What if I got the chance to make my very own Turtles movie? Well, this would be it. Or close to it at least. Not a sequel to any existing movie or tv-series, but a reboot-story of sorts I think you might call it. So if you happen to have a look and like what you read, or if you don't like what you read, leave a comment. Did some changes to the initial post, added some dialogue and made April more important to discovering the plot. Anyways, let's get the story going shall we?

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles


New York City, 1987. Nighttime.

A large building with a big sign; Sachs Technologies. Armed guards patrol the perimeter. A paraglider moves in silently through the darkness, but besides the "pilot" a passenger hangs from a rope as they close in on the roof of the building. Flying in over the roof, the passenger disconnects from the rope and lands while the paraglider and pilot fly on. The passenger looks up, dressed like a ninja with a steel mask ( Karai ).

Professor Cornelius Chaplin is in a high-tech lab in the building and conducts experiments on a canister filled with a green liquid.

"I've done it!" he says, excited. "With this new fuel, the world will no longer be dependent on oil!" He holds up a small vial with a sample. "This tiny amount will power a car for a full year. I will be rich!" He picks up the canister and heads on over to a large vault. "Tomorrow, we will go public" he says and is about to open the vault.

He then hears something and turns around. Another noise and he moves through the lab, holding the canister, but finds nothing. He turns around and finds himself face to face with a female ninja armed with a sword; despite her mask, it is clear her face is badly burned ( Karai ). She strikes him down with one blow. Karai then retrieves the canister, sticks it in a bag and escapes.


Morning at street-level, the police have set up a perimeter and a body is moved out of the building and into an ambulance. Every media-organization imaginable is present to report on the murder. One of the reporters is April O'Neil.

"Circumstances are as of yet uncertain, but according to anonymous police-officials, professor Cornelius Chaplin was killed by a sword. Even more strange, the murder was not picked up by any security-cameras, sources within the police tells us. The murderer appears to have made his move, deliberately, in a blind-spot. Chaplin is of course best known for inventing the Mouser, the robot mouse-catcher that was a huge success in the seventies, up until the robots started killing rats and mice that were kept as pets. The following law-suits almost bankrupted the famous inventor and he has stayed under the radar for the past ten years. Rumor has it that he has been working on a ground-breaking new fuel that could end our dependency on oil. Sachs Technologies, Chaplins current employer, has denied any such rumors. But already, only a few hours after his murder, people are speculating if Chaplins death was sanctioned by the mighty oil companies of the world. April O'Neil, TMN-TV News."


At TMN-TV headquarters, April walks through the offices and enters the office of her boss, Charles Pennington.

"April, come on in, sit down" he tells her.

April sits down opposite of her boss. "What is it, Charles?"

"Listen" he tells her, "great job on the Chaplin murder. I liked the angle that it might have been a hit payed for by the oil companies. Really creative thinking, April."


"I'm giving the story to Vern."

"Vernon Fenwick?!" April is clearly agitated. "Why?! It's my story, god damn it. Why the hell would you give it to a sleaze like Vernon Fenwick?!"

"Because you upset some very powerful people, April. Again! So, you're down to two choices. You either drop the Chaplin story, or find a new job."

April shakes her head. "I can't believe this."

Charles hands her a folder with a new story to pick up. "Have a look at this, I think you can make something good out of it. Something the viewers would like to watch. It's more exciting than some mad scientist getting sliced up."

April looks through the documents. "A vigilante wearing a hockey-mask?" she says skeptically and looks at her boss. "Seriously?"

"He beats up criminals with a hockey-stick" Charles adds. "Six incidents in two weeks. A real-life masked vigilante running around on the streets of New York, beating up thugs. You can make him a hero, April. You can make this story the most talked about story of the year. This is sexy news. It's a chance of a lifetime."

"Then give it to Vernon Fenwick" April says and leaves the folder on the desk and leaves.

As April walks through the building, furious, a receptionist calls out to her.

"April! April!"

