Unrequited attraction wasn't the worst thing Kaname Kuran had experienced in his long lifetime, but it still had a bite to it nonetheless. The cold glances, the sarcastic replies to his well-meaning questions, and the worst; being pushed away when he meant the best. When Kaname met Zero, they hadn't been on the best of terms to begin with, but after watching Zero suffer quietly, refusing any help given to him by Yuki or the Headmaster. Who, tell the truth, the pureblood had never cared for much in the first place.

Zero had been denying his thirst. For four long years - short compared to the thousands of years Kaname had spent sleeping - the hunter had grown into the very being he loathed and detested. Kaname had watched the rest of the Moon Dorm try to intimidate the suffering vampire, and while he would never admit it out loud, he felt like Akatsuki Kain deserved being flipped for bothering Zero. For goodness sake's just let him be, Kaname would admonish in his head, the impassive look on his face as always. He could never let anyone know just how much Zero Kiryu worried him.

Yuki would get jealous. She would never say it, but her actions would change drastically. Ignoring Zero, visiting the Moon Dorm at night despite the warning of removal from the Disciplinary Committee. Yuki loved him. How could Kaname be so rude to let tell her there was someone else in his heart as well? They had already been through so much already….

Thankfully, maybe fate heard Kaname's silent pleading, he got a reason to hold Zero like he had always wanted. Even if it wasn't for the reason he had hoped…..

Morning. Kaname awoke to the sting of sunrays filling his bedroom, lighting on his sensitive skin. He sat up with a stifled groan, reminding himself to talk to the overzealous vampire only a few rooms down from him. No, not Takuma. Hanabusa Aido. It wouldn't be the first time Aido had visited the dorm president's room and accidentally left the curtains open. Strangely enough, Aido could tolerate the sun burning on his skin, which was kind of contradictory considering the power he had been granted at birth, Kaname thought.

Closing the curtains, Kaname could swear he saw something on the clock tower. A fluttering of coats perhaps, the glint of silver hair shining in the dawn sun. The pureblood shook his head, telling himself he was just seeing things again. His growing obsession for the stolid vampire was causing him to see things.

No, that was really Zero right there!

Kaname's breath stopped in his throat, and he uttered a choked noise, hurriedly throwing the drapes so he could look again. Yes, that was Zero! But what was he doing on the tower?

Kaname wasted no time running through the halls of the dorm and quickly scaling the stairs of the tower, thanking his pureblood frame that he could endure the 260 steps up without running out of breath or having to stop. He reached the top in record time, and just simply stared at the sight in front of him, frozen in fear. Zero was actually standing on the ledge, the striped blazer of his uniform blowing softly around him. The younger vampire's face was as quiet as always, set like stone or marble. But Kaname knew something was wrong. It was in the way Zero clenched his fist, the slight tremor of his shoulders.

"Zero, what the hell?" Kaname finally found his voice and lurched forward, tripping over something on the ground and landing on his knees only a few feet from the vampire. He looked up, strands of chocolate brown hair framing his face. He looked pathetic in Zero's eyes right now, and he knew it.

"Leave me alone!"


It was a good reason Kaname finally moved, because at that moment he saw Zero's loafers leave the edge, and the rest of the seventeen year old suffering vampire with it.

Kaname screamed.