Prompt given for this one: Sienna Khan had to babysit Jaune. It did not end well.

As Sienna glared angerly, Jaune realized he messed up. He was not as stealthy as he initially thought. But in his defense, he was 17! He did not need a babysitter when he was alone. Sure the house almost burned down last time... BUT IT DIDN'T!

It also didn't help that his babysitter was just drop dead gorgeous. And being the hormonal teenager that he was, he tried to take a peak when she was in the shower. But while less blood was flowing though his head, he forgot that she was a faunus with cute extra ears, and she heard him coming.

So he was now, cowering against the wall, begging for forgiveness. She took a step forward and he flinched, expecting her to hit him. Instead, she gripped his head and brought his lips to hers. He was shocked at first, but soon leaned into the kiss.

Sienna then let go and let Jaune fall on his butt. "Very naughty of you Jaune~", she said. "I think this calls for punishment~" she cooed with a finger to her lip as she dropped her towel, exposing herself.

Jaune had the goofiest smile as he took in Sienna's perfect body. But when he looked down, his smile disappeared and his mouth hung open and his eyes widened in shock.

Jaune wasn't the smartest of men, but he understood basic biology and knew that women should not have THAT!

Smiling, Sienna took the opportunity to walk forward and-


Despite every programmed instinct telling her to stop, Penny continued to read the story from Ciel's journal all the way to the end. When she was done, she regretted every doing so. She put Ciel's journal back where she found it and purged the past few minutes from her memory and vowed ever to go though Ciel's diary ever again.

Though this meant that she didn't know why she swore never to look in her journal, so she went back in and read a story from there, and then but it back and purged her memory... but then forgot why she was afraid of the journal and looked in it again.

The cycle went on for quiet some time.

Ain't nothing wrong with a little futa XD