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Kagome jumped, breaking out of her thoughts at the concerned call of her name and she quickly turned to her male companion she was currently walking with, "A-ah, yes, Houjo-kun?"

The brunet stared down at her with clear worry, "You seem a bit distracted today," He stated, tightening the hold on his bag that contained his text books, "Are you sure you're feeling well enough for a study session?"

The blue-eyed girl sighed, "You don't need to worry about my... 'illnesses' anymore," Kagome forced a smile, "I've never been healthier in my life than now."

"Yes, but..." Houjo unconsciously fiddled with his fingers, "It's no problem if we need to stop at my parents' pharmacy," He said anxiously, "I'm sure that there's–?!"


Houjo gasped, watching with wide eyes as a male quickly turned from a corner of a building they were passing, crashing into Kagome with a force hard enough to knock them both harshly to the ground, "Higurashi!"

'I was completely unprepared for that...' Kagome thought with a wince, barely registering the weight that had landed on top of her, 'All this studying really is getting me rusty.'

"Joesonghamnida!" A rather pleasant male voice quickly called out and Kagome could only blink when she opened her eyes, finding herself surprised of the apology that was spoken in Korean before it turned into accented Japanese, "Oh! I guess I should mean gomen nasai!"

"N-no," Kagome began to sit up when the male lifted himself off her, "It's fine, I'm o-okay–" She glanced upwards, freezing on the spot when she found herself looking at mesmerizing eyes staring down at her with fascination and it felt like her heart skipped a beat at the unusual sight, 'His eyes...'

They were red.