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Jagi = Korean for Babe/Honey/etc.


Red eyes blinked at the interested sound that his female companion made out loud as she stared quite intently at him – so much so that it caused his heart to beat a little bit faster.

"Kagome?" He tilted his head curiously before smiling handsomely, "Admiring my beautiful face again?"

"Ah," Kagome blinked herself when the slight accent of her boyfriend broke her out of her thoughts, "I will always admire your face, Zen, no matter what happens to it." She answered in a teasing-like tone.

"It can't be helped," Zen sighed dramatically before glancing at the open door to her room with a pout, "I would much like to admire your stunning face up close and personal if I could, Jagi," He winked when Kagome flushed slightly, "However..."

"Yes, you would probably end up on the next flight back home to South Korea if Kaa-san were to catch you..." Kagome paused, trailing off as thoughts of certain... activities crossed her mind.

"You're so cute~!" Zen sighed happily, eyeing her normally pale cheeks redden under his alluring gaze, "You are worth any future scandal, even if it should possibly ruin my career."

"Don't say that," Kagome patted the spot beside her on her bed, which Zen quickly took in order to get as close to his girlfriend as he could (even with her mother and grandfather still in the house), "I did notice something though."

"Oh?" Zen looked down curiously and trembled in delight when she wrapped her arm around his shoulder to pull him closer to her side, "What could that be, Jagi?" His voice lowered suggestively.

"I am sure Han-san will rejoice about this," Kagome laughed when Zen's expression's immediately soured at the mention of the 'Trust Fund Kid', "You have not sneezed even once while you have been here."

Zen blinked again, unconsciously rubbing his nose as Kagome gestured to the large cat that had been lying on her pillow all this time without him even noticing, "I..." He cleared his throat, quite surprised himself, "Well, I can't show my lovely Kagome such a sight as a swollen face, can I?"

Kagome laughed once more, picking up Buyo from her pillow to place the lazy feline on her lap, "Since you have been lodging here at the shrine during your visit to Tokyo, I think you may have built up some immunity to your cat allergies since Buyo is always around."

The actor glanced down at the cat, which simply blinked lazy green eyes up at him in response, "Still, I don't think I can trust them," Zen muttered, reluctantly reaching down towards Buyo when Kagome gestured for him to do so, "Not when the jerk loves them so damn much."

"It's a good thing," Kagome moved closer until their sides were tight against each other, causing Zen to stiffen and flush hotly, "It means you may be able to meet some that are very dear to me," She smiled at the thought of Kirara and Kuroro, "As I am sure that..." She paused for a moment and covered her cheeks to hide her reddened face, "That we may be together for a long time."

Zen instantly wrapped his arms around her, causing her to let out a surprised and embarrassed noise when he could not help himself but to pull her in his lap, "Forever if I can say that," He said while he rested his head against her soft hair, "My lovely Kagome~" He could only smile when she muttered a word, but with a clearly affectionate tone.