April walks over to the receptionist. "What is it, Irma? What do you got? Please tell me it's something good, I need something good desperately right now."

Irma hands April a note. "A man called just a few minutes ago. Says he saw your coverage of the Chaplin murder and that he has some info you might find interesting."

April takes the note. "That's more like it" she says and reads the note. "New York Harbor, ten o'clock tonight. Be there, because this is not something you want to miss. A bit vague, perhaps."

"Sounds dangerous" Irma says. "You might want to bring some backup."

"And risk scaring this guy away?" April says. "No way, not worth the risk."

"Just promise me you'll be careful" Irma says.

"Always" April says with a smile and leaves.


New York Harbor, late at night.

April is waiting at the designated spot and checks her watch.

"Come on… where the hell is this guy?"

"Just had to make sure you were alone" a voice says.

April spins around and finds herself face to face with a man wearing a hockey-mask, armed with hockey-sticks and baseball-bats (Casey Jones ).

"Holy shit" April says. "You're real? You're the vigilante beating up street-thugs?"

"That would be me" Jones says. "Scumbags don't deserve to eat using their teeth, if you ask me. So I remove them."

"What an upstanding citizen" April says. "So what am I doing here? If this is a stunt to get some publicity, you can forget about it."

"No stunt, no tricks" he says. "Come on, I'll show you something."

They sneak through the harbor until they get a good view of a specific ship in dock.

Casey Jones points out the vessel to April. "That ship arrived yesterday from Tokyo. And one hour from now, it will head back to Tokyo."

"So?" April asks.

"The ship is owned by TCRI. Sound familiar?"

"A robotics company" April says. "What of it?"

Jones shakes his head. "The major competitor to Sachs Technologies, right?"

"Yeah" April nods. "Both companies are fierce rivals in developing robotics and computers."

"Exactly" Casey nods.

April tries to connect the dots. "So… what are you saying?"

"I'm saying that TCRI used this ship to smuggle a ninja into the country, had Chaplin killed, and now that ninja will leave using the same ship."

April looks at the vigilante like he's an idiot. "A ninja?"

Casey Jones nods. "You said it yourself. Chaplin was sliced up by a sword without any witnesses and perfectly timed to exploit a blind-spot between the security-cameras. No signs of a break-in, no signs of anyone being there at all. Sure as hell sounds like a ninja to me. And here we have a ship, arriving from Japan the day before a murder is committed and the next day it will return to Japan. I'm telling you; it all connects."

"It connects alright" April says. "It all connects with bullshit. You can't expect me to believe all this?"

"Look, lady" Jones says. "I'm telling you; TCRI is behind all of this. You need to follow that lead and bring them down."

"Why? Why do you care?"

"I'm just a concerned citizen, that's all."

April gives it some thought. "Alright… I'll check on TCRI and see if we can't find anything weird with this ship of yours. If this ship had its schedule changed in the last minute, that might be proof of something. It's the best I can do."

Jones nods. "That's more like it, sweetie-pie. I knew you would come around."

"Just shut up and let's get the hell out of here" April says a bit annoyed.

They turn around and are about to leave when they realize they are surrounded by seven ninjas ( all wearing the attire of the Foot Clan, first motion picture style'ish ); the seventh of them is Karai.

"Told you" Jones says. "Ninjas."

April can't believe her eyes. "Holy shit."

Karai draws her sword. "I remember you from television" she says as she looks at April. "I like you. Too bad your career ends tonight."

Jones pulls out a hockey-stick. "We'll see about that. I've made it a habit of teaching bullies about humility. First class is free of charge, Pain 101, and I'm your instructor; Casey Jones."

He charges at Karai but is easily put down. He gets back on his feet and pulls out a baseball-bat and swings at another ninja; the ninja ducks and kicks Jones in the gut, sending him flying. April runs over and picks up a cricket-bat.

"Get away!" April calls out. "I know how to use this!"

"Cricket?" a voice says from the shadows, truly surprised.

"Shut up, Mikey!" another voice says.

Everyone looks around, surprised by the voices.

