Legacy of the Highgates

C6: The Emperor's Downfall

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A few weeks later Helena was relaxing in her personal quarters on her sister's Destroyer, with of course her two lovers in her arms, the two naked girls sleeping soundly against her equally naked body. They had made passionate love for a very long time, and it showed in the amount of love bites the Sith had left on her two lovers.

She knew this peaceful moment couldn't last, mainly because they were on their way to Dromund Kaas to face the Emperor and although it was Cordelia's mission to end him, the four of them, together with their Force Mates were going to finish this, and the best part was that the Dark Council already had a plan in place to replace him, and thus were okay with this plan.

The Legacy was currently docked near the Imperial Fleet, while they were waiting for word of the Council that they could depart to Dromund Kaas.

"Are you nervous love?" Vette asked softly.

The red haired human smiled at her two lovers. "Of course I am. It's not every day that you go to take down the one you have sworn your allegiance to. But I know this has to be done so that we can start reforming the Empire."

"We'll be by your side the entire time, you know that right?" Jaesa said with a soft smile.

Helena smiled at that, but knew there was something they still had to talk about. "Actually, there is something very serious we need to talk about. When we face the Emperor it will only be me and my sisters. Kira, Nadia and Ashara will also stay here, and I hope you two will do the same. We all want to keep our Force Mates safe and between the four of us we know we can defeat him. It would certainly set my mind at peace knowing that you two are safe."

The two girls shared a quick look and smiled at their lover. "If you can promise that you will stay safe and come back to us, we will stay here."

"I promise to try and stay safe, my lovelies. You know I cannot give any guarantees at this moment. We don't know what we will face since no one has seen the Emperor in centuries." Helena said with a soft smile.

"We know, that's why it will be so hard to let you go. Will you at least stay with us until you have to go?" Vette asked softly.

Helena smiled and kissed them both softly. "There is no place I would rather be than at your side, my loves, I'm sure the others are doing exactly the same at this moment."

Vette and Jaesa smiled and cuddled into her a bit more. "Honestly I don't care about what the others are doing, we have everything we need right here." Jaesa said as she softly caressed Helena's side, which the two girls had discovered was a bit of a weak spot for the Sith, and as expected Helena squirmed a little from their touch.

"What's wrong love, don't like it when we touch you?" Vette asked innocently.

"Of course I do, I just hate it when you two are intent on tickling me. You know I'm ticklish." Helena said with a pout.

The two girls smiled and each straddled one of their lover's legs. "But you look so adorable when you try not to laugh, not to mention how adorable you look when you pout." Jaesa said with a slight husk to her voice.

Helena smirked and relaxed against the mattress, for once content to be pampered by her lovers.

Vette and Jaesa shared a knowing look with each other and bent down to kiss the red head, both of them kissing their way down her body. "When you get back from this, there is something very important we want to talk to you about, but first we will give you an extra incentive to come back to us." Jaesa said before she latched on to one of Helena's erect nipples, making the red haired human moan loudly as Vette did exactly the same on the other side.

Helena was in several forms of heaven from the treatment she was getting from her Force Mates. They always knew exactly what she needed at any time they made love together. She still wondered how she could have been so lucky to have two of the most beautiful women in the galaxy in her arms and in her bed every night, bonded together through the Force in a way she had never even imagined.

They saw that their lover was thinking of something and it was at times like this Vette envied her two lovers, because she was not Force sensitive. Jaesa always seemed to know what their lover was thinking, and even though she always shared it with the petite Twi'lek, she couldn't help but feel a little shut out.

Jaesa noticed this as well and gave a wink to Helena, who smiled at her. In a blur Vette was trapped beneath her red haired lover, while Jaesa took a seat at the edge. "I felt your envy love, you should never think you are less than us because you don't share our connection to the Force. I want to show you that you can feel the same things Jae and I can. I want to help you to tap into your potential, will you let me?" She asked softly.

Vette blushed and nodded, which earned her a bright smile, the biggest she had ever seen on her Sith lover, who kissed her deeply as she felt something in her mind. She closed her eyes and saw a myriad of colors in an explosion of her senses, feeling something more than just her lover at this very moment. She felt both Helena and Jaesa in her mind, and she clearly felt the love they both had for her, and that they were going to make sure the three of them would be together forever.

