Hi, I'm Fox. Or at least that's what I go by. I'm currently running for my life right now, sorry if I don't explain my whole life story right now. You know, priorities am I right. How did I end up here you ask? Well long story short, I stole some things from the wrong people and now I'm playing hide and seek. Deadly version. I mean I would kindly give it back, but I don't think these people would let me walk away scot free. So, I'm running and hiding trying to shake them off. All I did was steal a backpack hoping there was money in it, or maybe some food. I'm starving can you blame me.

I looked around me for any signs of people from the alley way I was in. When I saw no one around, I quickly walked out onto the sidewalk and tried to find a safe place to stay for the night. As I was turning the corner I was met with the group of people I stole from. Only around 5 people stood in front of me. The short stocky man in the middle stepped towards me, obviously the leader.

I was slowly backing away when I heard a growl behind me. Turning my head, I saw the wicked beast known as the hellhound ready to pounce and eat me alive. Turning my head to face the man again with my one good eye wide with fear. He seemed to find my reaction funny as he chuckled a bit, making his lackeys laugh too. Seeing as he has a hellhound, my best guess is he's not human and neither are his goonies.

"Now, love. If you return that backpack like a good little girl, I might not pluck your other eye out of your skull." He spoke in a gruff English accent.

Not planning on dying today I slowly extended my arms holding the backpack. "Listen, I only wanted some money for food. I didn't mean to steal anything important." I tried explaining although a bit shaky.

It made the man sigh in annoyance, "You demigod abominations never know anything, quite annoying if you ask me." My eye widens in shock as he knew what I was, I mean in retrospect it made sense as he was a monster he could probably smell me. Which is such a weird thought.

"What kind of monster are you?" I whispered as he walked towards me.

Taking the backpack from my hands he smirked and for a second his eyes turned blood red.

"I'm no monster love, I'm the king of hell." As he was walking away, he whistled.

I only had a split second to dodge the dog and I took it. Thank my dad for my speed. I didn't have enough energy to run away from the beast, but even if I did it wouldn't make a difference. It knew my sent and could track me to the ends of the earth if it had to. I guess I had no other choice than to fight the monster.

Pulling out my whip from my handbag. Unraveling it, I let the shiny celestial bronze light up the sidewalk. It was somewhat of a warning to the hellhound that I wasn't just some kid to be eaten, I knew how to fight. Of course, the dumb dog didn't take the hint and attacked me again anyways. But I was ready, dodging to my right I swung my arm up and brought it down in just a second. Letting my whip coil around the things neck, I tugged my whip tight choking it. I could feel it struggling against me, and I knew I couldn't subdue it forever. Before it could get loose I pushed a button on the handle of the whip and gave the hellhound the shock of its life.

I didn't expect it to die, but when I loosened my hold the hellhound dissolved. Looking up I saw the so-called king of hell and he looked pissed. His goony's looked shocked that I could take down a hellhound by myself.

"Grr! Get that little bitch so I can kill her myself." He shouted.

I knew I was in some deep shit now, and was about to make a run for it when a black muscle car came roaring onto the sidewalk and crushed two lackeys. After that a man in the passenger seat got out and started to shoot at those remaining. I was in shock at what was going on in front of me, before the driver shouted at me.

"Come with us if you want to live!" I didn't really feel like questioning his choice in words at the moment, especially since he saved my life. So, I jumped into the back seat of the car as the other guy got back in too. And soon we were speeding off to gods know where.

I guess this is good enough time as ever to say this, but I'm a demigod. And before you ask, yes, like Hercules and all the rest who just aren't as important. Who's my godly parent? Well it's Hermes, and the only reason I know this is because my satyr guide Sage could supposedly "tell". He was guiding me to a place called camp half-blood where I would be safe, but he died a few weeks ago by a hellhound, the same hellhound who destroyed my right eye. It hurts, not just my eye, but also losing him as well. He was probably my best friend, so devoted to getting me somewhere safe that he gave me his weapon and told me to carry on.

Leaning back in my seat, this is probably the first time in months I was comfortable. I could see my vision getting blurrier and dark around the edges. The bandana I kept around my eye was slipping down, but I couldn't even find the strength to fix it. Thank gods for nectar, I was able to heal it before infection, but I couldn't save my vision. But now I had no nectar and no ambrosia, so if I had taken another hit I was screwed.

Before I could really fall asleep, I felt a giant hand shake my shoulder. Opening my eye, (when did I close it?) the guy in the passenger seat was turned around and looking at me with concern.

"Hey kid you alright?" He asked.

I wanted to say what does it look to you, but thought that was pretty rude to my saviors. I just smiled and nodded slightly. The look on his face clearly means he didn't buy it.

He turned to the guy driving, "Dean I think we should take her to the hospital, her eye looks pretty messed up." Dean apparently, nodded in agreeance.

"No." I protested, "No, doctors. They can't help me, I just need food and sleep." I knew the first guy didn't like the idea, but Dean agreed.

"Sam, you saw how she took down that hellhound. This kid is obviously a fighter, we should trust her." I was starting to like Dean.

Sam reluctantly nodded, and Dean pulled into an off-road diner. Gathering the strength to walk, Sam and Dean got out and Sam opened the car door for me and helped me up.

Walking into the diner the waitress greeted us with a smile and we found a booth at the back of the diner. Sam and Dean sat across from me while I faced the kitchen. Right as we got comfortable the waitress walked up with pot of coffee.

"Coffee while I take your orders?" I quickly grabbed a cup and held it out while she poured it. Dean followed me, while Sam politely declined.

"What will it be?" The waitress reminded me of a motherly type, middle aged, a little on the plus side, and overly bubbly.

Sam and Dean were looking over the menu, but I knew I wouldn't be able to read it that fast.

