Legacy of the Highgates

C1: Family

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A/N: Another story I've been working on for a while, for well over a year in fact, it was only until recently that I decided where I wanted this story to go. It will have several pairings, but will mostly focus on Sith Warrior/Vette/Jaesa, but there will also be a Sith Inquisitor/Ashara, Jedi Knight/Kira, Smuggler/Risha and Jedi Consular/Nadia. My Sith Warrior will mostly be Light side, but will have a bit of Dark side in her. I hope you all enjoy.

Her training was done, Helena Highgate had defeated all of the trials put in front of her, even though she was brought in earlier than the others. They were simply not strong enough to survive it all, but she did, for she was a Highgate, and they were born survivors.

The ancient weapon she had fought so hard to get, was currently strapped safely to her hip, together with the one that used to belong to her father, sent to her by her eldest sister Annabella. She was underway to the Imperial Fleet with her new friend and companion Vette, since they were ordered to take the shuttle to Dromund Kaas to meet her new Master, Darth Baras.

Vette was currently sitting next to her, suspiciously silent for the first time since she met her in the slave pens of Korriban. "Are you okay Vette, you're being awfully quiet."

Vette glared a bit at her, which got her a quirked eyebrow from the red haired Sith. "I'm okay I guess, on the one hand I'm glad to be out of that cage, but on the other hand my life hasn't improved much, I'm still a slave at the end of the day."

The red-haired human smiled at her. "Not for very much longer if I have a say about it. I know what it's like to be seen as a slave, I've seen it happen with my sister Roshana, who has also recently completed her training to be a Sith Sorcerer. They thought she was a slave as well and treated her as such, no matter how much she proved everyone wrong. I promise you to get that slave collar off as soon as we finish our business on Dromund Kaas, which I certainly hope will be soon, and I hope you know that I will never, ever see you as a slave."

Vette smiled at her. "You're not so bad as I originally thought, on Korriban you showed no mercy to anyone who crossed you, and here you are wanting to help me. Are you not afraid I might run away when you take that collar off?"

"You may try, but then you will miss out on all the fun we will have during our trip, not to mention all the money we can make during those travels." Helena said with a knowing smirk.

Vette smiled brightly at that. "You know, when you put it like that, I really can't refuse. So how do I call you, because it will be a little strange to me to call you Master, will Boss do?"

Helena smiled at her. "In private you may call me by my name, but in front of my master it would be best to call me Boss, I don't want to be anyone's master."

"Sure thing Helena, wow, that sounds weird, I'll just go with Boss for now. But could you tell me about your sister, what is she like?" Vette said with a smile.

Helena smiled at that. "Roshana is my twin sister, she was sent to the Academy at the same time as I was, but was held back by her instructor. Out of the two of us, she is the one that has greater Force potential, as well as a greater knack for insanity, while I am usually a bit more focused and better in lightsaber combat, I also have three older sisters that I unfortunately don't see as often, since the other set of twins, Cordelia and Victoria went to Tython to train as Jedi a few years ago, and my eldest sister Annabella is a smuggler who roamed the galaxy for riches, until she secured Nok Drayen's treasure and defeated the Voidwolf, after that she kind of settled down and only flies for the most exclusive buyers, but she makes sure she sends all four of us an allowance of sorts, every few months or so, even if it is more than any of us will ever need."

"What about your parents, where are they?" Vette asked intrigued.

"Unfortunately they both died in a freak accident, which is hardly surprising with four Force-sensitive humans in one house, it was kind of rare for humans to have that many Force sensitive children to begin with, so from that time we were shunned by most of the city and eventually stowed away with Annabella when she came home to Alderaan. You see, my parents were also Force users, My father was quite a high ranking Sith Lord and my mother was a Jedi, they met on Alderaan with the intent to kill each other, but fell in love the moment they locked lightsabers. They then faked their deaths and settled down on Alderaan, and I guess the rest is history." Helena said with a bit of a sad smile.

