Uwen smiled to herself as she unlocked the front door to the old mansion. Once the door was slightly open Medi darted inside the house knocking the door open. Makota smiled at Uwen before stepping inside herself. Uwen hummed to herself as she stepped into the house and closed the door behind her. She walked through the building ubtil she entered the room Medi had run off to. A woman wearing a black full length maid outfit was staring down at young gorgon who was currently trying to get a lollipop unstuck from one of her viper fang. The maid smiled at Medi before turning and bowing to Uwen. Medi takes the chance to steal the maid's headband and darting off.

"The little miss sure is energetic. You wished to talk with me about some of the renovations." The maid says as she stands up. Uwen smiles before turning towards the maid. Meanwhile Medi is happily darting about the mansion trying to explore as much as possible. She happily takes note of all the hidden doors that are used by the maids to move around quickly and unseen. Medi pauses in front of a door of a room that interested her. The room seemed to be well insulated due to a high internal heat but what really interested her was the relatively cool bodied person within the room. Medi pushed the door open and immediately darted forward and wrapped around the persons legs before hugging the persons waist.

"Koi!" Medi declares as she snuggles Makota. Makota smiles down at the gorgon before ruffling her hair. She then looks over the room they had setup for Medi. Multiple stuffed animals adorned a pile of cushions off to the left front corner of the room. A shelf with two models placed on it while three more boxed ones plus assorted paints and glues were tucked neatly in an open faced desk under the shelf. Both pieces of furniture were placed on the left side of the room. The far back part of the room had a pile of sheets and pillows placed in a small indent in the floor forming the bed. Both sides of the bed had storage crates that opened from the top. Another set of shelves were flush with the wall. A turned off computer sat on a desk near the back right corner of the room. A metal disk sat on the other side of the desk. In the corner of the room between the desk and the bed was a sparsely filled bookcase. Both desks had a large cushion in front of them to function as chairs. Each corner of the room had a heater and speaker combination placed near the ceiling. Each unit also had a magical rune to regulate the heat on it as well as a metal disk similar to the one on the desk.

"Hi, sweetie. This is your new room. Go ahead and get comfy, I'll come get you when it's time for dinner. I need to go discuss some things with Uwen and the maids." Makota says before kissing Medi on the forehead. Makota then leaves the room leaving Medi alone. Medi almost immediately dives into the bed and slithers about under the covers. She then pokes her head out from the covers and casts her sight spell so she could see again. Upon casting the spell a stream of blue light flows from the disc on the desk towards Medi. Medi pays no mind to it initially as her tail pulls an ariados plushy out of the bed and places it on the storage shelves. She then darts over to the desk and pokes the disc with her tail. Upon deeming the disc harmless she slithers across the room and begins working on a model of MG Rex before beginning to hum to herself.