When she reopened her eyes what felt like an eternity later, she saw the faces of her two lovers smiling brightly at her. "What just happened?" She asked softly.

"We shared a little bit of our connection with the Force with you so we could awaken your hidden Force potential. It's not enough to make you Jedi or Sith, but it will let you share in the full potential of our bond, you will be able to feel everything we feel when it comes to the three of us." Jaesa said softly.

Vette smiled and kissed them. "I can feel it, is this what you feel when we're together? It feels amazing. It's like you two are touching me at the same time."

"It's a pretty cool feeling isn't it love? we always feel like this when we touch you, and now so will you." Helena said before pulling the Twi'lek into a deep and passionate kiss.

Vette moaned loudly and relaxed into the kiss while Jaesa cuddled up to them, content to let them have their little moment of peace.

Eventually they ended up in their usual position, with Vette in the middle and the two human girls claiming her shoulders and lekku.

"When this is all said and done, I have something important I want to talk to you girls about, and the only reason I don't want to do this now is because it would affect my focus in the coming fight." Helena said softly.

They smiled at her. "We understand love, we can wait until you are back with us." Vette said softly.

Helena smiled and cuddled a little bit more into her lover, content to be close to her two lovers at the moment.

A few days later Helena was summoned to the bridge, and since her two lovers were sound asleep next to each other, she walked the halls of the ship alone.

When she walked onto the bridge, she was greeted by the sight of her twin sister, who was surprisingly without Ashara by her side, talking excitedly with their Master, Darth Zash, and although they were both Darth's and on the Dark Council, they both couldn't help but still see the blonde woman as both their Master and mother figure.

Cordelia and Victoria were of course present as well, and to her surprise Kira and Nadia also weren't present.

"Ah Lena, how good to finally grace us with your presence, you were finally able to pry yourself away from your mates." Roshana said with a teasing smirk.

Helena smirked at her sister as she gave her a hug. "Keep talking Shana, I would love to see how you would fare with two mates, you have trouble enough keeping up with your mate."

Roshana blushed a little at that as she slapped her sister on her shoulder, much to the amusement of the others.

"Now, now girls, don't bicker. There will be ample opportunity to vent your frustrations. Right now the Dark Council is calling.

The two Darth's smiled and made their way to the holo, adapting their most political faces.

When the Council Chamber blinked into view, Marr addressed them. "Darth Sin, Darth Wrath, good of you to join us at this time. We have spoken about what needs to happen, and we have received word that the Emperor will be on Dromund Kaas for a few days, so your best opportunity to strike is at hand. We as the Council have been in contact with the Jedi Council on Tython, and are working on a lasting peace between the Jedi and the Sith. We are certain that the Empire and Republic will follow. There is little cause for to continue the war when it was started on a lie. For the first time there will be a lasting peace against a common enemy."

"We understand Darth Marr, we will make our way to Dromund Kaas immediately, and will report to the Council when this is done." Roshana said with a smirk.

Darth Marr nodded at them. "That was a given, and you are to bring your sisters as well. It will help the rest of the Council see this is the path to take."

They both nodded as Darth Marr signed off. "We should prepare, we'll set course for Dromund Kaas immediately. I suggest taking that time to tell your girlfriends how much you love them." Roshana said as she turned to her sisters.

They all nodded and gave each other a hug before they made their way to their own chambers, except for Helena and Cordelia, who made their way to one of the training rooms. "Our last fight has been a while Cordy, but we should keep to lightsabers only. We shouldn't exhaust ourselves this close to the battle."

Cordelia nodded and smiled at her. "I was thinking the same thing, I've never felt more nervous about a battle."

Helena smiled at her sister. "I can imagine, it is the Sith Emperor we are talking about, the most powerful Sith to ever exist. Facing him would scare anyone, so are you sure you want to do this now, I think we would be more benefited by a heart to heart."

"I guess you're right, Kira doesn't want me to fight anymore, and once this is over I will do just that, I'm done with all this fighting." Cordelia said once they had taken a seat on one of the benches.

