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Title: That One Scar

Percy never had a good life or a calm one.

First of all, his mother marries a jerk that ends up abusing him until he was eleven, being bullied all his life doesn't help. Then he finds out he's a half blood and that monsters are always after him. Then he finds he is part of this huge prophecy that's supposed to raze or save the world and had a few life threatening quests.

When he was sixteen he then fought in a war and Kronos on his birthday, turned down godhood. Two weeks later got kidnapped by Hera for eight months with no memory, got sent to a strict Roman demigod camp. Went on another dangerous quest. Finds out he and another seven are supposed to defeat a Primordial. Falls into Tartarus and survives, fights in another war and single handedly defeats Gaea.

He was physically and mentally tired of this. Percy didn't think he could take much more this. He pretty sure he had PTSD, nightmares, and flashbacks for certain. And thought he has Somniphobia and slight anorexia. Never mind the ADHD and dyslexia too that came with almost all demigods.

Nobody understood how he was feeling. He was the leader, the one everyone looked up to him, he couldn't let everyone see how weak and broken he was on in the inside. He wasn't that boy who let his step father beat him and let Kronos torture him in his dreams inside Tartarus. Inside he doubted that he'd really smiled sense the was six or seven years old.

Perhaps his Mom understood his low self confidence a little bit. Smelly Gabe used to call him "stupid", "fat", "useless" etcetera. His Mom called him "Smart". She understood him better then everyone else, even Grover and Annabeth. People always said he was dumb even if they didn't mean it like "Seaweed Brain" and "Kelp Head" for examples. It hurt him, it really did but they don't need to know that.

Percy was sitting cross legged on the beach, looking at the waves, thinking. Usually he would go in the water but ever sense almost drowning Akhlys, almost drowning in a bog, and being tortured by Kronos to hold his head under poisoned water for long periods of time, he was good. Now he held a irrational fear of drowning and flashbacks would come back to him if he went in the water.

As he thought about his past he didn't notice a certain sun god sitting next to him. "Hey cousin" Grinned the cheerful Apollo at him. He smiled back but it didn't reach his eyes and said as polite as he can "Hey Apollo. What do you need?". Gods never visited without a reason. Apollo frowned "Zeus wants me to flash you to Olympus. The council wants to see you". Of course the council does, their probably voting on his death again, like they always do every summer and winter solstice. Or maybe Zeus wants to throw his lightning bolt at him and vaporize him for being ' too powerful '. Granted he did help defeat Gaea.

Apollo then turned serious and turned to him. He never saw Apollo this serious ever. "I'm sorry for all that will happen" Apollo said firmly. Smilingly sadly he stated "It's not your fault Apollo".

He just was tired, tired of everything. Apollo must be one of the only gods who understood his feelings, the sun god could see how and when his kids and family members died but never is aloud to tell anyone. He sighed, lending the god his arm, so he could flash him to the throne room on Olympus.

"Percy?" Apollo asked looking me in the eye "I promise it will get better, everything does eventually. Sometimes a little pain is necessary". He then closed his eyes, sighing softly in content as a sea breeze passed them. The salty smell made him feel at home. Peace. That's what he longed for, peace. "I know Apollo. I'm just tired, tired of everything" He admitted truthfully.

Then they were quiet. The waves were gently lapping their feet and the breeze ruffling their hair, the strawberry sent lingering. He just felt content sitting there with Apollo. Not in a crush way but more like a sibling relationship and a family feeling. Like sitting by a fire. A comforting feeling warmed it's way into his heart and his brain vaguely identified it as joy and contentious.

But there was something else he couldn't identify, a sense of familiarity. Apollo was similar to him in a way, the way the god held himself was open but not excessive and over barring. A pleased sigh left his lips as Apollo got up from his position next to him and offered him a hand.

His muscles tensed a bit as Apollo asked "You ready?". Was he ready? He didn't know anymore. With one longful glance at the beautiful waves calmly lapping the shore, he took Apollo's outstretched hand.

Once Apollo and he had teleported to Olympus, Apollo had left him in favor of going to his golden throne. Apollo had given him a small unnoticeable smile and patted his shoulder in comfort."PERCY JACKSON!" Zeus thunders with a headache inducing voice and making his mortal head throb uncomfortably. "The Gods have called you here on an important realization. Our children have suffered largely in the past due to their mortal parents hands- ".

Percy snorted and crossed his arms, they'd only realized that now? All it took was two wars and thousands of years.

Zeus glared at him, continuing his speech. " -and the Olympian counsel has voted on one demigod to test one of Athena's theory that the most successful demigods have had the worst pasts. Of course this doesn't apply to all demigods of course, but lately demigods have been coming to camp to more scars than usual. That is not unusual- ".

Percy by then had dazed off and noticed that the Olympians were oddly quiet and formal during this whole ordeal. He never remembered a time when they were this serious, even at war. Ares wasn't even mouthing insults at him and Aphrodite wasn't ogling at him as much. Dad had a thoughtful face directed at him, probably wondering if he was okay with this or thinking of his childhood and Apollo looked serious for once.

