In an abandoned building, Foot Clan ninjas bring Leonardo, escorted by Karai, before Shredder.

"What is the name of your master?" Shredder asks over his shoulder.

"You know his name" Leonardo says defiantly.

"Yoshihama Takeshi" Shredder says. "Yet you claim you have never heard of him."

"My master is Hamato Yoshi" Leonardo says. "And he was forced into exile by Oroku Saki, after he was framed for the murder of Oroku Nagi. A murder you committed."

All the Foot Clan ninjas, including Karai, look at each other.

Shredder nods. "Hamato Yoshi" he says. "Yoshihama." Shredder turns to face Leonardo. "They are the same man. The man who killed my brother like a coward and fled the country like the dishonorable man he always was."

"Hamato Yoshi is not a coward" Leonardo. "You are. You framed him for the murder of your own brother and then killed his family!"


Shredder attacks Leonardo with fists and kicks; Leonardo manage only to parry a few of them before he gets struck to the ground, receiving a cut across the arm from Shredders wrist-blades.

"I will not tolerate your lies, freak" Shredder growls. "Take him away!"

The Foot Clan ninjas grab Leonardo and drag him away. Karai remains behind for a while, seemingly a bit hesitant, before she leaves Shredder alone.


At the Bebop & Rocksteady club, the afro-american with the purple mohawk ( Anton Zeck ) guides a couple of stereotypical New York wiseguys through the club and to the back-rooms.

"Right this way, gentlemen, right this way" the Zeck says. "You will not be disappointed."

They eventually enter a large room where Steranko is waiting, his rhino is chained off to the side, together with several crates.

"Ah!" Steranko says. "Mario! Have I a nice gift for you" he says and opens a crate and picks up an RPG. "Huh? How about that? Prime Russian craftmanship. Will kill anything, tanks, cars and cops alike. You like, yes?"

"Very nice" the lead wiseguy says and nods. "How much?"

Zeck steps in. "Now here's where things get interesting" he says. "We will give you one crate free of charge, if you buy the other three."

"How much for the other three?" the gangster-boss asks.

"Ten percent of your racketeering business" Steranko says. "You might not think it's a fair deal, but consider that I will sell these beautiful rocket-launchers to Luigi if you don't want to deal with us."

Zeck smiles wide. "How about it, big guy? Wanna do business with us? Or risk getting shot at by the competition, armed with RPG's?"

"Is this a joke?" the mobster-boss says.

"I'm not laughing" Steranko says, dead serious.

"How about it, Mario?" Zeck asks. "Do we have a deal?" he says and holds out his hand for Mario to shake it.

"Let me tell you if we have a deal or not" Mario says and pulls out a gun.

At that point, the lights go out and all turns dark. Then, a single light lights up the far end of the room. All the gangsters turns to look, armed with guns; Steranko is holding two AK47's and Anton Zeck is armed with a loaded RPG. In the lit up part of the room, Michelangelo stands in a Michael Jackson kind of pose, with a paper-bag over his head and a hat on top of it. Then Michael Jacksons song Bad starts playing and Michelangelo begins the exact dance-routine from the music-video. The gangsters don't know what to make of it at all. Then, as Michelangelo has moved into the midst of all the gangsters and finished the chorus with a mighty "Who's Bad?!", the lights go out again and all turns dark. A few seconds later and the lights turn on again and now there is no sign of Michelangelo, along with Steranko and Zeck.

"Whatta hell just happened?" Mario says.


Steranko and Zeck are on their knees, hands tied behind their backs and blindfolded. The blindfolds are removed and they look up, seeing the turtles and Splinter before them.

"Oh my god" Zeck says, "are we dead? Is this hell?"

"This aint hell" Raphael says, "but the next best thing."

"So you better start talking, Bebop and Rocksteady" Michelangelo says, still wearing the paper-bag on his head, "before this shit really goes crazy. I mean loco like you've never seen."

"The Foot Clan" Splinter says. "Oroku Saki… where can we find him?"

Donatello kneels next to the two prisoners. "This is when you spill the beans."

"And don't hold back" Raphael adds.


Leonardo sits alone in a small room, hands and feet chained, meditating. He looks up and spots Karai.

"What do you want?" Leonardo asks.

"Your master is a liar and a coward" Karai says with a frown. "He has deceived you. You should not defend a dishonorable man like Yoshihama Takeshi. He murdered my uncle, ran like a coward and hid here and changed his name. Those are not the actions of an honorable man."

"He raised me like a son" Leonardo says. "Took care of me and my brothers. Taught us the difference between right and wrong. He taught us discipline and loyalty. And he taught us to never hate the humans, even though they would hate us if they ever found us. Does that sound like a dishonorable man? A man who would murder his friend and run from justice?"