"Nobody understands cricket" the first voice continues. "You gotta know what crumpet is to understand cricket."

The ninjas all ready their weapons. Karai gives a nod and they all vanish into the shadows. Karai turns to April and readies her sword for a strike; Karai ducks in the last moment and backflips as three shuriken misses her and hits the side of a container. Karai throws a smoke-bomb and vanishes. April helps Jones on his feet and head on out.

A ninja stands in the shadows and listens. He waits. Then he strikes with his sword at a shadow, but hits two swords crossed to catch his blade; a mighty kick sends the ninja flying into a container a couple of yards away.

Another ninja is armed with a kusarigama ( sickle and chain ) and sneaks through the shadows. Out of the shadows, a bo-staff strikes at him but the ninja ducks and rolls out of the way. The ninja swings the chain which wraps around the bo-staff; the bo-staff is used like a spear to hit the ninja in the face. A mighty blow with the staff strikes the sickle out of the ninjas hand and then a series of hits from the staff eventually knocks the ninja down and unconscious.

Karai, from her vantage-point, sees both the knocked out ninjas. She gives a nod to her four remaining ninjas and they team up 2 and 2.

One pair of ninjas walk into a poorly lit area and get ambushed by an attacker wielding two nunchakus to great effect and taking them both down with a series of lightning quick strikes. The attacker throws a smoke-bomb at the ground and vanishes without a trace as quickly as he appeared as the smoke clears.

The last pair, armed with a sword and a naginata, are now more defensive, standing ready to be attacked. The naginata strikes, but gets deflected by a pair of sai, and then gets kicked to the side. The last ninja swings his sword three times, but each strike is parried by a sai and then the last ninja is also kicked to the side.

April and Jones make it to Aprils car and climb in. With April behind the wheel, they drive off at high speed.

"Told you!" Jones says. "God damn ninjas!"

"Alright already!" April says. "Just shut up and let me drive!"

Back at the fight, Karai decides to leave and flees. She parries a couple of sword-blows in the shadows and throws a small fire-bomb that ignites the side of a container with flammable liquid. In the light from the flames, she sees her assailant; a giant humanoid turtle armed with two sword ( Leonardo of course ).

Karai is frightened at the sight. "Yōkai!" she says ( a Japanese demon ) and backs away.

Leonardo attacks and Karai is forced to rely on all of her skills to parry the strikes. In the end, Leonardo uses a special attack-move that Karai barely dodges. Leonardo is clearly surprised by this, which allows Karai to flee the scene for all her worth.

"We can get her!" Raphael says and runs after Karai together with Donatello.

"No, wait!" Leonardo says and both Raphael and Donatello stop. "Let her go. It's time to get the hell out of here."

"Says who?" Raphael growls. "We can't let the enemy get away. She's seen us. We have to deal with it and we have to deal with it now."

"We don't have to deal with anything" Leonardo points out strongly. "So what if she's seen us? No one will believe her. Now… let's move out."

"This is on you, Leo" Raphael says. "It's on you" he adds and thumps Leo's chest with the grip of one of his sai's.

Raphael jumps into the shadows, closely followed by Leonardo. Michelangelo and Donatello stay behind for a short moment.

"Man, that was tense" Michelangelo says.

Donatello nods. "Yeah… I thought Raph was gonna kill that girl."

"No man, I'm talking about that reporter chick. Didn't you feel the sexual tension between her and Wayne Gretsky back there?"

Leo's voice is heard from the shadows. "Are you two coming?!"

"Woops, gotta go!" Donatello says and vanishes.

Michelangelo takes a look around. "Ninjas, pffft… Overrated." And he then follows the others.

The four turtles skateboard through the sewers, doing all sorts of tricks along the way.

"I can't believe we fought actual ninjas!" Donatello says.

"Ninjas?" Michelangelo says. "More like soccer players in black pajamas!"

"Sucker players" Raphael chuckles.

"Nice one, Raph" Michelangelo grins and the two high-five.