"That sounds like such a sad story, at least you still keep in contact with your sisters, I lost contact with my family a long time ago." Vette said softly.

Helena took a good look around her and smiled at her companion, giving her a quick hug. "If you're okay with it, I would like to be your family for now, until we have the means to go and find your family."

Vette smiled and relaxed in her arms. "You might be a Sith, but you're just a big softy on the inside, I think I could get used to this."

"Don't get me wrong Vette, on the battlefield I will still rend people in two if I have to, especially if they are a danger to you, and I will still obey the commands of my master for the time being, but that doesn't mean I let the Sith rule my life or my heart. I must admit I have always loved a good fight, and that is part of the reason I was sent to Korriban together with my sister. She's magically as strong as I am physically."

Vette smiled at her. "I bet, but I must admit she sounds kind of creepy, all that magical power doesn't exactly sound like she is overly stable."

Helena laughed lightly at that, which surprised Vette a little. "She is far from stable, even when we were children she did things that were a bit crazy, and I doubt the things she went through during her training would have helped. Just between you and me, she still scares me sometimes."

Vette laughed at that. "Who would have thought, the brave and fearless Sith, afraid of her twin sister, don't worry, I'll keep quiet."

Helena smiled as they dropped out of hyperspace, the Imperial Fleet quickly coming into view as the pilot confirmed his approach and landing bay.

Within the hour they disembarked and were walking towards security on the Fleet, when a very familiar person walked towards them, a huge alien creature and a young girl following the petite girl.

"Helena, how good to see you again, and with your own slave as well, how wonderful." The girl said with a sadistic smirk.

"Roshana, good to see you again too. I see you have also brought some company since I saw you last." Helena said with a smirk, not acknowledging her sister's stab to Vette.

Roshana smirked at that. "Yes, this is my Dashade, Khem-Val, a Force Eater that I bound in the Dark Temple, and this lovely young thing is Kory, a girl that was in the same pack as I was, I saved her and as thanks she wanted to come with me, and you know I didn't want to waste potential when I see it."

The creature merely nodded and glared at Helena, while Kory gave her a shy smile. "This is my companion Vette, a gift from my master Darth Baras when I left Korriban."

"Companion, yeah right, she is a slave judging by that shock collar. Did you not take any of Anna's lessons to heart?" Roshana asked with a growl.

"Of course I did, I plan to remove that collar as soon as we finish our business with my master on Dromund Kaas, I find myself quite enamored with her already." Helena said with a smile.

Roshana smiled at that. "That's good to hear sister, let us travel to Dromund Kaas together, my master Darth Zash is expecting me."

Helena shook her head. "No, I haven't had a decent meal in weeks, so Vette and I are going to get something to eat first, but we'll surely see each other again."

Roshana nodded and gave her sister a quick hug before she, her Dashade and the human girl made their way to the Dromund Kaas shuttle.

"Now I get why you are afraid of her, she gives me the creeps." Vette said once the two were out of earshot.

Helena smiled and led her Twi'lek to the Cantina. "Order what you want Vette, we have plenty of money to spend on a good meal."

She smiled and ordered a lavish meal, while Helena did the same for herself. Even though the Force could sustain her, some food every once in a while was still nice.

"So, what's the plan when we get to Dromund Kaas, are you going to do everything your Master tells you?" Vette asked once their food arrived.

Helena smiled at her, glad that the Cantina was mostly deserted. "I'll have to, at least for the time being, but I do know enough of Sith politics to know that we will have to watch our backs a lot. Treason could lie around every corner, but I do know that together we stand a very good chance of going a long way."

Vette smiled at that. "I hope you are right, I have no intention of going back to the slave pens, not on Korriban or anywhere else. I kind of like it here with you."

"Kind of? I thought we really connected on Korriban, guess I was wrong." Helena said with a teasing tone.

Vette blushed at that. "Every time I think you can't surprise me anymore, you find a way to surprise me. I don't think I have ever heard of a Sith with a sense of humor, or a Sith who smiled as much as you."

