written for the golden snitch 'the snitch cup' and 'the swear jar'

school: hogwarts

points: 15 (10 for 'the snitch cup', 5 for 'the swear jar'

animal claimed: unicorn


write a story about a character caught in an embarrassing situation

(scenario) The Bludgers of a Quidditch game are tampered with by an unlikely character.

(character) Dudley Dursley

(scenario) Petunia visits her childhood house to discover a letter written in emerald ink with her name on it.

stage: racing

total galleons accumulated: 12

word count: 480

a/n: this went from a crack-fic to actually serious sorry for the angsty parts

. . .

Petunia Dursley is feeling nostalgic today. It's Halloween — the day Lily died. And that just makes her sad, although she'd never tell Vernon.

She reaches the steps of the cobblestone driveway, and wipes a small tear from her eye. Petunia will not cry. She takes the key from under the mat the way it's always been and opens the door.

Petunia has always wondered why no one had tried to buy the house. Perhaps it had never been put on the market.

Either way, it's wonderful for Petunia. The beige, fluffy carpet stands out at her, and there's a letter written in shining ink — emerald ink, Lily's eyes — with her name on it.

Wait — Petunia blanches, and stoops to pick it up.

Petunia Dursley

4 Privet Drive

Little Whinging, Surrey, the letter reads.

It's unmistakably Lily. The ink, the writing. Definitely her.

Petunia rips open the letter, and her eyes travel over the paper:

Dearest Petunia,

I don't know when you'll read this. Hopefully, you will. There's a war going on in my world, a war I hope I'm alive for. I doubt it. But if you're reading this letter, then surely I'm already dead. Anyway, if I'm dead, I'd appreciate spreading some cheer in the world, especially when I'm not around. Ask Harry for help, because I'm sure you will be quite confused. And he will have survived, I'm sure. Harry's a strong kid.

So I would love it if you could have Dudley at Puddlemere United's next Quidditch match. And have him tamper with the Bludgers. Make sure they're chasing a Chaser, that'd be awfully funny. Use some sort of Muggle technology, and have Dudley do — well, I'm sure Dudley can figure out some witty comments to make.

Please, Petunia. Do this for me. I would really appreciate it. It's just — I can't quite describe the feeling of making magic from your hands. I would love to see it happen for you.



Petunia fights tears in her eyes. It's a terrible thing and a great thing at the same time, knowing that Lily was this person, and knowing that Lily was this person.

Even in death, Lily still wants the best for Petunia. And that's heartbreaking.

. . .

So that's how drones end up on the Quidditch pitch chasing the Chasers. It's quite fun to hear their screams.

Dudley yells, "Take that, you basketball wannabes!" every few seconds.

Petunia laughs with the controllers. This is the meaning of Lily's words — the best feeling is to make magic with your fingertips.

"Excuse me," interrupts a man in an odd uniform. "This is the Auror office. We ask that you stop tampering with the game play and continue to spectate."

Petunia and Dudley flush.

"Are we going to be arrested?"

"Oh, yeah."

"Crap," mutters Dudley. "This is embarrassing, since we're not even wizards."