You Get Me ---ch 24

Jacen's warm, strong lips eventually ceased their gentle tasting and slipped reluctantly from Tahiri's along with his hands which had been ardently caressing her back. A tingly heat had spread from her center to every tip of her body the instant his lips had crushed hers, and as the kisses became more tender, she was nearly brought to tears. Slowly, she opened her eyes, not quite ready to let go of the passionate intensity of the moment, and found him studying her face intently. He seemed to be waiting for her response, but she found she could not speak—only stare back. Her brain was still too busy processing the fact that he had kissed her and couldn't manage to extend the energy required to form words.

Anakin had sure never kissed her like that!

Her fingers came back up to touch her lips. They felt a bit swollen, but somehow she didn't mind.
Jacen took a step back and cleared his throat.

"Um...," he muttered, the courage that had been coursing through his veins minutes before had suddenly fled at top speed.

Tahiri seemed to be staring at nothing in particular now, her green eyes sparkling as they gazed off into space. He watched as she turned around and walked absent-mindedly over toward the wall by the cliff edge. Should he follow? Did she want him to? He had expected some type of response from her—a smile, a kind word, even a smack would have given him some clue as to what she was thinking right now and saved him from this torture of not knowing.

He shrugged his shoulders and followed behind at a safe distance. He couldn't stand the silence.

"Tahiri?" he said. She looked up at him and so he continued. "I hope that was okay. Maybe I was assuming too much by taking such liberties, but I had come to believe that you felt the same way about me that I've come to feel about you."

Still no response, just her eyes staring up at him with that same unreadable expression, so he kept talking.

"I, um, I just couldn't help myself anymore," he confessed stepping closer to her, longing to touch her again. His hand came up and hovered next to her cheek again, but he didn't make contact. Instead, he dropped his hand and took a deep breath.

"I hope that I didn't offend you, and I...I hope that you'll forgive me if I did. I just...," he paused and his hand itched to pull her into his arms, "I just need you in my life, and I want you... desperately with every bone in my body." He stopped and placed his hands on both of her shoulders. He wanted to look her right in the eyes when he said this.

"Tahiri, I'm falling in love with you," he declared firmly. There. It was said. He'd done what he'd set out to do. He ran a hand back through his hair and said shyly, "Um, any feedback here would be greatly appreciated."

If only she'd say something.
"Tahiri, I'm falling in love with you."

He said it. Love. He loved her. He loved her.

She had been walking in a haze for the past few moments after his heart- pounding kiss, trying to soak it all in and figure out what it really meant. Now with his clear declaration there was no mistaking what it meant.

He loved her.

And she loved him.

Sure, she had tried not to...tried to keep her heart from taking the tumble, but the more she'd gotten to know him the more impossible it had become to keep from falling for him. Not only was he the most handsome man in existence, in her opinion, but his kind and compassionate nature had torn down her defenses piece by piece until her love for him was undeniable.

Something in her snapped. One second she was standing stock still nearly a foot apart from him, and the next she was in his arms, her hands running madly through his hair and then up and down his chest as her lips attacked his with a ferocity she'd never dreamed herself capable of. All she knew was that she'd been waiting for this moment for far too long.
"Jag, I'm sure I saw him go out these doors just a few minutes ago," Jaina called back over her shoulder. "I want to know what happened between him and Tenel Ka."

Jag had a good idea as to what had happened between Jacen and the young Hapan queen but knew if he tried to deter Jaina any longer from finding her brother, she'd grow suspicious. So he let her go.

Jaina swung open the doors, ready to barge outside and find out why her brother had not reported back to her, but instead all she could do was freeze in her tracks.

"Oh. My. Gosh," she gasped in a whisper. "Jag?"

"I'm here," he said stepping up behind her to see what had caused her to halt so suddenly.

She pointed straight ahead and muttered, "Jacen...Tahiri...kissing."

"I'll say!" Jag snickered as he observed the couple outside who were quite oblivious to any onlookers. In fact, they would doubtless not even notice if a bomb exploded right now seeing as how they were deeply involved in their... Was that even legal in this part of the galaxy? he wondered, strangely impressed at the sight of Jacen and Tahiri thoroughly enjoying one another's company.

Suddenly, Jag felt like a sleazy voyeuristic intruder and nudged Jaina aside so he could pull the doors shut again. "Come on, Goddess," he urged. "Somehow I don't think your brother is going to be marrying the Hapan queen."

Jaina stared up at him dumbfounded as he slipped an arm around her waist and led her back into the ballroom. "How did I miss this?" she asked, more of herself than him. "He's my brother---my TWIN brother. Our Force bond...I just don't understand."

"Don't worry about it, Jaina. Sometimes we're simply too close to a situation to see the big picture. Besides, I'm not so sure Jacen understood it all before, but," he added with another glance out the door, "I think it's safe to say he finally figured it all out." He laughed as Jaina cracked a smile.

"Well, he's going to hear about this. He's been blocking me for weeks. I figured it was just his way of dealing with all that's happened to him. I never imagined he and Tahiri..." She trailed off shaking her head as realization dawned.

"Sithspit! I am such an idiot! I've been going on and on about Tenel Ka and Danni Quee in front of Tahiri for days. She probably wanted to rip my tongue out!"

"Well, you can apologize later," he whispered secretively. "I happen to have my own plans for your tongue right now, Goddess."

Jaina glanced up to see Jag's seductive grin and smiled back. "I think I could go for that."

"Good," Jag replied as they continued making their way through the crowd. "And do you think we could maybe try what they were doing back there? It looked rather...enjoyable."