"As funny as it may sound, so am I, and that is why once we are back, I will ask my mates to marry me, and then we will go on a nice honeymoon to a tropical planet for at least a month." Helena said with a soft smile.

Cordelia smiled at that. "And after that? We can't just expect to be done with all of this once the Emperor is dead."

She smiled at that. "Well, I suspect we have to appear in front of the Jedi Council at some point, to show that we are sincere about wanting peace between the Jedi and the Sith." Helena said softly.

"And do you want that peace Lena? Could you live without the challenge of fighting a Jedi? I heard what you did to Master Xerender."

Helena smiled softly at her. "I really tried to spare him, I really did, but he didn't want to listen to reason. Ever since I met Vette and later Jaesa I have tried to tone down my violent urges, and I succeeded to a degree, but I think they will always be there, like they will be with you. We are just like that. We can't live without battle. But yes, I want this peace, more than anything."

"You're probably right, we've fought too much to ignore those urges, I guess we can always fight each other when the need arises, at least then we will know it's safe, because for all our fighting, we would never really hurt each other." Cordelia said softly.

"Why would I hurt my big sister. I love you Cordy." Helena said with a soft smile.

Cordelia blushed a little and smiled at her sister. "I love you too Lena. I could never forgive myself if I hurt you. But I think we've been sappy for long enough, how about we get a bit of practice in."

Helena nodded and made her way to the floor, igniting her sabers on the way, while Cordelia followed her with a smirk.

The two sisters spent a few hours training and having fun with each other, and when they made their way back to their rooms, they were sweaty, tired and content. Just before they parted they made gave each other a big hug and a knowing smile.

A few days later they docked at the Dromund Kaas spaceport, and were currently thinking how they were going to smuggle their Jedi sisters to the Temple, which was the Emperor's residence on Dromund Kaas.

As Roshana and Helena were bickering about ways to get their sisters planet side, Victoria just smiled serenely and intervened. "I can easily cloak Cordelia and myself until we arrive at the Temple. There is no need to make this any more complicated than it is."

The two sisters glared at her. "Why do you always need to interrupt our fun Vickie. You know we like to bicker from time to time." Roshana said with a pout.

Victoria smiled at them. "I know, but we don't have time to do this today. I think mother will agree with me on this."

"I certainly do Victoria, you four stand at the start of a new era for both Jedi and Sith, and as benign as your bickering may be, we just don't have the time." Zash said with a motherly smile.

The two girls pouted a little but nodded none the less. "Yes Mama, we'll stop, for now." Roshana said with a smile.

Zash smiled at them. "Now, it's time for you four to go. Be safe, my daughters. I have a nice surprise for all of you when you get back."

They nodded and Victoria cloaked both Cordelia and herself, to a point that even Helena and Roshana couldn't feel them anymore.

They made their way to the Temple quickly, not wanting to tempt fate too much. The Emperor was the most powerful Sith in the known galaxy, and to defeat him they were going to need more than luck alone.

The moment they entered the Temple, they all felt an overpowering presence that was trying to enter their mind. "Foolish children, you do not know what powers you are meddling with. No man or woman can defeat me, I am eternal, immortal and all powerful. Turn back now and I might spare your lives for this mistake."

Victoria dropped her cloaking and looked around, still with the most serene look on her face, albeit a deadly serious look. "He knows we are here, but he doesn't know that it will be his end if he faces us. He is too confident in his abilities. He believes himself to be immortal, but while he is powerful, he is still a mere mortal."

"Then lets go and see if he wants to play with us. I've been dying for a true challenge." Both Helena and Cordelia said with a smirk.

Roshana and Victoria smiled at them and followed Helena to the inner sanctum while Cordelia kept an eye out for anyone that could strike them in the back.

After a few minutes of cutting down the guards that were in the direct area of the inner sanctum, they walked into the room, which was every bit of imposing as they had expected the Sith Emperor's chambers to be.

"Foolishly you have come here, despite my warnings. Look upon me and see Death. I have seen more, experienced more than anyone that has ever lived in this galaxy. Come and test your mettle." He said as he stepped down from his throne.

