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Need to talk

Gordon Ormerod is a GP doctor at Saint Aidens Royal Free Hospital, he works along side his partners which are Jill Weatherill and Jeff Goodwin, Gordon is married to Caroline, they have two children and they are called Tom and Katie, Gordon works long hours and often him and his wife row, she isn't so keen on her husband working with Jill either, the only female doctor at the hospital, what Gordon doesn't know is that his wife has a gambling addiction and a drink problem, some nights Gordon wouldn't come home at all as he would need to stay at the hospital, but when he did come home then boy would his wife give it to him, telling him that he needed to be home and not work so much, that they needed to spend time together as a family, her nagging got to much for Gordon and he had turned to his colleague Jill, often going to Jill's after work and just offloading to her, there was something there between them though and although he was married, Gordon couldn't seem to keep his hands to himself and had ended up sleeping with his colleague, of course they both felt guilty afterwards as Gordon was married after all but it felt so right, and neither of them wanted it to stop, they knew it was wrong of course they did, but they had started it now, Gordon found it hard at times, if his affair with Jill came out then he have a lot to loose right? He could loose his job, his home, and his kids, they needed to be careful.

Gordon had gotten his children up for school and given them their breakfast, his wife was still in bed, Gordon would drop the children off at school before he went to work, after making sure that they had everything they needed for school, Gordon made his way to his children's school, giving them a kiss goodbye and waving them off, he watched as Tom and Katie skipped into school, he just smiled as he watched them go off with their friends, he climbed back into his car before he made his way to the hospital, it wasn't long until he had arrived, he parked his car in his normal space before he grabbed his medical bag and got out, he noticed that Jill's little green car was in her spot as he just smiled as he knew that Jill was in, he locked his car up as he made his way inside, upon arriving in the reception area, he was greeted by Lizzie, who was her usual bubbly self in the morning, he collected his post before he made his way down the corridor to Jill's office, he knocked on the door before he heard her say enter, he just pushed the door open as he stepped inside.

Jill was just checking the patient list on who she was seeing this morning before afternoon surgery, she heard the knock and told whoever it was to enter, she spun around in her chair before she saw Gordon, she just smiled at him now as she watched as he came towards her, waiting for him to say something now, Gordon just looked at Jill as he walked over now, he stood in front of her as he spoke " you free tonight by any chance?" He asked her, he could do with a chat, something was on his mind, Jill just nodded now at what Gordon asked her " yeah I'm free, meal at my place?" She asked him, he just smiled at that before he nodded " sounds good to me, there something I want to talk to you about " he told her before he saw her face change, he soon added " I just need to get something off my chest that's all, I'll see you tonight yeah?" He said as he needed to prepare for morning surgery that was about to start soon, he just left her office now as he made his way to his own office, Jill just nodded at what Gordon had said as she had so many thoughts going through her mind now, did he want to call it off? Was he regretting what happened? She would just have to wait and see until later on what he needed to talk to her about, she went about her day as she saw her patients now.

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