Helena smirked at that. "You will find I am full of surprises, Vette. We'll get to know each other very well in the coming months."

Vette only smiled at her. "I guess you're right, come on, the shuttle to Dromund Kaas will leave in a few minutes."

"Last time I checked, I was the boss here, but you're right, we do have to go." Helena said with a smile.

Vette shrugged and smiled at her. "Sorry, but it was just too good an opportunity to let slide." Helena smiled and wrapped a friendly arm around the shoulder of her companion.

The Twi'lek blushed a little at that as they boarded the shuttle and unbeknownst to them, Roshana boarded as well, sitting in the shadows to observe her sister.

The black haired Sith Sorceress suspected something was already brewing between her sister and the Twi'lek, and she felt it through her strong connection to the Force, which made her just slightly jealous. Being twins they had always been very competitive with each other, and now it seemed that her sister would find love sooner than she would, although she felt something that was similar to what she felt for Kory, a sisterly bond that they would both need.

She knew Helena could probably feel her presence if she focused, and the occasional smirk from her sister in her general direction let her know that Helena knew she was here.

By the time Helena and Vette had gotten through the check-in on Dromund Kaas, she was already done with the Imperial capital. It felt too constricting to have all of these rules to abide by.

"Are you okay Boss? You look kind of antsy." Vette said softly.

"That's because I am Vette. I don't like this Imperial world at all. Too many rules and too little freedom. The sooner we can leave here, the better it is for the both of us." Helena said with a slight growl.

Vette smiled at her. "If you go on a massacre here, would you mind warning me first. I'll make sure to get out of the way first."

Helena smiled at her. "I'll warn you first, but I promise that you will never be hurt by my hand. I've come to care a lot about you in the short time that we have known each other."

The words were barely out of her mouth before they were met with a scrawny looking man who seemed to want to get their attention.

"You're the one, not like the scabs that exited the shuttle with you. you radiate power, lord. I bow before you. I serve Lord Baras. He sent me to meet his new apprentice, and I made sure I was here on time."

"Well I'm met, now what." Helena asked with a half growl, already feeling her anger boiling close to the surface.

"I'm just a slave who owes his every breath to the tolerance of Lord Baras. He said to introduce you to Dromund Kaas." He said nervously.

"Get on with it man, I don't have all day." Helena spat out.

"Of course, my lord, you don't have to tell me twice. Lord Baras ordered me to encourage you to explore Kaas City. Imperials maintain the order, but they won't bother you. When you are ready, Lord Baras will meet you in his personal chambers, and I hope you will tell him I served you well?"

Helena narrowed her eyes and smirked at him. "If you can make sure to be out of my sight within two seconds, I might let you live, that's all you're going to get from me."

The man visibly gasped and doubted a moment before he ran. "Too slow." Helena said as she buried her lightsaber into his body.

Vette's eyes widened at that. "Wow, didn't take you long to start the Dromund Kaas death toll."

Helena smiled at her companion. "I'm sorry, but he was grating on my nerves. I hope I didn't scare you too much."

She smiled at that. "Of course not, I'm used to these things from you. I'm just glad you don't have these outbursts against me."

"Why would I, I've grown used to your quirky and funny nature that I don't even notice that anymore."

Vette smiled brightly at her as they got into a taxi service to the Citadel. "Thanks, you're the coolest."

Helena smirked at that. "I know, thank you Vette."

"And so modest too, I guess that comes with being a Sith." She said with a teasing wink.

She smirked again and relaxed into the chair a little as Dromund Kaas flew by below them.

When they arrived at the Sith Sanctum, Vette hid behind her Master a bit. "It's so huge, do you think they were compensating for something when they built this."

"Nobody knows, all I know that all of this pompous bullshit is already grating on my nerves. Let's just go and meet my Master and do what he wants." Helena said softly.

Vette nodded and made sure to stay close to her Master, following her through the halls of the Sith Sanctum.

