The Rise of the Goa'leks. Ch. 2

After a failed attempt of Civil War by the Daleks who have remained loyal to the deceased Davros. The Goa'leks forced the remaining Daleks to also become Goaleks, Skaro within a year or two was radically transformed by the merging of the Goa'uld and Dalek cultures, sciences, and technologies. The newly born Goa'leks quickly started their conquests pushing aside or eliminating the remaining Goa'ulds just as what was done to the Daleks. The first members of Alien races /species was the evil rogue Time Lords such as the Master who since they were all ready Evily insane with a desire of Death, Destruction, pain of other, and power was made willing hosts. With these sinister combinations came the assimilation/combination of all three sciences , cultures and technologies. The Wraith, Zygons, and Chituari were forced to combine forces in a war that lasted ten years. And they lost losing 2/3s of their combined population to extermination and the rest was enslaved as hosts with their combined cultures/technologies being assimilated into/combined with the sciences, cultures, and technologies of the tri-alliance.