A/N: So I actually wrote a couple of fills for prompts involving Jaune and Sienna. I guess I'll just publish them all over the next few days, no matter how short they are.

Prompt for this one: Headmaster Arc SOMEHOW convinces Sienna Khan to work for him.

Glynda stood at the open door way. Her jaw on the floor as she was met with an interesting site.

"Glynda!" Jaune shouted as Sienna covered herself with the bed sheets. He'd do the same but he was tied down. "I swear this isn't what it looks like!"


When Glynda failed to return, Peter took the task to find her. He was met with an interesting site.

"Peter!" Glynda shouted as she hid her crop behind her back, Jaune covered himself with the bed sheets, and Sienna just mewled as her butt recovered from the spanking of a life time... and she was tied to the bed. "I thought I told you to wait in the lobby with the others!"


After a while, Sienna's personal guards went to check on their leader and were met with an interesting site.

Sienna, the blonde professor, and the headmaster all had red faces and were all under the bed sheets, curled up to the professor with the mustache, how laid back with both hands behind his head.

"Damn, he's good," the headmaster muttered and the two women nodded in agreement.

"I guess this concludes negotiations," Sienna said.

Hope you enjoyed it.