Jaina laughed out loud before coming to a stop directly in front of the Chiss pilot. "You're on... IF you think you can handle it. It looked a little... rough."

"Why do you think I want to try it?"
Jacen's back had slammed into the stone wall when Tahiri had first jumped into his arms, but any pain was quickly forgotten as she fervently covered his mouth with savage kisses and ran her hands all over his upper body and through his hair. Gradually, the touch of her lips and hands gentled, and Jacen didn't know whether to be happy about that or not...until he felt the slow stroke of her tongue.

Oh, yeah... slower was definitely better.
At least the shoes had been good for something. When she stood on her tiptoes, they gave her the extra bit of height she needed to easily reach his mouth. However, she needed to breathe, so her lips grudgingly abandoned his and she laid her cheek against his chest, pleased to hear it pounding as frantically as her own. His arms embraced her tightly as if to say 'I'm not letting you go now', and she snuggled in closer slipping her arms around his waist. She took a deep breath, filling her nose with the pure, male scent of him and sighed deeply.

"Um, I may be going out on a limb here," he said, struggling to catch his breath, "but I'm going to assume this means that you like me just a little."

Tahiri chuckled and tilted her head back to smile at him, only to frown when she looked upon his face. She wiggled out of his arms and gently touched the corner of his mouth. When she pulled it away, he saw the smear of blood on her finger and instantly stuck his tongue out to find the hint of a metallic taste on his lip.

"Did I do that?" she asked in concern.

Jacen raised his eyebrows. "I guess so," he admitted in slight surprise, still licking his lip.

"Oh, Jacen! I'm so sorry!" Tahiri exclaimed with a look of remorse on her pretty face.

He smiled and pulled her back to him. "Don't be. I think I kind of liked it," he added, a bit surprised to admit it. Tahiri laughed and he lowered his face and pressed his forehead to hers.

"Jacen, I do love you," she said softly staring into his eyes. "I tried not to, but you made it so hard. You kept following me around being so...nice. And then you took me on that boat and made me work at the camp, and you told those silly jokes and understood my Vong curse, and then your shirt was off and you said you needed me and taught me how to swim and we were all the water...and—"

Jacen's head was spinning. "Tahiri?" he interrupted, and she looked at him quizzically. "I have no idea what you just said, but I'm going to kiss you again now."

She nodded her acceptance as his mouth claimed hers yet again, this time so tender and full of promise. There was no need to rush. She heard his little moan of pleasure and for some reason found it funny. At the sound of her giggle, which he took as a signal to end the kiss, he reluctantly pulled away.

"What do you say we go back in and finish that dance?" he suggested, knowing that someone would surely come looking for them soon. The thought that somebody might see them in such a position doing such...pleasurable things was enough to let him know they needed to take a break.

But only for a while.

Now that he had her, he didn't plan on letting her go---ever.

Tahiri couldn't tear her eyes from Jacen's deep brown gaze. What she saw reflected back to her was nearly overwhelming in magnitude. She had loved Anakin, and part of her still did...always would, but what she felt for Jacen was different in a way that promised so much more.

"Okay, we'll go dance," she replied. "On one condition."

"What's that?" he asked curiously.

Tahiri stepped back, leaned down and pulled of her shoes holding them right in front of him. "I'll finish the dance as long as I don't have to wear these," she stated with a snarl of pure disgust.

Jacen promptly took the shoes from her, held them up for one last look, and then chucked them forcefully over the wall using a little help from the Force to make sure they landed far, far out to sea.

"Shall we?" he said turning to offer his hand.

Tahiri laughed and accepted his offer. When they reached the doors, Jacen had second thoughts, his body already aching to hold hers again.

"You know, we could ditch this joint and find someplace a bit more private." That Solo grin was plastered irresistibly onto his sexy face.

"Won't everyone wonder where we are?" she countered, secretly hoping he would wear down her defenses as usual.

He sighed and nodded. "Later then," he said, leaning in for another kiss. Right before his lips met hers, something caught their attention out of the corner of their eyes. Turning to look behind them, they were met with the shimmering form of Anakin Solo smiling back.

"Anakin," Tahiri whispered, feeling none of the former guilt or pain she used to feel.

"Sweet Force! That took long enough!" he declared shaking his head.

Jacen and Tahiri glanced at each other in shock and then back to Anakin.

"I don't know which of you two is more stubborn. Good grief, Jace, I brought her right to your room a month ago! Are you that thick-headed?"

Jacen worked his jaw as if to answer, but was stopped when Anakin raised his hand to halt his brother's words. "Oh, well. It doesn't matter now. The will of the Force has finally been fulfilled. You two have finally admitted your feelings and can both move on to what the Force has next for your lives. All in all, I think my work here is finally done."

He paused for a moment and studied the couple in front of him. "Be happy, you two."

"We will, little brother. Thanks to you," Jacen said, with a slight catch in his voice.

With another smile, Anakin vanished, leaving Jacen and Tahiri with the feeling that it was the last time they would see him this way. Tahiri slid her arms around Jacen and hugged him tight, him willingly returning the embrace and adding a sweet kiss to the top of her blonde head.

"Looks like you're stuck with me," she said, her voice muffled against his vest.

Jacen cupped her chin in his strong hand and looked lovingly into her eyes before placing a gently kiss on her mouth.

"Tahiri, there's no place I'd rather be."

The End.
I hope you've enjoyed this story. It was purely for fun and to fulfill my unquenchable thirst for mush! :)