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Series: One Shot

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Beauty and the Alpha
by Red Hope

Chapter 10

"I was concerned for her safety," Anya explained. "Especially since she is Wanheda." She knew that Lexa agreed with Clarke's safety, first and foremost. "I had no idea she would use it on Ryder."

Lexa shifted on the throne and considered Anya's transgression. It was a couple of hours after sunrise, but Lexa had been up for awhile after getting several hours of light sleep last night, thanks to Clarke. First thing, she had returned Clarke's handgun to the armory. And now she was lecturing Anya for forgetting to confiscate it after the horseback ride.

Anya kept her neutral face and gave away nothing to Lexa. She tilted her head. "Lexa, I merely forgot." She stood at attention in front of the seated commander.

Lexa rose from her seat and took the one step off the dais. She stood inches taller than Anya. "Be sure it's the last time you forget," she sharply reminded. "Or I will revoke your authority to go into the armory."

Anya dipped her head in agreement. "Sha, Heda." If Lexa had revoked her authority now, it was worth it to her. Already she smelled a different mood to Lexa. The Alpha in Lexa was much more docile than it had been all during the rut. Something had changed between Lexa and Clarke yesterday. Anya's Omega was inwardly parading at the sheer idea.

Lexa strolled over to one of the tables, her hands behind her back. "We will continue the alliance meetings if Marcus Kane returns today."

"He should."

Lexa nodded. She turned back to the general. "What of Cage?" She was already displeased when Anya's lips twisted in a silent snarl.

"We lost his trail."

Lexa fisted her hands. "He was headed north." She recalled from the last report Anya gave her.

"He may already be in Queen Nia's hands," Anya reasoned. She watched the commander begin to pace between the two tables. "He knows the secrets of the mountain... the missiles."

Lexa growled and tried thinking what to do about Cage. "The missiles are his only value to Queen Nia."

"Then we have to destroy those," Anya concluded. "Which means we need the Skaikru's help." She sighed at the scenarios for the missiles and Queen Nia. "We should discuss it in the meetings."

"I worry the Skaikru will want to reside in the mountain," Lexa softly revealed to Anya.

"That is very unwise, Heda." Anya frowned at such an idea.

"It would be like living in their Ark again," Lexa muttered. She looked at the general finally.

Anya shook her head and checked, "Has Clarke given any indicators that they want to go into the mountain?"


Anya nodded a few times. "Then maybe not." She still smelled the concern from the commander. "The mountain is just as unholy to them as it is to us."

Lexa conceded with Anya's thoughts. She sighed but concluded, "We'll wait and see." She turned when Ryder opened the heavy doors.

"Heda, Skaikru don kom daun." Ryder received a nod so he left the church.

Lexa exchanged a glance with Anya, and they both departed the church together. Distantly, they listened to the villagers' clamor about the approaching Sky people. They went to the village center and only waited for a few minutes before the Sky people entered the town.

"I heard they're back." Clarke and her mother approached Lexa and Anya. She held Lexa's eyes and already assessed the rut's hold on Lexa today.

"Sha." Anya jutted her chin towards the approaching group. "And with more Skaikru."

Clarke scanned the faces coming towards them. She was startled to see that Raven, Monty, and Bellamy had joined Marcus Kane.

"What are they..." Abby dropped it and shook her head. She was sure Bellamy wanted to see Octavia then Raven was plain stubborn. Then there was Monty who cared greatly for Clarke too.

Clarke left everybody's side and went towards the nearing Skaikru party. She was hardly surprised when Raven walked faster and met her halfway.

Raven scooped up the blond haired Clarke Griffin into a strong hug.

"It's good to see you," Clarke whispered in Raven's ear. She withdrew from the hug and smacked Raven's arm. "What are you doing here though?"

"She had to get away from Wick," Monty joked.

Raven rolled her eyes. "Don't bring up that homophobic prick's name."

Clarke was bug eyed and briefly saw that Marcus and guards continued on to Abby, Anya, and the commander. She shook her head and asked, "What did I miss?"

"Tell you later," Raven promised.

Clarke blew out a low breath then went to Monty for a hug. She exchanged her last hug with Bellamy.

"We heard you got hurt," Bellamy brought up. He folded his arms but was curious about Clarke's blush.

"It was an accident," Clarke explained.

"In a bear trap." Monty winced on Clarke's behalf.

"It wasn't a bear trap exactly." Clarke sighed.

Raven clutched her friend's shoulder. "Now we can limp together." She and Clarke indeed started limping towards the larger collective a few yards ahead of them.

Lexa cut her attention to Clarke and her friends, who joined them.

Clarke met the commander's inquisitive eyes and shyly smiled because of her friends. "I hope you don't mind."

"No." Lexa scanned the three friends that were close to Clarke. She suspected Octavia would be excited to see her brother. "We have room."

"Mochof." Clarke turned to her friends and explained, "You have to give up your guns." As if on signal, Briggs and another grounder were collecting them.

Raven rolled her eyes dramatically. "I thought we were past this."

Anya was still beside Lexa and heard Raven's distinct voice. She kept a serious face as she walked over to the group of friends. "I have an open stall in the stable for her." She nodded at Raven.

