Inspired by the hAck Team. I have no idea where that story is or how I found it but this is loosely based around the idea.

Hannibal: 18: Senior

Face:15 :Sophomore

BA:17 : Junior

Murdock:14: Sophomore

Also, I do not know anything, AT ALL about computer systems or hacking. Yep. also no ownership. P.S. Take the drugs doctors tell you to. Do not follow Murdock's example in the show.

Everyone could tell that John Smith would make an excellent leader one day. His skills for planning and following through with tasks was admired by adults, while his refusal to back down from a fight inspired other teens. His skills, wit, and hints of charm were sure to help him lead a fantastic team. Eventually. For now all his peers either feared or hated his guts; sometimes they did both simultaneously. His carefree attitude annoyed many. He was left mostly alone, if only because of the slightly crazed glint in his eyes.

John chews slowly on his fresh stick of gum, running through his different email accounts, searching. He is creating through his emails, looking for cases that he is confident are not false. The teenagers prefers the difficult cases, working out for the email and himself what has occurred. People come to him because he finds things that the police are legally unable to find or that they do not notice and either reports it himself, publishes it to the general public, or gives the information to the inquirer.

John Smith is a hacker of extreme skill.

He cracks through code to gain evidence for and against people. And while his actions may be slightly illegal, they certainly did help with clearing names and catching criminals. Plus he is never caught, backed by a vast knowledge of techniques and strategy. This for justice and for the payment that he received from the party asking him to do it. This money is a pretty good bonus for putting down slime balls. Of course there were fakes attempting to get information on other honest people, but when he figures them out he refuses to share the information and helps defend the place from further attack, losing the money he could have gotten from the job.

John pauses in his chewing, letting a wide grin come over him. He has a message in one of his other fake email accounts. Entering it, he reads through the description, plans forming in his head. The emailer knew that this account is in contact with a skilled hacker who is willing to help innocents and condemn guilties for a small price. He sends a reply that he would pass the message on. This young male, if he is telling the truth, is asking for help against another hacker that is messing with his mother's store records. Beginning his plans, John thinks quietly as he chews his gum. Sometimes, when he is hacking he wished he had someone else to help him with, increasing the ferocity of the attack and to have his back if things started to go wrong.

'Oh well.'

John Smith signs around his gum and starts his mission. Pretty soon he is smiling predatorily. Oh yeah, this is going to be fun.

Templeton Peck had friends. Lots of friends who were always inviting him places and giving him things. Yet he felt alone. Everyone liked him, including the adults. The constant smiles directed at him and the cheerful faces oftentimes lead him to feel sick inside. They were not for the real him, rather, the personality he had felt was necessary to construct. He felt as though he was losing real self to the lies.

Templeton drops his act as soon as he enters his room at the orphanage, letting his face relax into a neutral look. Then a genuine smile envelopes his face as he eagerly shuts his door. He pulls out the laptop he had saved up over several months for from its hiding place. It is his favorite of his few possessions. Quickly, he taps away, checking around the web for something to do. A comment on social media attracts his attention. Some lady is complaining about their boss and subtly revealing that the boss maybe stealing money, without realising it. The teen sets about PMing the commenter with a fake identity, pulling information on her boss and the systems at her workplace without her really noticing, between flirts and conversation.

Swiftly, Templeton sets about diving into the man's systems, checking if the info had been correct. He found that the man is stealing from other businesses and is getting money from under the counter dealings. It is only way his account balances would make any sense with the rapid increase of cash without a rapid increase in his legitimate business to accompany it. Templeton hacks further into the man's system, finding the footage of the deals and meetings with people working with the man against the law. Though they were deleted, Templeton is able to trace them down and copy them. Nothing deleted from a system is truly ever gone.

Templeton gathers as much of the info as he can into a file and sends it to the police department's computer system. 'That should be enough to spark their curiosity.' Templeton smiles a real smile, the first one of the day. If only he had no one else to share it with, but he had only himself.

