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"Yeah I hate waiting too BB."

This was very, very true.

Lina Castrovan hated waiting.

It made her nervous.

Listening to BB-8 worry about Poe made her nervous.

The very existence of the map they had been sent to retrieve made her nervous.

And the fact that this was only her fourth mission also made her nervous.

Bottom line being, she was very nervous.

"God I need a drink" Lina muttered to herself as she fiddled compulsively with the leather band round her right wrist. "Come on Dameron. Just get it and get out." she hissed, looking at the entrance where Poe had disappeared inside, leaving her with BB-8 and their X-wings.

She felt to open waiting here in the village.

Too exposed.

Turning her head, Lina caught sight of her reflection in the front screen of the x-wing and winced slightly at what she saw. She looked paler than usual, and her last hand to hand combat training session had left an impressive bruise along her left cheekbone. All in all she did not look too good.

She ran her finger along the bruise and winced again the vivid memory of failing to block a solid left jab from Poe coming back to her as she prodded the mark he had left.
Poe may have been her boss, her mentor, her friend but that didn't mean he took it easy on her.

Suddenly the beeping and bleeping from BB-8 stopped. This left an unnerving silence that made the hairs on her arm stand on end.

Something was not right.

There was a new noise now.

There was a very low rumble.

A hum almost.


Reaching into the side of her pack she raised a battered pair of binoculars to her eyes.

"Oh shit" she breathed as she recognised the shapes coming towards them.

"DAMERON!" she yelled taking her blaster from it's holster and running towards the entrance flap, reaching it just as Poe Dameron came storming out his eyes scanning the horizon line.

"Here" she breathed handing him the binoculars and he looked also, adjusting the scanner to zoom in on the approaching vehicles. She heard Poe take a sharp intake of breath before turning to face the old man, Lor San Tekka who had exited behind him.

"You have to hide" insisted Poe and San Tekka came back with

"You have to leave. Both of you."

With one last look at San Tekka, Poe nodded and grabbed Lina's shoulder.

"Let's get out of here"

As stormtroopers came pouring out of the carrier craft and the shooting began on both sides, Lina was running full pelt after Poe and BB-8 over the sandy ground, back to their x-wings.

Poe was already in his by the time Lina scrambled up into the cockpit of her own craft but just as she began to prepare to take off she felt something hit her left side with immense force, sending her reeling into the other side of the cockpit. Rubbing her head, she jumped back down to the ground and saw what had happened. A blast had hit not just her own x-wing but Poe's as well, swiping across both engines, ripping through the back of their fighters.

"What now?!" she said as Poe came up to her, shooting two stormtroopers as he went. Poe pulled something small out of the bag in his hand and crouched down in front of BB-8.

"Take this." he said inserting the object into a tray that BB-8 opened up. "It's safer with you than me." he spoke to the droid then he looked up at Lina and said with the utmost sincerity

"Go. You two get as far from here as you can. You hear me?"

"No!" Lina exclaimed as BB-8 beeped his own protest furiously.

"Lina we haven't got time to argue. I can slow them down from here but you have to go. Listen to me you're one and only job now is to do whatever you have to protect BB-8. Is that clear? IS THAT CLEAR?" he repeated grabbing her by the shoulders and staring her down.

"Yes sir." Lina said through teeth clenched together with supressed emotion. Poe squeezed her shoulder in a final farewell before running back towards the fight shouting as he went

"It'll be alright! Now GO!"

Lina paused for a fraction of a second watching him go before saying with the slightest of cracks to her voice

"Come on BB".

And with that the two of them fled.

They were getting closer.

Somehow, stormtroopers had found their trail and had been following them for a while, at a distance but slowly getting closer and closer.

Lina was tired.

Her legs ached from running, her lungs ached from inhaling sand she had kicked up with each step, her mind ached from imagining what could have happened to Poe and she had been trying to delay the inevitable.

She could not delay it any longer.

As they reached the crest of the next hill and they ran and rolled down the slope she stopped at the bottom and turned to BB-8.

"I'm slowing you down. You keep going, get out of here, I'll lead them back round towards the village, get them as far from you as I can."

"Poe wanted us to stick together!" was BB-8's response and Lina ran wiped a hand over her face in frustration with just an edge of panic.

"We stick together and they catch us both, the first order will get hold of that map and I sure as hell am not gonna be responsible for that." as she spoke, she pulled out her blaster and clicked off the safety

"Go BB. Now!" she ordered before turning to the east and breaking into a run once again, scrambling up the sandy slope and disappearing from view down the other side.

BB-8 watched her go and then turned and sped off into the dark.

It had worked.

She was almost a hundred per cent sure that all the troopers who had been following both her and BB-8 were now only following her.

She had made it easy for them after all, moving slowly once she was away from BB-8, taking long range shots at them which she knew would most likely miss, but more importantly they would give away her position, drawing them away from BB-8's last location.

If there was one thing she had learnt from Poe Dameron it was how to put the cause, how to put the resistance first.

What happened to her now didn't matter.

She knew she wasn't important. Not the way Poe mattered, or BB-8 especially with the information the little droid now carried.

No, what was important was that she had to give BB-8 enough time to get away.

She knew she must be somewhere close to the village again now, she had tried to circle back towards the fight. Lina supposed that somewhere in the back of her mind, some small part of her was hoping that she would find Poe, that he had gotten away too. But she knew how unlikely that was.

"You there stop!"

Well shit.

They had found her.

Lina forced her legs to go faster, pushing herself up yet another slope.

She had just reached the top when she heard the unmistakable sound of blasters firing. She ducked low and several shots flew over her head or missed by a wide margin.

But then a searing pain shot through her shoulder.

Clutching at the joint, she lost her footing in the sand and tumbled down the hill, hitting the ground hard and feeling the air leave her lungs, completely winded. Lifting her hand away from her shoulder she saw blood coating her fingers and palm and she tried to get to her feet, to keep running. Tried being the operative word, because as she made to do so, hands grabbed a hold of her. The storm troopers yanked her arms behind her back causing her to cry out in pain as they aggravated the blaster wound in her shoulder but one of them just growled

"Shut up!"

Before they hauled her to her feet and began marching her away with them.

The pain in her shoulder was agonizing.

Lina tried to distract herself from the pain, from the fear about what would come next.

The only thing that she could come up with which was any sort of comfort was

"BB-8 got away. It's not over yet."

And so she kept repeating it over and over and over.

"BB-8 got away. It's not over yet. BB-8 got away. It's not over yet."

"BB-8 got away"

"It's not over yet."

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