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Ekko- 2017, December 30, The Institute of War:

"Well, that should be it." I chuckled, not to anyone in particular, "The new and improved Z drive. It can take you anywhere back in time, even between "Earth" and Runeterra!" This was going to be the ultimate Snowdown surprise. I wonder if it'll work though… Ehh, there shouldn't be a problem. Maybe I could test it out here… Slowly, the thought took over the sewers of my mind, and now, it controlled my actions.

As I grasped the handle of the Z Drive, I took a deep breath and pulled. I set it to "Earth" 2016. As usual, everything around started to light up, but something wasn't right. I wasn't moving anywhere or back in time. That was weird, although I did say I could travel between "Earth" and Runeterra, nothing was changing, nothing around me moved, or even age. I wonder… "Ah well, I'm gonna figure that out tomorrow… " I trailed off as I fell asleep.

Ekko- 2017, December 31, The Institute of War:

Knocks on wood woke me from my deep slumber. It was not a great experience, but at least something got me up.

"Ekko! Ekko!" Someone cried, a voice quite foreign to me, probably a summoner.

"Yes?" I yelled, "I'm right here!" I walked over to the wooden door and opened it. Slowly, it creaked open, revealing a young male summoner. He was an adolescent, had lightly tanned skin, presumably from Ionia or Demacia, I judged, from his tidiness.

"Thank God, you're here!" he gasped, "No time to explain, please, come with me!"

The summoner lead me to the summoning chambers, there, I met the Council of Equity. They explained something champions disappearing without a trace. No signs of life or death. Just… Gone.

"Ekko, do you know anything about this?" A certain tall lady with silver hair asked mightily.

"No Miss Kolminye, I know nothing, unless…" I answered.

"Unless what?" Kolminye snapped.

"Well, I was testing out my new Z Drive last night, but it seemed to be broken as I tested it." I explained, "If I'm guessing correctly, the Z Drive did work, but not on me, but the other champions…"

High summoner Vessaria Kolminye was not impressed by my work, and guess what I had to do for this snowdown: figuring out a way to bring back everyone, it was definitely anything but fun.

Ekko- 2018, January 2, The Institute of War:

"I'm finally done…" I mumbled, "Now all I need to do is test it out with something."

I set a piece of paper on the table and marked it with a sticker which allowed the Z Drive to trace it and bring it back and forth between time. I set the piece of paper to travel back to 2016 "Earth". As usual the machine gears clicked and everything around me glowed. This time, the piece of paper disappeared, I checked the Z Drive, it landed in 2016 "Earth"- America. I pulled the handle once again and there it was, the same piece of paper, a bit wet around the corners for some reason, but it was the same piece of paper.

Desperately dashing out the room in seconds, I arrived at the chambers of High summoner Vessaria Kolminye.

"Miss Kolminye! Miss Kolminye!" I cried in ecstasy and anxiety, "I've succeeded in my invention!"

The door creaked open, revealing the silver haired summoner in her pure white robes. She wore a mask of joy that enveloped the sombre winter air.

"Great, have you tested it?" She inquired excitedly.

"Yes, but we need someone to go take them back!"

She stared at me with unbelieving eyes for a second and replied, "You know you're definitely going, right?"

I groaned in dissatisfaction as she ruined my snowdown holiday with work that I needed to do.

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