leave. Let's put any past... Grievances behind us and get done with this mission as soon as possible. Then we can forget about your... Off Day." Sphalerite sighed.

The Chalcedony was right. Of course she was right, it was her job. She made up her mind that yes, finishing her task as quickly but as neatly as possible made for a better solution than dwelling on the past.

She entered the coordinates for Earth while grumbling under her breath about Hiddenite being able to do this job alone and why the Diamonds would need an astrocartographer on the job and just how crummy it was that she had to work alongside gems who probably didn't like her much, save for Hiddenite.

Some days felt like Hiddenite was the only thing in this galaxy she could confide in, even some of the really bad thoughts concerning the way civilization worked (she had a few ideas on how it could be improved), but now she felt so suffocated she couldn't even confide in Hiddenite.

What a day this was shaping up to be.


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