Clarke bit down a smirk and decided Raven could handle this, for once.

Raven shot a glare at the grounder general before she turned to Clarke. "Is there is nearby bridge that needs blowing up?"

Clarke held up her hands. "I'm not getting into this one."

Anya leaned towards the mechanic and softly threatened, "Blow up another one of my bridges, and you'll be limping with both legs." She wolfishly smiled then.

Raven raised an eyebrow. "Oh, a challenge."

Clarke suddenly inserted herself between the pair. "Okay, children." She pushed Raven back one step by using her shoulders.

"No fun, Princess." Raven grinned at her friend.

Clarke rolled her eyes but stepped aside because Briggs was near them.

Anya returned to Lexa's side and noticed the amusement in Lexa's eyes. "Chit?" she asked in Trigedasleng. She huffed when the commander ignored her.

Lexa rarely saw Anya go out of her way to tease somebody. Plus it was a Skaikru. She waited until Briggs finished taking the Skaikru weapons before she focused on the three Sky leaders. "We will start the alliance meetings after lunch."

Marcus Kane was the first to agree. It would give him a little time to rest before they started the meetings. He also wanted to update Abby about Camp Jaha. With that in mind, he and Abby went to the quarters house.

Clarke also guided her friends too. She knew there was enough space for the three of them. She was grateful that Lexa was willing to accommodate them even though they were not essential to the meetings.

Anya stood beside the commander as the crowd fizzled out. She had briefly met Monty and Bellamy in the past. She tilted her head when she saw how close Bellamy was to Clarke. "Is that the boy she cares for? Octavia's brother."

"Sha," Lexa confirmed.

Anya heard an undertone of envy in the commander's voice. She imagined Lexa's Alpha snarling at the boy's arrival. She nearly poked the Alpha but decided against it. It was enough that Bellamy was here and not just to see Octavia. She shrugged and strolled off to leave Lexa to her own devices.

As the morning wore away, the Skaikru found themselves doing various things. Monty was tinkering on a project that he brought with him. Raven was sleeping in a room by herself. She had hardly slept last night with being on the road. But Bellamy had wrangled Clarke into a tour of little Boyce before they came to the training field. Like Clarke, he leaned against the fence post and watched Octavia train.

"She's getting better," Clarke mentioned. She wondered how long it would be before Octavia could say hello to her brother. Indra was tough as iron nails.

"I can tell too," Bellamy agreed. He cautiously looked over at Clarke. "How are you doing?" He grinned a little. "Besides your leg."

Clarke honestly weighed the question and finally replied, "It's a little better." She realized a lot had to do with Lexa's support. They occasional talked about what happened in Mount Weather, but what helped her was Lexa's constant presence. Together, they had muscled though the war and now they were weathering the aftershock of it. All of it was easier than had she done it alone.

"I still have a lot of nightmares but..." Clarke looked at Bellamy.

"It'll take time," Bellamy encouraged his friend. He looked over at his sister practicing against another second. "I keep telling myself that who we are and who we have to be are two different things."

Clarke sighed because she recalled the first time Bellamy said that to her. She pushed away the memory of Lincoln being strung up and bloody. "I wish I could compartmentalize it like that... but I can't." She looked over at her friend. "I'm still responsible for what I do."

Bellamy reached over and covered his hand over Clarke's forearm. "You're not a monster, Clarke." He thought of Finn, who murdered innocent when he let his monster come out.

Clarke wanted to believe it. Yet, her monster was called Wanheda, and it was hers. "We all have one, Bell." She sighed when he squeezed her arm. She then sensed an approaching presence behind them. Clarke slightly turned but twisted her head around towards the newcomer.

Bellamy followed Clarke's line of sight to the tall, dark commander yards behind them. He curiously looked back at Clarke.

Lexa stood there with her hands laced together in front of her. All her attention was centered on Clarke Griffin. She patiently waited even if it was difficult. Her Alpha's jealous nature had her on edge because of Bellamy's arrival.

"We'll catch up later," Clarke promised Bellamy. Soon they would have the meeting and whatever Lexa needed now could take up her time.

"See ya, Clarke." Briefly, Bellamy watched his friend leave before he turned back to Octavia's training.

Lexa released a strangled breath once Clarke came to her side. Clarke's expectant look made her come up with an excuse. "We have something to discuss before the meeting."

Clarke slotted her eyes yet held her tongue. She instead followed Lexa into town and found herself going up the church's steps. She noted Ryder, who opened it for them.

Lexa slipped past the Sky leader and listened to the door's heavy shut.

"Were you able to sleep last night?" Clarke prompted. She walked between the tables and curiously watched Lexa take off her jacket. Clarke leaned against the left table's edge and folded her arms.

"Sha." Lexa slung her jacket on the throne's arm. She crossed the distance between her and Clarke.

"So, what did we need to talk about?" Clarke was under the impression that their conversations were still limited thanks to the rut. She had grown use to it. But, as she looked up into dark eyes, she knew there was no pending conversation. It was a different kind of conversation with bodies.

