Notes before the story: All timelines will somehow match up. Well, Harry and Percy's. Just pretend they were born in the same year.

Note number 2: Please forgive all OOC-ness. I was never good at keeping them in character. Probably why I'm better at writing AUs.

Note number 3: For Seven Deadly Sins, you know… the Holy War was 3000 years ago at the time of the actual story. And they seemed ancient, because they didn't have knights and such. So I'm going to say that at the time of the 7DS story, wizards were still at a time before the founding of Hogwarts.

Note number 4: Let's also pretend that the founding of Hogwarts was around the time the gods finally defeated Kronos for the first time.

Note number 5: No Chaos, or Primordials, or whatever stuff like that. It would be a very different story then.

Note number 6: The 7DS story happens during the rule of Kronos, say… right after he chopped up Ouranos. Just because. And, for some reason, the Titans do not notice them AT ALL since all they focus on is Greece. They are the Greek gods for a reason.

Note number 7: No other random gods. And the gods are not all powerful or omnipotent or anything like that.

Note number 8: Takes place during Harry's fifth year AU, after the war against Gaea, right after the end of episode 24 of the anime. Forgot which manga that was. It was 100 something? Less than 130 I think.

Note number 9: Can we NOT have Umbridge? After all, in this AU, Voldemort is gone now… I suppose there might be ministry problems though. But… I have no idea how to make my story work with Umbridge in it.

Sorry about all the random notes. They may have repeated themselves... eh.

Chapter 1: Introduction

This year, 1995, would be Harry Potter's fifth year of school. It was summer, and it was also the first year Hogwarts would accept transfer students from other magic schools. This year, they were inviting two schools, and the lucky fifth years would hopefully be learning at the other two schools for their sixth and seventh years.

It was a good thing that Harry Potter managed to defeat Voldemort after he figured out the Triwizard Tournament Cup was actually a Portkey. According to Harry, after Voldemort killed Harry, he had somehow come back alive, and his desire to protect his friends and anger at Voldemort for killing his parents allowed him to use the Killing Curse.

Apparently, Harry himself had been a Horcrux, and when he had supposedly killed Harry, Voldemort had in fact been removing his own Horcrux from Harry.

The summer of 1995 was spent celebrating the defeat of the greatest Dark Wizard of all time, but there were many rumors about secret dark organizations that were still around. It didn't matter, yet; after such a large war, there weren't many that opposed the government.

Perhaps this was also why Hogwarts decided to begin accepting transfers.