"I said no Danvers." Maggie scolds taking the brightly wrapped box out of her hand. "You've already opened a present now you have to wait for the others to get here before you can open the rest." the detective reminded her calmly chucking softly under her breath at her wife's childlike eagerness,

Alex just pouts sadly as her eyes slip from Maggie's amused smile to the red and blue wrapped present now cradled against the detective's chest. "But it has my name on it," she points out softly as she tried to reach for the present again.

"Does it?" Maggie wonders scooting herself away from the D.E.O agent until she was backed against the side of the sofa. "You think so?" she jokes still faining ignorance while she inspects the tag. "All I see is To: A. Danvers. Don't Open till X-mas" she comments

"Exactly." Alex smiles as if that would solve everything. "Today is X-Mas, I want to open it, and I'm the only A. Danvers here."

Its Maggie's turn to pout now bringing her legs up to her chest to hide the gift she was still keeping away from her lover. "So, what does that make Trudis and I chop livers." she sulks holding up her left hand so her wedding band catches the light.

Gertrude instantly perks up at the sound of her name. She turns toward the fighting couple with a small happy bark pausing in her exploration of the bedroom closet while she scampers back toward the living room a sudden burst of new found energy nearly tripping herself up on the Christmas ribbon still fastened to her new collar as raced back to see what her new owners here talking about.

"Of course, not babe," Alex answered now sitting on her knees in front of the pouting detective with a regretful expression on her face, "Besides if it was for you or for Gertrude then it would say To: A. Danvers-Sawyer." the redhead corrected leaning in to rest her forehead against Maggie's with a ghost of a laugh on her lips as her own wedding ring nestle against Maggie's when the cop interlocked there fingers in her lap.

"Gah. Gertrude. can't breathe." Alex joked pulling away while still shaking in gentle laughter with a little hind paw pushed hard against one of Alex's healing chest wounds when the Australian Shepherd and Husky mix pushed her way between them squeezing herself in under there joined arms and who was now standing up on her hind legs in Maggie's lap frantically giving her new Mommies more happy cuddles.

"Hold it..must need...have to get pictures." Alex gasped at the scene when their new puppy twisted around in her wife's arms so that now her little paws on either of Maggie's shoulders like she as hugging her while still adorably assaulting the laughing woman with eager puppy kisses.

"You're Mommy's really weird," Maggie said in a stage-whispered snuggling the pup against her tank top clade chest as she pressed a kiss against the husky's muzzle as she watched her wife racing around there living room sending scraps if wrapping paper flying as she scrambled up to hunt for her phone.

"Bing Go Baby," Alex yelled happily as she came back to the couple with her prize clutched in her hand.

"Yeah, good job scare the baby nice going Danvers." Maggie scolded sarcastically when Trudy whimpered at the loud noise making her press herself closer against the detective's chest. "Sorry Trudy girl," Alex whispered sadly reaching out to scratch the pup tenderly behind the ear. "Now smile Mags." the D.E.O agent prompted holding up her phone with a pleading pout.

"Oh my, Rao!"

Alex and Maggie shared a sly grin as they turned toward the still closed front door. "Sshh sweetie it's just Aunty Kara." Alex soothed saving all the pictures she'd just taken as her free hand rubbed calming circles against the whimpering puppy's back. "Take her while I go...Kara, we've talked about this." Maggie sighed when the blonde-haired superhero scooped the dog out of her arms excitedly.

"What?" You said take her." Kara pouted folding herself down on the floor with the little dog in her lap.

"Kara Zor-El Danvers, what have we said about knocking and remembering to let the rest of your family into houses so we're not standing out in a snowstorm?"

"But puppy," Kara answered her tone small and weak under her adoptive mother's scolding glare as Eliza, J'onn, Winn, and James filed in their shoulders and hair covered in both fresh and melting snow.

"That still doesn't make up for anything." J'onn answered but everyone could tell that the emotionally guarded D.E.O director was trying not to smile at the childlike saddened look on Kara's face as she cuddled her new furry little "niece" against her stomach.

"Sorry, Dad," Kara whispered knowing that both she and Alex along with really everyone at the D.E.O thought of the Martian as a real father figure.