Golden Earth by The Lady Arianrod

disclaimer: This is a tale/ poem from the point of view of Astraea, the last Goddess to leave the Earth after the Golden Age. I found out about this story while surfing the net and it intrigued me. This tale belongs to tradition, the Greek people, and whoever wrote it down.


The grasses of the endless plains sway in the wind

As the golden lull of midsummer hangs in the air.

Laughter is strung in the atmosphere like a chain of daisies,

And the bright eyes of the mortals still shine with hope.

O blue sky, oh bold sun, oh neverending dreams!

In the idyllic valley there still grows a flower

That always escapes winter's sting.

But like a crow of malice the clouds of the future come,

A gray and shapeless mass of war looms above the land.

They all have left; Olympus is desolate.

The gods have departed from this mortal Earth.

The Golden Age is fading too, and the sun is beginning to set.

I shall look on the land for one last time,

And then, without another thought, I leave.


end notes: Well, I like how this turned out. Review this poem if you wish!