"Upupupu" said monokuma as he finished setting the table.
he had plans to surprise his wife with a romantic dinner, and had just finished preparing. He took her out of her fish tank and placed her on a plate in the center of the table.
"glub glub glub" said Monokuma's wife, Monodave the salmon.
Yes, the truth is, Monokuma had married an salmon. Up until now he had had a fun time, but now he was bored of her.

Monokuma licked his lips.
He was already thinking of multiple ways he could eat his salmon wife.
He watched her flap around on the plate, her mouth opening and closing like a... fish.
Should he cook her first? Or maybe just eat her raw? He was unsure. He sat at the table and pondered this for multiple minutes.
20 minutes past and he was still unsure.
"Glub glub glub" said Monodave, who was somehow still alive despite being out of water for a solid 20 minutes. She was trying to tell him something, but he couldnt understand because he didnt speak fish.
"Glub glub glub" repeated Monodave.
Eventually, Monokuma got sick of her shit and swallowed her whole.
Suddenly, monokuma had to take a shit.
He ran to the bathroom and took a poopoo, pooping out his fish wife.
Now that his wife was poop, she was able to tell him what she was trying to say. The same thing she'd been trying to tell him their whole marriage, but he couldn't understand.
"You gay lol" she told him, before being flushed down the shitter.
The end.