Helena on her turn was telling the truth when she said it was already grating on her nerves. She became Sith to kill her enemies and satiate her lust for combat, not to play politics for a bunch of Darth's that had so many secret agenda's that she got a headache from just thinking about it.

As they entered the ante chamber of her Master, Helena was getting a bit nervous. She got a bad feeling from her Master back on Korriban, and that feeling only got stronger the more time she spent with him.

"Ah apprentice, how good of you to join me, and I see you've decided to keep the slave, I hope she amuses you. Now on to business. Your responsibilities will bring you into contact with my various minions. Meet my directives and you may do as you will to anyone you encounter, adversary or ally." Baras said without turning to them.

"I will use my best judgement, master." Helena said confidently.

Baras nodded and turned to them. "I have built a vast network of spies and operatives embedded throughout the Sith, Republic and Jedi alike. I have hands eyes and ears everywhere."

"And what am I to be, a hand, eye or ear?" Helena asked a bit confused.

"You are my enforcer, deployed to protect my interests, intimidate my rivals and destroy my enemies. It is time for your tenure to begin. A military starship is touching down at the Kaas City cargo port, it brings a vitally important prisoner to me. You will meet the officer in charge, Commander Lanklyn there and make sure he and his men successfully off-load this prisoner." Baras said with a creepy voice.

Helena smirked at him. "If you're sending me you must be expecting trouble."

Baras only nodded at that. "We must always assume that we are being plotted against, especially when the stakes are high. Now go, and return to me when you are finished. We have much to do."

Helena nodded and bowed before she left the chambers with Vette in tow.

When they were out of hearing range Vette pushed herself closer to the Sith. "Don't take this the wrong way, but that guy really gives me the creeps." She said in a whisper.

"He has that effect on me too, and if he wants to use me as his enforcer, we will probably be sent to the far reaches of the known universe, to silence his enemies and enforce his will, but eventually I think he will betray us, so we will have to be wary." She said as she wrapped an arm around the Twi'lek.

"Well, if that does happen, we'll get through this together, you know we are an amazing team." Vette said with a smile.

Helena smiled at that as they stepped into the taxi to Kaas City. "I know we are, and there are few people I would rather have by my side then you."

"When you say few people, how many are we talking here, cause you know it makes me feel special that you think of me that way." Vette said with a slight blush.

"The few people I trust as much as you are my four sisters, and that really doesn't count since they are my family. You are my best friend." Helena said with a smile, while she added something to that inside of her mind. "amongst other things. Love interest is one, invader of my dreams, another, and of course let's not forget the one reason I tend to smile and push back my violent urges."

Vette only smiled and cuddled into her. "You are my best friend too, and I like to think you are my family, since I have no way to find out where my sister and mother are, if they are even still alive."

Helena only smiled at her. "I would gladly be your family until we have the means to find yours."

Vette's smile brightened at that. "We're a quirky family though, the Sith and the slave, would make one hell of a holo-novel."

"You are not a slave Vette, and as I said before, as soon as I am able to do so, I will take that shock collar from you, and then we will burn it, cerimoniously if you want." Helena said seriously.

"I know you said that, and I know you will, I was only teasing you a bit." The Twi'lek said with a wink.

Helena smiled as they got into the taxi once again. "I still think it would have been easier to have that conversation via a secured holo. It would have saved us a whole lot of time."

"It's probably part of the Sith way of over-complicating things, and I'm glad that you are different from them." Vette said with a smile.

"Oh don't worry Vette, you'll find out soon enough that I'm actually a very laid back person, except when it comes to battle, then I tend to get carried away." Helena said with a smile.

Vette only smiled as they touched down at the spaceport and made their way to the docking bay, arriving just in time to see the Imperial soldiers unload the man in carbonite.

"Hey Captain Oblivious, Boo." Vette said as they were within hearing range.

The commanding officer startled a bit, making Helena and Vette smirk at each other. "Oh, I didn't see you there, Lord Baras didn't need to send a welcoming party."

