"Easy…" Makota whispers to herself as she approaches the large container that had recently been placed in the sand filled room. The sand was effectively part of Eva's living areas, being a rather large artificial beach designed for the study of semi aquatic lifeforms back when Eva's room was used for aquatic study. At this point in time it was an empty part of a room with no ready use.

"Name; Dune, heh. Gender: Female. Age: Roughly seven years old. Species; Sandworm. Way of Acquirement; Ceased in a raid of a penthouse apartment. She was apparently kept as a pet, apartment was far too small for her. We've been put in charge of her due to there being no other areas she could be kept." Uwen states as she reads off of a clipboard. Makota stares at the other woman in surprise and shook.

"Do you have any sense of tact or stealth?" Makota states as she walks towards Uwen.

"She's sedated. Even Annihilation squad didn't want anything to do with a sandworm, took multiple tranquilizer rounds to pacify her. So let's get her into her new home." Uwen says as she slowly unlocks the container. The crates front falls to the ground to reveal a massive white scaled creature, three red eyes adorn the side of the creature.

"Is she?" Makota begins to ask only to stop and watch as Uwen walks around the large serpent.

"Human portion has pale complexion and white hair. I'd say albino." Uwen comments as she pulls out a syringe and injects the anti-sedative into the sandworm. She then quickly steps back as the large creature begins to stir.

"That sure works fast." Makota states as she takes a few steps back. The sandworm awkwardly slithers out of the crate. It dives into the sand before surfacing near the duo. The armored plating surrounding the sandworms human portion unfolds as she looks down at the duo.

"You are, not him." Dune states as she slowly circles her lower body. Makota actually takes a few steps.

"We are your new guardians. I'm Makota from the exchange program, I handle babysitting young extra species and actually verifying how to handle the young ones. That's Uwen, head of the local exchange program branch and expert on extra species needs. We both handle adopting extra species that are deemed a tad too difficult for normal households to handle." Makota states as she smiles up at the sandworm.

"I'm, difficult?" Dune asks as she lowers herself to look at Makota properly. Makota smiles at this small action. It was becoming a bit clear that Dune wasn't the best at talking.

"You're species requires large open areas to properly move, on top of which you are currently bigger then the leviathan that we are taking care of. You actually are technically sharing a room with her so I hope you two can get along." Uwen states as she eyes the sandworm. She laughs as Makota gets pulled into a hug.

Author Note

Oh boy this was a fun one to write. So one of my friends asked me to try and introduce a sandworm as one of the "little ones". And oh boy this is going to be interesting.

Also the next chapter is likely going to focus on everyone's favorite Unicorn and Nightmare.

On an unrelated note I don't think I ever actually stated what the stories title meant. It was originally meant to be Adventurous Little Ones Hectic Adventures but doesn't have any meaning at this point.