"I wish to return the favor last night," Lexa quietly explained.

Clarke's heart instantly palpitated at the offer. She trembled from the excitement that grew in her stomach and ran deeper. "Lexa... I uh..." She shook her head and weakly argued, "I'm not the one in a rut... or heat."

"No." Lexa stepped into Clarke's space. "But I know you have needs as well." She clutched the Sky leader's hips.

Before Clarke knew what happened, she was lifted onto the table's edge and feet no longer on the floor. She gasped and quickly latched onto Lexa's muscular biceps. "What... what are you doing?" Her heart dropped into her belly when Lexa wolfishly smiled at her.

"Returning the favor," Lexa huskily replied. She easily pushed between closed knees and spread Clarke's legs open.

Clarke was breathing hard and quite nervous at the sudden events. She only had to deny Lexa and it would stop. She trusted Lexa, fully. That was hardly the issue. She was just undeniably shaken by Lexa's obvious want for her. The Alpha was peeking out from behind the commander's self-control.

Lexa leaned down to Clarke and offered, "We can wait for another time." She sniffed Clarke's hesitation. "But I thought it'd help us get through the meeting."

Clarke straightened at the thought of the pending meeting. She pushed her hand against the commander's broad shoulder. "I don't think that's going to help you get through the meeting... quite the opposite." A low rumble was the only response.

Lexa straightened up as she capped the Alpha. "Then do you suggest something else?"

Clarke merely answered by reaching for the button at Lexa's pants. "Maybe a redo of last night."

"Clarke," Lexa growled. She covered her hand over Clarke's own to halt her from undoing another button. It was hardly her intent to have Clarke touch her again. However, the look on Clarke's face was a challenge. She swallowed down her next growl and instead countered by reaching for the belt at Clarke's waist. "It's only fair."

Seconds passed before Clarke could actually grasp what was happening to them, in the damn building where they would hold the alliance meetings in a hour. She wanted Lexa to touch her, and she could let Lexa. It was fair now that she had touched Lexa. And maybe Lexa was right, it could help them both focus in the meeting.

"This is so we can get through the meeting," Clarke reminded. However, Lexa's toothy smile made her stomach quiver.

"For the alliance," Lexa growled, playfully. She enjoyed Clarke's brief eye roll. She released Clarke's hand and now was able to work Clarke's leather belt, much like Clarke freed one button at a time on Lexa's pants. "But, you are first," Lexa firmly ordered.

Clarke had only managed two of the five buttons on Lexa's pants, before she lost her chance. Lexa was pressed against her, and she was forced to latch onto Lexa's sides.

Lexa had undone the belt and first button. It only took her a second to figure out the zip on Clarke's jeans.

Clarke shook at the sheer thought of Lexa touching her. A dull throb between her legs grew into a soft ache of need. She was unsure what to expect from Lexa, but these events caught her off guard. Suddenly Lexa leaned down with arms on either side of Clarke.

"We must be quiet," Lexa murmured near Clarke's ear. She lifted her hand and brushed Clarke's beautiful blond strands behind her shoulder. "Ryder will keep others out, but..." Her breath brushed against Clarke's soft ear.

"Quiet... got it," Clarke agreed. "I can do..." She jumped from a the nip against her ear. "Fuck," she hissed loudly and dug her nails into Lexa's shirt. Another shiver skated down her spine and settled between her legs when Lexa growled low in her ear. She was breathing even harder when teeth grazed down her neck and paused at her pulse point. "Lexa," she gasped.

Lexa felt her Alpha tear free in her veins. She continued growling as small yet warm hands went under her shirt and clutched her side. Her Alpha thrived on Clarke's desire for both support and independence. Lexa sucked in a breath then lifted her head until she found Clarke's silky lips.

Clarke pressed hard into the kiss. She moaned when their tongues brushed over and across each other. Ever drop of heat sunk lower in her belly, and she knew she was already undone for Lexa.

After the kiss, Lexa pressed their foreheads together. She opened her eyes to find Clarke's own as dilated as hers. She revealed her canines in a wide smile. Clarke's deep, needy groan caused a rumble in Lexa. She answered Clarke's needs with teasing the top of the black underwear.

Every breath left Clarke more frantic. She watched Lexa's fingertips graze across her lower abdomen. She was overwhelmed by both need and fearful excitement. Without thought, she naturally attempted widening her legs for the commander. But, it was difficult with her feet in the air.

With enough sense, Lexa registered it. She straightened and leaned to her right with an outstretched hand. She grabbed a chair's ladder-back, jerked it around, and brought the seat under Clarke's left boot. The chair provided traction and support for Clarke's injured leg.

For the second time, Clarke was warmed by Lexa's care for her. And the sensation further pooled low in her stomach. She groaned at the strong hand on her side. She was slid to the very edge of the table.

Lexa resumed her earlier position after checking that Clarke was comfortable. She nudged her hand past Clarke's jeans, the underwear still acting as a barrier. She wrangled her Alpha's feral desire to simply take Clarke. She was undeniably curious about Clarke's human body, even in a rut's haze.