"You are a monster" Karai says. "And your master is a monster. He killed my mother!"

"Your mother?" Leonardo says. "Your burns… how did you get them?"

Karai looks at Leonardo. "Why do you care?"

"Hamato Yoshi lost his wife and daughter to a car-bomb, put in place by Oroku Saki" Leonardo says.

Karai is conflicted. "Your lies do not impress me, you freak."

Karai leaves and Leonardo lets out a sigh.

"She's alive?" Leonardo says.


The turtles, Splinter, April and Casey all prepare, putting on their gear and outfits. Michelangelo takes a look at Casey Jones.

"What's up with the hockey-thing anyway?" Michelangelo wonders.

"What? As if your outfit makes any more sense" Jones says.

The three turtles look at each other.

"What do you mean?" Donatello asks.

"You are man-sized, upright, talking turtles. I mean, what's the point with the bandanas? It's not like you're gonna fool anyone at a line-up" Casey points out.

"What's your point?" Raphael wonders.

"I mean…" Casey says and shrugs his shoulders, "You know… It's not like you… You're not exactly… inconspicuous."

"We're tortoises, asshole" Raphael growls.

"He means we are not stealthy" Donatello says.

"Does he even know what a ninja is?" Michelangelo says as he looks at his brothers.

"Settle down children" Splinter says, dressed the part of a ninja and secures a sword in his belt.

"Are we ready to go?" April asks.

Splinter turns around, standing in front of the turtles. "We are ready."


Leonardo sits and meditates.

Karai sits on a rooftop and looks out over New York City, troubled.

Shredder performs martial arts moves, training his body.

The green van moves through traffic.

Leonardo looks at the room and chains that keep him secured and sighs.

Karai shakes and hangs her head with a heavy sigh.

Shredder continues his routine of honing his skills.

A Foot Clan ninja sits in hiding on a rooftop. Then he spots Michelangelo sneaking around down below; Michelangelo is almost theatrically sneaking, like some evil cartoon character. The ninja pulls on a string three times and in the Foot Clan hideout, a bell rings as it is attached to the string ( there are several bells and strings ). A ninja hurries to find Shredder.

"Master. They are here" the ninja says in Japanese.

Shredder slowly turns around. "Finally."

The ninja that has spotted Michelangelo follows him. Michelangelo is still sneaking like a comic-book character. The ninja moves up to the edge of the roof and looks down; two arms, belonging to Raphael and Donatello, reach up and pulls him down.

Casey Jones, now dressed as a Foot Clan ninja, adjust the ninja-outfit.

"Good luck" April says and gives him a kiss on the cheek and heads off on her own.

Casey Jones smiles and pulls on the Foot Clan mask and moves on as well.

Donatello climbs an electrical-pole, opens a box and cuts some wires. The entire area loses power and all turns black. Karai reacts to the power-shortage and hurries back. Casey Jones, disguised as a Foot Clan ninja, enter the Foot Clan hideout, watches three ninjas hurry through the building along with Karai ( she gives orders in Japanese ); Casey Jones moves on.

On a rooftop overlooking the Foot Clan hideout, Splinter steps out into plain sight with the aid of his cane.

"Warriors of the Foot Clan!" he calls out in Japanese. "I am Yoshihama Takeshi! Your sworn enemy!"

Out of nowhere, two dozen ninjas appear, along with Karai; all with their weapons drawn.

Splinter turns to Karai. "Where is Oroku Saki? I would like to speak with my old friend."

"Where are the turtles?" Karai asks.

Inside the Foot Clan hideout, Casey Jones enters the basement and busts open a padlock that has locked a backdoor with chains. Opening the door, he removes the ninja-mask and the turtles enter the hideout.

"So far so good" Donatello says.

"Splinter has drawn out the Foot Clan" Casey says.

"Good" Raphael says. "Let's get going."

"Chuck Norris got nothing on us" Michelangelo says and they all sneak into the building.

On the other rooftop, the ninjas and Karai have Splinter surrounded.

"I knew that Oroku Saki was a coward" Splinter said, "but I did not think he would be afraid to face me."

"You will mind your words, beast" Karai says, weapons ready. "Oroku Saki is the finest shadow warrior Japan has seen a hundred years."

"Yet" Splinter says, "he is not here to fight me."

"No" Karai says. "But I am… Attack!"

The ninjas all attack Splinter; Splinter uses his cane to fight them off, combined with superior martial arts. When Karai joins in, Splinter finally draws his sword.