Percy's childhood was considered horrible by mortal and even immortal standards. Smelly Gabe was an angry drunk and even angrier when he lost his poker game, which he provided the cash for constantly. As a kid, he had to protect his mother from his stepfather. Later he learned that his mother was beaten and even sexually abused. He was hit and kicked repeatedly for mouthing off his stepfather, in his defence Smelly Gabe was bad mouthing his mother. No one talks bad about his mother, not even an immortal.

Welt marks and cigarette marks laced his back and front. They were faded a bit but still prominently there and blended in with his monsters scars. He remembered the story behind every single one of them vividly, like they happened yesterday. He locked the memories in a box at the very back of his mind, never to be opened again. That, along with the memory from there and the wars.

One scar on his wrist stood out more then the others though. It was jagged, white and the scar went from the bottom of his right thumb to three inches diagonally in the opposite direction. No one had ever commented on it before.

"Boy, are you even paying attention!" Artemis snapped impatiently. He jumped and looked up at her startled. He was so focused on tracing his scar with his finger that he barely noticed that the Olympians were waiting for an answer to something. He didn't remember what they were talking about, something about the demigods, camp and scars? He frowned, tilting his head.

"Sorry, I got distracted. What were you talking about?" An apology muttered it's way out of his mouth. Normally he wasn't this polite to the beings who ruined his life, but he was rather upset and depressed today.

Zeus opened his mouth angrily to respond, his beard sparking but everyone jumped when Hestia spoke up.

"Percy" She said softly. He turned to her with a frown of confusion. Hestia was by far the nicest goddess to him. She'd shown him something but kindness and expects nothing in return. Everyone except Hestia and his Mother expected him to be this perfect hero who was strong, kept no secrets, and wore his heart on his sleeve. Hestia never expected that or never showed him pity. She was someone safe who he could freely talk too and consult about what he was really feeling like.

Lately he had speaking with her more, the hearth reminded him of family and of his mother. It also reminded him of the one Christmas before Mom married Gabe and they were curled up by the fire place. Mom was reading him stories and they were drinking hot cocoa. It was the place were he could truly forget and loose himself.

"Yes?" He asked, his arms dropping to the floor. Hestia smiles warmly motions for him to come sit next to her on the floor by the hearth."Come join me" she offers.

Zeus's mouth opens to protest but shuts immediately. They were in the middle of something important, something that concerns all half bloods, but that damned son of Poseidon wasn't even paying attention! But he couldn't ever say no to Hestia, no one could.

With slow unsteady steps, Percy makes his way to Hestia and plops down next to her. The hearth warms him up nicely and he relaxes slightly, feeling more content and safe then ever before.

Hestia takes slow and deliberate movements, wrapping her small eight year old hands around his right wrist. His vibrant scar visible to everyone in the huge room. "Can you tell me how you got this?" Her small voice asks nicely, in a way that doesn't make him flinch away. He flinches anyway at the reminder of the locked away memory though. He'd locked it away for a reason. A very good reason.

He had been eight years old and rightfully protecting his mothers honor from one of Gabe's poker buddies. The guy had pulled a switch blade on him. He called his mother a bitch, his mother was not a bitch or a whore or anything but generous and nice and a bunch of other kind things. He felt angry for the first time in his life. "One of my first stepfather's old poker buddies" he said emotionlessly, sheathing inside. "He insulted my mother and then pulled a blade on me for protecting her honor".

Ares snickered, muttering a ' wimp, she probably deserved it ' under his breath and continued to sharpen his axe. Ares felt the cold eyes of the kid that beat him in a duel years ago on him. The sea green eyes that reminded him so much of his Uncle Poseidon and as the war god, he felt the need to start a fight.

Percy stood up abruptly and stared at Ares, a wave of explosive calmness overcoming him. "That vile son of a bitch, called my mother a whore and a slut! My mother is perhaps the nicest mortal to ever live and she doesn't deserve that bullshit from people! She spent over a decade protecting me from you fucking overly jealous gods and hungry monsters, just because she loved me! She sacrificed her hopes and dreams for me! She even put up with physical and sexual abuse for my well being and charged into the Battle of Manhattan with only a shotgun for you Olympians!" Percy exploded.

The gods watched in awe as the Percy Jackson finally exploded on them because of one comment Ares made. Even Zeus was afraid of the demigod now, Percy radiated power but oozed calmness. One moment he was clam but the next he was yelling the truth at there faces. The sea doesn't like to be restrained."I protected her honor because she wasn't there to do it herself! So what if I got a scar from it?! So what if he came at me with a knife and I defended myself?! The people I love is always worth it, the world be damned or not!" Percy yells at there faces. Red hot anger was raging through him and this time the hearth didn't calm him as easily as before.

Apollo looked slightly smug like he warned them this would happen if they summoned him again and Hestia was calmly tending to her flames like none of this bothered her.

"I'm not sorry for yelling at you and telling you the truth" Percy said, "But I am sorry for Hestia, Poseidon and Apollo, they doesn't deserve you as their family and I'm sorry for all the mortals and demigods alike who suffer abuse and misfortune everyday like I did or five years of my life. At least they try". Percy gives them all a last look of pain and anger before vapor traveling away. Maybe the gods will actually do something about it now.

The gods were left stunned and incredulous, unbelieving a word they had heard but they all agreed on something:

For once Perseus Jackson was right.