"Hey, Leo" Donatello says as they skate through the sewers. "I'm not sure if I got it wrong, but did she actually dodge the Black Blossom maneuver?"

"Yeah" Leonardo replies. "Yeah, she did."

"I thought you couldn't dodge or parry that attack?" Donatello says.

"Yeah, dude!" Michelangelo says as he skates by. "Black Blossom is instant karma! I can't believe you messed that one up, Leo. Totally lame, dude!"

Raphael skates by as well. "This is your mess, Leo!"

Leonardo sighs and shakes his head and follows the others.

They skate on until they reach their secret sewer-hideout. Placing their skateboards to the side, they walk through the hideout, Michelangelo picks up a slice of pizza along the way, and then they all line up and kneel. Leonardo places a red bandana on the floor that they had taken from one of the ninjas.

"Sensei" Leonardo says. "You were right. Ninjas did kill the professor. We were forced to confront them when they were about to attack a reporter. They wore this on their heads."

Splinter, sitting as well, reaches out and picks up the bandana and studies it and its insignia. "Where you seen?" Splinter then asks.

Leonardo sighs. "Yes, master. One of the enemy saw me and got away."

"I could have taken her down!" Raphael interrupts. "I could have taken her down and no one would have known about us. Leo has put us all at risk!"

"Raphael!" Splinter ends the argument. "Leonardo?"

"Raphael could have taken her down, sensei" Leonardo admits. "But I stopped him. She was no threat to us and she was terrified. Going after her would have been dishonorable."

Splinter nods and then looks at the insignia on the bandana once more.

"It is the Foot Clan, isn't it, sensei?" Donatello asks.

"Yes" Splinter says and the turtles all look at each other. "The Foot Clan was hired to kill professor Chaplin. And now they know of our existence."

"Forgive me, sensei!" Leonardo says and bows.

"What is there to forgive?" Splinter wonders. "It is always better to save a life than to take it. We have more important matters to consider. The Foot Clan knows that this reporter is on to them. They know that she somehow has connected the dots. They will try and silence her."

"No problemo, dude" Michelangelo says, "We'll stop 'em. I mean come on, it's not like they impressed us that much back there. I mean seriously, did you guys see when I…"

"Michelangelo!" Splinter stops Mikey's rant. "This reporter" Splinter continues, "she will need our help. She will need your protection. The Foot Clan will come for her and you will have to stop them. Without your help, the Foot Clan will kill her."

"We will not fail you, sensei!" Leonardo says.

"I know you wont" Splinter says. "Now you must prepare for your next encounter with the Foot Clan. But first, we must meditate on tonight's encounter, find inner peace, seek clarity and learn from our mistakes."

Splinter prepares to meditate. But is interrupted by music! As he looks up, Michelangelo and Donatello are listening to Europe's song Ninja, with Donatello playing air-guitar with his bo-staff and Michelangelo using his nunchakus as a microphone and singing along.

"It helps them relax" Leonardo says with a shrug of his shoulders and begins to dig the music.

Splinter sighs and shakes his head. "Teenagers."

Raphael frowns and leaves the room, punching the wall as he goes. "Learn from our mistakes?" he says and shakes his head. "We should not have let her go, is a good start." He lies down in a couch and watches some tv.

Donatello turns to Michelangelo. "These lyrics makes no sense!"

"Who cares!" Michelangelo replies and sings along. "NINJA SURVIVE!"


Karai enter a room and sits down, not wearing any mask or hood, revealing her terrible burns on her face. She kneels before a camera. A terrible voice is heard, speaking Japanese ( Shredder ).

"Yes, daughter?"

"Father, I beg your forgiveness" Karai says, also speaking Japanese.

"Why? Chaplin is dead. You were successful."

Karai is seen on a tv-screen. "A reporter has linked our mission to our employer" Karai says. "I failed to kill her."

A mysterious figure, wearing armor and spikes ( Shredder of course ) sits in the shadows and watches the screen. "You are my greatest student. How could you fail?"