Inside the Foot Clan hideout, the three turtles sneak through the abandoned building. Shredder drops down from the ceiling and the fight is on! The three turtles instantly end up in trouble against the far superior fighting skills of Shredder.

April sneaks through the building and finds the room with Leonardo.

"April!" Leonardo says, surprised and happy.

April picks the locks to the chains. "Come on, the others are fighting the Foot Clan" she says and then hands Leonardo two swords. "I thought you might want these."

Leonardo tries them out with a few moves. "They'll do just fine."

They leave in a hurry to find the others.

On the rooftop, Splinter finds himself once again surrounded by Foot Clan ninjas and Karai.

"If I killed Oroku Nagi" Splinter says, "why did I stay? Why did I stay and let my wife and daughter be killed?! Why didn't I run the same night that Nagi was killed?!"

"I don't care!" Karai says. "You are a traitor!"

"I only found out about Nagi's murder, when I was accused of it" Splinter says. "I only decided to leave Japan when I realized that Oroku Saki would kill me and my family to cover up his own crimes. I only decided to flee to save my daughter!"

"Shut Up!" Karai roars and she and the other ninjas attack.

A ninja climbs the roof and slowly moves over to the fight. The ninja picks up a pair of tonfas from a knocked out Foot Clan ninja and then hits four unsuspecting Foot Clan ninjas over the head, knocking them out. Two other ninjas turn around and the tonfa-ninja removes the mask; it is Casey Jones.

"Think fast!" Casey says and throws the tonfas at the ninjas, forcing them to duck. He quickly moves up and hits them over the jaw with one punch each, sending them to the ground. Looking at his two fists, he says "It's a gift."

Splinter and Karai fights, but Karai is clearly not as skilled as Splinter.

"Oroku Saki killed his own brother" Splinter says as the fight goes on. "He framed it on me to take over the leadership of the Foot Clan. He is without honor and a traitor. He murdered my wife and daughter. He is too afraid to face me in battle. Oroku Saki does not deserve your loyalty."

"I will never betray him!" Karai replies during the fighting. "He is my father!"

Splinter backs off, looking quite surprised. "I will not ask of you to betray your family" Splinter says, makes a fantastic move, disarms Karai and knocks her out cold.

Casey Jones moves over to Splinter. "You alright?"

"I am fine" Splinter says, a bit exhausted. "Come, we must find Oroku Saki."

They leave, leaving Karai on the roof unconscious.

In the Foot Clan hideout, the fight between the turtles and Shredder continue. During the fighting, Michelangelo ducks an incoming strike by retracting his head into his shell and manage to land a punch at Shredder because of it. In the end, the three turtles eventually are too tired to get off the ground. Shredder steps up to Raphael and prepares to impale him, when he is distracted.


Shredder turns around and sees Leonardo enter the room.

"Leave my brothers alone" Leonardo says and takes a fighting stance.

Shredder gets back on his feet and Leonardo attacks. Leonardo takes the fight to Shredder, forcing Shredder to be on the defensive. The other three turtles help each other back on the feet and hurry after and soon enough join in on the fighting. All of a sudden, Shredder goes on the offensive and with a few advanced moves have knocked all turtles to the ground.

"Is this the best that Yoshihama Takeshi could do?" Shredder says. "Four freaks of nature, barely disciplined enough to understand the basics of ninjutsu. We are ninja. The Foot Clan of Kôga-region. We live and breathe in the shadows. We strike when we are guaranteed of victory. Discipline and loyalty is the essence of what we are. But you… you are the products of western society, loud and undisciplined, ignorant and inferior. I now see why Yoshihama Takeshi took you in. You are of the same weak stock."

"You are wrong, Oroku Saki."

Shredder turns around and spots Splinter further down the room.

"They are nothing like me. They are nothing like you or I ever was. Unlike you and I, they would never murder. They would never kill. They would never conspire against one another. They are better than us, they are more human than you and I could ever hope to be."

Shredder looks at Splinter, trying to figure out who he is.

"Don't you recognize me?" Splinter says. "The man whose life you ruined when you murdered my wife and child."

"Takeshi?" Shredder says when he finally realizes that the giant rat is his old enemy.

"I am Yoshihama Takeshi, Kôga-ninja of the Foot Clan. Loyal to our true master, Oroku Nagi."

"I will kill you" Shredder says, "no matter what form you take on. No matter what spirits you ally yourself with. I will kill you!"

Shredder attacks and Splinter parries and dodges each strike aimed at him. Eventually, Shredder begins a lethal series of attacks that truly forces Splinter to rely on all of his skills to stay alive.

"The Black Blossom!" Leonardo says with a gasp.