With gritted teeth, Clarke clawed Lexa's skin under the shirt. "Fuck," she cussed again. She whimpered after expecting Lexa to go down into her underwear.

For a heartbeat, Lexa distinctly noticed the underwear was unexpectedly damp. Such a strange idea excited her Alpha greatly and caused her to growl. With her thumb, she hooked the underwear's top part and pulled on it.

"Leksa... beja," Clarke demanded. Briefly she had the notion that Lexa was exploring her body. Perhaps a female human was different from the Omegas. The thought died when a callused hand now slipped in through her underwear. She sucked in her breath and stiffened against Lexa's hand.

Lexa was growling in excitement and want for the human. But, she reigned in on her Alpha as she touched Clarke for the first time. With care, she pushed two fingers deeper and parted the soft folds that protected the bud. Instantly her fingertips were coated by warm, slick liquid that was new to her. Again, curiosity swelled in her and in her Alpha so she could hardly contain her next words.

"You are wet here," Lexa murmured. She grinned when Clarke questioningly gazed at her.

Clarke struggled for concentration, slightly lost by Lexa's strange observation. She swallowed and hoarsely replied, "That's normal." She melted at Lexa's wider grin. Most likely Lexa could smell every drop of her excitement.

Lexa put aside her observation of Clarke's human body. She instead slowly pushed her index finger forward against the swollen bud. Her fingertip pushed down, and she tensed when Clarke nearly jumped off the table.

"That's really," Clarke hissed, "Sensitive there." She realized she had latched onto Lexa's wrist to hold her hand still. She loosened her grip and let out a breath. "Try to the side instead of under my clit."

Lexa wondered if she would retain Clarke's Gonasleng word for the swollen bud. She instead focused on the piece of advise and moved the pad of her fingertip to the side of Clarke's clit. Gently at first, she started rubbing the pulsing clit. She was rewarded by Clarke's throaty groan.

Clarke breathing picked up again. She closed her eyes as pressure built down in her belly. She was surprised by Lexa's cautious pace, but it went a little faster each moment. Her left hand fell away from the commander's wrist and clutched the edge of the table.

Every stroke across the clit made Lexa harder. She loved how Clarke's dampness made it so easy to please her. Her Alpha was in the forefront again, and she hungered for more moans. She moved her hand down under Clarke's ass and yanked her forward further so that her larger frame supported Clarke's weight.

Clarke yelped but went with it. She leaned completely on the commander and placed her hands behind her, on the table. She gave Lexa better access and was given faster strokes. She tilted her head back and bit her lip to hold down the louder moans. Soft shocks rippled through her body as heat built in her. A fuzziness settled over her head.

Lexa glanced at Clarke's face and growled at the lust there. Her Alpha howled in pleasure and wanted to mate Clarke even more than before. But, Lexa stayed in control because right now was more than she could ask for from Clarke. Their growing trust swelled proudly in her chest. As if sensing her emotions, Clarke met her gaze and they both felt tied together. It spurred Lexa to satisfy Clarke, and she added soft pressure against Clarke's clit.

A soft yell broke from Clarke, by mistake. She bit her lip to hold the rest down. She began rolling her hips against Lexa's strokes. For a second, she peered down at Lexa's crotch so close to her own and groaned at what more they could be doing. She pushed away the idea because right now was so amazing. Her whimpers crept through until finally she lost the sliver of control. Her orgasm cut through her and the passion made her gasp loud. Sharply her hand shot out and halted Lexa's continued movements. If Lexa went any further then the entire village would certainly hear Clarke.

"S-s-stop," Clarke rasped. She was losing arm strength and barely managed to sit up, but with Lexa's help. She leaned against the commander's strong frame and continued panting until her heart calmed down.

Lexa gently retracted her hand and snaked her arm around the human. She lowered her head and nuzzled blond hair. With closed eyes, she listened to Clarke's breathing and felt the hum in her own blood. Eventually she noticed the soft strokes of Clarke's thumb across her side.

A last deep breath settled Clarke, and she lifted her head from the commander's chest. She grinned at the dark eyes above her. "Mochof," she murmured.

"Pro," Lexa replied. Her voice held a thick timber of a wolf.

"Now your turn," Clarke insisted. Brief temptation to ask Lexa why she found Clarke's wetness different niggled at Clarke, but it could wait for another time. Clarke had more important things to do. Like her fingertips tracing down across Lexa's stomach under the black shirt. Every taut line of muscle made Clarke's fingers tingle in both awe and excitement.

Finally back at the buttoned pants, Clarke slowly worked each round barrier one at a time. Similar to last night, her breathing accelerated in anticipation and slight nervousness. Her mind had yet to truly reconcile Lexa's feminine features with the lower male anatomy inside the tight pants. She pushed aside her own misunderstandings so she could focus on Lexa. All the buttons were freed and pants slightly parted to reveal soft skin that vanished into dark cloth.

Lexa released the human and placed her right on the ladder back. Instinctively, she wanted to help Clarke, who was noticeably still adjusting to the reality of Lexa's body. With patience, she allowed Clarke to take her time. When Clarke questioningly peered up at her, Lexa only held a neutral expression so that Clarke could choose.