"Do you have chicken strips?" I asked, a safe option that all diners should have.

"Our specialty sweetie, would you like ranch on the side?"

I nodded my head, "Please."

"Double bacon cheeseburger with extra onions please." Dean said with a smile.

I saw Sam roll his eyes, "Your garden salad with ranch please."

The waitress smiled, "Sure thing sugar, I'll put your orders in now."

Once she was gone Sam and Dean turned towards me, while I was struggling to open a sugar packet. Dean sighed and took it from my shaking hands.

"How do you take your coffee?" He asked gently.

I looked down slightly embarrassed, "Two sugars and two creams please."

"When was the last time you had a full meal?" Sam asked, just as gently as Dean.

I shrugged my shoulders, "A month, maybe." Sam widen his eyes at that, while Dean whistled like he was impressed.

"And how long has your eye been like that?" I didn't like being questioned, especially by strangers.

"Who were those people that cornered me?" I completely ignored Sam's question.

"Those were Demons." Dean answered, "Now I want to know how you could easily kill a hellhound, but not know about demons. They kind of go hand in hand." Dean finished stirring my coffee for me and held it out for me to take.

I took the coffee and slowly took a sip. I let the warmth of my drink embrace me and calm me down. I still had no idea who these people really were, and they were treating me to my first meal in months.

"Why did you save me? Who are you guys?" I again bypassed their questions, if they're monsters they can't know what I am.

"OK, chicken strips for the young lady, salad and burger for the gentlemen." Our waitress came back with her same smile, and like clockwork all three of us put on the same smile. Fake, but convincing.

"Thank you so much, ma'am." Sam said taking his plate.

I nodded along with him, "Yes, thank you very much." Dean just took his burger with a smile.

"Now no need to thank me, just eat and enjoy. That's the biggest thank you, ya'll can give me." With that she walked away, and our smiles dropped.

"Ok, we'll tell you who we are, and in return you will tell us the truth about who you are. Deal?" Sam said holding out his hand.

I reluctantly shook it. "Ok good, a compromise. You might already know our names, I'm Sam Winchester and this is Dean my brother. What's your name?"

I didn't want to tell them my real name, not yet anyways. I guess I'll just go by the nickname cops are calling me. "Fox." Sam and Dean both raised their eyebrows at me.

"I thought we agreed no lies." Sam said, I could hear a slight edge to his voice. I just took another bite of chicken.

"I'm not lying, that's what people call me."

"People as in...?"

"Cops mostly. You aren't cops, are you?" I saw Dean smirk behind his burger.

"Depends on who we're talking to." He said with a wink. I smiled at that.

"How old are you Fox?" This time it was Dean asking.

"Fourteen." Dean choked on his burger and Sam looked at me in shock.

I looked right back at them as well. I didn't mean to surprise them. I mean I know I look bad, but not enough that I look older.

"Where are your parents." I could only shrug as answer. And it's not even a lie either.

"I've never met my dad before, and my mom is where doctors keep crazy people." I've never had the luxury of feeling or acting my age, if I had to guess this is one of those times I've seemed most like a kid. Staring at two grown strangers and explaining that I'm lost.

I'm lost. I've never thought of my long journey like that, I mean I know where I'm going, but do I really. I've never been there before and just taking a wild guess on the best way to get there. To the place I've never been before.

I guess Sam and Dean felt bad for me too, because they stopped asking me questions.

"Well you told us about yourself, so it's our turn now. My brother and I are called hunters. We hunt things that are abnormal, not human basically." Sam explained.

My heart leapt a few beats. Do I qualify as "abnormal?" If they find out what I really am will they kill me? They certainly could, quite easily I bet.

"So… you guys are human?" I kept my composer, if I let on, they might start suspecting. They nodded, "And those monsters back there are Demons?" Another nod, "Your hunters who fight demons for a living. What kind of other things do you hunt?"

"Well your typical ghosts, werewolves, vamps. Anything you hear about in urban legends and what not." Dean answered. He seemed to enjoy telling me about things he's killed before.

"Now back to my original question, how can you kill a hellhound, but not know about anything else?" I just shrugged again.

"I've never met one before." It's true, and I didn't feel like fighting them either.

By that time, we've all finished eating and agreed to continue the conversation at a motel. I was beside myself that I would get to sleep on a real bed again, but I knew it wouldn't last. So, what's one more night on the streets going to kill me? I excused myself to go to the bathroom, glad I put my whip back in my bag before I left the car.

Closing the door, I looked at the small window above the toilet. Piece of cake, I've gone through windows smaller for a quick escape before. Ugh, why do I feel so bad about it though? Maybe I should leave a note.

I take out my old sharpie from my bag and faced the mirror. I'm immediately taken aback from the person staring back at me. My dyed red hair used to be reach just above my shoulders, now it's washed out and matted from not being taken care of for months. Looking at my face I'm not surprised why Dean and Sam mistook me for being older. My cheeks are hollowed, lips chapped. My bronze skin is now pale and dirty.

I remove my bandana from my eye and suck in a breath when I see it. Glossy pale blue contrasting deep sapphire, I run a finger along the two twin scars over my eye. They're completely healed, thanks gods. But I feel like crying. Maybe I should stay with the Winchesters, just for the night. I could use a shower, I mean they already saved my life and bought me dinner I could still use them for something. At least that's what I told myself.

I quickly place the bandana back onto its rightful place and walk out of the bathroom. I give a quick wave goodbye to our former waitress and walk out the doors. Sam and Dean are standing by the car waiting for me.

"We almost thought you were gonna ditch us." Dean quipped while getting into the driver's seat.

Sam smiled at me, I guess glad I decided to go with them. I got into the back seat and we were off on the road again.