Hello everyone I hope you enjoy this first chapter. This fic is inspired by Zer0the0mega108's Omega: Xenoverse. It's worth a look but has sadly lacked updates in recent years.

Note: This story shall follow the events of Xenoverse 1. The one I own. If anyone can find me a transcript for the game, I will greatly appreciate it. It will help me update this faster. Also this follows the POV of Mega Man X but I'll only break the POV rarely.

I don't own DBZ or MegaMan X. If that was true, this would have been a real game. I also don't own any music used.


Unknown POV

"Give me a strong ally. Someone with the kind of power to help me defend time itself. This wish I ask of you, Shenron." A man said.

"Your wish is granted." a large green dragon said as a flash of light appeared. With that he pulled a hero that was on the brink of fading away forever.


(Cue Megaman Zero: The Ruins of Lab)

"The defeated Omega is using your original body. That's all... Your current body may be a copy... But your heart is the real thing. All right, now's the time. While the Dark Elf's power is weak. Time to finish what you started a century ago, Zero!" I shouted as my spirit.

Zero gets up as he prepares his Z-Saber.

"Zero, don't do it! That's your original body! Don't you feel any attachment?! Are you really prepared to spend the rest of your life in that cheap fake?!" The traitor scientist named Dr. Weil shouted from a broken intercom.

"You can do it. You know what's truly important. Go on, Zero!" I encouraged him as I felt my time was almost up.

Zero charges forward and slashes at Omega, who starts to explode. Knocking him out as I call out to him with my final words as I know my time has been spent.

"Can you hear me, Zero? My energy is almost all spent. I can't... stay in this world... much longer. Zero... I want to leave this world in your care. The threat Weil represents has not left this world. I want you... to protect humans and Reploids. Ze...ro... You can do it... You... can..." I said as I felt myself fade away.

(No Music)

I awoke in a mysterious area that I didn't recognize. However that didn't matter, I should be dead. I looked down and saw that my body was the same one I had for most of my life from the 4th to 7th Maverick wars. Though it was a bit sleeker as I was felt stronger than I remembered. I looked up to see a lavender haired man with a sword wearing a coat. He gave an aura that made me think of Zero and Axl back when we were Maverick Hunters.

"Farewell." a voice behind me said as I turned to see a giant green dragon, a real life dragon. He then vanished as 7 orbs fly off to who knows where.

"What!?" I shouted to my confusion at what's going on.

"Your Surprised, I'm sure." The man said.

I nodded at him saying "Yes."

"I'll have to explain it all to you later." he said drawing his sword as I felt a bit tense at what's happening.


"For now, let's see how much power you have AAAHH!" He shouted as he rushed at me.

(Cue Mega Man X: Boss Battle Theme)

I pulled out my X-Buster as I jumped over him as I shot a flurry of buster shots as he somehow countered by firing his own projectiles despite my scanners saying he's 100% organic.

I noticed him slash at me repeatedly hitting me a few times before I jump back before dashing at him. I then prepared a move that Dr. Light gave to me all those years ago that still remains in my database.

"SHORYUKEN!" I shouted as I hit him with a familiar uppercut jump punch technique, minus the fire of course.

"ARGH!" He shouted in pain as I awaited him to come down.

...He didn't come down. He was now flying.

"What... the... actual... fuck." was all I got to say as he slash me into the air as I saw that I could fall on top of him. I then quickly searched myself as I gripped a familiar handle that felt comforting to wrap my hand around.

It was the Z-Saber, the only thing I had left of Zero with me. This caused a smirk as I looked down as I turned it on as the familiar green blade appeared as I slashed down upon this man. Causing him to fly into a tree as he fell down.

Much to my surprise, he got up and walked to me as he put away his sword via throwing it into the air and catching it in it's scabbard on his back.

"You were chosen. Chosen by Shenron. Sorry for attacking you by the way." He said.

"It was no problem. Just please give me some foresight or at least give me a minute to prepare alright?" I said. This caused him to get flustered.

"Sorry. I was just trying to tell how strong you are. Mr..." He said as he drifted off.

"MegaMan X, but my friends call me X." I said.

"Well X, I'll introduce myself. I'm Trunks."

"Cool. Now if your could please answer my current million dollar question. Why am I here?" I asked as I put away my Z-Saber.

"I want you to become a time patroller and defend Universe 7." Trunks said.

"...Time what now? Universe 7? Also who was that dragon?" I once again asked.

"Time patrollers defend and maintain history in order to make sure things run smoothly. Even if there's a few extra details like a time patroller's presence."

"Okay, and the dragon?" I said pointing to where the Dragon once stood.

"That was Shenron. A dragon that will grant you a wish if you gather the seven Dragon Balls." Trunks said.

"Oh my god, if Axl was here..." I said, remembering my hilariously immature friend from my maverick hunting days.

Trunks had a confused face before becoming even more flustered than before the realization set in "N-No! No! Not like THAT! The Dragon Balls are Seven mystical orbs that are scattered once your wish is granted."

"Ah okay." I said in relief

"So, ready to start your first mission X?" Trunks asked.

"Sure but I do have a few questions about this world before we start." I said as we left to go somewhere else.

"Ok, I'll tell you the basics and tell you more as we go along."

"I might as well tell you my experiences and all you need to know about Reploids, the type of robot that I am."

"Wait What!?" Trunks shouted.

I had learned the basics of this world as Trunks showed me a scroll that showed my first mission. What I need to correct. We were now in the Time Nest as Trunks called it.

"Special Beam Cannon!" A slug-like humanoid named Piccolo shouted as he fired a beam.

The beam went sailing at it was aimed at two Saiyans named Goku who had the other Saiyan Raditz in a full nelson.

Raditz suddenly broke free as the beam killed Goku. Raditz then killed Piccolo quickly.

That was clearly not suppose to happen according to Trunks.

"This isn't good." Trunks muttered as he then pulled out a green piece of tech. "Here take this. It's called a scouter, it will allow me to contact and talk to you during the mission."

I took it and attached it to my helmet. It fit quite nicely as I then gave a thumbs up as I was saying "I'm ready." Before felling an odd sensation as I was gone. Being sent into the past to fight and protect. "Just like I did back then." I muttered.

Little did I know that this was only the beginning of a grand adventure.

Yeah, this isn't 100% accurate to both Mega Man X and DBZ so please don't go insta hating this fic. But it will focus on the main story of Xenoverse for now. If you have any suggestions or comments, please leave a review and I may or may not include it. Also I'm gonna focus more on my RWBY X TF2 Story for now. Like I said at the top, if anyone can send me a transcript of Xenoverse's main storyline, I'd greatly appreciate it as it will help me get these out faster.