After an inhale, Clarke trailed her fingertips along Lexa's warm skin, down past the waist line and between the open fly. In seconds, the base of Lexa's cock halted her fingers so she paused then started closing her hand around the thick shaft. With her other hand, she gently pulled the full length free from the pants' confinement. Lexa's soft yet relieved groan reminded her just how uncomfortable the pants had to be for Lexa.

"I don't know how you walk around like this all day," Clarke spoke, without thought. A soft growl made her grin at the commander. She held Lexa's stare while she gently ran her hands down the length of Lexa's cock. Lexa was already hard, most likely for most of the rut. Last night, after the orgasms, Lexa had only softened for a short time.

For a moment, Clarke stole the chance to observe Lexa's cock since there was far more light now than last night. Again, she gently ran her left hand slowly down the length and took in the details. She still concluded Lexa's girth was more than male humans. There were also very soft ridges along the top of the shaft and a slightly more distinct ring like ridge at the very base that could only be felt, not seen. But similarly to humans, faint veins protruded along the length until the very end. As Clarke's hand made it to the tip, she found no true corona along the glans but a retracted, natural foreskin. Her only other observation was that Lexa strictly had a penis, no testis. Every detail was logged into Clarke's medical mind for later consideration.

Lexa was being patient while Clarke's medical curiosity was somewhat satisfied by the study. She should have felt self-conscious about it, but her Alpha was all too proud. Like Clarke, she knew they had a lot to discuss once the rut came to an end. But for now, their delicate acceptance and strong desire of each other was enough.

Clarke returned her hand to the base and tightened her grip, knowing it would please Lexa. A satisfied groan filled her ears and excited her further. But she kept her hand there and held the rest of the length with her right hand. At an aching pace, she massaged the hard length. The nearby chair's low crack made her glance at it and grin.

Eventually, Lexa slumped forward but used her left arm to hold up her weight rather than subjecting Clarke to it. She nudged her head against the side of Clarke's own and continued growling in pleasure. An unexpected yank of her cock made her snarl louder, her teeth gritted hard. "Jok," she cussed. The resumed massage soothed the feral nature in Lexa's Alpha. She eventually released the chair and was completely bent over the human. She locked her elbows and kept her hands flat against the table on either side of Clarke.

How prone the commander was made Clarke feel elated now. Her skin burned with excitement and every one of Lexa's growls made her heart jump. One heavy pant after another brushed across Clarke's ear. She wondered if she was enjoying this too much.

"Clarke," Lexa breathed, "Beja." As much as the massage felt good, it also kept the smoldering heat at bay rather than satisfying it. She needed more so she could climax.

Clarke gave in after the needy request. She moved her right hand to Lexa's hip and held on for support. With her left, she began sliding her closed hand up and down the shaft at a slow pace. Lexa stiffened for a minute before she desired faster friction. Her hips rocked against Clarke's hand. Clarke increased the pace and squeezed Lexa's hip.

Every growl came deeper from Lexa. She thrust her hips harder to match Clarke's demands. But when she pulled back this time, Clarke jerked on her cock and Lexa snarled low. Her dark eyes were locked on Clarke and the Alpha was ever present by the white of her irises.

Clarke had yet to be intimidated by the Alpha, who she trusted too. She instead coaxed the Alpha by squeezing the end of the shaft. She was pleased when the Alpha rocked her hips forward again, sliding the cock through Clarke's hand. With Lexa so close, she briefly exchanged a heated kiss and then whispered, "Don't stop now."

Lexa answered with a growl. Her Alpha howled at the challenge set in front of her. She obliged the human by drawing her hips back then forward, again and again. She matched Clarke's speedy pace and growled every time Clarke gently pulled on her cock. But she didn't stop once, which only fueled the pleasure in her body.

Clarke was so close to Lexa that each drive forward pushed the head of Lexa's cock close to her still unzipped fly. For a second, she imagined their fooling around going further. But, she closed her mind to it and focused on Lexa's needs. She sensed Lexa's pleasure was nearly to the tip. Clarke added more squeezes up or down, which sent pleasurable shockwaves through Lexa.

Together, they drove Lexa to a breaking point that ended with Lexa's last thrust forward. The pleasing heat washed through Lexa and nearly forced a cry from her lips. Lexa's nails dragged against the wood table. She was breathing hard near Clarke's temple. But her locked knees still weakened after such a rush and to her amazement, Clarke hopped off the table and held her. Even drowning in the Alpha's pleasure, Lexa was warmed by Clarke's concern.

Clarke managed the bit of weight Lexa put on her. Again, she noted there was no ejaculation again. It was simply another thing to talk about later. She held Lexa for at least a minute before Lexa straightened up from the table. She could hardly help her slight smile at seeing notes of green in Lexa's less blown eyes.

"Mochof," Lexa murmured. Most of the hardness in Lexa's cock had dissipated, for now. It would be back soon, but it probably was enough to get her through the meeting.

"My pleasure," Clarke teased back.

The commander wanted to roll her eyes, but she was too drained at the moment to bother. A sudden knock at the door made her slot her eyes. Like Clarke, she had stiffened too but was pleased when Ryder only cracked the door open.