Helena and Cordelia smirked at him and shared a look with their sisters, who nodded at them. The two girls then ignited their lightsabers and charged the Emperor, a Force shield surrounding them both.

For all his experience and bluster, the Emperor just was no match for the ingenuity and numbers gain the four girls had on him, and the fight was over before it even got started.

"Such a shame, I had really hoped this would be more of a challenge, let's collect something to prove we ended him and call it a day. I get a weird feeling in this room." Roshana said softly.

"So do I, it's almost as if his presence still fills this room." Victoria said in an equally soft tone.

They all heard a bone-chilling laugh. "I said you couldn't kill me. I am eternal. You may have killed my vessel, but as ever, my spirit will endure. This is not the last time we will meet. And the next time I will be ready." The voice said before it noticeably dissipated, and at the same time, the room began to shake and crumble.

"Take my hands, I'll take us back to the Legacy safely." Victoria said as she held out her hands for her sisters to take.

Of course the three girls did as they were told, and in a flash of golden light they were teleported to the Legacy as the chamber collapsed around them.

When they reappeared on the bridge of the Destroyer, they were surprised to see their lovers and friends waiting for them, although they appeared behind them.

Roshana motioned her sisters to be silent while she snuck up to their mother. "Did you miss us mother?" She whispered in Zash' ear.

Zash startled and jumped almost a foot into the air, clutching at her chest. "Shana, don't scare me like that." She said before pulling all four of them into a bone-crushing hug.

The four girls groaned softly as their lovers joined them, Vette and Jaesa draping themselves across Helena's shoulders, knowing their lover could handle the weight of both of them.

"As much as we like to be back here, we rather not be crushed to death by your affections now that we defeated the Emperor, although he gave us a final warning of sorts before he departed." Victoria said serenely.

The gathered women took a step back and gave the girls some space, except of course for Kira, Nadia, Ashara, Jaesa and Vette, who took their place next to their Force-Mates.

"The Emperor is dead Mama, we did it. For all his silence and fear mongering he was no match for the four of us." Roshana said with a smile.

"I'm glad to hear that everything went so smoothly. I'm so proud of you." Zash said with a smile.

They smiled at that. "Do we have to report to the Council immediately or did we have time to wind down a bit, because we are tired from this battle even though it didn't take long." Victoria said softly.

Zash smiled at her. "Of course you can rest a bit. I'll make the preparations with the Dark Council and the Jedi Council, although we have to go to Korriban first, mainly because the Dark Council wants the report"

They nodded and hugged her before they led their lovers back to their rooms, giving each other a tired smile before they entered.

The moment Helena was alone with her lovers and they were in bed, the two girls cuddled up to her. "We're so glad that you are okay, love. We were really worried about you."

Helena smiled and kissed them softly. "I'm glad to be back in your arms as well. You two were all I could think of when we were fighting the Emperor, but do you two mind if we take a nap, I'm dead off my feet after that battle."

Jaesa and Vette smiled and gave her a soft and loving kiss before cuddling up to her, all three of them smiling softly as they fell asleep.

The next day the four sisters and their lovers made their way back to the bridge, mostly so that Victoria and Cordelia could see their arrival to Korriban.

"For everything I have read about Korriban, I expected a lot more from it. It just looks like another desert world, although not as much as Tatooine was." Cordelia said with a smile.

Helena smiled at that. "The only reason the Dark Council chose Korriban as their seat of power is because the planet has a natural affinity to the Dark Side, just like Tython has a connection to the Light Side. It is true that not much happens here, but a lot of influential Sith Lords are buried here, so that makes it perfect for training new Sith."

Cordelia smiled at her. "I guess you're right, it's just weird to think that Sith don't become one with the Force."

"I've found that the Sith are not that different from us. Legacy is very important to them, and preserving the way of the Sith comes with preserving the Legacy, they go hand in hand." Roshana said as she and Victoria joined them.

"If you put it like that, I guess you're right. But I think we should get a move on, we wouldn't want to keep your colleagues waiting." Victoria said serenely.