B.A. Baracus was a intimidating, but generally kind teen. As long as you stayed away from his van and computer, it was pretty easy to stay on his good side. He had a lot of older friends who were mechanics, interested in that aspect of his hobbies. But he had yet to have a friend that was interested in computers. While there were computer geeks at his school, they all feared him too much to be his friends due to his size, numerous gold chains,and intimidating nature. It was hard for him to keep his nose clean in his area, with the local gangs constantly trying to recruit him.

B.A. hums softly as he puts together another computer in his room. Machine parts sit on shelves all around him. Everything is organized so that he could easily find the part that he needs. He adjusts a few things within the core processor of the computer to make it faster. Satisfied with how it looks, he begins putting all the separate parts back together. As they all click into place, BA nods happily.

Deciding to test the newly updated systems, he boots up the machine. It smoothly awakens, whirring happily to life. He moves online as soon as it awakens all the way. B.A. enters one of his favorite chat rooms. Proceeding to talk to a few strangers about computer building, he stays online for an hour or so. Sadly, while he often talks to others online about computers, B.A. could never seem to gain any friends there mainly due to their general apathy for anything else. He had many acquaintances, but none that he truly trusted. This bothers him a little, adding slowly to his feeling of loneliness in this area of his intrests. Afterwards he logs off and gets to building up his computers new security coding, adding and improving on the system he had built a few weeks ago. He patiently sets it up, then tries hacking into it to break it down again. The mechanic wants to ensure his system could keep out invaders, whether they be human or virus.

Tapping lightly on his keyboard he gets to work diving through his system in any way possible. Maybe one day he'll create the ultimate defense with no chinks in the armor. For now he just works slowly towards his goal alone.

Murdock was insane. Legally. He was tested and doctors found that he did have a mental issue. Which disorder? That was what the doctors were unsure of. Or if it was only one. His grandparents were given pills to make him act somewhat normal. Typically these medications did little to affect his mannerisms. So he still acted very different from the norm of society. Parents warned their kids to stay away from him, advice they would have followed anyway, even if not given it. Murdock's lack of sanity scared others, even though he was not really dangerous. This all mixed together made him feel rather lonely, even when talking to people who were not there.

Murdock throws his head back and lets out an excited howl. The noise rebounds off the walls of his room in the attic. He perches on the top of the dresser, letting out helicopter noises, howls, and pretending to fly the nonexistent machine. Enjoying the height off the ground and the world he is convinced must be real, he howls wildly and more loudly than before. He can hear gunfire and the sounds of antiaircraft shifting and swirling all around him. The sound and visuals splinter and hurtles apart, leaving Murdock dazed and despaired, when his grandmother walks in. She gently reminds him that he is not allowed on his dresser. He looks down at it, confused as to how he had gotten onto it and where his helicopter went. Murdock slowly gets down.

She calmly asks whether he had taken his medication for the day. Lying, he nods his head, not wanting to take the revolting pills. They made him feel wrong, toning down his energy levels, which made him depressed. He had to take antidepressants, confusing his brain and making the anxiety rise. Which is countered by yet another set of medical drugs. It eventually lead him to feeling absolutely nothing. Most of the time he only took anti-anxiety and antidepressants, smuggling the other pills into a trash can that is not located at his house. Murdock has told his guardian and doctors of his dislike of the medically induce feeling of nothingness, but they insisted that it is helping him.

He quietly walks over to his grandmother and hugs her. She pats his head, sighing. Then she leaves the room and Murdock goes over to his computer. Waking from illusions of warzone flying made him feel in a fighting mood. Zooming through the internet, the young teen notes places that most likely are doing illegal things. Happily he verifies the that info he gains. Murdock also checks on places he had hit before, seeing if they had changed their ways yet. Yanking his baseball cap a little further down his head, he gets to work. Occasionally, he lets out a soft howl or bit of song and bounces in excitement.

Hacking into a business that is selling illegal drugs on the side, Murdock begins to do what he does best with computers. He causes huge amount of disruption and breaking down within the system, messing it up and setting the business back a couple of weeks. While not permanent, it felt better than doing absolutely nothing. Murdock proceeds to other places, raining down chaos. He returns to places if they do not stop their illegal activities within the week. There were several places he hit over and over. He even left notes every time, warning them to stop their illegal activities and to return to the straight and narrow. A few minutes later he falls into another illusion.