"Heda, Onya hir."

Clarke groaned but curiously waited for Lexa's response. She remembered her own situation so she hastily zipped her fly and fumbled with the button.

"Sen juusen op," Lexa ordered. She was already working herself back into the tight pants.

Clarke did her best not to comment again about the damn tight confines of Lexa's pants. She instead pushed away from Lexa while threading her belt back through the buckle. She stood feet away from the commander, who was now walking towards the throne while she hooked the last button.

Anya entered heartbeats later yet slowed at seeing Clarke already here. She suspiciously eyed the Sky leader and then scented the excitement in the space between Clarke and Lexa. She nearly grinned until the commander spoke to her.

"Chit yu gaf, Onya?"

Anya looked to Lexa, who now faced her. She tucked away her knowledge about what probably happened moments ago between the commander and Clarke. "Oso hon hunta daun."

Lexa fisted her hands. She knew Anya meant the hunter that had set the trap that Clarke stepped into the other day. "Os."

Clarke failed to translate Anya's statement so she narrowed her eyes. "What's going on?"

Anya pensively looked between her commander and the Sky leader. She may have wished to tell Clarke, but it was in Lexa's hands. Perhaps she made a mistake in coming in to tell Lexa, in front of Clarke.

Lexa cut her attention to the Sky leader. "Warriors have captured the hunter that set the trap you stepped into."

Clarke was surprised that the hunter had been caught at all. She inwardly cringed at what punishment may await him or her. "What will happen?"

Lexa linked her hands behind her back. "The law requires that the hunter pays damages to the injured party." She noted Clarke's slightly wide eyes.

Clarke shook her head and asked, "How?"

"For six months the hunter's catches will go to you," Anya replied.

Clarke caught a faint nod of agreement from Lexa. She blew out a low breath. "I... it was an accident."

"It was no accident," Lexa argued. "There is no accident in setting up a trap within village limits."

Anya wholly agreed with the commander. She noted that Lexa's was more loquacious for being in a rut. She thinly smiled at the crisp green in Lexa's eyes that had been gone for days. It was all the confirmation she needed to understand what was transpiring between her commander and her human friend. It was more than she had hoped for months ago when she brought the pair together in a meeting for a rocky alliance against the Mountain Men.

Clarke was pensive and gently asked, "Don't you think it'll be... a bit much to force a grounder hunter to pay a penalty to a Sky person, especially Wanheda? The relations between caine and humans are so fragile right now." She looked between the pair.

"It is our law," Anya argued. "A very old one at that." In the early civilization of caineblidas, the law had started to protect unsuspecting villagers. "Ignoring it would only send the message that it is okay for hunters to trap Sky people."

Clarke sighed at Anya's good point. "What about if a grounder human walked into one? Does the law still apply?"

Anya grumbled at Clarke's deceptive attempt. She could tell Lexa was displeased by it too.

Clarke sensed the frustration from both caine. She blew out a breath and tried explaining, "I'm not discrediting your law, trust me. I agree that letting the hunter get off free would send a bad message but... it's still a political message."

Anya folded her arms and waited for Clarke's resolution.

"What do you purpose?" Lexa offered, with much patience.

Clarke was relieved and nodded at Lexa's open mind. "Maybe just reduce it to three or four months." She looked between the two grounder leaders. "Just present it that me, Wanheda, is feeling merciful. It'll still send the message that there's punishment for breaking the law."

Anya grumbled, inwardly, but she could tell Lexa was leaning towards Clarke's idea. She waited for what she already knew was Lexa's decision.

"Very well," Lexa granted. She looked at the Sky leader. "If that is your wish."

Clarke nodded and reminded, "Besides I was the idiot that jumped into the damn thing." She tensed at the instant growl from Anya.

"It should have not been there regardless," Anya sharply reminded. Her protective nature flared up like it had when she first saw the hunter locked up. The damn hunter had trapped somebody she considered part of her paka. She knew Lexa felt the same about the situation.

Clarke saw that the commander wholly agreed with Anya. There was no way she was swaying either of them, and it was enough that she had the punishment reduced for the hunter.

"But, I will teach you to mind traps in the future," Anya promised the Sky leader.

Lexa gave a low grunt of agreement.

"As I taught another many years ago," Anya teased and grinned over at the commander.

"Anya," Lexa warned the general. She could say nothing else because the church doors opened for new arrivals.

Clarke looked over at seeing Marcus and her mother. She smiled at them as they came closer.

"We will deal with the hunter after the meeting," Lexa softly ordered both the general and the Sky leader.

Clarke heard the order and saw Anya's agreement. She greeted Marcus and her mother. She saw Indra trailing in last. She took her usual seat, like the others. She was grateful that she and Lexa had used the other table or else she her mind would be on something else the entire meeting.

Lexa had retreated to the marble table on the dias. She quickly drank water just to help cool herself. She returned to the group and spoke. "I hope there will be no other delays in these talks." She saw no arguments, her attention settling last on Clarke.