Shredder moves in for the kill, Splinter is unable to parry or dodge. But Splinters tail blocks the incoming blow!

"No human could ever survive the Black Blossom" Splinter says. "But I am not human."

Splinter punches the surprised Shredder and wraps his tail around Shredders throat and throws him out a window and Shredder falls three or four floors before he hits the concrete. Shredder is barely breathing when Casey Jones walks up to him, holding a heavy boulder.

Casey drops the boulder on Shredder and says "Oops!"

April drives the van up to the Foot Clan hideout and everyone gets in, limping and badly injured. Casey Jones hands Splinter the severely dented helmet of Shredder.

"Here ya go" Casey says. "A souvenir."

"I have no need of it" Splinter says.

"I'll take that" Raphael says and inspects the helmet. "I'll mount it on the wall."

"We could use it as a can-opener" Michelangelo says.

"Or a trashcan" Donatello suggests.

"So… Where to guys?" April asks from the drivers-seat.

"Home" Leonardo says. "Let's go home."

As the green van drives off, Karai watches them from a rooftop; the rage builds up within her until she lets out a great howl of pure hatred.


April and Charles Pennington walk through the corridors of the TMN-TV building.

"This story will shatter the world!" Charles says. "TCRI provides money to hire assassins to kill a rival inventor and steal his mutating super-fuel. And they do it all because of the vindictive monster, Baxter Stockman! Ninjas fighting New York's very own hockey-vigilante in a battle of good and evil, connecting Russian gun-runners to TCRI and an ancient brotherhood of Japanese assassins! MY GOD! It Is Brilliant!"

"I know" April says, quite pleased with herself. "As soon as we go on air, TCRI is going down and Baxter Stockman will get sent to jail for life."

"And TMN-TV will sell the story to every tv-station in the world!" Charles says. "We will be filthy rich! Stupid rich!"

They are both pleased and excited. Suddenly, Irma comes running.

"Mister Pennington! Mister Pennington!"

"What is it, Irma?"

"I just got word" Irma says. "Baxter Stockman has been released. Freed of all charges. The evidence didn't hold up in court."

April can't believe it. "What? How? Why?"

"Apparently he was forced into admitting it all" Irma says. "He feared for his life so said what ever the kidnappers wanted him to say."

"I can't believe this" April says, a bit disheartened.

"I'm sorry, April" Pennington says. "But if Stockman goes free, we can't go on air with your story. We can't accuse TCRI of anything if Stockman isn't guilty. We have to can the story. Sorry."

Charles leaves, a bit frustrated.

"I am truly sorry, April" Irma says and leaves as well.

April shakes her head. "Son of a…"


Baxter Stockman is sitting in an office and is smoking, a bit nervously. It is the office of Mr. Utrom.

"You told the lawyer that you at first didn't think the kidnappers were human" Mr. Utrom says. "Why?"

"The way their skin felt" Baxter says. "The way they smelled. It wasn't human hands that held me down" he says and continues to smoke nervously. "I think… I think Chaplin might have perfected the mutagen… I think they might have been mutants."

"Well, we better find them then" Mr. Utrom says, "don't we?"

Mr. Utrom is walking down a corridor, alone, and enters an elevator. He holds his hand against a screen and his palmprint gets scanned. The doors eventually open and he enters a room with highly sophisticated computers, and the room is filled with a thick green gas. Mr. Utrom stops, unbuttons his shirt and his stomach parts to allow a small creature to crawl out; it walks on six spidery legs and has two tentacles for arms. As it moves through the high-tech room, other similar creatures operate the computers. Mr. Utrom walks up to a strange device that seem to create a portal of sorts.

"Well?" a mysterious voice speaks through the portal. "What news do you have for me?"

"An opportunity, my lord" the small creature that disguise itself as Mr. Utrom says. "I believe we could create an army to serve you, here, on this planet."

"Oh?" the voice across the portal says. "Well? Out with it?! How?!"

"We have discovered a powerful mutagen" Mr. Utrom says. "With it, we can create soldiers more powerful than anything the humans could ever hope to send against us. Earth will be conquered within a decade."

"I like it" the voice says and laughs. "Proceed with your plan. Crush the humans, destroy their civilization. Prepare them for my arrival."

"As you command, lord emperor Krang."

The End

Well, there you have it. Fun to write at least. If you wonder why Hamato Yoshi is only an alias, it is because apparently in the Japanese version, Hamato Yoshi was renamed Yoshihama Takeshi. So it seemed like a logical choice. Anyway, if you have had a look, why not share a comment; maybe you liked it, maybe you hated it, why not let me know. Cheers!