"I was attacked" Karai says, a bit reluctantly. "Attacked by Yōkai. A terrible beast… who knew of the Black Blossom." Shredder sits silent, which makes Karai nervous. "Forgive me, father, but the monster was unstoppable and it was only because I have seen you perform the Black Blossom that I realized what was about to happen. I barely escaped with my life."

"The Black Blossom is an unstoppable attack that the Foot Clan has kept a secret for five hundred years" Shredder says. "Only the most skilled ninjas of the clan can master this attack."

"This beast must have been sent to punish us" Karai says. "A spirit to haunt the Foot Clan. Only you, father, has mastered the Black Blossom, ever since…"

"The treason of Yoshihama Takeshi and the murder of my brother. The traitor was never found and escaped my wrath."

"Father… do you think… could he be…"

"It was no Yōkai. A spirit would not have failed the Black Blossom and let you live. Yoshihama Takeshi is alive… and is hiding in New York City."

Shredder punches the floor with his twin wrist-blades with incredible force, cracking the boards!


Irma carries folders and files and enters Aprils office at TMN-TV and places it all on her desk.

"There you go" Irma says. "Fresh from storage. Everything we've got on TCRI since the early sixties. What's so interesting about TCRI anyway? I thought you were working on the Sachs Industries murder?"

"I am" April says and starts going through the files.

April O'Neil is seen doing a news-report.

"Ninjas operating in New York City? Medieval assassins killing in 1980's New York? As incredible as it sounds, it might just be what could explain the murder of professor Cornelius Chaplin. Chaplin was killed inside the Sachs Technologies building by a single strike with a sword, police tells us, and there is no evidence detailing how the murderer got in or out undetected and unseen. A murder so precise in its execution, that the word ninja does come to mind. A day before the murder a ship arrived in New York Harbor, its port of origin; Tokyo. The day after the murder, that same ship heads back to Tokyo. Coincidence? Perhaps. But bear in mind that the ship in question is owned by the company TCRI, a company that currently has Baxter Stockman as an employee. Baxter Stockman, of course, is well known for his claims that Chaplin stole the famous Mouser robot from Stockman, and Stockman himself went to prison for stealing an invention from Chaplin. Not only that, but Baxter Stockman has been suspected of trying to have Chaplin assassinated on a number of occasions, though it has never been proven in a court of law. Baxter Stockman was released from prisoner six months ago after having served a ten year sentence after burning professor Chaplins laboratory to the ground. A couple of days after his release, Stockman was hired by TCRI. Coincidences? Who knows. But this reporter knows one thing, and that is that all clues points to TCRI. April O'Neil, TMN-TV News."

Charles Pennington sighs and rubs his face. He has watched the report together with April.

"Christ sake, April" he says. "I can't show that. TCRI will send their lawyers after us and eat us alive. We'll be lucky if they let us keep our underwear!"

"This is the story, Charles" April argues. "TCRI is a major developer of new advanced technology and Chaplin made Sachs Technologies a major competitor. I'm willing to bet that they helped Baxter get his revenge and that they got something out of the deal as well. This is big, Charles. This is the biggest story of the decade. TCRI helped commit murder to destroy Sachs Technologies. I'm telling you, Charles, I saw real life ninjas down at the harbor!"

"Jesus" Pennington says and shakes his head. "I'm telling you this for the last time; do a story on that damned hockey-vigilante or empty your office! Now get out of here and do your damned job!"


April storms out of the office and heads for her own, sits down and picks up the phone and dials a number.

"Casey?" she says. "We're on our own. We need to get to Stockman if we are to blow this wide open… Yeah, I'm serious. So, are you in or not? Just answer the question… Good, I'll pick you up in half an hour."

April leaves the TMN-TV building and gets in her car and heads out into traffic. Up on the rooftops, the turtles keep watch.

"She's on the move!" Raphael says and runs off and jumps over to the next building.

"Great" Michelangelo says, "why can't we just get a minivan or something, you know? A lick of paint, some proper stereo-action. A real deal chick-magnet, you know what I'm saying?"