"None, commander," Clarke firmed. She was suppose to keep her attention up, but her eyes dropped to the slight bulge in Lexa's pants. She shifted, uncomfortably in the seat, after her mistake. This was getting ridiculous, she ridiculed to herself.

Lexa chewed down the Alpha's wolfish smile. She sensed Clarke's trouble so she quickly resolved it by taking a seat at the table. "We last discussed the supplies from Mount Weather." She kept her chair slightly away from the table so she could stretch her long legs and keep them spread open. It was difficult to be comfortable in a seat with a rut. Already a light ache started low in her gut, but it was easily ignored for now.

"Sky people will take the medical supplies," Marcus reminded. "The weapons destroyed and the victims from Tondc will receive the food supplies."

Clarke bit her tongue just to hold her protest.

Lexa gave a low nod. "If there is a lot of food supplies, which I suspect there will be, then we will split it with Skaikru." She closely watched Clarke, who was slightly taken aback. "The victims from Tondc have been taken in by various villages throughout Trikru territory. It has placed a strain on those families to compensate for extra mouths."

"Nearly all the food supplies in Tondc were lost," Anya clarified to the Sky leaders.

"That's understandable," Marcus Kane agreed. He and Abby were there when the village had been bombed that night.

Like Lexa, Clarke knew there would be an abundance of food supplies in the mountain. Her Sky people would in fact end up with such supplies once it was inventoried by the Trikru. Relief washed through her because the difference would probably help Camp Jaha ride through the winter. So much of their agricultural was on the Farm Station, which was god knew where now.

"Thank you," Clarke finally spoke up.

Lexa slightly bowed her head.

"There is one thing, medically, that I do need to obtain from Mount Weather," Abby brought up.

Clarke followed her mother's thoughts and nodded. "We need Dr. Tsing's research." She hoped Lexa would allow them to access Mount Weather's medical systems. "We need the research so we can do the bone marrow transfer for Maya."

Lexa was quiet. All the alliance talks had made her forget about the single Mount Weather survivor, other than the prisoners.

Indra had a frown and looked at the Sky people. "There is another prisoner?"

"Maya is locked in a containment unit... to protect her from the atmosphere," Marcus answered. "But she's not a prisoner."

"If she is cured," Anya brought up, "What then? Will she become one of your people?"

"Yes," Clarke firmed. She saw Indra's dislike of the idea. "Maya was crucial in defeating Mount Weather. She turned on her own people to help us."

"After taking how much of our people's blood?" Indra countered, bitterly.

"It would have been a lot more, if she hadn't helped us," Clarke debated. She kept the edge out of her tone, remembering what Anya taught her about Alphas.

"It's not about how we start," Lexa cut in. She found Indra's narrowed gaze on her. "But how we finish that matters." She sensed Clarke's appreciation for the support in Maya's life.

Clarke sadly smiled at how Lexa remembered her advice from days ago.

"The Maunon may remain with the Skaikru without fear of punishment from Trikru," Lexa declared. She back tracked further to the original issue. "How can you obtain the information to perform the bone transfer?"

"It'll be in the medical databases," Abby guessed. "Probably secured."

"We'd need Monty to find it," Clarke further told the commander.

"You require accessing their tech," Lexa summarized. After Clarke's low nod, she released a low, disapproving rumble.

Anya was one step ahead of the commander and vaguely mentioned, "Perhaps it is to our benefit, Heda." She lifted an eyebrow and added, "Oso gaf flosh klin in maun."

Indra clearly understood what Anya had said. Her lips tightened.

Marcus Kane glanced at Clarke, but he could tell Clarke had no idea what Anya said to the commander.

"Emo gaf odmin in tek," Anya insisted.

"Sha... en's ridiyo." Lexa drummed her fingers once on the table. She saw that the Sky leaders were quite curious about her conversation with Anya.

Clarke was familiar with only the works tek for technology and maun for mountain. The rest went over her head, and it frustrated her. "Chit?" she countered in Trigedasleng, just to get their attention.

"There has been discussion about the fate of the mountain after the supplies are removed from it," Lexa explained to the Sky leaders.

"What is the discussion?" Abby asked for all of them.

Lexa saw the Sky leaders' keen interest. First she composed her thoughts, carefully. "There are concerns that the mountain's weapons will be used."

"By who?" Marcus asked.

"The Ice Nation," Clarke answered for them all. She knew it was true. The Ice Nation had blatantly ignored Lexa's orders to depart the territory. Whatever the argument had been between the Ice Nation's general and Lexa had to be more than just who took what supplies.

Marcus and Abby saw the truth in grounders' features and posture.

"Who rules the Ice Nation?" Marcus looked between Lexa and Clarke.

This time the commander took the question. "A queen named Nia." Lexa leaned heavily against her chair. "She has ruled for nearly thirty years."

Clarke was stunned by the news. She had hardly expected a grounder to survive that long in a leadership position. From various conversations with Lincoln and Anya it seemed as if Lexa's position as commander was constantly being replaced by a new person.

Marcus inferred that Nia's lengthy time as a ruler was either from kindness or hardness. From the grounders' dark features, most likely it was the latter.

"Does she pose a threat to us?" Abby asked the commander.