"Apparently Darth Baras feels otherwise. Take it and leave here, I don't want to stay here any longer than necessary." Helena said with a growl.

"Of course my Lord, at once. Men take that oversized block of ice and fall in." Commander Lanklyn said to his men.

Hearing someone behind them Helena grabbed her lightsabers and turned around. "Not so fast. My master ordered that block of ice, and it is coming with me. Surrender it and no one will get hurt." A man said with a smirk.

"Your master is going to be disappointed. I have no qualms in ending you here and now to get what I want." Helena said as she ignited her lightsabers.

The man only smirked as he drew a gun, but was not quick enough to dodge Helena's attack as she rend him in half, Vette making quick work of the sniper that laid in wait.

That left only one man and before he could run Helena choked the life out of him. "Pathetic, not even a real challenge." She scoffed before turning to Lanklyn. "Perhaps I didn't make myself clear, move that block of ice to the Sith Sanctum before I give my lightsabers another test on you."

Lanklyn paled and bowed before ordering his men to the Sith Sanctum.

Once they were out of earshot Helena pulled Vette into her side. "You were amazing back there, Vette." She said with a smile.

Vette blushed a little from the praise and relaxed in Helena's arms. "What can I say, I've been able to handle a blaster for as long as I have been able to remember, and it has helped me a lot in staying alive, but I guess now I have my very own Sith to protect me."

Helena smiled at that. "I will always protect you Vette. No one will ever hurt you again, not as long as I'm around."

Vette's blush intensified as the entered the taxi yet again. "One would always say the big bad Sith had a crush on me."

Helena blushed at that. "Perhaps, but even if I did it would be a bit too soon to admit it, now would it."

"I guess you're right, we don't know each other that well yet, so it would do us both good to get to know each other a bit better before we start making confessions." Vette said with a soft smile.

Helena smiled and wrapped an arm around Vette's shoulder as they travelled towards the Sith Sanctum.

When they were on their way to the Dark Temple a few days later, Vette and Helena were both getting increasingly more nervous. The Dark Temple was known to drive people mad and they were ordered to go right to the heart of it.

Vette glanced at her Sith companion and was a bit worried with the look she had on her face. Just yesterday she almost single handedly caused a massacre at the estate of a renegade Sith Lord, and left only his wife alive. She had noticed how much Helena seemed to revel in the carnage and couldn't help but feel attracted a bit more to the red head.

"Are you nervous Vette?" Helena asked softly.

"Not really, I've just heard stories of the Dark Temple while I was in the slave pens and while I know nothing in there will hurt me while you are with me, I heard it tends to drive people mad."

Helena smiled at her. "You'll be fine Vette, you've got a strong mind, otherwise they would have disposed of you right after they took you prisoner. I think it was fated that we would meet there."

Vette smiled at that. "Perhaps, but only time will tell what happens to us next, first we have to survive the temple, and after that we will see."

Helena only nodded as the Temple came into sight, and she immediately started thinking about the best line of approach, but when she heard a familiar crackle of lightning and noticed the bodies already littered across the grounds, she and Vette silently made their way to the Temple entrance.

"I think my dear sister has beaten us here, or at least another Sith." Helena said with a smile.

Vette only nodded as they made their way to the Temple, and by now Helena could feel Roshana's presence nearby, which made her smile.

Grabbing her lightsabers and flashing Vette a smile, Helena charged forward to cut down one of the survivors that tried to attack her sister from behind.

Roshana noticed and flashed her sister a smirk before continuing into the temple, and it didn't escape Vette that Helena got a similar smirk on her face. "What was that all about, doesn't she want to talk to you?"

Helena smiled at her. "This just became a contest, my dear Vette. The first one to conclude their business in the Temple will have a favor owed to the other, we've done this since we were little girls, and as it stands now I'm in the lead, and I would like to keep it that way." She said before charging after her sister.

Vette smiled and quickly followed the redheaded Sith before she got out of sight.