"Come on, Mikey!" Leonardo says as the rest of them are on the move.

"Man, I hate running" Michelangelo sighs and heads after the others.

After a while, the turtles gather on a roof and look down at April's car.

"Eastman and Laird? Whatta hell is she doing in a crappy neighborhood like this?" Michelangelo wonders.

"Hey look!" Donatello says and points as Casey Jones leaves a building and hops into the car. "It's the guy from the docks. You know, the baseball-player."

"Hockey!" Raphael corrects. "But why is she hanging out with a bum like him?"

Michelangelo smiles. "Why, Raph? Jealous? Hmmm?"

A sai's point ends up lightning quick by Michelangelo's eye. Raphael is not amused. "Shut it, Mikey. I'm not in the mood."

"Quiet down" Leonardo says. "They're on the move again. Let's get going."

Donatello shakes his head. "You know, Mikey's idea about a van sounds like a better plan the longer this day keeps going."

"I know, right?!" Michelangelo grins and jumps after the others.

In the car, April and Casey discuss their next move.

"Kidnap Baxter Stockman?" Casey wonders, a bit in disbelief.

April nods. "Yeah. We get him to talk and we get it on tape. We need him to confess. If he does, we can bring down Baxter, TCRI and the ninjas. It will all come crashing down like a house of cards. I'm telling you, Casey, it's our only shot. Baxter Stockman burned Chaplins lab down to the ground ten years ago as payback for Chaplin stealing the MOUSER robot. It was never proven, but it is believed that Stockman payed to have Chaplin killed at least three times, while he was in prison. And the moment Stockman gets out of jail, Chaplin ends up dead. And Stockmans current employer just happens to smuggle in ninjas to the city? We need to get to Baxter Stockman; it's our only hope of cracking this wide open."

"Kidnaping?" Casey says, still not believing it. "Alright… How? I mean, he is a bigshot at TCRI, they will keep him safe."

"We'll figure it out" April says. "If they can get to Chaplin, we can get to Stockman."

"You do realize it was trained ninjas that got to Chaplin, right?" Casey asks April. "I mean, I'm good, but I'm not sure I'm that good."

"We'll find a way."

April drives up to a garage in the harbor and Casey opens it and they drive inside. The turtles hide up on a rooftop and keep an eye on the building.

"I've been thinking, Leo" Raphael says. "When will you tell Splinter that you tried the Black Blossom? I mean, only a revered master like Splinter can pull it off successfully. So why do you think you're good enough to even try pulling it off in an actual fight? I mean, you tried and you failed. And now the enemy knows about us, don't they? Because of your ego, Leo. Because you thought you are as good as Master Splinter!"

"Really?" Leonardo says. "You bring this up now? You don't think we have more important things to worry about right about now?"

Raphael walks over to Leonardo. "I need to know if we can rely on you not to put the rest of us at risk in the next fight. Because there will be a next fight, Leo, and we need to be able to count on you."

"Says the guy that is so eager to start fighting, he can't wait for his brothers to get into position" Leonardo counters.

"Don't make this about me" Raphael says. "Don't you turn this around on me."

Donatello turns to Michelangelo. "So, uh… Wanna go down there and see what they're up to?"

Michelangelo nods. "Why not. This Moonlighting drama-routine is getting old."

Inside the garage, Casey begins to gear up with his mask and sticks and bats.

"You know" Casey says, "chances are we will mess this up. And if we mess this up, we will end up in jail for the next twenty years."

"Man, for a masked vigilante you're such a crybaby, you know that?"

"I'm just saying" Casey says and pulls his mask down over his face.

To be continued…

That is the first part of this "movie". We get to see our main characters in action, we get the plot and we have a reason for the turtles taking an interest in April. We also learn why Shredder takes an interest; it appears as if the turtles are privy to some Foot Clan martial arts secrets, which is very mysterious. So if you want to know how it all ends up, then stick around for future updates.