Everyone nodded and made their way to one of the Fury's, so they could fly down to planet side.

When they entered the Dark Council Chambers an hour later, the four girls stayed close together, although Roshana and Helena did need to take a seat.

"Darth Sin, Darth Wrath, report your mission." Darth Marr said as he opened their meeting.

"The Emperor is dead, at least in his current form. It turned out he used a vessel for his power and his spirit has fled somewhere. He said he would come back. I think we should not wait any longer and reach out to the Jedi, which are the reason my sisters are here. Darths of the Council, may I present to you, Master Victoria Highgate, the Barsen'thor and Master Cordelia Highgate, and two people without who we could never have defeated our former Master." Helena said with a smile to her two sisters.

"You can't be serious Marr, to make peace with the Jedi is treason." Darth Ravage said outraged.

"By our old rules perhaps, but we as the Dark Council now need to work together to write new laws for the Empire. No more fighting amongst ourselves, those times are over, and if anyone of you has any objection to that, I suggest you take it up with either Sin or Wrath." Marr said seriously.

As expected none of the gathered Darth's had any objections. "That's what I though. Darth Wrath, Darth Sin, given your kinship to these two Jedi, I hereby ask you to go to Tython and present the offer of peace to the Jedi Council. I will update you on the current state of affairs when you get back, because we feel you all have deserved some time off. See it as a gift for everything you have done for us." Marr said stoically.

The two girls nodded and after taking Victoria's hands, they teleported to Roshana's Destroyer once again.

Their trip to Tython was a lot less confrontational than their trip to Korriban had been, but that was mostly because Victoria's sway in the Council, and the offer of peace with the Sith Empire was accepted without much opposition, and right now all four of them had gathered on the bridge of the Destroyer. "So I guess this is it, we've finished our assignments, and I for one think we have earned a holiday. So what I am going to do is get my two lovers and take the Fury to go to a nice tropical planet." Helena said matter of factly.

"We understand Lena, I hope you won't mind if we call you if anything big comes up." Roshana said with a smile.

She nodded and gave her sisters a big hug before she made her way to her quarters, only one thing in her mind right now.

When she entered the room, Jaesa and Vette were curled up against each other, but clearly awake and waiting for her. "It's good to have you back again, love. I hope everything went okay."

Helena smiled and nodded. "The Empire and the Republic are at peace, and we will finally go on our holiday. But before we go there is something important I want to ask you two. I have thought long and hard about how I was going to ask this, especially when you throw in our Force-Mate bond, but Jaesa, Vette, will you marry me?" She asked softly.

The two girls smiled brightly and flung themselves at her, both of them kissing their lover deeply. "I can't get why you would be so nervous to ask us this. Of course we will marry you. We love you more than anything and we want to be with you forever." Vette said softly, while Jaesa nodded vigorously.

Helena smiled and kissed them deeply, letting herself fall to the bed with the two girls in her arms. "You can't believe how happy I am to hear you two say this. I was so worried that you two were going to say no for some reason."

Vette and Jaesa both smiled at her. "Love, we could never deny you. You should know that by now." Jaesa said softly.

Helena only smiled and cuddled up to her two lovers. "We do have a surprise for you. We both know how much you loved your home on Alderaan, and now that the civil war is over and the Empire and Republic are at peace, Zash pulled some strings and arranged homes for everyone on the planet, far away from civilization so that you and your sisters will not be bothered by those idiotic people that shunned you, and the best part is that the homes are big enough that our beloved Fury can be beside it at all times." Vette said with a bright smile.

Helena smirked at them. "Well, then I think we should go to our Fury and go to Alderaan, see it as a honeymoon, because I don't think we need a piece of paper to show everyone that we are married."

The two girls smiled and kissed her cheek softly before they made their way to the Fury, where Vette plotted the course to Alderaan and Helena for the first time in a long time needed some time to herself.

She had to smile to herself at how everything had come together. Finally they had immortalized their legacy, and she was sure that the Highgate Legacy would thrive for a very long time, since their name was now also linked to royalty through Annabella, who had informed them that she and Risha had succeeded on taking the Throne of Dubrillion.