They cut their way through the crazed people that attacked them inside the temple, and by now Helena had gained a substantial lead on her sister.

When they reached the inner Sanctum of the Temple where the Ravager was stored, which was the object Darth Baras had ordered them to procure. "This is almost too easy. Roshana will certainly be pissed about the fact that I won again."

"Let's not get ahead of ourselves here, we still have to beat her back to the Sith Sanctum if you want to make this count." Vette said with a smile.

"Oh aren't you clever, but you're right, we'll meet up with her at the Sanctum, let's go." Helena said with a smile.

Vette nodded and followed her Sith back to the nearest taxi pad, shooting down a couple more crazy people on the way when they threatened to attack them, or were actually stupid enough to attack them.

Within the hour they were back at the Sith Sanctum, where a smirking Roshana was waiting for them. "Well, well, look who finally showed her face. It seems you lost this one Helena."

Helena only smirked at her. "It seems so Roshana, but I am quite willing to concede defeat on this one, given I won our last three contests."

Roshana shrugged and smirked at her sister. "Maybe, but I think you'll agree with me that from now on our contests will become a lot more interesting, wouldn't you agree?"

"I think they will sister, but if you would excuse us, we have a package to deliver to my master. I'll see you soon." Helena said as she betrayed a smile.

Roshana smiled as well. "We have business with my master as well, take care Helena." She said before walking into the Citadel.

Helena smiled as her sister walked away before she walked to Vette. "Ready to get this over and done with?"

Vette nodded and followed her friend as they made their way to Darth Baras' chambers.

As they entered they could see the large man standing in front of a table where another man was strapped to, and it seemed he had already been tortured.

"I was successful, Master, I have retrieved the Ravager." Helena said softly.

"Very good, my apprentice, you have made me a very happy man today. This wretch is a Republic Agent and I want information from him, and the device you have brought me will help me. In his current condition we will have a few minutes to play with him until the Ravager will turn his brain into liquid." Darth Baras said with an audible smirk.

Helena handed over the Ravager to her master and retook her place beside Vette, ready to shield the blue skinned Twi'lek if needed.

Vette mouthed a quick thank you as Darth Baras applied the Ravager to his victim, and when she saw what the device did, she quickly turned into Helena's robes.

The interrogation seemed to go on for hours, and by the time it was done Baras heaved a heavy sigh before turning to the pair. "Nomen Karr, that is a name I grow tired of hearing. He is my oldest and most hated enemy who infiltrated the Sith and nearly killed me when I rooted him out. If his Padawan is able to see through disguise so easily, she must be stopped. By any means necessary. You will be the one to do this, and since it will most likely take you to the far reaches of the galaxy. I have ordered a ship to be made ready for you. See this ship as my gift to you, my apprentice. Go to my personal hangar in the spaceport and claim it, we will speak about my next move when you are on board."

"Of course, my master." Helena said with a bow before she and Vette made their way outside.

Vette looked up at her Sith and smiled at the look of glee on her face. "Your own ship, that's amazing."

Helena smiled at her as they stepped into the taxi. "I know right, finally we have somewhere to kick back and relax. It feels like we have been running around for ages already."

Vette only nodded at that, although Helena could see there was something else on her mind. "Don't worry Vette, as soon as we take off, I'm going to remove that collar." Helena whispered in the Twi'lek's ear.

"You're the best." Vette said softly.

Helena smirked at that. "I know, you've told me that before."

Vette shook her head as they arrived at the spaceport, where they quickly made their way to the hangar, both of them gasping a little when they saw the ship. "Would you look at that, we're travelling in style now." Vette said with a bright smile.

Helena only nodded as they made their way to the ship, both of them giggling like little girls when the ramp lowered for them.

When they saw the interior of the ship, they had to smile. It was not luxurious by any means, but they felt at peace in it, or in Helena's case, as much as peace as she could be, and the red haired Sith knew this was the beginning of a very interesting trip for the pair of them.