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Chapter 5 – Pills and (Blood) Potions

Leo pushed the peddle harder, forcing the car to hurry. He had to get to home.

'Not our baby... please no... how did it end up like this?'

Leo almost floored it.

'I... We should've saw the signs.'

"I think- I think he's going to do it!"

"Thank you so much April, for telling us. We're getting home as fast as we can." Don's voice was quiet, but Leo heard the hysteria.

"Call Raph, I think he's closer."

"O-Okay." Don began and called his older brother.

"Don? Wh-?"

"Raph! No time to explain, just get home, NOW! Mikey's home alone, and April's saying he's gonna-"

"Don, whattdaya mean? Calm tha-"

"I can't Raph! Not when Mikey's about to commit suicide!" Hearing Don yell it, hearing the words 'commit suicide' itself... Leo felt tears slide down his face.

Don heard only silence for about two seconds before, "Don, I'm gettin' home now. What happened bro?" Don could hear the hurt and fear in his brother's voice.

"April said Mikey texted something to her, for her to tell us... Something about how he was going to be gone for a while and how much he loved-" Raph hung up.

"Don? What happened to Raph?" Leo could barley keep his voice under control.

"He hung up... I don't think he wanted to hear any further. God Leo... Our baby brother is attempting suicide... What the hell did we do wrong!?" Don burst out with a sob and all Leo could do was continue to speed home, his face drawn in a downcast and upsetting expression.

'Not him. God fucking damnit, why'd it have ta be Mike?'

Raph speed on his cycle, nearly crashing into the apartment building as he pulled up to the parking. After jumping out like a crazed man and rushing up the stairs, he unlocked their apartment door and bull rushed inside.

"Mike?! Mikey?! Where are ya bro, come out!" He heard water running somewhere in the apartment but couldn't make out where in his haste. He automatically went towards the bathroom him and their brothers all collectively shared.

"Mike! Mikey come out now!" Raph began pounding on the bathroom doors. "C'mon little brotha, please come out!" Raph began trying to bulldoze the door down. He heard it began to break and come off its hinges.

"Bro, please yer makin' a huge mistake!" That's when Raph finally broke the door down, finding the most disturbing image he had ever seen. And Raph had seen a lot during his life.

His baby brother... bleeding out from his wrists. The cuts were so deep, it made Raph almost gag. His baby brother was leaning onto the bathroom sink and the water was running, continuously washing his brother's cuts so they couldn't heal by clotting, even in the slightest. Mikey looked like he was relaxed, enjoying the loss of precious life from his body's system.

"Bro... please come 'ere. We can help ya." Raph slowly edged towards his brother, almost afraid, and took the thirteen years old's wrist into his hands, applying pressure to the deep cuts. Raph paled visibly as the blood stained his hands and even dripped.

"Why?" Was all Mikey asked.

"'Coz we love ya little brotha, Ah love ya. Jesus, look at cha." Raph shook his head as tears started blurring his vision. "Why are ya doin' this ta yerself little brotha? Why?"

"It helps. I don't want to be here anymore." The response was eerie and scared Raph more. His little brother needed serious help now.

That's when Raph heard, "Mikey?! Oh my god, what- why would you do this to yourself?!" Raph hadn't even heard their two other brothers coming in.

"Don, calm down and call 9-1-1. Now." Leo ordered as he went over and gently took his baby brother's chin to make him look at him. Tears flooded both his eyes and his younger brother's as they just stared into each other's eyes, both silently asking, "Why?".

Mikey was wondering why his brothers even cared to save his useless life.

Leo was wondering why his brother even thought of ending it.

Finally, Leo couldn't take it anymore and let go, looking at the floor now just like his baby brother.

Don felt himself shaking in the kitchen as he called the emergency number, his arms and legs going weak, he collapsed on the kitchen stool ungainly. Tears silently fled from their spawning point and down his face in their great escape. Raph was shaking too, in the bathroom, holding a tight, vice like grip on his baby brother's wounds. No matter how hard he held them, they seemed to keep bleeding.

"L-Leo, they keep- fuck, they keep bleeding..." Raph panicked slightly, not knowing what to do.

Raph's breathing hurried as he looked as his older brother, his only older brother, desperately.

'Do something... please Leo...'

Leo swallowed thickly as he came over. "We each take a wrist and apply as much pressure as possible." He said, trying his best to keep his voice in control.

"I'm sorry." Mikey slurred, his vision growing dark.

Just as he heard Mikey say that, Don came back in. Hearing his younger brother, he came behind him and held him up gently. "No, no this is not your fault. Never think it is. We love you so much." Don held his baby brother up due to his blood loss and gave his elder brothers a look of, 'They're on the way.' Making the mentioned boys look grateful. All they had to do was slow the blood loss until the paramedics came. That's all they had to do.

When the paramedics finally came and took their little brother to the hospital, the ever-present question was, "Will he live?"

None of them wanted to hear the real chances.

Yoshi could not believe his own ears. His youngest son, his youngest child, whom had the purest soul, had attempted jisatsu?

Yoshi felt himself get sick, which was of rare occurrence. Hence why he had shut the phone call down just as fast as he had the dojo.

Entering the waiting room of the E.R., he almost cried himself upon seeing the looks on his sons' faces.

The chances were obviously not in their favor.

But sadly, after this event, nothing else seemed to.

Mikey and Don looked each other in the eye before Don spoke, "Mikey... Mikey this isn't okay..." Don's voice cracked as he looked at what his little brother was holding. "We thought you were getting better; why didn't you say something..."

Mikey looked down. "I know... I'm sorry Donnie." Mikey's voice cracked as well and then Don pulled his baby brother close. Mikey sobbed as his big brother held him.

"It helps me. I pass in school. You guys won't have to have a failure as a brother..." He cried.

"Mikey, under no circumstances should you take that much okay? Please, we would never see you like that, all we want is for you to be healthy. You- you said you stopped..." Don whispered towards the end, meaning every word.

"I know... I know, I'm so sorry! I should've but I didn't. I couldn't. Please don't tell everyone else. Please, they think I'm still okay!" Mikey sobbed harsher as he barley chocked out his words.

Don thought about it. Mikey had come to him exclusively. Meaning that he came to him for help, only. His only baby brother trusted him like his only lifeline and snitching Mikey out like a rat would make Mikey lose that trust, that lifeline.

"Okay. But we need to work together on quitting, okay?"

"Okay Donnie. I'm so sorry."

"I know you are little brother, I know."

At 15 years old, their little brother had become addicted to Adderall. At 16, he was attempting to quit.

"Maybe put him on medication?"

"So what Leo, put him on drugs?"

"You heard him Raph! He hates himself, and it's not his fault he can't get better grades, so why don't we just try an-"

Raph shut the laptop down, ending the online chat with his Marine brother.

Raph ran a hand through his hair, frustrated at their situation. Mikey was failing school at just 15, and they couldn't stop it. But with Mikey's depression, it's not like it made it any easier.

Sighing, he turned to his other brother. "What should we do Don? Ah don' gotta clue." He said lowly, his voice coming out weak and defeated.

Don frowned and considered. His baby brother would feel a lot better about himself and so would their father if Mikey could pass the grade, but was drugs any way to go about it?

"Let's try. And if it doesn't work out well, we just stop."

Stopping might've seemed simple enough, but they had no idea how dependent their little brother would become for those pills. 'Stopping' wasn't easy, especially when your little brother threatened to cut himself without them.


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