"She poses a threat to all," Lexa replied.

Abby slumped in her seat and rubbed her brow. "You're talking war."

Indra curiously studied the chancellor. She knew how Abby Griffin felt about war. She recalled her first meeting with Abby outside of Camp Jaha. Peace had been Abby's avenue, but it was Clarke that was willing to fight first. A part of Indra still respected the chancellor's stupid courage to contact and speak to Indra.

"What are the plans for the mountain?" Clarke kept her full attention on Lexa. She sensed that Lexa and Anya had already thought through something. She suspected that something involved her people helping to get it done.

"The missiles are dangerous... to all of us." Lexa saw hints of agreement from everybody at the table. Nobody forgot what happened to Tondc because they were all there when it was destroyed by the Mountain Men. "It would be in our best interest to destroy the mountain."

Clarke bit her bottom lip.

Marcus folded his hands on the table. He curiously studied Abby, trying to read her thoughts.

"But we could use the tech to help us find our people," Clarke argued. Already she sensed Indra's ire warming up. "They had access to the satellites."

"The missiles are a threat," Marcus cut in.

Clarke looked to the security officer. She respected him and often had his support. "We could lock down Mount Weather again. The grounders couldn't get in for a hundred years without..."

Abby shook her head at Clarke and reminded, "I don't think our people are willing to live in tight confines again."

Clarke had forgotten that the grounders were sitting with them. She was so intent on finding their people. "We don't all have to live-"

"Clarke." Abby silenced her daughter, for once. She agreed that finding the other stations was important, but it could cost them an alliance, start a war, and even end their existence. The Sky people did not leave space just to be trapped in another can down in the ground.

Clarke released a strained breath and rubbed her brow, which softly throbbed for some reason. She sensed Anya leaning into her space, and it soothed her mind.

Lexa had remained quiet and curious about Clarke's determination. With her rut briefly still, she actually viewed the world more clearly. She could see a fracture in Clarke's self-control that allowed a strange aggression free. She was grateful that Anya, an Omega, was beside Clarke.

"Perhaps some of the satellite tech can be removed." Marcus looked from Abby to Lexa. "We can set it up in Camp Jaha to access the satellites and find our people."

"As long as you're willing to destroy the mountain afterwards," Anya proposed to the Sky leaders.

Lexa's silent agreement showed in her features. She liked Anya's deal.

"We can do it," Clarke spoke up. She nodded at Anya then looked over at the commander. "Monty can remove the tech... Raven can blow the place up." She hoped her mother agreed to the idea.

Anya softly huffed at the mention of Raven and her explosive skills. She silently conceded that Raven was the one to take down the mountain.

"I think that's the best course of action." Abby saw that Clarke and Marcus agreed with the idea. She turned to the commander to her right. "The missiles will only bring death."

Lexa was relieved even though she seemed neutral. She had feared what could happen if Queen Nia learned details about the mountain from Cage Wallace. The mountain's destruction would set Queen Nia back. But, they needed to act quickly. "We will begin removing and dividing the supplies immediately."

"What of the medical supplies?" Abby curiously studied the commander. "Jackson and I should really be the ones to go through it. We know what we're looking for." She hoped she was not insulting the commander.

Clarke tensed because she had requested much the same. However, her mother was using an open posture and calm tone. It would probably help.

Lexa was still leery about having Sky people in the mountain. She was realistic too because somebody like Monty would have to remove the tech. It was true that Abby would understand what medical supplies were needed by the Sky people. With a stolen glance at Anya and Indra, she made her decision.

"You may inventory the medical supplies." Lexa held down a devilish smirk and kept stoic. "Indra will work with you."

Indra briefly awed at the commander, but she hid it when Abby looked at her. She instead gave a firm nod at the order. "Sha, Heda."

Abby recalled Marcus's advice the other day about getting to know at least one caineblida. She decided this was God telling her it was her chance. She inwardly sighed but smiled at the commander. "Thank you, commander."

"You will also be able to obtain the information to complete the procedure for Maya," Lexa added.

Clarke was relieved and silently thanked Lexa. Later, she would have to thank the commander in private. Most likely the temporary reprieve from the rut's pain was helping Lexa to make clearer choices.

"Once all supplies and equipment are removed from Mount Weather," Lexa said, "Then it will be destroyed."

"Agreed," Abby seconded. She saw Marcus and Clarke nod too.

Lexa felt they had closed the chapter on Mount Weather, as far as talks. She shifted them to discussions about their alliance. She could only hope the alliance talks would go as well, but she doubted it. But, she was determined to push forward.

To be continued.

Trigedasleng to English

Reshop, Heda. - Goodnight, commander.

Heda, Skaikru don kom daun. - Commander, Sky people have returned.

Heda, Onya hir. - Commander, Anya is here.

Sen juusen op. - Send her in.

Chit yu gaf, Onya? - What is it, Anya?

Oso hon hunta daun. - We caught the hunter.

Os. - Good.

Oso gaf flosh klin in maun. - We need to destroy the mountain.

Emo gaf odmin in tek. - They need access to the technology.

Sha... en's ridiyo. - Yes... it's true.