And to whet your appetite before I decide to start posting... a little snidbit from the first chapter of the upcoming short, "Where There's a Wills, There's a Way."

"What's this?" Alan asked, stepping up next to them.

"Oh nothing. Just challenging my future wife to a drink-off," Wills said with a grin.

"No. I refuse. The last time we did this, not even Mum's hangover potion worked," Daisy said, trying to glare at the tall blonde. Though her mouth twitched into a smile.

"Well, then if you'd like to concede defeat, I'm alright with that. What's that make the score now…"

"Shut it, I'm in," Daisy said, her competitive side coming around. Wills grinned. He waved his wand and shot glasses and a bottle of firewhisky flew over to the coffee table. He then guided Daisy over, with her brothers following and shooed away the two people occupying the arm chairs.

"What's going on?" Lila asked as she stood next to Jamie behind the sofa. Remus and Alan had sat down, leaning forward to watch.

"Wills and Pix here are about to drink each other under the table," Remus said gleefully.

"Not again. I had to carry Wills home the last time they did this," Kelly said, groaning.

'Why are you complaining? I have to prop you up nearly every time we leave here," Lucy chided from his side.

Daisy sat calmly studying the older player, though her eyes held a devious glint.

"You know the rules. No cheating," Wills said, grinning.

"I don't cheat," Daisy replied.

"I win, you agree to marry me," Wills said with a wink. Daisy rolled her eyes. He was always trying to sneak that in.

"No. I told you last time that marriage is off the table," Daisy said.

"So you wait until Kingfisher's gone to slide that in, eh?" Kelly said laughing.

"He tries it every time whether John's here or not," Jamie said with a sigh.

"And he knows it's not happening," Daisy said, staring Wills down.

"Fine… I win, you agree to go out on the town with me," he said. "As friends," he added reluctantly. Daisy thought a moment and then nodded.

"Agreed. I win, you have to show up to practice next week in your skivvies," she said, grinning wickedly.

"Agreed," Wills said, almost immediately. Jamie chuckled.

"Dad's not gonna be thrilled about that," he said.

"Then I best win," he said with a wink. "Even if I lose, it'll be worth the extra laps if it gets this one sodding drunk."

"Do they do this often?" Lila asked as Remus leaned forward and filled the first shot glasses in front of the two.

"Too often," Jamie said.

"Not often enough," Kelly added. "The last time, Pix had to promise to name her firstborn after Wills." Lila's eyes widened.

"The time before that, Wills had powder blue hair for a week," Lucy continued. "Uncle Oliver was livid. Couldn't change it and Wills played three matches that week with Arrows hair."

"Didn't Pix have to play with her jersey saying 'I love Wills' for a week another time?" Wright asked, stepping up to watch. Remus and Alan roared with laughter.

"That was my favorite," Alan said. "Though poor Kingfisher didn't find the humor in it for a bit."

"The press wasn't sure what to make of it for a time either," Jamie added. "Gossip columns were writing about it for a few weeks. Wondering if Pix was stepping out on Kingfisher."

"Don't know how many times the gossip department cornered me on that one," Lucy said, rolling her eyes. "You'd think by now they'd understand the relationship between Wills and Daisy. Everyone in the League has known for years."

"Known what?" Lila asked. Even though she had been a part of the group for awhile, she was still learning the intricacies of the connections between the tightknit community surrounding her boyfriend and his family.

"That Wills has always been like a big brother to Pix. And takes the piss out of her whenever he has the opportunity," Jamie said. Lila nodded, thinking back to all the interactions between the two she had seen. Made sense. She turned to watch the game. The two had just downed their second shots and Alan was filling new glasses.

"Scare, my little pixie?" Wills asked.

"Of a bit of firewhisky? Perhaps you don't know me as well as you think you do, Wills," Daisy said, smiling sweetly at him.

"Oh, but I do know you well, Pix. And plan to know you even better once we get rid of the Yank," he replied, causing Daisy to laugh.

"Getting vicious now that he's out of the country for a bit, are we?" Remus asked.

"Been telling Jamie for years. Get used to seeing me around. Someday I'll be your brother-in-law," Wills said as he reached for the full shot glass.

"Fat chance," Daisy replied, picking up her own. The two downed them.